Weekly Horoscope 26th July to 1st August 2021

Weekly Horoscope 26th July to 1st August 2021

Weekly horoscope: predictions from July 26th to August 1st for all signs.

The moon passes through the sign of Capricorn this week. Effects of planetary transits in all signs.horoscope this week 26th july to 1st august 2021

Obstacles you have ignored could reappear in your path throughout this week and much greater proportions. Be careful with your reactions on this topic because your words could have the effect of a forest fire. You’d better avoid taking things lightly. The difficulties that you go through and that mistreat your self-esteem will not disappear just like that.

For some time there has been a certain tension in your relationship with your partner. If both of you are nervous, obviously the ideal conditions are not in place for you to enjoy life in harmony. You still need to know what it is that puts you in that state. If it’s just temporary work problems, you don’t need to worry.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, remains in Aries and squares Mercury. To achieve more inner peace it is necessary to avoid misunderstandings and tense situations with your environment. Daring, to be honest, to say what they think without being confrontational but, above all, to communicate.

Their instinct and intuition sensitize them and connect them with subtle planes and gives them the ability to see beyond the obvious, connecting them with the underground currents of others, and under the social mask, they will feel that not all that glitters is gold. Use that information to move forward more centered, and trust those reflexes that give you wisdom and compass.

Surely this week you will be worried about your life as a couple. Your love relationship means a lot to you and these days you will realize that you may have put it on the back burner of your life. Work and some financial worries have occupied your mind.

At least you are aware of the situation. So you should react right now. It may be caused by a lack of communication between you and your partner, or between a co-worker or your partner. Suddenly, you doubt them and start asking questions. But don’t fall into the trap. Leave space by your warm and friendly side. You might find that everything is fine. Maybe you just need to breathe. And it could do you a lot of good too. It is worth talking about.

The ruler of Taurus, Venus, makes aspects with Neptune and Pluto this week. They have a great capacity for self-analysis and to go to the depths of their feelings, this location favors them to know each other inside, first, and then, to translate everything that is coming out into ideas outside.

Decelerating is not stopping, on the contrary, when we move forward without a planned path, we sometimes go around in a circle. Stopping and recalculating is being smart and strategic. The mind and curiosity will be great tools for advancement as long as the feet remain grounded, enabling visionary ideas and confidence.

The remainder of the year promises to be good in terms of love. Without a doubt, you will want to live new adventures and, of course, also fulfill yourself on a personal level. You should still try to make the love relationship you currently have more intense. Use all your charm and enthusiasm to pour your love into the heart of the chosen person. Don’t wait any longer to win or win back the person who makes your heartbeat.

You will also wonder if you do not tend too much to withdraw into yourself. You may not be completely satisfied with your love life right now. Think about protecting yourself and put a certain distance between others and yourself. In fact, especially if you run the risk of isolating yourself.

Mercury, ruler of Gemini, arms aspects with Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto, and the mind will be highly mobilized and changing. The whole movement occurs at a time of profound change, and we know that changes begin with ideas, thoughts, and ways that are different from the previous ones.

Good week for everything related to studies that allow self-knowledge, vocational and communicational matters. Fertility in projects, prosperity, and possibilities of materializing and realizing themes that they had been imagining. Ideas from which they had disconnected are reactivated.

The time has come for you to make significant progress on matters related to the heart. If you’ve been dating someone you find charming for a while now, now is the time for you to commit yourself a little more. You could propose that you live together or even get married. If you are single, you should decide to date whoever occupies your thoughts. You should be more active in your private life.

Also this week you want to impress your partners with your brilliant ideas. However, your talent could run into some setbacks, reluctant colleagues, a skeptical boss … Don’t be offended, they may just have other priorities right now. So wait until they have digested your thoughts and talk about them later.

Cancer natives still feel the effects of the new moon, purifying emotions and enabling feeling. Planning time and time to focus energy on the meticulous or on those details that were passing by. The present energy will ask you to do less, but to resolve more.

