Weekly Horoscope 19th July to 25th July 2021

Weekly Horoscope 19th July to 25th July 2021

What does the weekly horoscope hold for you? Check the 12 signs of the zodiac in our horoscope, where you will be able to know what awaits you in money, in love, in luck, and at work, as well as other important predictions for you.

You have great potential within you. But the truth is that all too often you lack sufficient confidence in yourself and, therefore, you are wasting some opportunities to change things in your life. Think that sometimes challenges are necessary to make you stronger and teach you to appreciate the easier paths. New loves or perhaps new friends could appear this week around some topics of common interest, such as the world of wine, for example.weekly horoscopetis week 19th to 25th july

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You will also build a relationship in a very personal and deep way, which will truly be of great value. You should know how to retain the friend thus conquered by giving yourself and continuing, in the way you wish, the relationship that will be born from your personal exchanges.

Mars in Aries gives you faith and internal mobilization to grow, aim higher, and review certain behaviors that lower energy, such as complaints, anger, and criticism. The new Moon in Cancer brings poise, enjoyment, calm and more connection with bodily pleasure, but not from excesses, but rather from the awareness of health and well-being. Move your body doing things you like and go ahead and make those recipes that you have saved.

Throughout the week your mind will be seduced by deep reflections. Your brain is working at full capacity, and instead, you are getting lost in complex issues. The political or social field could attract you and you will feel inclined to find solutions to world order problems. Your enthusiasm will encourage you to share your ideas. On the other hand, your mind will bubble with memories of past loves.

You will not feel any nostalgia, but rather a strange feeling. After all, if the past gives you clues to the future, it would be absurd to deny it. Remember, however, that a relationship is always built between two and that, in any case, you are never responsible for anything other than yourself.

Venus, its ruler, continues to expand Taurus from Gemini while the nurturing New Moon in Cancer brings him a lot of unlimited and fertile energy, a lot of potentialities, and many seeds that, if irrigated internally, can grow a lot especially for the second part of the year. . Sometimes the toxic mix of fear and inner laziness makes them wait, but the energy asks them to take action from the passion that enjoyment gives them.

This week your emotions will be devastating and you will act according to the feelings that this provokes in you. However, you should keep in mind that this attitude can generate some opposition when the situation requires a more rational approach. So let your emotions come out and liven up your feelings, but don’t lose control. You will also live strong and intense moments of intimacy with your partner.

The two of you will have very personal conversations on unusual topics that will reveal a lot about her. The way you see life or the values that are important to you will be topics that could be the center of attention and guarantee you great advances in the intensity and mutual knowledge of your feelings.

Mercury makes an aspect with Uranus this week and in Gemini, the mind and dark areas are illuminated to see, evaluate, and heal as the new Moon in Cancer brings much emotional activity and many “realizations” that will happen this week. Chiron’s intense aspect with Mercury, on the other hand, brings a sense of reality and a lot of practicality in decision-making, organization, and planning of fertile projects that seek to be materialized but were postponed due to sabotage.

This week you may feel torn between two romantic situations. On the one hand, there is a love relationship that you have had for some time with a person you love, but who you are not sure is very compatible with you. And, on the other, the attraction you feel towards a / a new / or friend / or full of qualities.

You will likely have an instructive and fruitful exchange of views with your partner. Without a doubt, this will lead you to address issues that compromise your future and you will feel very happy, which will undoubtedly be a good sign. If you are currently single, this state of ‘probation’ may not last long. However, you should be prepared to face some changes in your life.

New Moon in Cancer this week, and since the Moon is your natural ruler, a lot of energy mobilizes you inside and out. It will be opposite with Saturn and you will be asked to be more connected to manifesting. Do not let deep or fluctuating emotions get between you and your dreams or projects, and above all, it will be important to assess whether the closest and most intimate relationships truly support you or boycott you and stunt your growth.

Throughout this week you should become aware of the resources that you have within you. In general, you are not usually aware of it, but in these moments you need to listen more to these feelings. Take advantage of the breaks these days to get in touch with that secret world. Try the privilege of these little moments of rest instead of running at a gallop to the next stage.

Pay close attention because you could be foolish if you are not very careful. Before declaring yourself to someone, you should be very clear about the feelings that person has towards you. Take all the time you need. Multiply the conversations so you can better assess the real state of your relationships before embarking on touching and tender confessions.

The Sun enters Leo this week filling everything with renewed energy. You may drop “chips,” realize many things, and more certainties and definitions appear in different areas of your life. Perhaps vocationally it has to be redefined. Perhaps there is creativity that struggles to come out and they have not been encouraged before, but the good news is that the new Moon in Cancer gives them solidity, maturity, and substance so that they are encouraged to new studies and ventures, especially those that give them real enjoyment and pleasure.

Life is like chess, so you have to think things through carefully before you start moving your pawns. Your impatience could cost you the game. So think, wait your turn, and don’t make hasty decisions. Your opponent could take advantage of the advantage and could definitely checkmate you. On the other hand, you finally feel ready for the change.

After going through a slow and difficult maturation stage, this week you are eager to meet and explore new paths. To make this wish come true, don’t hesitate to change your lifestyle. You should start to experience these new airs of freedom and novelty that are going to blow in the coming weeks. Movement is demonstrated by walking.

