Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2020 | Perfectionist, meticulous sometimes to the extreme

Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2020 | Perfectionist, meticulous sometimes to the extreme

Born between August 23 and September 22, you are a sign of the Virgin.
Mercury, the planet of the spirit, governs your sign.

Hermes among the Greeks was considered for his clever speeches. In recognition of his fidelity, he became the messenger of the Gods of Olympus.virgo horoscope in 2020

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Perfectionist, meticulous sometimes to the extreme, you are of those who organize their life with the method.

You draw the essence of everything, do not dwell on the essential.

The control of your life and your feelings imposes modesty and distance.

Leaving other’s triumphant successes and noisy victories, you impose yourself by your fidelity, your devotion with discretion and reserve.

You have been criticized enough for being cerebral. This year 2020, your faculties of analysis help you to face practical problems.

In the field, you will silence the bad languages and force will be to admit that professionally, you will distance some of your colleagues.

Speed, efficiency, you’re done.

Your love will be pretty gloomy at the beginning of the year 2020. Things will not improve much in February.

Your amorous sky will be laden with clouds.

Rest assured, your sky clears in April.

Conflicts dissipate, if you are alone, you will have every chance to make a meeting, reunions will also be the order of the day.

This climate will continue throughout the summer. In September, everything is going well for you, you make plans for the future with the chosen one of your heart.

In your sky, beautiful promises, beautiful clearings, enjoy this great time to let you wear.

The end of the year will be rather pleasant. Your balance sheet will be positive overall.

Money and Luck
For the sign of the Virgin, January 2020 will not be a very exciting month, especially because of the obstacles that come your way between January 9 and 23, the efforts you must make to move forward.

However, the first week is clear and should allow you to move forward to prepare the ground for the future.

The week of 17 to 23 is also conducive to discussions and negotiations but is still at the heart of a period somewhat shaken.

After the 23, you will enjoy the return to calm. In February, work is a big part of your concerns.

However, it is likely that you lack your usual practical sense and that you are distracted, even negligent, which does not look like you … Be attentive all the same, especially the first week.

The last one will be much more effective: it is with a communicative enthusiasm that you will launch into creative action, and discussions with your professional partners will be followed up without delay.

You will be active, creative, bouncy. Also, collaboration with your colleagues and associates is going well: everything works best.

Starting on the 12th, focus on managing your business, or on a healthy explanation that will dispel a dispute.

Everything is working out or almost. You should be satisfied with the beautiful April, whose spring color promises you a pleasant turn of events.

All the months, Mercury pushes you to solve your disputes, discuss them and find common ground; it also directs you towards the management of your finances, investments, insurance contracts.

But it is from the 19th that the Sun shines: bet on the foreigner, the new formations, the culture, the studies.

New horizons are spreading before your eyes around April 30th. Go for it in May! Here is a month where you will have the opportunity to receive rewarding feedback on your past efforts.

Saturn rewards you for your patient, brings you the fruit of many years of work, builds your prestige and your reputation.

Do not hesitate to commit to a long-term project around the 13th and to reach an agreement on the 25th, your best days.

Avoid the 17th, where certain aspects of things escape you, and the 31st when thunderstorms threaten to burst.

Outside these niches, the way is free: whatever you ask this month will serve as a basis for the future.

Virgin, June will be a cheerful and easy month. You will be happy to feel so relieved of the worries that have weighed on the previous eleven months.

After a few days of floating, from the 11th, you find your motivation and it is mainly focused on new projects, perhaps in a team.

The Full Moon of 22, you will find particularly creative in this sense.

You will be able all the month to count on your friends, relations, and knowledge, as well as on possible new meetings in mid-month.

You will certainly have the spirit elsewhere, to begin this quarter.

Once is not custom! The sweet idleness or the sweets of love seem to you much more attractive and motivating than your work.

You will have to wait until the 28th to regain your enthusiasm, but you will be dizzyingly efficient.

Do you work in August? Never mind: take it with a smile, because until 15 in any case, you will not waste your time.

You find a dynamism that has not animated you for a long time and you are not stingy of efforts and bold initiatives.

Around 14 especially, these will be original and applauded: count on pleasant results, well beyond your current expectations, in December.

The week of your birthday gives you the limelight. It happens in benevolent astral neutrality. The nice month of September without the cloud.

You will enjoy the first fortnight, the most active, the most effective: you are the master of the situation, make your decisions without hesitation, apply them with concentration and precision.

In short, you make a muscular comeback! And from the 20th, it is through seduction that you will get everything you want.

October 2020 will be a rather easy month but without sparks. The third week focuses on contacts, letter exchanges, useful approaches, and communications.

From March 24, March reappears in your landscape, bringing to the news an initiative in early September, linked to abroad, advertising, tourism or publishing.

Make a difference: you’ll pick the fruits in 2019. In November, if love leaves you more time, energy and motivation for something else, you will not waste your time!

Bet on the first fortnight, and redouble actions, initiatives, daring.

Your action may focus on a project undertaken or imagined in August; you will realize it at the beginning of 2020.