Be more effective, detailed, and perfectionist in those areas that need to be addressed. If you focus on this energy, you can have a rest of the year with great accomplishments and learning in areas that you have not addressed before. The times are ripe to get busy. Softening your mind and opening your heart gives you more spirituality and connection.

You should think and weigh each of your words. Planetary influences are going to make you seem a little impulsive and you could talk about more. Driven by your impulse, you could go a bit far in your criticism of a colleague or the company you work for. Or also with your partner, you could make a more hurtful reflection than you thought. Immerse yourself in a cheerful frame of mind, rather than bowing under the weight of your emotions. Let reason lead the way.

The generous nature of this week will allow you to think clearly about your problems without worrying too much about their emotional side. Take a brain journey to understand what you need to do to smooth out the rough edges that trip you up on your life’s path.

Leo’s ruler, the Sun, builds an aspect with Chiron this week and gives you a greater connection to his wounds, but not in a painful way, but in a way of resolution and inner work. It can be something expressive, artistic, or literary. All of this will make them feel more free and creative, as their nervous system can be overloaded. Good week to clean the home with good smoke, renew the decoration and bring new plants and decorations to the home.

These are times of healing with yourself and with your environment. The focus is on you, it is an important moment, changes cannot be denied or postponed, if you feel mobilization or crisis, it is because all this energy invites you to surrender to the flow of the new.

When it comes to your love life, you should think a little more about yourself. For convenience, in recent times you have made some concessions so that there would be a good relationship with your partner. And the truth is that it was badly needed. But it is a matter of two. From this moment on, it is no longer your turn to drop ballast. And you’d better convince yourself of it if you want to function on a healthy sentimental basis.

Do not panic if throughout the week you notice that your mind is racing. You will have plenty of intellectual energy and enough ideas to keep you busy. Your inspiration will be especially polymorphic. Be curious and eager for news, you will have plenty of time to make your projects come true in the coming weeks.

Mercury is still in Cancer, and arms two skins with other planets this week. This brings light to the natives in Virgo on existential issues, and the energy has been asking for more spaces for rest and healing, of connection with the subtle, of greater enjoyment and creativity.

Any small change will be very important to regenerate, especially the sun will be of great assistance to improve energy and vital health. Breathe and return to the body from a place of enjoyment and enjoyment. Don’t forget about close links. Give them room to talk to their people and not save what happens to them. The dialogues are cathartic.

Chances are that throughout this week you will feel great self-confidence and an unexpected wave of courage and bravery. The same is because you have received good news. After a difficult period, your love and professional life will improve a lot. Take advantage of these moments of satisfaction and rest.

You deserve to be happy. On the other hand, you will turn to one of your friends for advice on your love life. If you are not sure where you are at the moment, it is good that you entrust yourself to one of your closest friends. Only by talking openly with him will you be able to better analyze what is happening to you. And, in addition, his words of comfort will be of enormous help to you.

Libra’s ruler, Venus, builds an aspect with Neptune this week. A lot of intensity and time to work on idealizations, especially in love. Time to set limits to overwhelming situations or where they feel subjugation. Get away from negative energies and conflictive environments. Regenerate body and soul, giving themselves the importance they have.

There is more connection with spirituality, and more connection with emotions, something that you already have, but in new ways, and more compassionate and empathetic, leaving behind guilt, anger, and old grudges. Connect with real love, with your feet on the ground, and let go of what is projected and idealized.

It is very possible that you feel like you have trouble expressing your feelings. And this week this problem seems more real than ever. You wonder if it is really difficult for you to convey your emotions. Or if it is something much deeper. Your relationship could have reached a stage of questioning and you refuse to accept it by locking yourself in a kind of silence. You also have to face your responsibilities in this field of life.

Perhaps this is the ideal time for you to free yourself physically and mentally, so you should open up to new things. If you are tired of doing the same thing over and over again, feel free to start a different activity. The imagination that your sign boasts inspires you to be in constant search to discover an unknown world.

Mercury builds an aspect with Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto. The internal dialogue, all the time, becomes exhausting and turns against them. It is time to review in which area you are not being honest and let go of the feeling that everything that happens outside is personal.

