Virgo Weekly Horoscope 9th to 15th December 2019

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 9th to 15th December 2019

You start a new cycle under the auspices of Uranus trine, which causes a resurgence of your ambitions and promotes your optimism.

You are thirsty for new things, want to make your life more constructive. This transit arouses in you an effervescence, a desire to go higher or further: you become ambitious!virgo this week 9th to 15th of december 2019 horoscope

You have suspicions where there is no need to have them, it is not the fruit of your instinct but that of your fears …

You are challenged to go beyond them to reach your goals on the heart. To preach the wrong to know the truth, you risk reaping unusual reactions. Do not be surprised, you’ll only have to pick on yourself!

Between a downward motivation and an increase in your workload that keeps you stressing, this week could look like a major test of your job!

You can do your best to meet the demands, some unforeseen will invite you to complicate the smooth running of your work. Remember to do a vitamin cure and especially make the situation a little bit more fun!

Changes become possible and probable if you follow your instinct and if you remain rigorous in your methods, realistic in your expectations. Just listen to your inspirations but establish a schedule to carry out your projects. You should develop your optimism and your dynamism!

Money and Luck
In trying to anticipate the expenses you will be able to settle your small financial worries. The period is not positively positive, however, opportunities arise.

If you set a leisure budget, do not exceed it, limit expenses, avoid waste, these tips will help you save money in the short term. Soon you will get good results. Little by little you find an emergency exit to your financial obligations.

Your emotions are put to the test this week of December 9th. It’s up to you to control them without leaving all your energy, not to bend and to end the week in shape.

It is in your best interest to channel your strengths to serve your purpose and your projects rather than hinder your trade that is going around in circles these days.

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