Weekly Horoscope 27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022

Check the prediction for your free sign, and discover what awaits you this week in love, work, money, and health.

The year 2021 will say goodbye with a protective Full Moon on the 30th, which augurs a good entrance to the year 2022. The stars will help you, Aries, to consolidate your projects. If you are Taurus, this week you will enter a favorable period. Gemini will be able to change everything that does not satisfy them.


Good time for Cancer to make all kinds of decisions. You, Leo, will already begin to notice the good vibes that the new year brings you. If you are a Virgo, don’t let the negative influences of others affect you. This new year will bring great satisfaction to Libras, especially in the economic field. A work mishap will not overshadow your lucky star this week.weekly horoscope 27th december to 2nd january

Scorpio If you are a Sagittarius, take steps to avoid an energy crash. The stars will protect your love life, Capricorn. Your magnetism increases, Aquarius. If you are a Pisces, your professional and loving side will be favored.

In your life, everything goes according to plan, like a calm sea, without great waves, powerful Aries. Only the envy of certain people can cloud your peace of mind these days. Do not underestimate it and believe that they will not achieve anything with you because these types of people can do a lot of damage. Your intuition will tell you who it is. Don’t let them meddle in your stuff. From the first year, you may have opportunities to change jobs, you have an unbeatable track record and you can demonstrate your ability.

Own projects are also promoted this week for Aries, as well as work at home and online businesses. You are a very creative person and also this week you are driven by the stars, you will find formulas and solutions for any obstacle that you have in front of you. If you have a partner and the slightest suspicion that perhaps he is not faithful to you, do not stay with the fly behind your ear, but make sure that your mind does not play a trick on you.

That week is starting perhaps in a hectic way, calm Taurus, but it will improve a lot as the days go by because you will have the opportunity to fix a mess for which you are responsible and whose possible consequences had you distressed. As soon as you have it solved, forget about it and something else butterfly. In addition, no one does not make mistakes, so do not eat the jar anymore and live intensely the first days of the year. Leave the past behind and enjoy without ties, valuing what you have.

In the workplace, you have great ideas to contribute, but your immediate superiors have you blocked, it is not convenient for them to advance. However, this week a person of greater authority may appear to finally listen to you. Your economy will also stabilize as the days go by and it will provide you with more peace of mind. On a sentimental level, you are in an unbeatable moment. Now your relationship has tenderness, passion, and understanding, but. A romantic outing this weekend would suit you very well.

Lately, you have altruistically helped people who needed it and now you will receive recognition for these good actions, luminous Gemini. This will raise your morale, which has been somewhat down for a few days because you believe that certain circumstances have no solution and you do nothing to change them. However, this week the facts will show you that you were wrong and that you can do many things to change what you do not like in your life. A person from your work environment is giving you messages that try to undermine your self-esteem and your security.

Don’t be weak to her and she will give up. On the economic issue, control your expenses, do not shoot them with outings and gifts. You will need the money shortly. In love, if you are starting to go out with someone, it is better not to get to illusions, because you can get froggy. Wait just a little longer because you are one step away from entering a very emotionally exciting chapter.

The 2022 year entry is benefiting you and it will take you very little to notice it, a native of Leo. Your intuition enters its most powerful moment due to the position of the stars in your sign. Now you will easily find answers and solutions to your problems, some of which only existed in your mind. You have to realize the importance of your thoughts and their positive or negative consequences.

This is why you think that at work you have tried hard but have not had enough recognition. Change your approach and be patient, better times will come. If a friend proposes you to participate in a business, he accepts even if you don’t see it too clearly. It will end up being something positive and will bring you very good returns, although not in the short term. In addition, he will give you a lot of power and this suits you a lot now. In love, you will be very lucid to find the solution to your emotional problems. And if you do not have a partner, intuition will guide you to places where you can find one. Do not stop going out.

This week the conflicts that had worried and even anguished you in days past come to an end, overwhelmed Virgo. These days powerful astral conjunction exercises power over you to resolve all these pending issues and regain peace of mind. You will feel so much energy that no goal will seem impossible. In your work life, you have worked for a long time to achieve your goals and now you have a new challenge before you that may create a certain burden for you.

Do not be afraid to assume this new responsibility, you will be very efficient in your new job and you will progress professionally. You just have to be careful with certain negative people who swarm around you, you are somewhat emotionally vulnerable and could destabilize you in the sentimental or family aspect. In love, you need to clarify issues with your partner or you will spend your days distraught and mired in doubts that do not let you sleep. Your mind is playing a trick on you. Your boy is for you more than you imagine.

