Weekly Horoscope 25th to 31st July 2022

Apologize to your boy if you hurt him, Aries. Keep away who is hindering you at work, Taurus, demand responsibilities. Favorable days to start a project that will give you many benefits, Gemini. After a stage of sentimental uncertainty, Cancer, the waters will return to their course.

Get rid of suffocating relationships of all kinds, Leo, don’t let anyone interfere with your privacy. If you dislike someone in your work environment, Virgo, it is because of your negative perspective. Faced with a love dilemma, Libra, be honest and do not launch yourself into an adventure with an uncertain future. Those changes at work that feel like a shot, Scorpio, will bring economic benefits.

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If your “weekend” plans go awry, Sagittarius, you will win with the new ones. Avoid obsessing over a love that ended, Capricorn, remember the reasons. If you have a crisis at work, Aquarius, take refuge in love. There will be no one to resist your charm, Pisces, you will need willpower to face temptation.

If this week you want to try to carry out that project that excites you so much, you will have to leave self-esteem aside, Aries. If the obstacles are due to an economic downturn, you will be able to solve it. You are highly qualified and meet all the requirements to be successful in what you set out to do, but it would be a good idea for you to listen to other experts on the subject and look at things from another perspective.

A good friend will make a comment to you that will be key to resolving this issue. In love, you are presented with a busy week. You will be more irritable than usual because of these professional problems and this can lead you to argue with your partner and spend three towns with your words, which will be more of an outlet than anything else.

Be careful because your boy can feel hurt and a distance could occur. If you want to get him back, it is best to apologize as soon as possible and do it from the heart. A special evening, with a romantic dinner included, would be a very appropriate setting for reconciliation.

The professional environment is quite revolutionized, Taurus, especially if you are running your own business. You will be forced to take some emergency measures to prevent a disaster from occurring. Perhaps you feel pressured by the solution that you have to take but that does not satisfy you at all.

You have worked hard to make things work and you have taken care of every last detail, but one or a few people from your own team have put a spoke in your wheels and now you are paying for the results. Don’t let your pulse tremble when asking for responsibilities and removing at a stroke those who have been the origin of the problem.

In the love aspect, it is likely that if you have been in a relationship for a long time you have expressed to your partner your desire to move towards a more formal commitment. If your answer has been in the negative, it is not for lack of love, but because you fear responsibilities or are not yet ready to assume them.

Sometimes discouragement invades you because as much as you try to stand out, Gemini, there are other people who receive more thanks. It is probably not on their own merits, but out of cronyism. Do not be demoralized because this week a person may enter your life who will restore your motivation and the desire to prosper.

Perhaps you will receive an offer to work in a place where what is valued is talent and ability, not other things. If you have a project in mind, these days the circumstances are favorable for you to start it. If you succeed, your economic situation will improve a lot. In love, you will live a magical week.

The differences from previous days have disappeared and you are reaching a very great degree of understanding and complicity. You will feel very happy and willing to bet on the future of your relationship. Think about vacations or a weekend outing to fully experience this excellent moment that you now enjoy.

If you expected a quiet week, it is not exactly the one you are going to find, at least in the workplace, sacrificed Cancer. You have many qualities that make you valid for positions of responsibility, but there are some aspects of your personality that you have to polish if you want to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Your relationships with others, especially if they are subordinates, are not exactly wonderful and this is a drawback. However, you can overcome it without much effort, you just have to take care of the way you address people. Find the best way to do it. Being a little nice and showing cordiality is not going to detract from your authority.

If you are in charge of a business, learn to put your pride aside and let yourself be advised by the expert people next to you. You will avoid economic losses. In love, on the other hand, things are better aspected. If your romantic relationship was not going through a good time, this week you will feel relieved because everything is back to normal.

A stage begins in the labor and economic field in which very good news awaits you, enterprising Leo. Now you will feel more inspired than ever, with creativity at its peak and you will be able to channel your ideas so that they bear fruit in projects that in the future will be very successful and will bring you good benefits.

But you have to be completely focused on what you do or you will miss many opportunities. These days will also be conducive to freeing you from certain family and friendship relationships that are suffocating you. Do not allow some people to constantly interfere in your private life and intimacy. In the sentimental field, you may be experiencing that the feelings that bind you to your partner are losing intensity, but you are afraid of taking a false step.

Your main fear is hurting the feelings of a person who really doesn’t deserve it. Sometimes these things happen, love disappears without any cause. The best thing in these cases is to speak honestly.

At work you can live this week as on a roller coaster, Virgo. But this time it is not due to an excess of work, but to the incorporation of a new person with power of command that you have not liked and you are not hiding it. You know that this attitude does not suit you but you maintain it, it even seems that you want it to be noticed.

