Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th July 2022

If you notice coldness in your partner, Aries, perhaps it is better that you take another path. There are aspects of your boy that you don’t like, Taurus, don’t pressure him, let him show himself as he is. Move very cautiously in love, Gemini, you could take false steps. Get more out of your talent for relationships, Cancer.

The time has come to lean towards a lasting relationship, Leo, it’s time to settle down. Avoid getting involved in issues that do not concern you, Virgo. Take advantage of the fact that your popularity is on the rise, Libra, it will help you to progress. Do not be in a hurry in love, Scorpio, your partner advances at a different pace but everything is going well.

Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednes...
Gemini Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

That person you thought unattainable, Sagittarius, is for you and can make you very happy. You may discover a great love in a friend that had gone unnoticed, Capricorn. Excellent week in the labor field, Aquarius, but with certain complications in the sentimental field. Count to a thousand before making any decision, Pisces, you run the risk of making a mistake.

The influence of the stars now makes you more empathetic and understanding, determined Aries. You are going to need it because you have a somewhat hectic week ahead of you and you will have to understand the point of view of others in many aspects. In the family sphere it will be useful because you will be able to solve pending conflicts and recover the good vibes. In the professional or work field, in addition to understanding, you will have to arm yourself with patience because you are anxiously awaiting something that will not happen in the next few days.

Do not rule it out, it will come to you but you will have to wait a bit, maybe until September. A person you care about will propose to you to be part of a business later on, but you should not accept, it is not well looked and you could lose money. In love, if you have noticed a certain distance with your partner for a long time, something may happen this week that clearly indicates that it is better to take another path. You are actually getting cold, but you will still have a hard time deciding.

This week, Taurus, the planets will exert a very positive action on you that will allow you to renew all your vitality and energy. You will be willing to take on the world and you already know that attitude greatly influences the results of what you want to achieve. Towards the middle of the week you will notice, for your peace of mind, that your problems with financial issues begin to be resolved. The streak of economic hardship that you have gone through is now beginning to be left behind.

In the labor aspect and in the matter of money you do not have to worry because it will work like silk. On the other hand, in the sentimental field, some somewhat conflicting days await you, but your state of mind will help you to overcome everything successfully. If in recent weeks you have been seeing aspects in your partner that have disappointed you, and perhaps you are thinking about whether it is worth continuing, something will happen that will make you make a decision. Whatever it is, you’ll be right. In the meantime, avoid putting too much pressure on him. Let it show itself as it is.

The stars indicate that this week you have to move very carefully, Gemini, because you could take false steps. It is possible that at work you do not feel comfortable and that you are looking for other options. This week you will have the opportunity to find an occupation that suits what you are looking for. It may take a few days or a few weeks to materialize, but it is there, on your horizon. Meanwhile, in your current job, relationships will improve and you will feel more comfortable with your colleagues.

That will make your wait more pleasant. Your main headache these days is in the sentimental aspect. It will affect you especially if you have a long-term partner with whom you do not have the slightest complaint, except that it has become very routine. These days you could meet someone who will ignite desire and passion in you. This powerful attraction can put everything else at risk. Think about it because you will not be able to recover what you lose along the way.

A week of changes is ahead for you, Cancer, most of them positive. In addition, you will have a highly developed capacity for human relations. You will be the perfect intermediary and you will achieve many goals with this ability that you have to agree with people and get them to pay attention to you. You will have the opportunity to verify it because you will recover contact with a friend you appreciate and from whom you had distanced yourself due to a misunderstanding.

In the workplace you will also be able to assert this talent because there will be certain changes and they will make you assume many responsibilities. If you help your colleagues to adapt, your superiors will appreciate your leadership skills and you may be proposed for a promotion in the future. If you are dating someone, this week he can give you an ultimatum, he is tired of evasiveness. Don’t be afraid to take a step forward. At the moment everything works fine and if one day it stops working, you can always go back. Think about it, before it’s too late.

The Universe turns in your favor this week, in all fields, versatile Leo, but especially in love and social life. There will also be good news for those who are waiting for their problems to be resolved. An important change will take place in love if you are one of the Leos who is not sure who to choose. This has been a comfortable stage in which you may have had very fun and satisfying sporadic relationships but without any commitment.

This amused you and in a way made you happy, but this week you will feel that there is something missing in your life and that sex does not fill it. The time has come to try to build a deep romantic relationship. But if you are in a relationship and it turns out that you are still alone, you may have different priorities or ways of seeing life. A conversation is urgent and necessary. The work aspect is calm and something awaits you that will make you very excited.

This week the stars will positively influence your ability to express yourself, organized Virgo. It is time to say what you feel, what you think, because it will be very easy for you to explain your feelings, ideas and opinions to others. You will be able to defend your arguments with your own style and cordiality. Now you can claim everything you think is fair for you. In the work environment, you can find yourself in complicated situations, you have to avoid friction, discussions and fights. With your good arguments you can achieve it.

