Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th August 2022

Check the prediction for your free sign, and discover what awaits you this week in love, work, money and health.

Do not take false steps, Aries, be extremely cautious, especially in love. Give your guy time, Taurus, you don’t want to run too much. Your relationship has a solid foundation, Gemini, but it is threatened by routine. Your financial problems are finally beginning to be resolved, Cancer, you will gain peace of mind.

Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th August ...
Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th August 2022

If a job option spontaneously arises for you, Leo, consider it a sign from the Universe. Do not accept any business proposal this week, Virgo, it is not well aspected. Do not get carried away by jealousy, Libra, or you will lose your boy. Don’t let doubts stop you in love, Scorpio, be more optimistic. Socially intense week, Sagittarius, you will take great advantage of your people skills.

It is a good time to talk and fix everything that is limping, Capricorn, especially in the sentimental aspect. It’s time to leave love without commitment, Aquarius, build something deeper. If you were hung up on someone who didn’t seem to see you, Pisces, you will discover that he also has a crush on you.

The stars indicate that these days you have to move very carefully because you could take false steps. Perhaps at work you do not feel comfortable enough and you are looking for other options that do not come to fruition. This week you will have the opportunity to find an occupation that is more suited to what you are looking for. It may take a few days to materialize, but everything is on the right track.

Meanwhile, in your current job, relations with your colleagues will improve and that will make waiting for you more pleasant. Your main headache these days is in the sentimental aspect. It will especially affect you if you have a long-term partner with whom you do not have the slightest complaint, except that over time your relationship has become very routine. These days you could meet someone who will ignite desire and passion in you. This powerful attraction can put what you now have at risk. Think about it well because if something breaks you will not be able to recover it.

Your intuition is now super sharp and this, together with the experience you have in different fields, will help you to correctly solve the small problems that you may encounter. Nothing important, but if they continue stagnant they would create discomfort. In the labor field, if you are waiting for them to give you a job, to be promoted, to be accepted where you are doing internships, the prospects are positive.

In the sentimental aspect, you may find yourself in a situation that will make you stressful. If you are convinced that you have found your better half and you are wanting to consolidate the relationship, your partner may need to slow down and this gets on your nerves. It is not for you, it is possible that he has other problems to solve and now he is not up to the task. Arm yourself with patience. Everything will come. But if you’ve recently started dating someone and you’re seeing attitudes in them that you don’t like, start seriously thinking about changing course.

If these days you feel more restless and nervous than usual, it is because of the influence of the stars on your sign. You will tend to act on impulse, but it is not recommended that you do so, especially if you have important decisions to make. Do not rush into making decisions, analyze everything with a magnifying glass. Do not take any steps until you are completely sure. Still you could be wrong. You can save yourself trouble if you assume it beforehand, so you won’t be caught by surprise.

When you feel stressed, avoid taking your temper out on those around you, especially people at work or your vacation buddies. You better try to positively channel this inner restlessness you feel. Exercise, swim, go for a run, dance, move. In the sentimental field, if you are in a relationship, your relationship has a solid foundation and a lot of love, but it seems that the routine and responsibilities in other fields have turned your intimacy into a disaster. Change it up, stoke the fire. This will take some effort, but it is necessary.

The feeling of exhaustion is finally over, this week the planets will exert a very positive action on you that will allow you to renew all your vitality and energy. You will be willing to take on the world and you already know that attitude greatly influences the results of what you want to achieve. Within a very short time you will notice that your problems with business and financial issues begin to be resolved. The streak of economic hardship that you have gone through is now beginning to be left behind.

In the labor aspect and in the matter of money you do not have to worry because it will work like silk. On the other hand, in the sentimental field, some somewhat conflicting days await you, but if you adopt a correct attitude, you will be able to overcome everything successfully. In love, if in recent weeks you have felt disappointed by certain details of your partner, something will happen these days that will make you see clearly what decision you have to make. Give him freedom and let him show himself as he is.

You are in a stellar moment, under the positive influence of the stars, which will provide you with opportunities and mental clarity to determine which ones are best for you. You have probably received one of those job offers that at first seem inalienable. If you have not taken the step to get it, if they have made you an offer without lifting a finger, value this sign. It is something that life brings you and when this happens it is always because of something that you will discover later.

If the subject excites you, although there are a couple of aspects that throw you back a bit, arm yourself with courage and accept. Think of the great luck that you have at your fingertips and do not let it escape due to absurd fears. In love you have gained tranquility and relaxation, perhaps the person next to you favors that state of well-being that you have not always enjoyed. Evaluate if this relationship would benefit from the new occupation and if so, don’t think about it for half a minute, move on. You will grow personally and professionally.

The influence of the stars will make you have a more positive view of everything around you this week. You will better understand those around you and this will be great for you, because you will have a somewhat hectic week and you will have to make an effort to understand the point of view of others in many aspects. In the family sphere it will also help you because you will be able to solve pending conflicts that have made your existence bitter lately, you will even be able to improve your relationship with those who were a little strained.

