Weekly Horoscope 6th to 12th December 2021

Weekly Horoscope 6th to 12th December 2021

Trust your criteria more and show your character, Aries pioneer. The good news in the professional and economic fields, a native of Taurus. Insurmountable days in the sentimental aspect for Gemini. If you are Cancer, do not complain and negotiate, you will win. Those problems that worry you, mighty Leo, are just dark clouds that will soon pass. If you are Virgo, this week control your impulses and realize the good streak you are going through.

This week, as a Libra native, you can achieve things that seemed impossible to you. You, Scorpio, close the door of the past and focus on improving your future. The best weapon to defeat the adversary, Sagittarius, is to be strong and positive. If you belong to Capricorn, start now to explore new possibilities to promote yourself professionally. Do not listen to who wants to put your head like a hype, native of Aquarius. This situation that worries you, sensitive Pisces, will make you progress.weekly horoscope 6th to 12th december 2021

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Although you have to face some obstacles these days, as a native of Aries, you can overcome them if you act according to your criteria and do not allow yourself to be influenced. Everyone around you has an opinion about your things and this is because you have given them footing. Try to correct this situation because in many cases having so many free opinions ends up messing you up and making the wrong decision. You have to learn to put yourself in your place and to put others in theirs.

This week you may have some friction with a coworker who is always putting sticks in your wheels. He always ends up getting his way, but this time you have to be firm and make yourself respected. Set the limits for him and show him that you have character. You can do it without blinking, but avoid verbal confrontations because they are very dangerous. In love, pay a little more attention to your partner’s complaints. You both should improve your communication. It is the basis for a happy coexistence without misunderstandings that constantly make you bitter.

If you were a little less harsh with the people around you, demanding Taurus, you would feel better and would not cause some people to end up walking away because they did not listen to your constant criticism. You have to practice tolerance more, accept that nobody is perfect and that it is better to consider the qualities of the people instead of the defects. These days you will receive very hopeful news in the professional field. If you have been waiting for a while to change jobs but you have already resigned yourself to staying where you are, now there may be a response from another company, or they may propose a change.

You will also face the economic aspect, although perhaps it is because someone will give you a little push in this regard. You would have to make a much more detailed budget than before. In the sentimental field, if you have been with your partner for a long time and you are like the dog and the cat, try to avoid fights. Your love has a solid foundation, stop arguing over nonsense.

You have to start giving problems their true dimension and not be overwhelmed by insignificant things, worried Gemini. If these days any problem arises, it will be in your power to solve it easily, it all depends on the decision you make. In the workplace, stop feeling bad because you think that there are less qualified people than you in higher-category positions and with better pay. At first, you did not ask for what was yours.

You are still on time, but you will have to devise a strategy and learn to fight for what you want and what you believe in. And cheer up because in the sentimental field an excellent week awaits you. Everything is going to turn out so perfectly that you will think that it cannot be reality. You like a person who these days maybe declares his love for you. Your first impulse will be to think that it is too beautiful to be true, but it is as real as life itself. Thank the Universe for this opportunity to be happy.

You are entering a cycle of great creativity, native to Cancer, and if you know how to take advantage of it, you could get all kinds of benefits. These days, stay tuned for some good opportunities that will come your way. Remember it especially when you feel down at work. You have eaten the coconut to such an extent that you are about to throw in the towel. Inadvisable. You better use your skills of conviction and try to negotiate with your bosses.

Your experience is something they do not want to lose and you have to stop fighting against the current and row in the same direction. You should be in good spirits than a complaint. You need to create more harmony with all the people in that area. On a sentimental level, this incipient relationship that began in such a passionate way may have been losing steam over the weeks. You are wondering if something more than passion unites you. The answer is obvious, don’t waste any more time.

You can feel happy, these days, unsatisfied Leo. Your life is working quite well in general and more specifically in the workplace because this area now enjoys extra astral protection. Also, your intuition will be empowered by the Moon. All this will help you to quickly see the duster to certain people who approach you kindly but who want to get something from you or directly cause you a problem.

And it is that envy is very bad and some cannot bear to see people happy. Do not enter the rag, ignore them. If these days your economic situation weakens, it is because of a temporary pothole. Do not worry excessively but try to adapt as soon as possible to the situation because it will be the most effective. Tighten your belt a little. In love, it seems that having stopped pressuring your partner to take a step forward in the relationship is working. This week he can be the one to propose you a commitment.

This week you will be involved in an extremely positive planetary energy, lucky Virgo, and this together with a good run in the economic and sentimental issues, will give you a great boost. In addition, good news will come to you from a friend or a friend and this will make you feel very good emotionally. The black point of the week can be presented to you at work, where you could lose control in an argument and say things that are not relevant.

