Weekly Horoscope 12th July to 18th July 2021

Weekly Horoscope 12th July to 18th July 2021

Will you discover this week the love that you crave so much? Is the phone call that offers you the job of your dreams coming? Should I pay more attention to my health these days? Will I meet an important person in my life? Will I have to make an important decision about my future? The stars have the answer to all the questions you ask yourself, but only if you know how to pay attention to them.

You want to change the world and share your dreams with your loved ones and with the people around you. However, throughout this week, and under the influence of insufficient enthusiasm, you will unfortunately only manage to question your personal strategies. Stop always wanting to convince everyone, not for that your loved ones will value you more. On the other hand, you could meet someone who finds you extremely attractive. But unlike what is usual for you, you could become a very shy person. Do what you really feel. If you prefer to focus on your work rather than your love life, you are very free to do so. Only you know what is good for you.weekly horoscope for this week 12th to 18th july 2021

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For fear of hurting or displeasing, the members of your sign do not hesitate to hide their true feelings to be more accommodating. So this week you should watch that this distortion, which by the way you handle quite easily, does not end up perverting your relationships. Artifice kills sincerity. You know how to charm people and smile to get what you want and you will try to manipulate others to convince them to do what you expect of them. Be careful of the little lies that could get you too far. Without realizing it, you could create a situation that quickly becomes confusing.

This week you will be overwhelmed by a sea of emotions and feelings that will arise from the depths of your being. Do not be afraid, because there is nothing wrong with it, it is simply the fruit of your past introspections that now push you to action and manifest as if they were ideas. The truth is that it is a bit tumultuous and destabilizing, but it will enrich you. There will also be many opportunities that you can take advantage of. During a banal conversation, you could discover an opportunity to fulfill a dream that you have always had. Relationships count, not experience. So do not hesitate to reactivate your network of friends and make new contacts.

The feelings that will animate you throughout this week will be quite gray and hazy. Also, you won’t be able to put a reassuring label on each of them and this could unsettle you a bit. So you better wait a few days for the waters to return to their course and things are sorted out. You will also feel a bit confused. You will find yourself torn between the desire to dive headfirst into a love relationship or a new professional project, and the need to feel calm doing what you know how to do. As if you suddenly doubt what you want in life. Build your future in your present, not your past.

You will not always feel strong enough to face the events that will occur this week. In fact, this will largely stem from being a bit scattered and your emotions could be affected by it. So give more space to reason and don’t let yourself be destabilized by a few passing storms. In addition, your mental activity will be strengthened. You may not even need to speak to make yourself understood. Take the opportunity to lay the foundations for a common project because there is little chance of a misunderstanding between you. Your emotions are in the background.

The truth is that the time has come for you to take care of your relationships with the people around you. If you are working as a team on a project, it is possible that throughout this week you feel the need to readjust the responsibilities of each one. In your private life, it could also be that a fairer distribution of tasks is necessary. On the other hand, your partner may need you to pay a lot of attention. Now maybe the time to talk to her and reassure her about what your true feelings are and what you want from her. If you feel that he expects a greater commitment from you, you should take stock of what you really want.

This week you want to change certain aspects of your life. But you should bear in mind that not everyone understands things in the same way and that, therefore, you could run into the wall of habit. And you can’t force your loved ones to choose a path they don’t want to take. You also know that the time to break up has come because you feel a certain urgency to make your life less chaotic. If you feel that your relationship is a bit suffocating and that bothers you, try to distance yourself. It is better to travel light and surround yourself with positive people. The end of a story is not the end of the world.

You are going through a complicated period marked by some setbacks, especially in the sentimental field. The stars make you too introverted and encourage you to take the first step to recreate the emotional ties with the people around you. You have long been too blinded by your professional duties and tend to neglect your loved ones. Do not leave aside any facet of your life, your balance could be affected. You will have a great time focusing on your private life. Take the time to share intimate and sincere moments. Think that you should stop for a moment and stop walking aimlessly. Throughout this week you will be in great demand by your family and your friends.

This week you will ask yourself a lot of questions about your love life. Your idealism is awakening and you wonder how your soulmate could fulfill your desire for the absolute. Life is not a movie and it will do you good to be more realistic. Nobody is perfect and love is also knowing how to accept the defects of the other. Which does not prevent you from being demanding and trying to improve the quality of your relationship. Maintain good communication with your partner. Your natural skepticism will be overcome by your need to share. You will want to go out on your own, rather than stay in your corner to observe or analyze everything. You should take the opportunity to embark on different projects and with other people.

You tend to hide your feelings and you also try to avoid any signs of sensitivity showing up. In the socio-professional field, you systematically separate your sensations from your life, all to make you believe that in you, the spirit and the emotions are in perpetual interaction. You will also wonder if the same thing happens to you in the context of love relationships. This week you may have to use all your charm and your power of seduction to get out of a difficult situation. Maybe it’s a power struggle or a conflict in the team you work with. If your efforts to appease things through diplomacy don’t work, feel free to put the problem squarely on the table.

You have made yours the maxim that a good attack is the best of defenses and you apply it in all areas of your life. Even in love or, at least, in your relationships with people of the opposite sex. The astral configuration of the week advises you rather reaffirm your convictions, but calmly. Make yourself respected, fear nothing. The next few days will be full of good news. The planetary energies are favorable to you and should help you to smooth edges with your companions. They could also help you solve the problems you have with your partner. Or new career prospects could also appear on the horizon. You begin to enjoy the fruits of your effort.

It is more than likely that, throughout this week, your emotions will occupy the foreground of your life. In addition, they could easily overwhelm you and you would be the first to be surprised by the violence of your reactions. They will be very difficult to contain and they could catch up with you at any moment. Instead, you should try to understand its origin and talk about it with someone close and caring. The precision of the ideas circulating through the air should not make you a skeptic. However, it could be that you step out of your usual sense of relativity to expose a point of view much sharper than usual.