On the other hand, it is to be willing to bring back the harmony in your surroundings that the situation will turn to your advantage.

There are excellent opportunities for you to complete this year 2020, especially if you are a partner or working with your spouse.

Mars increases your entrepreneurial spirit and organizational capacity until the 24th and perhaps brings back to the news an action carried out in mid-August, from which you can now appreciate the result.

Take action preferably before the 12th and after the 21st, because the half-time of the month contains unpleasant surprises, likely consequences of the disorders of the last month. But all in all this end of the year will bring you all satisfaction.

At the beginning of the year, you will have to deal with stress, especially the first week of January; otherwise, you will be the ideal candidate for the nervous and intestinal disorders that are the prerogative of upset virgins!

Experiment with a new relaxation method, such as yoga or sophrology.

In February, you will be more than ever attentive to your health, to your diet, and will follow scrupulously healthy habits concerning your lifestyle.

Yet some Virgins, despite their rational skepticism, cannot help but commit themselves to sulfurous practices.

Decidedly, Neptune opens unsuspected horizons!

Excellent tone the last week. At the end of the term, you enjoy a reinforced tone the first week.

This is the time to provide some physical effort, even if it’s not your cup of tea, you are more focused on mental effort… Precisely, it will do you the greatest good to change polarity.

In April 2020, you go back to the big V speed.

You are now able to appreciate the moment, especially from the 15th. However, you have not yet recovered all your vitality, so save yourself.

In May 2020, you have the excellent physical strength and a balanced metabolism, reinforced immune defenses.

From the 26th, however, pay attention to the possible chronic problems which only need to be manifested.

To end this quarter, you feel quite well, relaxed, serene, playful. You find the little pleasures of life! You are finally open and available.

Wellbeing perfect in July 2020 The last week, you enjoy the pleasures of life and love without moderation.

And put yourself at the sport at the end of the month! Excellent tonus in August, especially until the 15th: you now have all the necessary resources to move, dance, swim or indulge in your favorite sport.

In September you have a good overall balance. If you have the time, continue on your sporting momentum last month, besides, you will be tonic until the end of the year.

You look rather tonight in October, but do not pull too much on the string: your resistance is reduced and your body needs time and calm to recover.

Virgin, it would be a good time to treat your land thoroughly. Better tone the last ten days.

In November, you enjoy iron health: you have magnificent reserves of vital energy. It remains potential, available, without manifesting itself overflowing.

It accumulates, recharges in a way, from the end of October until the end of the month. From the end of December, your tone will be increased tenfold.

Supported by a galvanizing March since August, you have a fairly unusual energy capital.

Jupiter will come on the 13th, add its euphoric note to make you finish the year in the happiest and the most tonic at the same time. Well done!

First Decan
In the wake of 2019, you will no doubt still find that it is really exciting to consider changes in the situation, a move, to project elsewhere or otherwise. In 2020, you will not always say “no” to new perspectives (especially if you have the time to prepare them and that does not necessarily induce a real upheaval).

This is the effect “Uranus in Taurus” and it will be especially sensitive between February 17 and March 4 and in July. Other than that, and in January, we’re planning a race against time that will often leave you on edge. During the first half of February, the second half of March and the second half of May, we will see you too often float between two moods, two uncertainties, two bell sounds. Not want to assume? Not very motivated?

You will easily drown in a glass of water or you will be too suggestible. This atmosphere conducive to false-leavers will neither be productive nor reassuring. In October and in the heart of November, there will be no question of bias: your very sharp intelligence, incisive words and subtle sagacity (boosted by the long passage of Mercury in Scorpio) will lead the dance in all circumstances.

Second Decan
This year 2020 should help you to increase your assets, promise you some material successes, value your skills and earn you a very profitable recognition to gain insurance.

It will be thanks to the generous and prosperous influence of a Jupiter in Capricorn, who will only try to make you gain respectability (in February and until mid-March, then again from August to the end of October). Climb the ladder (if it fits your ambitions), meet your commitments and enjoy this planet to suit your interests.

Of course, the opposition of Neptune is always present and you will have to keep a realism (and lucidity) foolproof, but the ambient duplicity will be less consistent than last year. But beware especially the second half of January and the second half of May: at these times, do not put yourself especially not at fault, do not let a dispute fester! You will not be safe from small shenanigans or events contrary to logic. Do not let yourself be manipulated and demand clarity above all else!

Third Decan
In 2020, exit the Mad Madonna! The future is built, stability is priceless and you will (this year) raise your sleeves, get serious work and set milestones for realistic and structured projects.

Having these rigorous Capricorn planets in your pocket is a great asset when you look beyond the tip of your nose. With these powerful and pragmatic bodies at the same time, you will undoubtedly find the resources (and the support) necessary for the realization of very ambitious wills. In 2020, plan far ahead, show your teeth (if necessary), claim what you have been denied before and never disarm!

Here is a year of sustained effort, a strong fighting spirit, and goals achieved. The valuations (material, social or professional) that you hope will fall and it will be from March to July and from the end of October to the end of December. In short, in 2020, you will have to know what you want and demonstrate it.