Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020

Weekly Horoscope 23rd November to 29th November 2020

What does the weekly horoscope hold for you? Check the 12 signs of the zodiac in our horoscope of the week, where you can find out what awaits you in money, in love, in luck, and at work, as well as other important predictions for you.

Aries Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020
Sometimes you should feel free, eager, and dare to take a side path, that is, look for a new way of trying to move what seems immutable. Audacity, always audacity, this mantra is the one that you should repeat throughout this week. And don’t worry, other people might come to you with that desire to shake up and break the established order and, of course, help you achieve it. On the other hand, it is about time you made things clear in your love life. You have decided to take the bull by the horns and solve the things that have been bothering you for some time. What you should do today is bury the ax and lay new foundations. Nothing is more romantic than a new beginning celebrated by candlelight.weekly horoscope 23rd to 29th november 2020

The ruler of Aries, Mars, is still in Pisces, and this week squares Jupiter. It will bring you, Aries, more contact with spirituality and energy available to be near the sea or spaces of water. The full moon in Gemini gives you the power of organization and deep order, both internal and external. Donate clothes they no longer use, clean objects, connect with new airs and more minimalism while fleeing from contacts and networks of people who no longer vibrate at the same frequency. Walk stripped. Much of what they no longer need to create weight on their body and prevents them from using all their vital energy for their endeavors. Yes by living with less but more consciously. The full moon in Gemini connects them with games and lightness.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020
If throughout the month you have been able to optimize your incredible power of seduction through specific actions, such as a diet, a change of look, or relaxing massage sessions, this week you could end up very satisfied with yourself. Also, the image that you see reflected in the eyes of your many admirers has not managed to annoy or disturb you, quite the contrary. Decidedly, love is in the air and is reserved for you, you who are normally such a reserved person. Like your male / female partners, you organize beautiful love dates and are quickly pushed to react to exultant and emotionally rich sentimental situations. Put bad vibes, doubts, and anxieties in the closet. You should give absolute priority to pleasure and the unexpected.

The ruler of Taurus, Venus, has already resumed its direct movement in Libra as the moon grows in its sign. Possibility of healing self-esteem. They will make more contact with their five senses. They will feel more need to nourish themselves with delicacies, to give themselves a massage space, and also to be more at home and to return to forgotten or postponed beauty rituals. Those moments with friends where they can chat, exchange tips, and enjoy a delicious drink will be important. Delegate. Be a priority. Not everything that seems urgent is, it can wait. The full moon in Gemini brings the possibility of having more honest talks with certain friends.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020
It’s about time you shed light on their true feelings. It is one thing to want to preserve the balance in the couple and quite another to hide your sorrows and your doubts by making an incredible romantic effort of personal sacrifice. Don’t go into a withdrawal and quit spiral. Open your universe of possibilities and allow yourself to build new bridges. This week you should talk to your partner about what your wishes really are. Most likely, the events of the last few days have reassured you a lot. In fact, you have experienced some arguments or conflicts with people in your sentimental environment and it is about time you gave up. Above all, because of the tone with which you have decided to take things into your own hands, you should not delay the one that bears fruit and thus allow better personal development.

Full Moon in your Gemini this week with your ruler, Mercury, retrograde. The old mind, beliefs, thoughts, and paradigms must gradually fall and give way to the new. The feeling is that they need lightness, loosening the mind and control because all that stress goes directly to the body. When relaxation does not come and more and more responsibilities and burdens are added to their life, they hurt themselves. Possibility of healing through attitude changes. It is also time to use the words in a more creative sense. This moon touches the sun and they will evolve from feelings. Allow yourself a little lack of control in a good way, do not control so much what you spend, allow yourself some tastes and excesses, the good ones. To loosen up!

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020
Your vital posture throughout the week will be to direct your head to the stars and keep your feet on the ground. Your thoughts are planetary, a great feeling of freedom lives in you, but the demands of life push you to reconsider justice in this cruel world. So if you find yourself in a position of referee or mediator, do not let your actions contradict your beautiful aspirations. You know what you would like to see happen. Throughout this week, an important choice for your future may be looming on the horizon. It will be about something as important as your private life can be. This need for stability, which you often reject, manifests itself without you realizing it and it worries you. Think that maybe your true fear is not the fact that things change, it may be that your deepest desires are fulfilled.

