Weekly Horoscope 20th July to 26th July 2020

Weekly Horoscope 20th July to 26th July 2020

Weekly Horoscope: July 20th to 26th predictions for all signs. Mercury in its retrograde phase meets Mars. Lots of energy to expand and make ideas flow.

Mars is still in Leo and this week he joins Mercury and is aspected by Uranus. Chiron, who is in his sign, begins to retrograde giving a new vision about what to heal and create in your life. It is time to prepare to go out and generate those changes once and for all, with the energy of beginnings provided by the red planet, and the mental sharpness that Mercury brings. You are ready for that which you want so much, and to continue analyzing, going around in a circle and postponing only generates frustration, since you are impulsive, but the great weapon will be healing rather than acceleration. It is time for the healing forces to be used to advance, undertake, and create the life they desire.weekly horoscope 20th july to 26th july 2020

Venus, their ruler, is making an appearance with Chiron and Uranus this week, giving them the energy of change, and more able to dream of freeing themselves from those old structures, which are no longer enough. Debugging continues, and that can make you feel tired or more fatigued than usual. It is important to have a week as harmonious as possible, do what should be done but not make more commitments than are strictly necessary, and nourish yourself body and soul with therapeutic moments, meditations, and energetic cleanings to be more energized. They are at the door of great changes, and it is natural to feel fear, but in any case, you have to start, even with fear. There is so much to give, so many new paths to travel.

Mercury, its ruler, remains in its retrograde phase and will touch Mars during the week from the sign of Leo. A lot of creative energy is released from beginnings, from startup, and from leaving places or relationships that are already in need of dusting and renewing. Much mental energy, which will be more in the inside than on the outside, can derive in being able to think about new studies or reflect on their lives more deeply. Improving communication and relationships will bring more maturity; This does not mean heartbreak, but they will need more personal freedom and their own spaces. To harness the energy to start the delayed, new ideas are bubbling in your head ready to go. Let it be the beginning of a new, more real form of communication!

The Sun continues in its sign and the energy of the eclipse continues to reverberate, bringing much vital energy, many changes and renewal, and, above all, much work with its ancestral paradigm. This part of the year will be marked by great advances in the healing of their tree, they will be more aware of the repetitions, hidden fidelities, and loyalties that they still hold and that although they do not realize it, it leaves them trapped in places and situations that they do not have or generate changes. A great awakening will happen, and you will also be able to connect with your third eye differently, this time not only to receive great insight for yourself only but perhaps to begin to offer this talent to others solidly and concretely.

Mars and Mercury, in their sign. And the Sun, its ruler, will arm aspects with Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. Lots of energy. It will be a good week to sit down and write down what your short-term goals are, and which areas need expansion. The ideas will be fluid, but the challenge will be to take them to the concrete little by little, and that they do not remain in the inkwell. Take advantage to dust off old postponed dreams and activate efforts that had been left undone. And, in the week, a shift at the hairdresser for an express beautification will be of great delight. The realism that the Cosmos brings them is to use it to take firm steps and, specifically, to get out of the fantasy that everything comes magically. You shape it, and soon you will see it outside, with great joy.

Its ruler, Mercury, is retrograde and encounters Mars this week. They will be stirring, transmuting, processing information, reflecting deeply. It is a week to be more connected with the inside than with the outside, the social will not be so preponderant, it will be healthier to be with yourself, connect with your desires and emotions, and dive deep. Many responses and many “realize” will take place these days. Pay attention to messages, dreams, sensations and, later, you will feel more solid, with more clarity and with more energy to leave renewed and more in focus. Avoid distractions and constant doing to not feel, delays or excess action will not lead to real changes. Use this powerful energy of intuition and action to expand your desires.

The Moon travels by its sign while its ruler, Venus, in Cancer, gives them energy from home and the desire to invite friends home, cook, entertain. You will be putting together an aspect with Chiron and Uranus, and all this energy will be bringing a great need for innovation, for change and renewal, and the shadow will be irritability and the nervous system a little altered. They will be creative and eager to do new things, they can sign up for a new fast course, or go for a run. Good opportunity to meet new couples, or refresh the current couple with a trip or getaway. Take time to look and renew yourself. Take advantage of the cardinal energy that Cancer offers you so as not to be filled with unspecified ideas. Everything that appears in the form of ideas, take note, lower it to the ground and concretize!

The Sun opposes its ruler, Pluto, intensifying the emotional-impulsive energy, while the Moon passes by its sign. Your mind is at times a double-edged sword, bringing up too many thoughts and sometimes a daze from over-activity. In addition to the emotions that may emerge, it will be important to slow down a bit, stop to see your present. Being too attentive to the future and a little addicted to doing all the time removes the reference from the moment they are going through and adds nerves. There will always be things to do and take care of, and you can juggle everything, but this part of the year calls for enhancing, rearranging, and optimizing the priority list to meet goals. They will have assistance and help from the Universe if they focus the energy if they use all that impulse to start projects that benefit many.

The Moon passes by its sign this week and touches Jupiter, its ruler. They will be able to let go of a little of the responsibilities and delight in more playful activities. It will be a good week to put aside savings and finally access those holidays or what they want long ago. Maybe, why not, sign up for a new workshop or activity. Week of permits, outings with friends, and a feeling of greater fulfillment. The demands continue, but they can be handled in more relaxed ways. Take advantage, you will feel more beautiful on the outside and more relaxed inside. They are entering a time of many changes and the more they are on-axis and the more relaxed they are, the better the predisposition to dedicate themselves fully to a new life.

The Sun by transit builds an aspect of opposition with its ruler, Saturn. Strong weeks, with many decisions to make. Good week to give entity and look at the body, attentive to somatizations, listening to what circumstances try to say. Pay attention to the external events in your life and see what changes you need to make. It is time to choose, and choose who they want to be with, what they want to do and if the places they frequent do them good or it is time to release them. Making decisions and choosing is living. Venus in her opposite sign, Cancer, reminds them to prioritize and give themselves pleasure, to work deeply on self-love and the concept of abundance and compassion.

Uranus, its ruler, builds appearances with Mars and Venus this week. Week of rethinking and couple issues and affections. Maybe it’s because they feel bored or stagnant and need change. It will be important to think about which areas of life feel that there are already completed cycles, where do they feel that it is time to close? Use their creative, innovative, and cutting-edge mind to go one step further and start thinking about the rest of the year and what they want to do. That activated nervous system asks you to create, move, get out of what is already obsolete. Renew, recycle, search for new horizons, and new paths. Your mind is your best ally when making change decisions.

It’s time to take charge and decide the course of your lives for this stretch of the year. What activities have already completed a cycle? Where do they need deep, real, and concrete changes? A trip to the sea or the river can help them feel more connected with their desires. Having spaces of silence and meditation can make those bandages fall and make the path clearer in front of your eyes. Maybe it’s time to choose better who you spend your time with and what you spend your hours on. Sometimes doing things to be accepted or to fit drains us energetically, it is smarter to start setting limits. It is a period of great change. To take advantage of it.

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