In the professional field, you are anxiously awaiting something that will not happen in the next few days but you will know how to take it more calmly. It will come to you but you will still have to wait a bit. A person to whom you have a lot of consideration may propose to be part of a business, but it is not well looked and you could lose money, look for an excuse to reject the offer without being offended. In love, this week can be decisive, both to consolidate the relationship and to change course. What you decide will be successful.

If you are one of the Librans who has not been able to take a vacation yet, you will have an excellent week in the workplace. You will be able to demonstrate your ability. You will have to solve a complicated situation and you will do it successfully. This will earn you the recognition of your superiors in general and one in particular. You thought he didn’t like you but it was quite the opposite. This person has a lot of faith in your talent. From now on you will begin to professionally travel an upward path. Thank him in some way.

In the sentimental field, perhaps you have been carried away by jealousy. The fear of losing the loved one makes you imagine things that do not exist in reality. If you recognize yourself in this description, stop spying on him and always being on top of him or you will lose him forever. But it could also be that you are a Libra who is very much in love and willing to do anything to offer your partner what they want. However, it doesn’t seem like he’s finding out. If you have this impression, you have to make sure that your objectives coincide.

Many positive changes will take place in your life these days. You will also have highly developed empathy and your capacity for human relations. You will be the perfect company and you will achieve many goals with this natural talent that you have to agree with people and get them to pay attention to you. You will have the opportunity to check it now because you will recover contact with a friend from whom you had distanced yourself due to a misunderstanding.

In the workplace they will also value this aspect, because there will be a certain movement in this environment and they will make you assume more responsibilities. If with your support you make it easier for your colleagues to adapt better, your superiors will value your leadership skills and may propose you for a promotion. If you are dating someone but you have not been clear about it, this week he can give you an ultimatum, he is tired of evasiveness. Don’t be afraid to take a step forward. At the moment yours works and if it stops doing it you can always go back. Be a bit more optimistic, maybe this will go a long way.

Fortune will smile on you these days. If you were overwhelmed by problems of any kind, now you will understand that you had a very subjective vision and that there was no big deal. Obviously you have to do your part, but it will be very easy for you to overcome obstacles. It is important that you do not contemplate all the problems at the same time, go solving one by one. They will disappear from your horizon at lightning speed. In the social sphere, if you are already one of the most requested people among your friends, now this is multiplied.

It will make you feel very good to know you are so loved. One of your friends will put you in contact with a person who will play a fundamental role in your professional career. Perhaps you feel some fear or insecurity at work, because of the appearance of a new person who you think could overshadow you. Relax, he is someone legal, in whom you will discover a good colleague. In sentimental terms, everything is going smoothly, but try to improve communication with your partner or you run the risk of creating misunderstandings.

This week the stars will positively influence your expression, Capricorn. It is time to say what you feel, what you think, because it will be very easy to explain your feelings, ideas and opinions to others. You will be able to defend your arguments with your own style and cordiality. Now you can claim everything you think is fair for you. In the workplace, you can find yourself in complicated situations, so it is better to avoid friction, discussions and fights. With your good arguments you can achieve it.

If someone tries to make you part of a tense situation, do not allow it. You are above these things. And also avoid getting involved in issues that do not affect you directly. Let others solve their problems for themselves. The best thing you can do is concentrate on your tasks, because there are important people waiting for your evolution, which can be compensated with a promotion or a salary increase. In love, it is time to fix everything that was limping. Talk a lot with your partner and enjoy as much free time as possible by his side.

The Universe is in your favor this week, in all areas, but especially in love and social life. There will also be good news for those who are waiting for their problems to be resolved. An important change will take place in love if you are one of the Aquarians who were not sure who to choose. This has been a comfortable stage in which you may have had very fun and satisfying sporadic relationships but without any commitment.

This amused you and in a way made you happy, but this week you will feel that there is something missing in your life and that it is not filled by any superficial relationship, however fun it may be. The time has come to try to build something deeper. But if you are in a relationship and somehow you still find yourself alone, you may have different priorities or ways of seeing life. Clarify this aspect as soon as possible. The labor issue is calm and something awaits you that will make you very excited. You get a surprise money that will allow you to give yourself some extra whim.

This week there will be no one to resist you, you are leaving and the circumstances play in your favor. However, so much success is going to cause you a lot of indecision in love. If your heart is free, you will have a spectacular week, you will have a choice. Movie situations can occur. But it is also possible that you have been hanging on a person for a long time who did not seem to see you. In the next few days you can meet somewhere for some not too ordinary reason and there you will discover not only that he had also noticed you, but that there is much more attraction between you than you thought.

Do not fear that this love will make you suffer, on the contrary, it will make you immensely happy. If you have a partner, for your week to be fantastic, avoid silly discussions. If you know very well that he loves you, instead of picking a fight, he unleashes his passion and releases your tensions in another way. In the professional aspect, less intense this week, if you want your business or your project to continue growing, renew yourself, get up to date.