Weekly Horoscope 22nd to 28th February 2021

Weekly Horoscope 22nd to 28th February 2021

What does the weekly horoscope hold for you? Check the 12 signs of the zodiac in our horoscope of the week, where you can find out what awaits you in money, in love, in luck, and at work, as well as other important predictions for you.

You know that it is difficult for you to change your mind when you have already made a decision. Especially when it comes to a couple’s argument, it could be said that you don’t give in easily. These wars of power amuse you a lot and you become intractable. You don’t give in unless one of you gets tired. So this week put aside your recognized stubbornness. Be more flexible. On the other hand, your heart is pounding and you will probably feel the urge to reach a greater commitment in your love relationship. But instead of rushing into your partner’s arms swearing you’ll love them to death, calm your passion, take your time, and think a bit. Try to project your life with her and think if this relationship is the one that will really allow you to build the life you dream of.weekly horoscope 22nd to 28th february 2021

Now that Mercury is retrograde, a project that was stalled in the past or a job offer that for some reason could not be completed (or did not turn out well) could resurface. Wait until March to sign any contract. You may take a trip with your partner, confirm your reservations in advance because with Mercury retrograde any unforeseen event could happen. If you are single you will meet a Capricorn, they like to organize their trips very well.

This week you could finally decide to work or partner with a close collaborator to carry out a professional project. So, as is usual for you, do not always be so skeptical of these types of associations and trust others a little more. If you learn to manage and share tasks more effectively, you will see how combining skills provides far superior results. You should also be seduced by the sometimes variable and somewhat idealistic person that you undoubtedly are. There will be a lot of criticism, here and there, and you will not stop using irony to make fun of the administrations and all the somewhat rigid structures. But humor and mockery will be stronger than turning against everything.

You may meet a friend from the past, there is a special reason that brings them together again and you will have to discover it on your own. A trip abroad could be presented, confirm your reservations in advance to avoid delays. You and your partner may start to review and reorganize their long-term projects and, thanks to this, they will feel more united. If you are single you may meet a Scorpio, they will be very attuned.

Don’t let your emotions drift away. Think that maybe this week the time has come for you to return to your inner world and to dare to face your true feelings. You’ve been on the run for a long time and now you find yourself stuck in a dead-end. Take this opportunity to turn around and realize that you have no one behind you except your bad conscience. Although at this moment you are in a period of great questions, especially about relationships, a few quite prosperous days await you in the field of love. Furthermore, it is more than likely that you will find yourself completely liberated from any inhibitions.

You could have disagreements with your partners or co-workers over an issue that you have been postponing to avoid a conflict, but the time has come to set things straight and it will be up to you to decide whether you prefer to continue there or end the relationship. Mercury retrograde invites you to analyze your relationship, communicate more with your partner, correct past mistakes, and decide if you can move on. If you are single you may know a Virgo, they are very analytical in their relationships.

Sometimes you wonder who has been able to put an elixir of love in your glass. You are literally under her spell. When perfect beauty teams up with fearsome intelligence, you know you can’t resist. On the other hand, this week you will feel a burning desire to tear down the walls and change the configuration of things to find a new sense of freedom. You who for a long time have been suffocated by routine and habit that, unfortunately, take up a lot of time. So let yourself be carried away by your current feeling and do not hesitate to embark on new paths. The unknown is often scary, but it is also full of hope.

Schedule an appointment to review the results, you will have the recognition and approval of your bosses thanks to your good work. If you work on your own, think about how you can get more publicity, this will give you good results. Try to rest more, you will need it. You are probably now looking for a way to spend more quality time with your partner, maybe taking a trip together is a good option. If you are single you may meet a Sagittarius, they enjoy traveling as a couple.

As your love story went through happy days, it seemed that everything was going well. For now, you should ask yourself if you have not forgotten an anniversary or an important event. Go see your partner and apologize. This week she may expect from your behavior or a gesture that you have not had with her. But the rules of life between the two are not written black on white. Your way of doing things is different, which does not mean that it is better or worse. If you are single, you are scared by the idea that when you fall in love with someone, you run the risk that one day they will leave. But without taking any such risks, you are not giving the other the freedom they need. If you approach people looking for guarantees or protection, you will make them feel that you do not trust them.

With the new moon in Pisces, you will find new ways to earn money, now you can restructure your financial life, you will see things clearer and it will be easy for you to take forceful actions to achieve your goals. Don’t sign contracts, for now, wait until mid-March. It is a good time for you and your partner to pay more attention to their health. Getting routine medical exams, eating well, and exercising will be necessary. If you are single you may meet a Taurus, they are very disciplined in their routine.

This week you could be about to meet your soulmate. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the woman or man in your life, but just a good friend or a good friend, someone with whom you will have a lot of common ground. You will rediscover the passion for conversations that don’t end until dawn, phone calls that last for hours, or messages on your WhatsApp that look like novels. On the other hand, you could have all the means to launch yourself in search of new job options. This will serve to silence those who think that those born of your sign are not adventurers. The truth is that they explore step by step, with reserve, but their capacity for discrimination is such that they rarely fall for theoretical seductions.

