Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th February 2021

Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th February 2021

You can now read your horoscope for the week of February 1 to 7, 2021. The complete prediction about health, money, and love according to your zodiac sign.

You will oxygenate your heart and you will bet on solid and beautiful stories. As a single person you have already tired of brief adventures; Temporary or superficial can be a good appetizer, but the main dish should have a more intense flavor. Stars are forgiving of mistakes you’ve made in your work; small failures that still haunt you and that make you fail in the most elementary tasks. Little by little you will be able to find solutions to your daily problems, and if you are facing a disease you will know a new treatment that will relieve you considerably.weekly horoscope 1st to 7th february 2021

Thanks to your inner power you will be more than passionate with the person you love. You will put aside your demands, as well as your intolerances and you will give yourself completely in the most earthly and wild way that is in your essence of Taurus. You will have to do more than one and two steps related to your work; you have a lot of doubts and waste time going over things over and over again. Lack of time can work against you to go to the gym; Also, you will be a teacher giving excuses not to sweat your shirt.

Many natives find themselves this week with the need to begin to display their affection more concretely. Communicating what you feel and expressing love can be a beautiful way to start a new journey with your partner. The retrogradation of the planet Mercury, your ruler, proposes you carry out an exhaustive review of all the details of contracts, money movements, purchases of great value, and other matters that imply a high cost. The health of the children of the sign of twins could not be better this first week of the month

You dissipate tensions in your relationships; You have no problem talking at length about any situation that is out of the ordinary, and your partner will accept your goodwill. The defensive attitude does not go with you: if you have to admit your mistakes, you will. Take good notes on your professional ideas; sometimes the lightbulb goes on while you’re eating breakfast, or just before you go to bed. Put words to everything that goes through your head. Take off the mask of shame that prevents you from asking for help for your problems and illnesses.

Prosperity and stability in the love field unless your partner tries to get in the way of your professional career. If the latter occurs, the break is assured. The bachelor will live in his flesh a crush on Cupid. At work, you’ll go to your ball and focus on doing your job well without letting outside noise distract you. This will be rewarded with congratulations from your superiors. Your attitude towards your economy will focus on saving as much as possible. Your health will be good. Physical activity as a couple will be the best way to exercise.

The native of Virgo will find himself loaded with mistrust in a few days. You have been told many times that in this life all that glitters is not gold, and that is why you will not trust first impressions. The formation of new business relationships will be encouraged; especially those who have never embarked on a personal business will be quite fortunate. Your health will be in good shape; You will not be the most dynamic sign of the entire Horoscope, but you will not be a bag of pity either. Smile then, even if it’s subtle.

This first week of February, Libras will not have it too easy in love, however, they will receive the help of a trio of planets that will make things more bearable, giving them the ability to face everything with a sense of humor. In the workplace, there will be several situations that Libra will have to deal with this week. As for your health, this week you should be aware of each symptom and ailment that may appear to solve it in time. Planetary transits on your sign could complicate your existence.

Going deeper into knowing your own drives should not be a Scorpio problem, but on the contrary, it is an added value in your love life. Enjoy being who you are without hiding, give yourself love and give the best of your personality. The home becomes the center of action for many natives who need to feel that their home is pleasant. The value of the property could influence the search however a surprise could arise for many natives who will receive an incredible offer.

Your prediction for this week in Sagittarius love, speaks of crisis and possible problems caused by the disclosure of information or jealousy. You will also find yourself faced with your loved ones for making decisions without counting on them. However, towards the middle of the week, Cupid will give you a break, taking your side. Professionally, you will have to be very methodical this week if you want to finish what you have started successfully. In health, in general, you will feel quite good this week, in fact, your energy will be high, especially the first days.

Too much workload can interfere with emotional happiness and the way you live with your partner. You need to take care of your relationship and therefore they must find spaces in which to relax together. If you are single and want to start a new love story, it will be important that you pay attention to what is happening around you and lend yourself to go out. Venus continues her path through Aquarius increasing the chances of making money with very little effort. You have a chance to do your homework with less sacrifice and you shouldn’t pass it up. You need to rest, have fun and relax if you want to take care of your health.

The prediction of this first week of February for Aquarius, reveals that they may have to face family pressures and adverse conditions that slow down or hinder their love experiences. In the professional field, the best thing this week is for you to stay awake and alert. There will be opportunities to realize your work goals, but you will have to act very quickly. In health, your nerves will be on the surface, but luckily, the help of Jupiter in your sign will make you go through this phase more easily.

Your partner will try to hide what is happening to you so as not to worry you. Remind him that you are a team and you are both in the same boat, he can fully trust you. The single will throw in the towel with unrequited love. Pisceans who dedicate themselves to caring for other people, especially in institutions with closed and isolated buildings, will be overwhelmed by a large number of tasks and obligations. You could spend a lot of money and find yourself in the position of having to ask for financial aid. Listening to your body will allow you to make improvements in your exercise routines and avoid future injuries.

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