Weekly Horoscope: September 23 to September 29, 2019

Weekly Horoscope from September 23 to 29: predictions about love, work, and money

Will you discover this week the love you crave so much? Will the phone call that offers you the job of your dreams arrive? Should I pay more attention to my health these days? Will I meet an important person in my life? Will I have to make an important decision about my future?

The stars have the answer to all the questions you ask yourself, but only if you know how to pay attention to them.weekly horoscope 23 to 29 september 2019

Aries (born between March 21 to April 20): On the 23rd, Monday, you have to try to balance the intensity with the softness of the forms, so that everything is beneficial, and how you manage to plan it. Try to take advantage of your unique talents to excel and act in a caring and friendly way with family members. Keep Reading Keep reading Aries Weekly September 23 – September 29, 2019

Taurus (born between April 21 and May 21): On Monday 23, you need serenity and kindness so that others understand you in your dealings with them. You have to solve and explain your own important matters, which are unfinished. Tuesday 24, today is a special day because you will feel that your family and relatives value you in a very positive way, more than before. Keep Reading Taurus Weekly September 23 – September 29, 2019

Gemini (born between May 22 and June 21): On the 23rd, Monday, your emotions must remain unchanged although with a certain degree of vitality in order to resolve your issues. As you already know, you can take the appropriate measures. You will follow a standard of justice and look for new horizons. On Tuesday, the 24th, it is a day that will give you luck if you deal with the important issues, with your partner or partners, who have been forgotten, since they need to be solved. Unify what you feel and think and your convincing tone will help you beneficially. Keep Reading Gemini Weekly September 23 – September 29, 2019

Cancer (born between June 22 and July 22): On Monday 23, you will have great imagination and fantasy, but avoid seriousness, today. A person from the past will help you see and understand aspects that you could not explain, but that will help you grow personally. On Tuesday, you will feel very sensitive, and your perception will help you solve difficult issues. Keep Reading Cancer Weekly September 23 – September 29, 2019

Leo (born between July 23 and August 22): On Monday 23, you must balance your internal energies to function optimally. And with your sixth sense and nonverbal language to perceive what happens around you. The most important thing is to attract luck by acting in a practical way. On Tuesday you will notice that everyone revolves around you, and it is that today you will have a special appreciation of the problems of others, and you can help them from the heart to advise and support them. Keep Reading Leo Weekly September 23 – September 29, 2019

Virgo (born between August 23 and September 22): On the 23rd, you will notice during all this day that two forces that must be balanced pull you: the love you give and the one you receive. It is not so much about quantity but quality. Relive and remember those moments trapped in the time of immense happiness and feel them. On the 24th you will have a nice and friendly way to treat others. Keep Reading Virgo Weekly September 23 – September 29, 2019

Libra (born between September 23 and October 22): On Monday 23, it is important today to harmonize the time and space you dedicate to the home and yours and the one you dedicate to work, so as not to disregard either. Thus you will feel full and without a sense of emptiness. On Tuesday, your charm will delight others. You should organize your agenda to have time in practical and home activities, and for those you dedicate to your artistic work, to harmonize them. Keep Reading Libra Weekly September 23 – September 29, 2019

Scorpio (born between October 23 and November 22): On the 23rd, Monday, avoid that with your mental depth you try to control everything and everyone. If you do it this way, you will end up not knowing why they don’t understand you, or you will feel sad for having acted with distrust. On the 24th, you will have great mental agility that will help you to perform complicated issues. You will better organize your occupations, which will result in your earnings. You can better distribute your time and enjoy life. Keep Reading Scorpio Weekly September 23 – September 29, 2019

Sagittarius (born between November 23 and December 21): The 23, is a day in which you will go through two totally different moods. In your occupations great energy. And in dealing with family and friends you will show greater sensitivity since you feel their emotional states. On Tuesday 24, you must balance your enthusiasm with your sensitivity to achieve spectacular results. Your charm and sympathy will open many doors. Keep Reading Sagittarius Weekly September 23 – September 29, 2019

Capricorn (born between December 22 and January 20): l Monday 23, you need to raise your mood a little low, and do activities that stimulate you and make you feel optimistic and cheerful. Try with your imagination to remember those happy moments of other times, in which you felt a lot of joy. On Tuesday 24, your way of being welcoming will help others value you more and feel better internally. If you see that everything does not come to the first, he insists that it is a special quality that you have today. Wednesday 25 is the time to face facets of your life that you did not want to bring out. Keep Reading Capricorn Weekly September 23 – September 29, 2019

Aquarius (born between January 21 and February 19): On the 23rd, you will have a very lucky day and in which your emotions will be serene and mature which will help you a lot. You can feel like a bird that flies and makes you feel freedom and fullness. On Tuesday 24, you can implement those plans dreamed of with your partner or intimate friendships, since you will enjoy it very much. It is a day to show your love more than ever, especially to the person you live with. Keep Reading Aquarius Weekly September 23 – September 29, 2019

Pisces (born between February 20 and March 20): On the 23rd, you have to achieve clarity of thoughts both for yourself and for others, because sometimes you show confusion and they don’t understand you. Take advantage of your inspiration and observation skills to recreate artistic works. On Tuesday 24 you will have to be next to a close person who needs you. You will feel good when you do it. As for your romanticism; you should keep in mind that it is good to dream but with your feet on the ground. Keep Reading Pisces Weekly September 23 – September 29, 2019

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