A former business partner will reappear to reactivate a project that was shelved and could now be resumed. You should review your projects very well, but do not sign contracts until after March 9. Now is a good time to make plans, receiving the support of your partner will be essential to advance in your new projects … they will make a very good team! If you are single, you may meet a Gemini, his clarity of mind will help you put your ideas in order.

The truth is that you are complicated. And that’s why you make your partner completely confused. You really drive him crazy despite all the efforts he makes to be nice to you. And besides, you argue for hours to get a favor that she doesn’t want to give up so easily. Once you’ve achieved your goals, you blatantly tell him that it’s not what you wanted. But this week your feelings are clear, which helps you better control your emotions. You begin to perceive what you need and you realize that your latest love initiatives were not going in the desired direction. Even if you thought you were happy at the time, you might find that you had a blindfold on yourself.

You will work on a project in which you can put all your creativity, it may be related to the arts or humanitarian causes. You will probably receive a visitor from abroad or you will have to travel outside the country. You will focus on the decoration and arrangement of your house, your partner will support your decisions and both will be happy with the results obtained. If you are single you could meet a Pisces, they know how to encourage the creativity of other people.

You don’t need to play at being the most glamorous or that you play the great game of love and romance under the pretext of revitalizing your relationship. Be natural and don’t get caught up in this ridiculous race for permanent ecstasy. Try to find the right balance. This week you could become someone’s benefactor. You will have the opportunity to help a colleague or fully support your partner. You will have energy and willingness to share. If a colleague gets stuck on something, spend time with them. See what you can to solve the problem that she has. At home, your partner may be working too hard, so offer to help out, he/she will appreciate it.

Unexpected good news will arrive that will involve work and money, so you should stay alert and take advantage of the opportunity that will present itself (it could have to do with some person or project from the past and that will now be reactivated with better expectations). Your relationship with your partner will become deeper and more loving, you will enjoy whatever activity you plan to do together, and agreeing will be easy. If you are single you could meet a Pisces, they will have a great time.

This week you could be the victim of emotions that will be both sudden and violent. And of course, you don’t expect it at all. This could lead you to say or do things that you would later regret. Prepare for any eventuality. Try to understand what is happening inside you, breathe and take the time to think before you act. And everything should go smoothly. Sometimes it is said that the members of your sign have a certain tendency to be mere spectators of their own lives, rather than to really live the situations they have to face. These days you could prove otherwise.

There will be opportunities in real estate or to remodel your home. You may get help from your parents or they may get the support they need in this area. You will start several projects, some will bear fruit and others will not, but in the end, your income will gradually increase. You could have some differences with your partner, but both will have a good attitude to listen to the other and improve the relationship. If you are single you will meet a Gemini, they love to resolve their conflicts through dialogue.

This week you could approach your love life with great practicality. If you’re single right now, you could put together a foolproof little plan to seduce a member of the opposite gender. You may decide to write an ad on the Internet or in a newspaper to meet your soulmate. But don’t fool yourself. if you really want to meet the right person. A little sincerity with a touch of fantasy is a precious weapon when it comes to seduction. You may have chosen to have a great professional career, but you could even ask yourself that at the cost of what and if it compensates you. This is what you could be told about your own love story. The person you just met asks for time and you cannot give it to him without questioning your professional goals.

You have worked very hard and it is a good time to take a vacation, you could plan a rest trip and take the opportunity to enjoy yourself with your family. If you have to buy expensive things, like a car or a cell phone, it is better to wait until next month. There will be less tension in your relationship and things between you will slowly improve. If you are single you could meet a Libra, they care about having harmonious relationships. aquarium drawing

This week you will be under exuberance and excess. You will see everything in excessive size and your ideas will border on megalomania. The truth is that it is a vision a bit excessive, but not unpleasant. You may also feel like you are at a dead end. It is very possible that you have something hidden in your heart and that whatever you do, it is something that you find painful. If you keep it to yourself, it can lead to resentment and end up cracking or you can also fall ill. If you verbalize it, you run the risk of hurting your partner. The best thing is that you say what you have to say without anger and looking for positive solutions.

You will be able to work on a project that you will like and that will allow you to use all your creativity and enthusiasm to do something very original. Your futuristic perspective will be beneficial to you; you will receive recognition and praise for the results. You may have to clarify several points with your partner because it will depend on your harmonious progress in your relationship. If you are single you could meet a Virgo, they adapt easily to any relationship.

This week you could go crazy for a person who is very attractive to you. You will discover that when you are in front of her, even your legs give way. It may simply be a friend, a neighbor, or a lazy acquaintance. If you are single, you probably want to try your luck with her. But if you’re already with someone, be careful because flirting could damage your current relationship. Don’t destroy a solid relationship over a one-night stand. You are aware that at this moment you have to make important decisions in your professional activity, as well as in the emotional field, and you know that you do not allow yourself to make too many concessions to your deepest desires. Even if you really can’t do it any other way, these days it seems that they push you not to move away from external reality.

You will have a lot of creativity to find ingenious solutions to any challenge that will be presented. You will communicate your ideas with great ease, old and new friends will arrive who will support you to advance your projects. You will be able to make many improvements in your life. Your relationship becomes stronger and stronger, you could set new long-term goals with your partner. If you are single you could meet a Cancer, they love long-term stable relationships.

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