Weekly Horoscope 28th December 2020 to 3rd January 2021

Weekly Horoscope 28th December 2020 to 3rd January 2021

Check the 12 signs of the zodiac in our weekly horoscope, where you can find out what awaits you in money, in love, in luck, and at work, as well as other important predictions for you.

You shouldn’t be surprised if some unexpected gesture hits your heart hard this week. Without a doubt, you will see that your emotions are provided with a strange energy that removes everything and in the depths of your being. Take your convictions and your morals with both hands and with the strength to cross these turbulent waters. Be true to yourself and make sure no one makes decisions for you. You will also find that you have the best cards in hand to move a situation you find yourself in. Focus on what you do and give yourself the necessary tools to achieve what you want. It is time for you to speak openly and frankly about your projects.weekly horoscope 28th december 2020 to 3rd january 2021

It will be an intense week, in which you will feel with a lot of will which will drive your plans. You will come up with good ideas, but if you don’t put them into practice they will remain only in your mind. Set small goals to meet them. In love, you will notice new feelings that have begun to emerge regarding a person you have known for a short time. At work, you will initiate an issue that had been paralyzed. However, control your words so that you do not create misunderstandings.

Aries Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

This week you will feel like you are eating the world. Your charm is in full swing and your charisma is at its peak. Make the most of all your weapons of seduction to unleash your joie de vivre and, of course, enjoy life to the fullest. Everyone will see you irresistible. On the other hand, you might have the feeling that you don’t have time to finish all the things you are up to. Whatever you do, don’t put yourself under great pressure. The heart and reason are on the same level, but you don’t know how to guide them. Don’t think you have to decide now and act quickly.

Days in which you will give free rein to your imagination. You will be in harmony with yourself, which will help you in the economic sphere and your personal relationships. In love, you will talk to your partner about a problem they had at the end of 2020 and they will fix it in the best of terms. It will be a cycle of consolidation.

Taurus Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

This week the barometer of emotions will be shown in all its splendor. A warm air front will convey masses of tenderness and complicity in your relationship with your partner. Regarding the temperature, the environment will be wrapped in romanticism and magical magnetism. A delicious wind god will blow in your direction, take this opportunity to fly with your partner. If you are single, it is also very possible that you have a great date with love. You also have a good chance of meeting someone who will impact you. The truth is that you have all the ballots to have a great time. Follow your impulses and listen to your heart. It has so many things to tell you.

This year will be unforgettable. You will realize who your true friends are and what you are looking for in life. What kept you confused and unstable you now see quite clearly. You will eliminate negativity and grudges from within. Do not be silent, you are the one who will decide on your own destiny in work and love.

Gemini Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

This week you will be in a very good mood and you will feel that your romantic streak can take over. These days will favor feelings of affection and tenderness. If you are single at the moment, maybe you dare to propose a date to someone you like or just want to look that someone directly in the eye. Be determined. And if you have the opportunity to share your life, do not hesitate to make exotic projects for the night. You could also want a brutal change in your life. The energy in the environment will make you impatient and tireless. Your partner expects news and a little salt and pepper in your relationship, so please be creative.

You will be more sure of yourself. Weaknesses and lack of will be left behind. This evolutionary attitude will make you achieve what you set out to do. There may be circumstances that will make you feel bad like a person disappointing you, money is lost, or lack of work. But this is temporary and you will get over it. In the live environment, you go through a stage full of tranquility and peace.

Cancer Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

This week you should spend a little more time with your partner. You should also prioritize moments of tenderness and relaxation between the two of you. Take a few days off and take the opportunity to sleep in the morning, have breakfast in bed, and take a nap. If you are single, you could receive a letter or phone call from someone that could be a true declaration of love. It could even be a real marriage proposal. Whatever you decide, you could receive a lot of love from that person. On the other hand, your sharp and witty mood will allow you to see new ways to earn money. You will be more tactical than usual and people will trust you.

You are going to be getting news from people you haven’t had contact with for quite some time. You will also communicate with people who have the key to the money. You will start a new project or business through the Internet or social networks that will generate greater income and will allow you to work from home. In love, you will be pleasantly impressed when that person who had moved away approaches you and everything is better than before.

Leo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

This week you will feel a little lost. The actions and decisions of your loved ones could throw you into a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. You will suddenly feel very concerned about achieving your intimate goals. Rigor is the key element of this day. You should stick to their old principles and everything will be fine. Your friends are there to help you, whatever the problem you have. So don’t hesitate to ask them for a helping hand or advice. The nature of your relationship with a certain person might seem quite ambiguous at this point. The confusion will establish itself in you and you will no longer know whether to follow your feelings or your reason, whether to impose yourself firmly or whether, on the contrary, to remain silent and absent.

In love, if you are in a relationship, it will be consolidated and they will even talk about plans to have children. If you are single, a special person will arrive on the first day of the year. It is never too late to make important decisions in the economic and labor aspect. Dare yourself.