Full Moon in a Cancer of air this week, while the moon will touch your sign. This full moon wakes them up, lights them up, fills them with abundant energy for new projects. To put into words what they keep out of shyness or insecurity. If they are a little fearful and don’t feel ready to leave familiar areas yet, it doesn’t matter. They can generate these ventures from their homes or offices, from their places of belonging. But do not neglect the creative part, which will be boiling with the news. About family and close ties, there may be pulls as soon as they see them make changes and let go of old places of belonging, whatever the heart dictates. Don’t go if you don’t feel like it, or if you prefer something else. It is time to start being more authentic and honest with yourself and with those close to you. Good time to plan that postponed trip.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020
This week could be marked by tension. You could even run into strong opposition, which has its origins in recent days and which, if you are not very careful, could explode you in your face. Tame your nervousness. If you come across someone who is looking for war, change the sidewalk. Nobody knows how far a conflict that could break out today could take you. So prudence and caution. The storm is getting worse in your relationship. You gave yourself body and soul to that person with all the passion in the world. Looking back, you are questioning that total self-denial and today you have decided to take a step back to dedicate yourself more to yourself. This way you feel less dependent on the love he feels for you and your closest environment supports you so that you do not fall into a passion that is too destructive for your balance.

The Sun, ruler of Leo, will change this week to a fire sign and will touch Jupiter by conjunction giving you strength and power for those changes that you are wanting to make and have postponed. It will illuminate areas of their lives where they must renew and act in different ways, leaving the known and already exhausted areas where they cannot feel that they are growing. Make decisions with your heart and step out of what gives you security, but not pleasure or expansion. Review why you are experiencing various frustrations and go deep into your needs. Befriending yourself will be necessary to connect with creativity and shine. The Gemini Full Moon gives them lightness, more youth, and improves communication with their loved ones.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020
For the members of your sign, this week is presented under the sign of tenderness and complicity. You may also be at a loss for words to describe everything that is happening to you. It is normal because this does not happen every day. Something is happening, a change, a way of sharing, an encounter charged with emotion, with electricity. Only by listening to each manifestation of your heart and body can you define the intensity of this new desire. Think that it may not be a false alarm. You should also follow your intuition and not question everything at all times. Matters of the heart will be favored and allow you to rebuild a relationship that may have become a bit fragile. You will be more inclined to make thoughtful concessions and let your feelings show.

Mercury, ruler of Virgo, continues to retrograde, and this makes them more active, impulsive, and creative, but also the mind seems that it cannot be controlled, and the nerves can play a trick. Do not fixate on any idea or thought, try to be flexible and accept that things are not always the way you want, there are people out there who also use their free will and have the right to decide. Work on your most prevalent emotions, feel more, and think less. Momentum and action are positive as long as they are directed towards an accurate and focused goal. The full moon in Gemini can help them de-dramatize.

Libra Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020
It is very difficult for you to change your mind when you have already made a decision. Especially when it comes to love fights, it can be said that you are not one to give in easily. These wars of power amuse you a lot and you become intractable. You don’t give up even when one of you seems to break. But this week stop being castled in your positions. You should be less inflexible and reserve your warrior energy for other fields of life. If you are tempted, many times to minimize your personal strengths and idealize those of others, you should think objectively about your own qualities. You are a wonderful person, it sure is what your friends tell you. And you must believe them. In this boisterous state of mind, you might even surprise yourself by seducing someone most attractive. Think that such an encounter is not impossible.

Venus, the planet of love, enjoyment, and pleasure, already direct in Libra. Time to make decisions and start what you have been wanting for months. Good week for projects with the collaboration of others. The contribution of ideas and exchanges will be nutritious, especially in the workplace, and creative. Unity and respect for the ideas and opinions of others will be of vital importance so as not to generate friction with groups of people who tend to frequent. Having so much energy in your sign, passion is awakened in many ways, eroticism increases and pleasure becomes a necessity. Possibilities of meeting people, of unexpected reunions. Get out of the confinement, challenge life! The full moon in Gemini brings a lot of news and messages online, there can be interesting interactions! Know how to open up without fear.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020
This week your sensuality and your sensitivity will be exacerbated and you will notice that all your feelings are on the surface. Despite the effervescence that surrounds you, you dream of only one thing, vibrate with the happiness of feeling loved snuggling in the arms of your partner. You will seek tenderness more than passion. It could be said that you will find yourself as if you are enjoying the first day of summer. You vibrate to such an extent with hitherto unknown energy that you don’t know how to use it. You are a creative person, so you should try to find a new hobby. Start a collection, for example, this exercise requires a bit of creativity because you have to find rare pieces. This combination of energy and creativity can also work wonders in your love life.

