Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th January 2022

With the positive planetary concentration that is in your sign, you will have impressive poise and lucidity that will allow you to be flexible and bet on yourself without anything stopping you. Take advantage of the opportunities that destiny is going to offer you to be happy.

You have started the year with energy and a very positive attitude that will drive you to be active and undertake, so you could obtain important results in the professional field. The eclipse may bring misunderstandings or some family tension. You will have to show understanding and not lose good manners to regain harmony. In love, a lot of intensity.

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With the energy of the lunar eclipse, which will take place on the 10th, communication with your surroundings could be difficult, and you will feel confused because you will not be clear about how to approach an issue that is of interest to you. Do not make decisions on the fly and wait until you are more lucid so as not to make mistakes. Pay attention not to miss valuable opportunities and do not obsess over pessimistic thoughts.

The eclipse will affect your professional life and your economy. Perhaps a business or agreement that you thought was almost closed could be paralyzed, but it will be momentary because it has solid foundations and you can relaunch it. You will be under the protection of the planet of love, Venus, who will invite you to let yourself go, free of prejudices, and to live your feelings, without giving them so many laps or trying to analyze them.weekly horoscope 3rd to 9th january 2022

The Full Moon on the 10th, which will take place in your sign, will come with an eclipse that will affect you powerfully. You may notice some insecurity in your possibilities, but you are going to overcome it and you will be able to activate luck and fulfill your goals. Don’t let responsibilities absorb you and find time to distract yourself and disconnect. You will need to live love free from ties and clichés.

The eclipse will remove your inner world and you will have to control your emotions, without letting yourself be carried away by an intensity that could lead to conflicts. You are going to need a lot of discipline to take advantage of the good ideas that will crowd your head and that you will have to put into action if you want to achieve success. Good time to meet new people and start friendships.

Perhaps you feel disappointed by a friend, or some misunderstandings distance you, and the eclipse, which will affect the friendship sector, could trigger disagreements. A dialogue will be your best ally to clarify the situation and resume the relationship. Your ability to organize and your rigor at work will make you a very valuable person in the eyes of your bosses. Favorable days to fall in love and be reciprocated. Trust yours.

The eclipse could delay a success you’ve been striving for, but despite setbacks, your worth is finally going to prevail and you will get the recognition you deserve. Good time to increase your income and acquire new work commitments. In love, do not enter into arguments and avoid confrontations, because you will be very vulnerable and any gesture or word can hurt you.

Stay alert, because your achievements could arouse envy and it would not be uncommon for them to try to trip you or betray you. The energy of the eclipse will affect travel, where there may be delays or inconvenience, and your professional life. You will have to be cautious and not trust someone you do not know well. In love, favorable days to make commitments and consolidate relationships. Don’t give in to negative thoughts.

It is possible that you feel constrained by your partner or by someone to whom you commit, and you see in them a threat to that freedom that you value and need so much. Express what you feel without closing in on yourself, and take advantage of the energy of the eclipse, which will be very renewing and regenerating with you. Important matters may come up that you will need to take care of without delay.

Your work may be affected by the energy of the eclipse, and you may enter a period of transformation in which you will have to give a lot of yourself since your responsibilities and tasks will be numerous. The planet Venus in your sign will transmit you a feeling of well-being and joy that will lighten your worries and make your love life more relaxed and that you feel more relaxed and happy.

The eclipse could contribute to making you feel uneasy as if you are at a crossroads and don’t know which direction to go. Try to settle issues from the past that are still pulling you hard and let your intuition mark the way forward. Above all, pay attention to your dreams, because some of them can give you the key to solving certain situations that concern you.