The rebellious spirit has come out at the least indicated moment. You have to reflect. Putting yourself against that person is not going to bring you anything positive, on the contrary. In addition, it is you who is warrior, who finds inconveniences. In reality, he is someone who has a lot of patience and for the moment everything will be in your bad mood. Think again, only you depend on whether the experience is positive or the opposite.

In love, you’re worried because he doesn’t want to commit…yet. He does not doubt his love for you, but his own ability to meet your expectations. He be patient and give him some more time. He really loves you.

You get a rash every time you receive a family invitation to be present at any event: saint, birthday, party, wedding or communion, Libra. You don’t feel like seeing certain relatives in case arguments arise. It is likely that these days they will call you to invite you to a meeting that will take place next weekend.

Despite your fears, you will have a good time and your vision about it may change. In the sentimental field, you may face a classic dilemma but no less thorny for that. This week you may meet someone who will be very physically attracted to you.

The problem is that you already have a relationship, although it seems that it is going through low hours and now more than ever you find your partner boring. If you can’t control your urge, at least act sincerely. Before starting an adventure, clarify with yourself, ask for time from the person with whom you have a commitment. Maybe it will help you discover that you love him more than you thought.

Some changes await you in the workplace that will kick you back, Scorpio. Since you will not be able to avoid them, it is best that you act intelligently and instead of resisting upside down, try to adapt as quickly as possible. In reality, your colleagues are also against these changes.

Do your best not to catch this general negativity that benefits no one. Focus on your obligations, don’t lower your performance and let time put things in their place. What the future has in store for you may surprise you a lot. There is an aspect that fits with this and it is the economic one, which is super well sponsored. Draw conclusions.

In the family sphere, if you feel too involved in certain issues and you are assigned responsibilities that you do not want to have, put limits on who corresponds. In love, don’t give yourself so much, or at least don’t show how crazy you are for that boy around you. At this point you should be interesting. He will value you more.

You have come to the holidays, Sagittarius, tired of waiting for that much-desired job recognition to arrive. However, it doesn’t seem like it will take place this week either, or so you sense. If you lose your spirits for this reason and slow down or stop paying attention and make a mistake, you will play against yourself because those who have thought of you to promote you may change their minds

What you want so much will be made to wait a little longer. If you have a store or business, these days acquisitions will be highly favored, especially those of high-tech devices. Next weekend it is likely that the possibility of an important outing will be distorted, a little trip that you were very excited about.

You may have to postpone it. Adapt and improvise. In love, you feel fed up with the frequent arguments, but do not forget that many of them are caused by your mood, which makes you too sensitive. Try to improve your mood and everything will change.

The beginnings of this week in the workplace will not be rocket science, Capricorn. You have been too optimistic and this has made you lose the real perception of things. Perhaps you have made a wrong decision, but this is not a big deal either.

Although the first days you are in the doldrums for this reason, good news will soon come to you that will directly influence your economy. As happy as this makes you, control yourself, do not give in to the first impulse to buy a lot of things or to acquire something in installments, thinking about future money.

Wait until you have it in hand to do all those things you are wanting. Next weekend you can celebrate the good news with your friends if you are still free, enjoying your singleness. Do not let yourself be invaded by melancholy, nor do you make a “revival” in the mind of a relationship that was broken. Be realistic and remember the reasons. Focus on your social life. You’ll love it.

Try to relax a bit and stay calm during this week, hyper active Aquarius, because you could face a somewhat stressful work environment. Your ability to establish good relationships with everyone around you and especially in that environment, this week is not going to work for you precisely with someone who holds a position in your company.

You have tried many times to approach this person but you have not succeeded, on the contrary, you have had a run-in. Now things seem to have normalized but your intuition tells you that this is not the case. You are probably right. Do not continue carrying this feeling of helplessness and humiliation, look for new job horizons.

Your sentimental life will be what compensates you for so much stress these days, because a very passionate week is ahead. If you have a partner you will live moments like the beginning of falling in love and if you still have a free heart, you can start living a most fiery and flattering romance.

You have always liked to fight for your goals, persevering Pisces, some difficult, but you have continued to fight for them. Now begins a stage in which this desire to excel will be even more acute and this will have its reward. The stars protect you so that you can prosper in the labor field and also in the economic field.

The only aspect of your personality that you have to polish to achieve this is that slightly irregular way of working. You should be more consistent in your rhythms. Consistency, along with patience and effort gives you the formula that will make you succeed. This week you will have the protection of Venus, which will enhance your ability to seduce, which in a normal state is no longer small.

If you are a Pisces with a free heart, get ready to have a great time because there will be no one to resist your charm. There will not be only one suitor, you will have the possibility to choose. And if you are in a relationship, you will need a lot of willpower to face temptations.