Virgo Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

This week you should verbalize everything that is in your heart because if you don’t, you risk having a lot of problems. Avoid staying in a corner away from everything and everyone under the pretext of wanting to protect the people around you. These days will be favorable with the only condition that you show yourself relaxed and sincere. Channel your emotions a bit, add a little common sense and less passion. In these moments your love life is very lively and animated. If you have a problem with your partner, you will float again with her on a small cloud. You will find yourself loaded with reasons to express your optimism about creating a common future. If you are single, you could meet a fascinating person and your meeting could end in a beautiful love story.

You are going to be looking for the right path in something that you didn’t know exactly how to deal with until the end of the year. Regarding money, you have several options: invest it or leave it in reserve. Professor Zellagro recommends that you do not touch it until after a few weeks as there will be better opportunities. In love, you are going to be receiving good news. That person will think of you and give you a very intimate present. At work, the opportunity to travel is likely to come your way.

Libra Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Loving someone always has the risk of one day leaving. But there is no choice. Without that, without taking any risks, you are not giving the other the confidence that he needs. If you approach people looking for them to give you all kinds of guarantees or to protect you, you will make them feel that you do not trust them. And, in turn, they will not trust you. On the other hand, you are acting in a very spontaneous way. You are instinctively aware of how you have to react when faced with an unexpected situation. You are also resourceful, which will allow you to show your courage and efficiency. If things go wrong, you will have the foreboding and foresight to react. Take the opportunity to move quickly on your projects so you can tackle thorny issues without fear.

You will feel full of energy and good vibes to do different activities that you had put to rest. Willpower is the key to getting off to a good start in 2021. No matter what happened, you will get through it. In love, you will be approached by a person who will help you with personal matters and also with money.

Scorpio Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

If romantic stories have been causing you some trouble over the past two months, these could be your last. For years they have been serving you the same dish and this time it seems that you have finally stood up and said that you have enough. Chances are you won’t fall into the same traps again this week. In any case, it would be the best thing that could happen to you. Perhaps the world would be very different if all men and women had once heard their parents, friends or partners say “I love you.” Don’t overlook the scope and meaning of these words. Reassure those around you and give them your support and affection.

You will have a lot of energy. All your worries regarding love, health, money, and work will be left behind. You will discover new things in people that you did not imagine, both qualities and defects. You will also receive financial help when you need it most, such as a loan or money that arrives unexpectedly.

Sagittarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

At this moment you are living a period in which you find yourself facing big questions in everything that has to do with personal relationships. Therefore, you should expect this week to be quite prosperous in the field of love. And it is also more than likely that you feel free of any inhibitions. Also, you will have the opportunity to meet new people and perhaps thus eliminate some prejudices. There are no clouds on the horizon and your mood is arguably bright. You will find the right words for any situation that comes your way and your flexibility will allow you to counteract the rigidity and seriousness of a possible painful moment. Try to discipline your emotions as much as possible and nothing will be unpleasant for you.

You prepare for the fabulous year 2021. Take advantage of the positive experiences that life offers you. In this week you will feel like the owner of your destiny and you will finish the things that you had not finished in 2020. Good times are coming on the economic plane. At work, successful job interviews come. Put your energy and will to work. Eliminate pessimism and negativity from your life and everything will be perfect.

Capricorn Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

This week you will feel very comfortable in any situation. Express your thoughts and make your ideas known because everyone will listen to you. It does not matter if you are living a stable romantic relationship or that you are single, it is more than likely that you want to seduce the whole earth and, in particular, any member of the opposite gender. Be spontaneous without trying to pass, that will help you think that you are living your best day. Also, it seems that something is awakening in you. The great tensions of these last days have completely vanished and you will be able to resume your activities normally. It would not be impossible to be in shape or to seduce someone, this year that has just begun you want to take care of your body a little more.

In love, the desire to form a stable family or consolidate a relationship will arise. In privacy, you will exploit your creativity to the maximum, which will leave you great results. At work, you will likely be presented with a striking job offer that you did not expect. Opportunities will also open to you that will improve your income.

Aquarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Perhaps this week you will have the feeling that, from the point of view of your life as a couple, if that is the case, or at least your love life, you have made progress. Rather, evolved. You may also find that your adventurous temperament is nurtured by your emotions. These two parts of your mind seem to complement each other harmoniously and allow you to expand the limits of your world. Expand your perspectives and ask questions when you don’t understand something. It is the only way to progress mentally and emotionally. On the other hand, you will seek by all means at your disposal to attract the attention of someone in particular. Without a doubt, you really want to make new relationships. You will feel alive, in a good mood, and wanting to have fun.

You will notice the words that are hidden behind the looks. You will intuit everything and that will help you make good decisions in love, work, and money. Do not neglect your diet because you could become unbalanced at this time. A great week awaits you. Never stop dreaming.

Pisces Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

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