Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th July 2022

This week Venus enhances passion, Aries, you will spend great moments with your partner. If the sentimental theme doesn’t quite work out for you, Taurus, give yourself time to reflect. Mixing work and love is not advisable, Gemini, but it is not prohibited either.

Control your money and your belongings, Cancer, there is a risk of theft or scam. Perhaps your boy will ask you for time to reflect, Leo, it will be very beneficial for you. Your dreams will tell you about someone, Virgo, trust your intuition. If you are in a relationship and you are attracted to someone else, Libra, remember that at first everything is pink. You have entered a positive streak, Scorpio, your effort has paid off.

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If you have the fly behind your ear because of a third person, Sagittarius, do not rule out that you may be right. If you have a great idea for a project, Capricorn, you have a high chance of success. Talk honestly with your boyfriend, Aquarius, tell him that it overwhelms you that he is so aware of you. Your relationship problems, Pisces, come because you leave your boyfriend aside for work.

Complications in the workplace if you are one of those who are not yet on vacation, Aries. You may now discover that some envious colleagues are putting sticks in your wheels so that you will not be able to advance. Luckily, his plan hasn’t worked, but from now on, be more careful when placing your trust in certain people.

It will be enough just with this and that you continue to make an effort as before. Also the family atmosphere will be a bit loaded. There are certain differences between the people who make up this circle and if you are not on your guard you can end up involved in an issue that neither goes nor comes to you.

Stay out of the way as much as you can and use your diplomatic skills. In the sentimental field, you are in a moment of lucidity and you know exactly how the person who shares your life with you should be. Maybe you already have it next to you. If so, these days Venus will enhance the passion between you and you will have a great week.

Sometimes your open and sociable character can play tricks on you, Taurus. If you have recently joined a new work team, or you have a new job, surely you are splitting a cog with your superiors, who have chosen you for that. However, you have aroused the envy of certain colleagues who can make it very difficult for you to live with them.

You have enough resources to reverse this situation, your personal charm will eventually triumph. Meanwhile, arm yourself with patience and tolerance. The same one that you will have to put in the sentimental field, because it is likely that you are in a delicate moment.

You don’t just feel totally happy with the person who is now by your side, but you lack the courage to face it and to make the decision to separate your paths. Take some time to reflect because perhaps yours still has a solution. If you don’t have things clear at all, give yourself permission not to decide anything yet. You’ll do it when you’re sure.

Certain changes in your company will fill you with doubts, Gemini. Shake off these prejudices and try to adapt as quickly as possible to them. The problems are only in your mind. It is likely that you will like a new command very well and that this will benefit you greatly. As a general rule, changes are always positive if you know how to manage them.

Take care of them because they can bring you multiple benefits. To regain positive thinking, what will be best for you is to go out with your friends, have a good time and forget about these unnecessary worries. They will help you regain positive thinking. On a sentimental level, you will also be very insecure, even though you have a person super attached to you.

The problem you see is that it belongs to your work environment and you don’t want to mix things up. It is true that it is better to separate these concepts, but neither is it an inviolable law. If it has happened it is for something. You should give it a try. You could be very happy by his side.

If you’re still working, Cancer, get ready to face a hectic work week. Accumulated work awaits you, extra assignments or filling in for other colleagues who are on vacation. In any case there will be an overload that you have to manage well. Stay calm even if the circumstances lead you to have your nerves on edge.

Don’t do anything that can harm you because you might get in some trouble for it. Also control your money well because these days you run the risk of theft or scam. Be careful what you buy! If these days you have to go to the side of the family, or one of its members, to provide occasional help, do it, but do not allow them to assign you long-term responsibilities.

Also be careful not to waste your energy on pessimistic people who see everything as a problem. Luckily your love life works wonderfully, you have full confidence in the person next to you and this week you may take a step forward in the relationship. Enjoy these moments.

You have not yet recovered from the effort you have made in recent weeks at the work level, Leo fighter. You also think that all this has not served much. You are mistaken. Your superiors have been watching you and have a very good opinion of the work you do, especially your dedication to work and the enthusiasm that you spread to those around you.

In a very short time you will see the results. You also feel nostalgic, missing people who have passed through your life. Do not lock yourself in these thoughts, go out and have fun. Do not waste time thinking about the past, apply your energy to the present, you have many good things to discover.

On a sentimental level, these days your partner may ask you to leave your relationship for some time because he is not sure of his feelings. From the outset it can hit you like a sledgehammer, but you can be sure that it is a good decision for both of you, especially for you, who will end up benefiting a lot from it.

If you haven’t caught the holidays yet, Virgo, this week some important challenge awaits you in the workplace. Get ready to face some busy days, with a lot of activity and with some obstacle to overcome. It will have very positive repercussions for you in the future. If you have recently opened a store or joined a business, these days you will also begin to see the first fruits.

