Weekly Horoscope 4th to 10th April 2022

Do not make decisions in the labor field or the economic field, Aries, keep what you already have. Take advantage of this favorable astral conjunction, Taurus, your reactions will be correct. Do not accept that that person with whom you have fallen in love imposes anything on you, Gemini. Do not trust someone from your close environment who always agrees with you, Cancer. Take care of your tendency to gain weight these days, Leo.

That love from the past that you have idealized is pure fantasy, Virgo, value what you have in the present. Stop wanting to control your guy, Libra, if he is pressured he will tire. If you are in love with a seducer, Scorpio, change your attitude or say goodbye.weekly horoscope for 4th to 10th april 2022

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This sentimental relationship that torments you, Sagittarius, is the cause of your low energy. Don’t stay home lamenting your sorrows, Capricorn, go out and meet new people. Plan your immediate future, Aquarius, you will overcome that economic downturn. The stars protect you from envy, Pisces, and your romantic relationship will work better than ever.

Weekly Horoscope 4th to 10th April 2022

If you are experiencing the consequences of a love break up and you feel hurt, Aries, in these coming dates your suffering will be relieved. These days, optimistic and energetic people will come into your life to help you overcome the sentimental pothole. You will be able to recover a way of seeing life more positively. On the other hand, you will have to have a little more patience with the economic issue, which has you quite distressed. Think that anxiety does not help you solve the problem, it can even make it worse. Leave the subject parked these days because it is possible that if you make decisions they will be wrong. Go with what you have and wait for next week. If the idea of changing jobs was haunting you, abandon it. If you have a steady job, stick with it. On the sentimental issue, even if you are hurt now, think that after this period of forced solitude a very special person will come into your life who will make you believe in love again.

The reigning astral conjunction benefits the natives of Taurus, increasing their ability to adapt. It also gives you greater flexibility in unforeseen situations. You will know how to react correctly and this is priceless. If you have a business or a small company, you will see things from a new perspective, problems will no longer seem like insurmountable walls, but you will see them as a challenge that you are capable of successfully overcoming. So your self-esteem is going up. In love, if you have been in a relationship for some time and have worked hard to make it move forward, now is the time to relax and let yourself be loved. It will be a very nice and positive experience. You will see that your efforts have paid off. On the other hand, some Taurus may have a difficult time discovering that their partner has divulged a family secret. As hard as it is to admit, you can’t trust this person. Consider seriously if you want to stay by his side or take another course.

Good time to think about important and transcendental issues, Gemini. The Moon now influences your ability to concentrate and gives you the power to reflect deeply. You also have enhanced intuition. Although lately, you are not paying too much attention to it, do not forget to listen to your inner voice before making any decision, even the simplest ones, because sometimes great things depend on a host of simple things. These days you will receive a call from someone with whom you have enough confidence, who will offer you to participate in the future in an investment that looks very good. You will be very interested because you will take it as a challenge, but the project has other suitors and you will have to prepare a detailed plan to show that you are the best option as a partner. You have to reflect on the best way to achieve it. In the field of love you also have to ask yourself if you feel strong enough to tolerate some impositions from the person with whom you had started a romance. Don’t let anyone make your life bitter.

This week your sensitivity and your romanticism will be exalted by the influence of the stars in your sign, Cancer. You will know how to put yourself in the shoes of those around you and you will understand all their problems. Now you will forgive certain attitudes that have bothered or hurt you because you will understand the reasons that caused them. But this same hypersensitivity will prevent you from seeing things objectively. You will tend to excuse everything and it is not that either. For this reason, this week it is not recommended that you make important decisions in any field. You may not objectively see what will benefit or harm you. You run the risk of being given a pig in a poke, both in the workplace and in the personal field. Be more selective when choosing your friends. There is someone in your close environment who always agrees with you but is not trustworthy because perhaps in the work aspect he is “making your bed”. You wouldn’t see it clearly until it was too late. Be careful!

You enter a week with very good astral influence that will make things easier for you in all areas, Leo. Now, if you stop to reflect, you will see the solutions to the problems that concern you, specifically in the work, economic and family spheres. You will only have to take special care of your tendency in recent weeks to please the palate. Control your anxiety or it will cost you to regain your ideal weight. In the field of love, things can be somewhat more complicated these days, especially if you are in a long-term relationship. Your union is strong but you are in different stages and that is why now your desires are not the same. This may become apparent now, after the Easter mini-holidays. Do not worry too much about it because you can reach an agreement and give yourselves some time to decide what your joint path should be. In the economic field, even if you suffer a small pothole, you will find resources to overcome it.