You start a week in which you have a lot to finish and very little time to devote to rest. But you will enter 2022 satisfied for having been able to resolve issues that have been concerned in 2021. It is possible that new people will come to your workplace and that you will fear the competition that this may entail, but in reality, this presence will be positive. You have gone through a period of financial concern, but a prosperous cycle is coming, you just have to wait and have a little patience.

Your wait will pay off later. If in this year that ends you have suffered because of unfounded fears, it is time for you to realize it and do everything possible not to allow yourself to seize those fears that harm you. In love, there are certain aspects of your partner that you do not like at all, but you are afraid to talk about it so as not to provoke an argument. One more fear that you have to overcome. The most normal thing is that you tell them.

Some issues that had you worried are finally being resolved, discreet Scorpio. It seems that your New Years’ ritual works because all the decisions that you will make this week will be positive. Now you know how to combine your natural charisma with your entrepreneurial spirit and, of course, that way no one can resist you. You will find the way and the means to carry out your projects. However, someone could break their word and find that a job you were about to get evaporates.

The most delicate thing is that counting on it and with the income that you would generate, you may have spent a lot with your purchases of these holidays. Don’t worry too much, arm yourself with patience and reorganize your expenses. You have to remain calm, this problem with the money will be fixed very soon, sooner than you think. In love, a very quiet week now comes to you, you have left the conflicts behind and now intense passion reigns in your relationship. And if you were alone, this will begin to belong to the past.

You could accuse a drop in energy these days because of the outings and the extras of food and drink, but also because of your circumstances. You likely feel overwhelmed because around you there are people who without too much ethics who try to manipulate you in the workplace. You should put limits on them, prevent them from achieving their purposes. Put up a barrier or they’ll get on your horse. You can receive in these days a job proposal from a person with whom you already collaborated.

Although in the past the conditions were very improvable, now everything has changed. Please take this into account before rejecting it. Think about it, do not overestimate the inconveniences due to your emotional and energetic state. Wait a few days to decide, when you are more objective. In love, you should be alert if your partner has been distant for a long time and you have not been able to find out why. Perhaps it would be better to close this chapter and try to start over with someone who shares more affinities with you.

You will enter the year 2022 on the right foot, vigorous Capricorn, with extra-planetary energy protecting your interests. It will act positively in the economic and sentimental aspect and you will notice it day by day. It will make you feel so good that you will have the courage to achieve what you set out to do these days. In the professional field, you are related to some people, perhaps your partners, who do not clarify and are always fighting with each other. You have already tried to fix it without success.

It is better that you find a way to get away from this conflict that can end up harming you. Seek your professional independence because alone things will work much better for you and you will obtain greater profits. Meanwhile, try to save a little to be able to face expenses without being overwhelmed. Be cautious, do not go overboard with the Kings, because a period of crisis is approaching and it will be good to have some resources in reserve. In love, you are going through a good time and things will turn out as you wish, although it may take a little longer.

These days you will have a very changeable, emotional Aquarius mood. You will tend to remember the past and others to worry about the future, but some moments that you will live will show you that above all you have to live in the present and not leave things for later. You have to hunt down opportunities on the fly and not anchor yourself in what has already happened. It is possible that after New Year’s Eve you feel somewhat low in energy. The first thing will be to recover physically and then keep thinking about your dreams, the things that excite you, and see the way to achieve them.

In the workplace, an option may arise that would bring you prestige and benefits. If it makes you uncomfortable because of a personal situation and you are thinking of rejecting it, reflect before answering because you could regret it. Also, you need extra income and this would be a good way to get it. In love, you will enter the year on a very good footing, with your magnetism at its peak. This week you will feel that you are more requested than usual.

You are very prone to overflowing your sensitivity, a native of Pisces, and now this characteristic is going to be more accentuated at these dates, so conducive to emotionality. You can have exaggerated reactions to situations that are a little more or less normal. If it happens to you, remember that everything is the result of your hypersensitivity these days and that surely there is not so much. As soon as the year begins, you can have at your fingertips the possibility of a new job with a higher income.

Do not waste time, decide with determination or this option that you have wanted so much will fly out of your hands. On the other hand, this week the world of business and money is quite rare. If you work on your project and you see that things do not go as you thought, go to plan B without hesitation. Remember that renewal is a success. In love, towards the middle of the week, things can get a bit complicated with your boy, but it is in your power to solve it.