The ruler Mercury squares Chiron this week by illuminating and bringing light and focus to Virgo’s mind and his beliefs, ideas, and neural connections. Many ideas and thoughts exhaust, tire, create stress and create nothing in the real world. It is time to dismiss excessive worries, rolls, and overthinking. The analysis takes away vitality, strength, and power and generates an energy deficit at the end of the day. The new Moon in Cancer calls for more connection with the body, taking charge of food, hydration, and rest, and taking physical exercise into account.

The first lesson of this week will well be patience. In fact, you want everything and that it be right now, and also, you are too insistent. You should remain more serene, you should also respect the feelings and behaviors of the other. This is how you will help develop and deepen your relationships. The politics of ultimatum rarely pay off in love.

The truth is that you are not used to romantic spills and for you, the emotional life is, above all, an acquired and reassuring value. Although you know that it is a mistake. Whatever your own point of view, you must pay more importance and attention to the wishes and aspirations of someone who has the courage to share daily life with you with such discretion.

The new Moon in Cancer gives Libra a lot of ability to visualize and elevate its ideals, although the shadow will be the excessive illusions without substance. There will also be more rooting, connection with pleasure, and encounters and the desire to talk with their affections, with shared mates and coffees, even if it is with the cell phone in between. To enjoy, and connect with the delight and the merit.

Without a doubt, this week you could feel trapped by strong and deep feelings. The memory of a person you knew in the past could come back. If you think of old romantic adventures or important episodes that have marked your childhood, try to find their meaning and the reason for their persistent presence in your memory. You should also ask yourself the right questions and look for lights that illuminate you on this question. You should consider doing a serious and thoughtful introspection about your emotional life.

Before making final decisions, which in principle they are, it is best to carefully consider the nature of the relationship that you have had for some time. Take a moment to think and trust only your feelings and your own analysis, before seeking the opinion of well-meaning friends.

The new Moon in Cancer will bring more confidence and calm to Scorpio’s emotions. It is time to let go of a bit of mistrust and resentment and to get out into the open by exposing, talking, and sharing, of course, in a circle of people who know you. They are also encouraged to expand their social circle, even if they are afraid to open up to more people. The new moon gives them a connection with pleasure and enjoyment, and many healthy encounters where good food and a taste for good things prevail.

Throughout this week your imagination will be in full swing. You could spend hours in front of your computer writing your memories or composing work on the piano or in front of an easel. This need for creation comes directly from the heart and you should not let it fall asleep, no matter what your problems are.

Do what you have to do as quickly as possible and then unleash the neurons that are waiting to express themselves. It is more than likely that you will be affected and overwhelmed by a great tide of sensuality. Everything will be placed under sensitive and emotional omens, even affectionate. Professionally, you will find some difficulties in getting your views accepted and that will hurt. Fear not, you will quickly regain confidence in yourself.

The Sun enters a related sign of fire, Leo and gives Sagittarius power and claw, the archetype of the warrior encouraging this new endeavor, to sign up for that course, to say yes to a new encounter. The new Moon in Cancer, on the other hand, leads them to pleasure. Be careful with excesses, be more measured, and have a good time.

One of the things that are most important to you in a loving relationship is the certainty that the chosen one is also your best friend. That is why this week you will feel the need to evaluate the intensity and nature of your affection. However, you should be careful not to try to copy the model system and to appreciate your feelings based on previous relationships. After all, you can change too.

You will share your knowledge with other people and this will bring you many things. Because by playing the role of the teacher, you will learn much more than just basking in your achievements. You will also have to face challenges that you did not expect to answer questions that will arise spontaneously. And if you don’t have all the answers, think that no one is perfect.

The new Moon in Cancer opposes his ruler, Saturn, providing Capricorn with new, creative but realistic thoughts, which give him a push to go out to the different and innovative. The new moon, on the other hand, connects you with fertility in your thoughts and choices, energy absolutely connected with pleasure, aromas, good wine, and body oils. Get back to having spaces for yourselves that glorify the five senses, you deserve it.

The truth is that this week there will be certain interferences in your personal relationships and your love relationships. You cannot avoid considering the opinions of each other, often contradictory, which does not make things easier. So trust your intuitions and your feelings more. There is no point in seeking the opinion of one of your friends.

So take charge of your own life and live these moments fully without worrying about anything other than what you want. Your love life is in top shape. You are in a playful and affectionate mood, and you want to celebrate your love story especially. Listen to your heart and let yourself be carried away by the breath of your generosity.

A different week, with a new Moon in Cancer, which gives Aquarius a lot of connection with the body. Naturally, being natives of an air sign, they think and live a lot through technology, social networks, exchanges, and words. This energy provides a connection with their bodies, with breathing, meditation, and stillness, with foo,d, and with the more natural, slower times. Explore this new aspect of yourself, and expand the pleasure.

This week you will feel haunted by the memory of a past love or a forgotten passion. The truth is that it is not a very pleasant feeling and you should even be careful not to fall into a certain melancholy. In any case, you will ask yourself a lot of questions in a somewhat painful and perhaps useless introspection.

It is not good to go back to past feelings unless you can really and definitively overcome them. Your intelligence could be greatly stimulated. You could have a very enriching conversation with someone who loves discussions. You should have the opportunity to share your knowledge and learn some very interesting things.

The spiritual world is connected with the mental world. New studies are coming, and new interests for Pisces, and curiosity are aroused. New books and new suggestions will surely appear to expand intellectually on topics that you are passionate about. The new Moon in Cancer, on the other hand, brings them absolute pleasure and connection with crystals, essential oils, incense, and aromatic resins. Take advantage of a good energy cleaning.