Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th August 2021

Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th August 2021

You can now read your horoscope for the week of August 23rd to 29th, 2021. The complete prediction about health, money, and love according to your zodiac sign.

Maybe there were love problems in the last few days, but you can lose the fear that things will get more complicated. Most of the time this last week of August you will float on a small pink cloud, which protects you from everything.

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Your ambition will be awakened and you will have much less trouble than usual to achieve your goals. A powerful person will slap you for a job well done and you will fill yourself with confidence. Every time you have the opportunity to take a walk or play sports on the beach or in the mountains, go ahead!weekly horoscope 23rd to 29th august 2021

Your diplomacy and your mood fluctuate during this last week of the month; you say goodbye to August without your best smile, with how beautiful it is! In addition, your bad ways can come out very easily and that can give you many problems in the area of love.

Professionally, you need to discern who you have to pay attention to and which people do not deserve it. Do not be influenced by people you trust, they do not know what they are talking about. You will chain the activities with a dynamism that will be admired by all and even envied.

Mercury invites intimate conversations and to know what the soul craves to be happy. A meeting can result in a greater understanding that allows you to make plans for coexistence. Wednesday is the perfect day to talk about marriage or declare your love to that person who makes you feel palpitations every time she approaches you.

Appearing for a job interview can be a fun experience in which you can show how much you know. You will have to be very attentive to the postures when working and even when watching television or sleeping

Check your schedule for this week well: you will see how it is loaded with professional and personal events, and that sometimes there will be no room for the seduction and generosity that you need to squander with your partner.

You will have to be wide awake not to screw up at work. You will feel constantly analyzed and judged, and you are right: some people have their eyes on you, waiting for you to make a mistake. This week you will be easily influenced, and you will put aside what you want to do to fulfill the wishes of a somewhat insistent friend.

The lion with a partner will enjoy pleasures that he will feel as extrasensory in the romantic sphere. But as the days go by, he just wants to shut himself up at home and be pampered. The single person must use some love ritual to attract Cupid.

The employed employee could suffer a situation of abuse of power by his superiors. The best day to make investments and find partners to finance your projects will be Friday. You will need an afternoon of “therapy” with a good friend to recharge positive energy. Your body will ask you to stay well hydrated.

The single person will not handle his loneliness very well; your cries of bitterness will be heard for hundreds of kilometers. In couples, passion will have to be worked on. Those who have children, or live with elderly people at home, will feel that their intimacy has been completely lost.

There will be a special gift for those natives who dedicate themselves to the world of art and entertainment. You won’t be too strong this week, so listen to your body when it asks you to stop to recover. And remember that in moderation, in this life almost everything can be positive.

The unfavorable position of the Astros will make the propensity for arguments and fights high. It is up to you to avoid this situation through patience, dialogue, and holding your nerves.

Professionally and economically, things will go very slowly, at the beginning of the week, it is especially convenient for you to analyze, observe and take notes of the changes you want to carry out at work, but without venturing into it yet.

The unfavorable planets will occupy your astrological sky, with which, the propensity for inflammatory and circulatory diseases will grow significantly.

At the beginning of this week, many of your love dreams are reflected in reality, although with some variations that could take away the epic tone.

The wishes seem closer to being fulfilled when the great trine between Venus, the Moon, and Neptune occurs at the beginning of the week, therefore they are excellent days to project in visualizations and also to share expansion ideas with other people. Mars continues to influence the nervous system especially of those natives of the third decan.

This Sagittarius week, you will start with a somewhat confused attitude in love, however, you will soon receive the positive influences of the Astros, who will bring interesting people into your life to experience a karmic relationship.

In terms of work, this last week of August, the archers will start with a lot of verve and energy. They will likely get positions of responsibility, or be rewarded for their work.

In your health, you will go through moments of uncertainty, but also of a lot of energy and vitality. In the emotional aspect, you will live a hard experience related to the family.

Do not hesitate to show your feelings, you should lose some pride before seeing how the possibility of living the love story of your life slips through your fingers.

Fun and pleasures finally have a special place in the goat’s busy schedule. You could receive different invitations to meetings and walks that you will gladly accept. Many of the natives of the sign of the goat are working very hard trying to improve the conditions of the past. The state of health will be very changeable this week for the natives of the sign of Capricorn.

This last week begins with a lot of good news, as new people arrive to awaken your heart. In addition, they will be relationships that karma brings, with which they have great built-in lessons.

At work, it will be a pretty difficult week. On the one hand, the influence of Mars will give you the strength to find solutions, but on the other, things will get pretty tough. In health, you will be more predisposed to take care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. You will take care of your diet, and you will also focus on exercising regularly.

With your partner, the environment will be permeated by a very romantic and tender aura. You will even propose the idea of having a child or increasing the family. If you are single, a coworker will declare their love for you.

At the Pisces businessman, some high-figure budgets that he delivered days ago will be approved by his clients. If you work for someone else you will be inflexible in your tasks and modus operandi. Be careful, some “friend” will want to take advantage of your goodness. Eating after hours doesn’t do your body any good. You should add more vegetables to your diet and plan your meal schedule better.