Virgo Weekly Horoscope for 20th to 26th December 2021

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th December 2021

Virgo (born between August 23 and September 22): Monday the 20th is a day to attend to the needs and listen to certain people around you who need your support and understanding. Just listening to them will do them a great favor.

On Tuesday the 21st, you will be able to take care of the new plans and projects that you have with close and trustworthy people in a very sensitive and profound way. The benefits will be effective and substantial.

Wednesday 22nd is a time to make use of your great creativity and the original and practical way with which you develop both in your profession and in your social life. Enjoy it all.virgo weekly horoscope 20th to 26th december 2021

Thursday 23rd is a day in which you can intensely use your great energy, especially to organize with your great vitality the projects that you maintain with close and close friends.

Friday the 24th is a day in which it is important that you take advantage of your artistic and creative qualities and that you enjoy it because it is a very practical moment that will give you an important vision in your life.

Saturday 25, is a day in which the most important thing will be that you feel comfortable in the place and with the people you love. It is a time to enjoy and for harmony and calm to reign in the environment.

And on Sunday the 26th, you can enjoy a day in which you want to relax and take care of yourself. It is important to rest and relax in a pleasant and calm environment. It is advisable that you feel comfortable.

Take a deep breath, the surrounding air promises to be as fresh as a rose! The refrain of happiness could be invited to your listening this week while that of worry comes out of your life. The beautiful sun begins a long-awaited and very happy progression of something important to you and that will come true!

This sky offers you its protection and this planetary configuration galvanizes your passions, assures you of great moments. It’s a magical moment, an unusual bouquet whose subtle and sensually spicy flavors you appreciate. This conflagration promises to live up to your wildest desires, it exalts your senses and enchants your relationships.

If the progress of your career seems slow to you, it is only a bad impression, you have the proof of it this week. You rise to a crescendo, no need to reach the heights too quickly, give yourself time to get used to success and achievement. A new situation reassures you, you receive positive feedback, your activities are exciting, you can release the pressure. Until the end of the week, you keep a good state of mind.

You can take a breather this week, a healthy and pleasant climate brings you to a soothing letting go. Choices from the past offer you timely opportunities that give you full reassurance about your ability to build your life. A beautiful week of interior and exterior opening. What if you made a wish?

Money and Luck
Here you are pushed by the beneficial trade winds, on the financial side. Sailing the cruise that takes you to the South Seas and to paradise. You are now rich or with the prospect of becoming so soon. With a healthy income, you can think of diversified investments that will pay off in the long run. Now is a good time to move forward: you have to know how to seize your chance.

The sky boosts you, sets you on fire, and carries you. But these magnificent arrangements meet your thirst for glory, and you are faced with the need to endure and hold on. So, avoid burning all your reserves when everything is easy, only to get noticed and maintain your courage by learning to measure your outbursts.

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