Weekly Horoscope 22nd to 28th March 2021

Weekly Horoscope 22nd to 28th March 2021

What does this week’s horoscope hold for you? Check the 12 signs of the zodiac in our weekly horoscope, where you can find out what awaits you in money, in love, in luck, and at work, as well as other important predictions for you.

The time has come for you to think about the future of your relationship. You should ask yourself if you have real plans with your partner, such as getting married if you have not yet done so, or acquiring properties in common, such as a house, a car … If this is the case, take advantage of the positive energies of this week to think about what that you would like to build together again. Let your imagination fly. Sometimes your idea of a great evening is to go to the nearest pizzeria. But it could be that your partner prefers to share a dinner for two. So please be original. Things are never guaranteed in a couple, so you must regularly feed the flame of passion. Read Full Aries Weekly Horoscope of 22nd to 28th March 2021weekly horoscope 22nd to 28th march 2021

Throughout this week you will be in an excellent mood and eager to have fun. Very few things will make you angry or serious. Anyway, be careful with those who will not share your mental and spiritual state at all. Choose a way to express your joie de vivre without getting into trouble. On the other hand, you should ask yourself if there are tensions in your relationship. Of course, you have many responsibilities in your company, but you must learn to preserve moments of intimacy with your boyfriend/girlfriend or your husband/wife. It is up to you to find the right balance between your personal and professional life. Read Full Taurus Weekly Horoscope of 22nd to 28th March 2021

Make sure you are firmly planted in the ground before considering expanding your scope. This should be your motto for the week, especially in your love life. You will feel much more comfortable in a healthy situation, even if it feels unstimulating, rather than getting stuck on a dangerous path. The good news is that, despite everything, things are going to go quite well, so take advantage of every opportunity. You will also be in a very, very sentimental mood. Also, you are extremely relaxed and nothing seems enough to make you feel happy. If you are in love, you will most likely spend most of this day with your partner. Read Full Gemini Weekly Horoscope of 22nd to 28th March 2021

This week you shouldn’t hesitate to spontaneously join the conversations of others. Always sensitively and tactfully, of course. But once you’re in the center of the action, openly participate in the discussion. Clearly present and defend your opinions, while being receptive to the arguments of others. You will have intense moments and you will have the feeling of having made a little progress in certain areas. You are unmatched when it comes to knowing how to enter the intimacy of others, on the other hand, you do not give yourself easily. And yet, you could decide to let yourself be carried away by the confidences that you have made to the pillow. Read Full Cancer Weekly Horoscope of 22nd to 28th March 2021

Sometimes you find it a bit difficult to admit your feelings. You know you have a slight tendency to inner blockage. This is because, in reality, you are very discreet. You don’t like to see how people talk about you or meddle in your affairs. But this week you could decide to change your habits. Someone special could inspire you and help you open your heart. Be confident and tell the things that inspire you and your dreams. Also, everything related to romanticism will be placed in the center of your life. If you are single, this is the perfect time to declare your love for someone. Read Full Leo Weekly Horoscope of 22nd to 28th March 2021

This week you will let your instinct be your guide. You will quickly understand that your intuition will be working throughout these days. You will have that strange feeling of having power over others. You will have the impression of guessing what your interlocutors will say, you will understand the intentions of the most reserved people and you will keep the correct options in all professional cases. On the other hand, you may want to find a particular person and go on a date with them. Be more confident in the way you express your feelings. You must break with your damn shyness. You could get good results if you let it be known that you are interested in this or that person. Read Full Virgo Weekly Horoscope of 22nd to 28th March 2021

This week you could have trouble concentrating at work. The truth is that you are very distracted. But don’t panic because it’s just about the energy of these days. Don’t try anything professionally because you’ll be late anyway. So focus on your romantic relationships, which is not the most unpleasant source of reflection. You will have to apologize if you and your partner argue. A good bottle of champagne is guaranteed success. You may also feel especially concerned about others. As a medieval knight would act, you will not have time to come to the aid of your loved ones. Rest assured that you will gain popularity. Read Full Libra Weekly Horoscope of 22nd to 28th March 2021

This week you should reach out to those kinds of people who you know do you good and make you happy. Do not stay planted in your corner like a lost soul. Some people want to see you right now. Do not think that they are too busy to listen to you because when you want, you are attentive. You have strong emotions and your mind is penetrating, so you should share that side of your personality. The truth is that you are tender and affectionate with your partner, but sometimes you lack imagination. Without denying who you are or what you do, please try to make a little effort to spice up your life as a couple. Read Full Scorpio Weekly Horoscope of 22nd to 28th March 2021

This week your great sensitivity will be on alert, to the point that it will help you find a higher meaning in each of your ideas or your projects. Also, you will sow the seeds of growth. Use your instincts to make this next harvest a fruitful one. Love, work, friendship … Everything you undertake comes from an excellent breeding ground. Take the opportunity to get back on track relationships that were stuck. More than ever, you want to feel loved and surrounded by people. If you have not found it yet, it is time for you to look for a man/woman who shares the same emotions and the same philosophy of life as you. Read Full Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope of 22nd to 28th March 2021

Trust your abilities. If you only have a few seconds left to finish what you started, fear not, because you are much more efficient and effective under pressure. You just have to be careful not to give in to stress. Lastly, don’t panic if, as is often the case in similar cases, things don’t go as planned. You are aware that stability means a lot to you and this is reflected in all areas of your life. Love could be glimpsed on the horizon and you could even feel a kind of heat rise inside you. So free your heart and let it explode. Read Full Capricorn Weekly Horoscope of 22nd to 28th March 2021

For what you love most, do not feel overwhelmed by the events that will happen throughout the week. Fight against the feelings that assail you and prioritize your sense of duty, your responsibilities. If you persist in weighing the pros and cons of each problem, you run the risk of getting tangled up in a thousand things. Make a little effort to be more objective and more rigorous as well. Put your darts away and take a much smoother view of things. Please do not provoke conflicts, be moderate, especially in your love life. For nothing in this world do you confront your boyfriend? Be tender, gentle, and docile. Read Full Aquarius Weekly Horoscope of 22nd to 28th March 2021

This week you will be in full motion. What’s more, you shouldn’t worry about anything because everything will be fine. Of course, just because you get older, things don’t get any easier. You mature, that’s all, and you take life on the bright side. This will be particularly true throughout these days because your sensitivity and your incredible wisdom make you a phlegmatic and sensible person, as well as optimistic. Also, you might be able to make a passionate declaration of love. You could be in a very impulsive frame of mind as the planets excite these feelings of strong affection. Read Full Pisces Weekly Horoscope of 22nd to 28th March 2021

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