The time is coming to say goodbye to the pessimism of the last few days, Virgo. This week the Moon influences you positively so that you can start a new cycle and manage your mind more constructively. Throw yourself fully into this renewal process and you will realize that the limitations you thought you had no longer exist. These days are favorable for you to decide between some options that will be presented to you in the future. Luckily you enjoy powerful astral protection, which gives you a lot of reflection capacity. Thinking things through before acting is a guarantee of success. It also allows you to determine your goals and what you have to do to achieve them. In love, you are a bit complaining. You have a stable and happy relationship. Anyone would be satisfied, but you allow yourself to be haunted by a ghost from the past, an old romance that you have idealized. Erase this fantasy from your mind and value what you have in this real present. If you continue like this you could lose him.

You like to have everything instantly, Libra, but usually things don’t happen when and where you’d like. This worries you, especially in the labor issue, and you feel frustrated because you find yourself unable to wait so many days to see how a situation that had arisen is resolved. You have to avoid getting discouraged by these things. You should work on your tolerance for failure. You have to learn that if something does not go well, you have to keep trying with good spirits. The reward always comes when you least expect it. In the love aspect, you should also modify your attitude a little. You show yourself too attentive and even jealous of your partner. This, at the beginning of the relationship, can give the impression that it is an excess of love, but in the long run, it ends up tiring the other. Always having to give explanations or excuses, controlling what you do or what you say is suffocating. Your boy is a person with his ideas and who makes his decisions. Control yourself or your relationship is at risk.

This week’s planetary influence, Scorpio, luckily makes you feel full of vitality and energy. This will give you a little peace of mind in the restless life you have had in recent times. All the worries that you have gone through now begin to improve and you enter a stage of relaxation. Things seem to improve by themselves, but do not doubt that your attitude is essential in this regard. In love, you may have been very worried about the frequent arguments you have with your partner. They have not had any importance, but your perception tended to exaggerate them and you have come to feel that your relationship may be in danger for this reason. Think that all couples argue and only some separate. Take advantage of these days to talk calmly and honestly with the person who shares your life. Take away your fears. And if you’re one of the Scorpios who shares her life with a seductive man who likes to flirt, don’t try to change him. Accept it or say goodbye.

If you feel low in energy, Sagittarius, it is because of the work overload that you have imposed on yourself in recent days, tasks of order and cleaning. Also, family matters may have influenced this tiredness and lack of vitality that you are experiencing now. You need to rest and you can do it now. But remember that resting is not just lying on the sofa, it is also having fun with the activities you like, aerating your body and mind, doing activities that are different from your usual ones. You may also be affected by a complicated sentimental situation and this takes away your energy. It is possible that you left a time relationship because another person dazzled you. Now you may have realized that it was just physical attraction and you are regretting the decision you made but you still haven’t taken a step to get away from this person. Do it, because you will not get the stable relationship you are looking for and this distance will be appropriate. He is not the man of your life.

The time has come, Capricorn, to demonstrate your ability to adapt to changes and your flexibility in your environment, because believe it or not, you have these virtues but you do not usually practice them. We are in days of renovation and you, in general, do not like the news, that is why this unpredictable situation is causing you more concern. But if you put your mind to it you will get many and very good results. In the love field, if you are going through a rough period due to a recent separation, you may be thinking that you are not going to recover your normal state of mind. You had been excited about that person and in the end, you suffered a great disappointment. Now don’t force yourself to feel good, everything will come in due time. Take advantage of these days to talk with your friends and meet new people, even though an App. Just aspire to have the best time possible, without nerves or bad vibes. The rest will follow.

You are wanting to seriously rethink things, Aquarius, your reactions to the most important events in your life. This week is ideal to do it, look for enough time and tranquility. It is a very healthy analysis on a psychological and emotional level. It’s about learning from mistakes, not feeling guilty about anything. It will give you an excellent result. If you have a store, a business, or a small business, you are probably very worried about the future. Relax, if you now plan well what you have to do soon, you will be able to overcome the pothole in a short time. Try to relax and do not stop contacting the people who are important in your life, both in the family and in the social field. These days will be very conducive to good communication, try to take advantage of it to undo misunderstandings and reconcile with whom you should never have fought. Do not forget to take care of your physical form, and exercise, and do not leave it for a single day because you are missing it a lot.

If you know how to act, Pisces, all the problems that may arise this week will be resolved favorably. You may experience tense situations, but it will be enough to keep your character under control to avoid any disorder. He thinks that everyone has to face day-to-day problems, and that life without these setbacks does not exist. This week you will see your spirituality exalted. Your consciousness will open to new horizons and your perspective on many things will change. From this, you have to learn to see difficult situations as opportunities to evolve. If a few weeks ago you had to face the professional jealousy of an envious colleague, do not worry too much because you enjoy good astral protection in this matter, but do not stop staying alert at work. The best of this week you will live in the field of love. You can share days of romance and passion with your partner. Differences of opinion are far behind, now harmony will reign.