Virgo Weekly Horoscope: March 9th to 15th, 2020

Virgo Weekly Horoscope: March 9th to 15th, 2020

You feel the potential for change that surrounds you and take the opportunity to question yourself and bring a little more to your emotional life. Your exchanges are spontaneous, you make interesting meetings.

Intuition and sensuality are highlighted, you have a thousand opportunities to enjoy it. Your partner is attentive and the current flow without unnecessary words, while confident.virgo weekly horoscope: march 9th to 15th, 2020

You have dynamic and exciting relationships in your emotional life: true, spontaneous and idealized feelings color your love life with passion. You have all the assets to flourish. You see life in pink!

Heaven supports your boldest arguments. Take the opportunity to negotiate a little more freedom, ward off the unfortunate, just to clear the road and quickly reach your goals. If your emotional life seems to be falling apart, this is no doubt that to invite you to focus on your professional interests which currently require all your attention.

You will not like it every day because you prefer regularity to surprises but if you take things on the good side, excellent moments are to be expected. Animated conversations and frequent trips will punctuate this transit and push you to communicate more freely, to compare your vision of feelings with that of your partner to draw positive and constructive conclusions.

Money and Luck
A week of March 9 without a cloud! A feeling of peace animates you, your comfortable pecuniary sector serves your most noble and dearest designs to your valiant heart! You have worked hard to achieve this monetary balance, through your work, your judicious investments, an intelligent way of living and today you are reaping what you sowed! Savor every second of this week, this great financial ease is your success!

An intrepid sky dopes you and strongly encourages the implementation of your multiple and varied projects. Caught in pincers by fiery energy and duty of reserve, you must, therefore, try to evolve as serenely as possible towards your goals without ruining your reserves or drawing thoughtlessly from energy considerably restrained by common sense.

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