Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021, What’s happening this week?

The sun continues in the sign of Pisces this week, encouraging reflection on life, evaluating priorities, and finding closure on key themes. Activities like yoga and meditation can be helpful at this time. Midweek, as Mercury retrograde continues to break our phones and bring in exes, it returns to Aquarius as it continues in its retrograde phase. This can be an opportunity for a more pleasant gathering. On the same day, the lovely Venus (planet of love) moves to Taurus, where she is very much at home. This delightfully sensual influence can be very enriching, even when she stirs up an inclination to buy more than usual.

During the weekend, the sun merges with the captivating Neptune (planet of illusion), which can allow the ability to tune into the thoughts and feelings of others. People may be more sensitive in general and find that spending time alone can act as a restorer. Finally, on Sunday, Venus aligns with Uranus (planet of unpredictability) Sunday, which could coincide with a sizzling encounter with promise.weekly horoscope 1st to 7th march 2021

There are two conflicting energies happening to you this week, Aries: a focus on your goals and a focus on your self-reflective side. Seeing that Mercury is moving retrograde in your social sector, someone from your past could be reaching out: an old friend or crush. Lastly, the weekend sees an exciting encounter with a deep connection. Read Full Aries Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Mercury is retrograde in the sector of his chart that governs ambition; It is important now not to take advantage of every little thing that happens in your career. Check everything! Venus is entering your sign this week, allowing you to relax a bit and delve into her favorite indulgences. During the weekend, Venus and Uranus connect to bring a fun social situation. Read Full Taurus Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Getting ready to travel, Gemini? As Mercury backtracks into her travel section, she may want to rethink buying that ticket right now. Venus is moving into her spirit sector this week as well, allowing you to step back and really address her own personal needs. An unexpected encounter could happen this weekend. Read Full Gemini Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

The sun moves through your travel sector; Time to find that calling! When it comes to finances, Mercury is retrograde in this zone in your chart, allowing you to run into confusion or a lot of spending. Be careful, Cancer. As Venus moves into Taurus, you will cuddle with your partner. Read Full Cancer Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Mars and Jupiter float in your lifestyle sector, making you feel super inspired right now. This is the best time to dig into your most important goals because it is easier to achieve them. Venus moves to Taurus later in the week, Leo. Networking with others can help you here. Read Full Leo Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury, is in retrograde and returns to Aquarius in its sector of daily routines. Daily movement may be a bit difficult this week. Don’t be surprised if plans go wrong. Venus will be moving to your travel zone in the middle of the week, is it time for a trip? Read Full Virgo Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Home and family are the highlights this week, Libra. Jupiter and Mars are moving through this section of your chart and therefore have a light attitude. But Mercury is retrograde in his romance and creative zones this week, so he may want to prepare for confusing messages from friends. Venus in Taurus will create a better mood for the weekend to relax. Read Full Libra Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

The sun moves through Scorpio’s arts sector, allowing you to explore more fun activities like crafts, music, or theater. As Venus moves into your relationship zone later in the week, prepare for surprises. You will be super open to love and, because of that, I could find you. Read Full Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Communication between you and just about everyone could be a little messy this week, Sagittarius, thanks to Mercury retrograde. As Venus in Taurus moves into your lifestyle sector, you may want to re-evaluate your eating and exercise habits. Time to start a new diet or hit the gym? Connect with like-minded friends to help you read your goals. Read Full Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Being a Capricorn, you have great ambitions daily. But with Mars and Jupiter connecting this week, you’ll be even more motivated to reach them. Another thing to keep in mind is that Mercury is moving backward in its financial zone, now is not the time to invest in anything. That’s it! Time to dream big! Read Full Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

Mercury goes back in your sign this week, so it can hit you in a very special way. Just be careful with your purchases. Venus is moving to her home area in February, which might inspire you to wear your Marie Kondo. Money could be a problem this weekend, as the sun and Neptune team up to cloud your perception of how much you actually own. Calmly. Read Full Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

You’re getting social this week! Jupiter and Mars are in this section, so you’re not just going out… you’re all doing it. Later in the week, Venus will move into her communication sector, so she can charm just about anyone. Read Full Pisces Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th March 2021

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