If someone tries to make you part of a tense situation, do not allow it. You are above these things. And also avoid getting involved in issues that do not affect you directly. Let others solve their problems for themselves. The best thing you can do is concentrate on your tasks, because there are important people waiting for your evolution, which can be compensated with a promotion or a salary increase. In love, it is time to fix everything that was limping. Talk a lot with your partner.

Your week cannot have better expectations, Libra. If you were overwhelmed by problems, now they will disappear as if by magic. Obviously not without doing anything on your part, but it will be very easy for you to solve them. Do not get demoralized or contemplate them all at once, go facing them one by one. They will quickly disappear from your horizon. In the social sphere, if you already tend to stand out in all the gatherings of friends and you are one of the most requested people, now this is multiplied. You will feel very good for feeling so loved.

In addition, one of your friends will put you in contact with a person who will play a fundamental role in your professional career. You may have certain fears and mistrust at work, due to the appearance of a new person who you think could overshadow you. He is someone legal, in whom you will discover a good colleague. In love, everything works but try to improve communication with your partner or you run the risk of getting tired. Talk more with your boy.

This week the stars enhance your intuition, Scorpio, and this, together with the experience you have in different fields, will help you correctly solve the small problems you may come across. Nothing important, but it is about issues that, if they continue to be stagnant, would create discomfort. In the labor field, if you are hoping to improve your current position or find another job, the prospects are positive. In the sentimental aspect, you may find yourself in a situation that will make you stressful.

If you are convinced that you have found your better half and you are wanting to consolidate the relationship, your partner may need to slow down and this gets on your nerves. It is not for you, it is possible that you have important problems to solve and now you are not up to the task. Arm yourself with patience. Everything will come. But if you’ve recently started dating someone and you’re seeing attitudes in him that you don’t like, start seriously considering a change in the relationship.

Your charisma is at its peak, as is your empathy, Sagittarius, so this week there will be no one to resist you. If your heart is free, you will have a spectacular week in the love aspect. Movie situations can occur. Maybe you had been hanging on a person for a long time and he didn’t even seem to see you. But in the next few days you can meet somewhere and there you will discover not only that he had also noticed you, but that there is much more attraction between the two of you than you thought.

Do not fear that this love will make you suffer, on the contrary, it will make you immensely happy. If you have a partner, for your week to be fantastic, avoid silly discussions. If you know very well that he loves you, instead of fighting, he unleashes his passion and releases your tensions in another way. In the professional aspect, less intense this week, if you want your business or your project to continue growing, renew yourself, get up to date. Move on! Don’t get carried away by inertia.

Your mood is now much better than in previous weeks, vigorous Capricorn. Being optimistic and in a good mood sometimes costs a bit, but you always have to make an effort at it because it opens all the doors that a bad mood and melancholy close. In the workplace, good vibes will now reign, due in part to your change of mood. In your social circle, a series of events that will take place this week will make you open your eyes regarding some you thought were friends.

If you verify that they are not so much, it is better to put land in between. People you can’t trust, the farther the better. If you are not in a relationship right now, this week you can get a surprise with someone close to you, perhaps a few years older than you. It will be a romance that will begin as a simple friendship, but later on you will discover an extraordinary romantic and passionate potential, a white blackbird. And with possibilities of a serious and committed relationship.

An excellent week is in store for you in the workplace, Aquarius. Now, at last, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your great ability. You will have to solve a complicated situation at work and you will do it successfully. One of your superiors, in whom you had never trusted, will be the one to facilitate it for you. This person has a lot of faith in your talent. From now on you will start to grow professionally.

Thank him in some way. In the sentimental field, some Aquarians may have been carried away by sick jealousy. The fear of losing the loved one makes them imagine things that do not exist. If you recognize yourself in this group, stop spying and suffocating your guy or you will lose him forever. Change your attitude. But it could also be that you are an Aquarius who is very much in love and willing to do anything to offer your partner what they want at all times. However, it doesn’t seem like he’s finding out about all this. If you have this impression, check that your objectives coincide.

You feel more restless and nervous than usual, Pisces, but it is not something from your body but from the influence of the stars. You will tend to act on impulse, but it is not recommended that you do so, especially if you have important decisions to make. Count to a thousand! Before moving a piece, analyze it from the front and the back. Do not take the step until you are completely sure. Still you could be wrong. Assume it in advance, you will save yourself trouble.

When you feel on the verge of a nervous breakdown, avoid taking your temper out on those around you, especially people in the work environment. You can try to channel this inner restlessness that you feel in a positive way. Go for a run or exercise, dance, move. In the sentimental field, if you are in a relationship, you have a relationship with a solid base and a lot of love, but it seems that the routine and responsibilities in other fields have turned your intimacy into a disaster. Change it up, stoke the fire. This will require changing habits, but it is necessary.