Learn to control your emotions and your impulses and you will avoid many problems. Think that there are people who already do well if you jump the first time and that they are the first to add fuel to the fire. Have courage and you will pass the week without inconvenience. In the sentimental field, now you are finally in a stage of harmony and balance with your partner. The key has been the communication you have established with your boy, much more sincere and fluid. Everything is moving towards a promising future.

These days something that you have wanted so badly for a long time will start to come true, a native of Libra. You now enjoy an important planetary impulse that will benefit your love life and the economic sphere. You will be surprised to see that songs that were immobilized for a long time start to get going again. Be surprised, because certain things that you considered impossible, can happen now. In the workplace, don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t go as planned.

Remember that everything happens for a reason and that in a while you will understand that what you consider something negative is very beneficial for you. If you are in charge of a business or trade, your main objective now should be not to stagnate, not to rest on your laurels or the competition will overtake you. Put the batteries and show what you are worth. On a sentimental level, do not be angry with your partner because he has been crestfallen for days. It is likely that this has nothing to do with you and that he is worried about work or family issues. Support him.

You always tend to blame yourself and to remember too much the mistakes of the past, Virgo sufferer. Now you will have the opportunity to correct something that you did wrong a while ago and that has made you bitter ever since. When you have solved this problem, please close this door permanently, put aside the feeling of guilt and live life with a future perspective, which is much more positive. And to avoid mistakes, be prudent to the maximum, both in your movements and in giving your confidence to people.

These days you will likely have the opportunity to participate in a business. Analyze all the details and do not make a decision in a hurry and rush, do it with peace of mind. In love this week you may discover that there is someone else swarming near your partner. He has not been unfaithful, but he feels flattered and lets himself be loved, thinking that this is not going to go away. He puts the dots on this and he realizes that he is wrong.

A powerful lunar influence will create many doubts in you throughout this week, confused Sagittarius. You will not feel sure of yourself, you will distrust everyone and you will not be able to know what is the right decision. However, the astral universe fuels your creativity. These days you will be able to find ingenious solutions for all the problems that may arise. However, you can feel very confused by certain negative comments from someone in your work environment. Do not believe a word or allow them to demoralize you, they only aim to make you lose security.

Do not enter for anything in the world in this psychological game motivated by envy. Lean on your friends or your partner, but do not waver in front of this person. Be strong and unapproachable. On a sentimental level, now you are in a good moment. You have found understanding, tenderness, and passion in that person who recently came into your life. Take advantage of this good streak and do not start looking for three feet to the cat.

This week you will see everything very clearly, a native of Capricorn, and you will realize that some people who come to advise you, actually what they want is to sink you. Now you will spot people with double intentions from a distance. It is also the time to resolve an issue that you have been dragging on for days and that worries you a lot. Take advantage of this week when you will be full of energy and want to eat the world. It may also be a good time to calmly search for a new job.

If you do not feel professionally valued or you think that where you are you have already peaked, start exploring new possibilities because it will turn out well for you. In the sentimental field, if you are free at the moment, in an outing that your friends will propose you can meet someone very interesting. And if you are one of the Capricorns who already has someone in their life, these days you will want more than ever to regain freedom. It is a good idea.

Do not let a certain person from your closest circle infect you with their emotional instability, sensitive Aquarius. If you want to preserve your psychological well-being, set limits on it. This is someone who always tries to manipulate you emotionally and often succeeds. You are warned. It is up to you whether or not I succeed in this new attempt. Focus on your things that you will get better results. A cycle of less abundance has started for you, you will have to control your expenses very well and even then you may go through some financial straits.

Now the savings that you have been able to gather will be very useful to you and if it has been impossible for you, you will have no choice but to tighten your belt for a short period. Saving is the key to everything and it seems that you have forgotten. In the sentimental field, if a problem took your sleep away, these days the Moon will give you the necessary impulse to find the solution. Let yourself be guided by intuition that will show you the right way.

These days you must keep your self-esteem high, Pisces sufferer because you focus only on your negative aspects. Remember that the mind is very powerful and that the image you have of yourself is what you will project to others. Try to keep this way of thinking at bay and focus on your positives, your qualities, and your talents. The origin of this situation could be a drop in morale caused by a professional issue.

If you are in charge of a store or any other business, you had settled down thinking that you had no competition but now someone has surpassed you and you think you are going to fail. What this situation is going to give you is extra motivation. It will take you out of your comfort zone and move on. In love, if you are fooling around with someone who already has a partner, do not have any illusions that they are with you for a long time. And not because you’re not worth it, but because he’s a coward.