It will not be a significant amount yet, but it will make you very excited and will charge you with energy to continue working. In the sentimental field you would have to reflect a little and trust more in your intuition, which is now very sharp. These days your dreams will tell you about someone who can be transcendental in your life.

Now everything related to love is under the positive influence of the stars. If you have any problem in your relationship, now you can solve it easily. And if you are one of the Virgos who is sentimentally free, love will knock on your door this week.

You will have a few days, intuitive Libra, in which you will have a super clear perception of things and also your power of concentration will increase. It will benefit you in many aspects but especially in the workplace, where you could have the opportunity to get a job for which you were longing. If you are presented with this option, do not waste it for fear of risk or leaving something that you have insurance.

It will be much more profitable and also more satisfying. You are in a splendid moment, charged with energy and vitality, take advantage of it. In the economic field, you should rethink your budget because something is out of adjustment and now you have time to correct it without suffering the consequences.

On a sentimental level, if you are in a relationship, although until now everything has worked well, these days you may have doubts because of a third person you have just met and to whom you feel attracted. Do not rush into making any decision. At first everything seems better than it really is.

Good news in the workplace, Scorpio. You will enjoy doubly because you already thought that they would never arrive. You had been making a great effort for a long time to be able to progress but the results have been long in coming and at times discouragement has spread.

Even so, if you never stopped fighting for it and putting all your dedication, now the reward can come to you. This is just the beginning, from this moment a very positive streak awaits you in which you will be able to achieve many of your goals. In the economic aspect, do not waste a single euro because unforeseen expenses arrive that can leave you decapitalized.

Also be careful with the sabers and with the bills you have to pay, they may want to overcharge you. In the love aspect, if your heart is free right now, an excellent week awaits you. Someone will introduce you to a person who will immediately captivate you. The attraction will be mutual and you can live great moments if you don’t ruin them with your insecurity.

Your energy is now at its peak, Sagittarius, you have managed to recharge your batteries. What you need now is to channel it properly, lest it be wasted and you end up as stressed as before. Dose yourself, especially in the workplace. Both at work and in business, they will not be good days to sign contracts or documents.

If you have to do it compulsorily, at least get good advice from a professional, a manager or a lawyer. In the sentimental field, it is possible that you have the fly behind your ear due to the attitude of your partner with a third person who has recently appeared in your lives. It may not be just your imagination.

If they’ve flirted blatantly in front of you or other people and suddenly stopped flirting, maybe they’re doing it in private now. Open your eyes wide. Now that you feel strong, don’t hesitate to shelve this matter. You can’t have someone you don’t trust by your side.

You have finally regained the desire to interact with others, Capricorn, and this week there will be a notable increase in activity in your social life. It is time to recover group outings, yes, make it a small group and abide by health regulations.

If you are not on vacation, in the field of work, these days someone can come around trying to make you lose patience. You need to remain calm and collected to discover what their strategy is and be able to counter it. These days, a great idea for a project that has many chances of success will also come to mind.

It will provide you income in the future on a regular basis. Sentimentally, magical days await you. If you have been thinking about a boy for a long time who has not paid any attention to you until now, these days an accidental situation will make him change his attitude and you can live a wonderful stage with him. With patience these spectacular results are sometimes achieved.

You will have to learn to control your temper, Aquarius, because your nerves will be on edge due to the great activity that awaits you at work. This will generate a bad mood and you can pay it with who has less fault. Overcome the urge to argue with the first passerby, especially if it’s someone above you.

Do not put at stake the good relationship you have with your bosses or risk them changing their opinion about you. Try to find time to relax. For this, it will be good for you to be in contact with water, the sea, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi. It will bring you relaxation and serenity.

In love, these days you can change your feelings about the person next to you. Until now you liked that he was looking out for you but now you feel overwhelmed. You need more space, feel freer. You can talk about it with him, he is an understanding person. Try to fix it because the relationship is worth it.

The tension in the workplace and the excess of work that has forced you to make an overexertion may now be taking its toll on you, Pisces suffered, not only because of the physical and mental wear and tear that this entails, but also because you have dedicated a lot of time to these obligations. , leaving aside other very important aspects of your life, such as your relationship with your partner.

These days the person next to you will ask you this question in the form of an ultimatum and this will generate more nervousness and moodiness. The only way to counteract this situation is to maintain serenity and positivity. You can solve it, but you have to have a clear mind.

To get your partner back, apart from dedicating more time to him from now on, have some detail that will serve as an apology. Maybe organize a romantic candlelight dinner, or a surprise weekend outing. Also control jealousy, which in addition to being unfounded poses a real threat to you.