The full moon in Gemini this week to Scorpio brings renewed mental energy and regeneration of beliefs. These days will be one of the changes, movement, and important decision making. Vigor and strength to advance and to stop mistrusting your talents and abilities. It’s time to record your internal resources to build plans and goals. To mistrust, yourself and self-sabotage will be a serious mistake since the energy is preparing to open the way for you and to expand you wherever you wish to advance. Avoid excesses and set limits, because if you do not run the risk of feeling too tired and you will need to be energized to start the challenges of the last part of the year.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020
This week your vital posture will make you have your head in the stars and your feet on the ground. Your thoughts are planetary, and a great feeling of freedom invades you, but the demands of life push you to reconsider the idea of justice in the world in which you live. So if you find yourself in a mediator situation again, don’t let your actions contradict your beautiful aspirations. It’s not about anything more than letting your emotions flow. It is about time that you turn to your inner world and that you dare to face your true feelings. You’ve been running for some time and feel like you’re stuck in a dead-end. Take the opportunity to turn around and you will realize that you finally have no one behind you except your bad conscience.

The Sun enters its Sagittarius this week, and it will touch Jupiter! Lots of movement and re-activation energy. They are the best aspects of the zodiac, congratulations! This solar energy favors them by giving them more vigor and physical energy, more personal brightness, and self-affirmation, more contact with their identity and personal desires. Your solar ruler, Jupiter, in your own sign, gives you the intensity and a lot of visionary capacity and expansion. The full moon in its opposite sign, Gemini, will bring themes related to travel situations, vacation planning, and even new courses or workshops. Good week for festive and erotic encounters and creative activities. It’s your time of year, make the most of it!

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020
Throughout this week you could live a few days full of dualities. Also, the planets could amplify within you the emotions that you usually get to repress because of your more structured and serious side. The most likely thing is that you find yourself divided between two opinions, two reasoning, two solutions … One emotional side, the other logical and you will jump from one foot to the other without ever stabilizing yourself. Although we are immersed in autumn, it will seem that you are in the middle of summer, a period that curiously improves your mood. You know that in the face of any problem that arises, you will not choose to follow the easy path because it would affect your self-esteem a lot and badly. If you’ve promised someone something, whatever the difficulty, you’ll do your best to keep your word. Integrity is an invaluable and very important quality for someone like you, and that honors you.

If you feel like traveling, take the opportunity to organize yourself in advance so that there are no complications. They can also sign up to study a language or exercise in a gym. Days to make decisions and start what they have wanted for months, to go against the current despite the time of year. The input of ideas and the exchanges will be nutritious. Saturn and Pluto are still in Capricorn, awakening passion in many ways, and also giving them a sense of chaos and that they want to break their own borders. This moment is about overcoming fear. Get out of the confinement, challenge life! The full moon in Gemini makes them more loose and mobile, sociable.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020
This week you may have the strange feeling that those around you are hell-bent on contradicting your ideas. You will have to argue very well everything you say to defend your points of view and, perhaps, some people could even destabilize you. All tastes are in nature and have been gathered at your table. Prepare to have endless debates to make your opinions on moral issues triumph. On the other hand, the people around you will be puzzled by the distance you start to take, but be careful and don’t isolate yourself. If you don’t take yourself too seriously, you will be able to dissipate tensions. Thinking too much will accomplish nothing. Your thoughts automatically turn to love. Loneliness seems to overwhelm you, but you don’t see it as inevitable. It is up to you to take the first step.

The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, creates an aspect with the Sun this week, while the full moon in a related air sign, Gemini, reactivates ideas and the desire to move, to travel, to write, to communicate. The energy is conducive to closing situations or ties that cause anger, or relationships with people with whom they feel they are “on trial” all the time. If they can’t relax, the relationship is already going through a cycle. To be able to close is to grow, and these days, you will be able to do it in a mature, evolutionary, and conscious way, making room for the new that wants to enter. The mind will be restless, and among all those thoughts there will surely be very valuable ideas that can go unnoticed in the middle of so much noise. Try not to let them pass and be quiet a bit. Use clarity of mind for creative projects and to communicate better.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 23rd to 29th November 2020
This week the stars and planets are there to show you the way to go. In fact, your deepest and most secret desires, your best-kept projects, and your abandoned dreams will be reborn and come to light, because you will go through an astral period that will favor you. Of course, nothing can happen without you really having decided. For that same reason, you will have to move things around a bit. Also, luck will smile on you. If you find yourself immersed in an inner prospecting phase, do it thoroughly because your efforts may be paying off. Your state of mind will be decisive in achieving your goals, so go for it. Doubts will turn into certainties and you will see more clearly what you have to do. Your listening and counseling skills will be valuable to those close to you and your partner.

The ruler of Pisces, Neptune, resumes his direct movement this week and blocked or postponed issues can be reactivated. If they were a bit inside and feeling the need for solitude to recharge, little by little they will become more sociable and more eager to be with their people and go out. Good week to make changes, to cut dependencies, and assume a more leading role and active leadership. The perception is sharpened to make good decisions with the heart and from a very deep and energetic place. Set limits to the demand of others, do not overload yourself with problems or issues of others. Others can always wait. Time to act, the full moon in Gemini gives them youth and vigor.

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