The fear of being rejected is always there, but forging links that are not real also has high energy costs. The proposal is to soften the heart, release old anger and resentments that hurt them, and give more fluidity to self-love. It’s time to check-in, prioritize, and mentally go deep into old, aching nooks that still circulate.

If you feel that a disinterested humanist current is crossing your heart, it would be quite logical, considering your current panorama. You shift towards greater freedom of movement and, above all, towards greater freedom to be yourself. And, naturally, you are more concerned with the freedom of others.

And they ask you if they have a chance to break free too. You are ready to do some good works, wherever you are. You are also a very capable person to examine things in depth when you look into people’s eyes to find the answers you are looking for. You should feel free to adopt an aggressive stance if guided by gut instinct. Use your emotions as an instrument instead of believing that they are hindering you.

The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, makes an aspect with Neptune and they can be very connected with what they feel. Don’t take on so many responsibilities, it’s time to find a balance between enjoyment and productivity while connecting with the new.

Do not neglect the creative part, which will be boiling with the news. Weekly energy gives you more faith and less mind. Greater intuition and less fear of what they will say. When put into the responsive mode, everything comes effortlessly and more seamlessly.

When it comes to matters of the heart, there is a good chance that things are not going well this week. And it is mainly because you are not able to take a correct balance of things. But you can’t go on like this indefinitely. Before making an overly radical decision, ask yourself what your attitude has to do with the problem. Do not be surprised if you are very sentimental and feel that you are going through life with your heart in your hand.

Think that it is now or never to spend time with the chosen person of your heart. If you are alone, you are going to have to find your life. Get out there and provoke encounters. You should think about whether friendship is the only possible relationship you can have with that special person you know.

The moon passes through the sign of Capricorn this week and the proposal is to sow seeds and, within the proposed energetic learning, work on attachment and dependencies, beginning a process of letting go that -of course- will be gradual, but forceful.

When you avoid saying no to the other to please him, you say no to yourself, betraying yourself. It is a year in which the number of people will not be important, but the quality. Productivity will not be the measure either, the new measure will be well-being and feeling good. Striking the balance between the outside and the inside, and giving and receiving, will be important.

This week, a great upheaval could be affecting many aspects of your private life. And it may be related to a deep transformation that you will notice that is taking place in your behavior. If your daily or family life seems a bit corseted, you should not take it out on the people around you. Rather, look for the error in yourself or your possible reluctance.

They will also be excellent days for you to make certain decisions. For now, you have to choose between two romantic relationships because you are attracted to two people. One of them has quite the profile of the ideal couple. Probe your heart, because it will tell you what to do. Either way, your choice will remain pragmatic. If one of these two people is different and original, this will make your choice easier.

The Sun makes an aspect with Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, this week. All this movement occurs at a time of profound change. It is time to create and to be more practical and strategic, without ignoring its powerful vision. Sometimes it is important to re-prioritize, and this will be a good week for that.

The energy asks you to contemplate and reflect on what has already ended a cycle and asks you the willpower to carry out changes and take new routes with more awareness. Uranus will bring new ideas, new ways of thinking, and more openness to diversity and breadth of experiences. Do not close yourself to what catches your attention.

This week you will really want to let your heart speak and be generous to a friend or loved one who has a problem. But avoid giving even your shirt. On the one hand, you will do him no good because he will feel that he owes you a debt that he can never pay; and, on the other hand, you will put yourself in an impossible situation. Also, love and romanticism are going to give the note.

The configuration of the planets stimulates feelings and relationships. You may want to host a candlelight dinner for just two. You could go very far if you talk to that person about love. If you are single, now is the time for you to pitch and go on a first date.

Neptune creates an aspect with Jupiter and the faith and sense of everything that the natives in Pisces have been feeling and experiencing are enhanced. Possibility of healing through attitude changes, for example, asking and delegating, understanding that asking costs them, but it evolves deeply.

The key will be communication, compassion, and empathy in relationships, nobody reads minds, we need to say what happens to us. Enable moments of deep, therapeutic dialogue more often, and fertilize and water relationships where you feel comfortable and accepted.

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