Weekly Horoscope Aquarius From February 27 to March 5, 2017

Horoscope Aquarius week From February 27 to March 5, 2017

Work: Only if you love yourself as much as all Creation, because it is part of it, because it is the very creation of the Universe and because it is made to win, will achieve the destiny for which it was born.

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You should examine your situation and potential for major business deals and possible long-term commitments, as it is a good time to sign contracts. These natives have to remember that the extremes never favor anybody, only the material gain causes great spiritual poverty, of heart and of affections, take care that its abundance is harmonic or it will be like a house of cards.

Love: It is able to strengthen the bonds of love and affection and overcome any conflict of partners to improve and avoid the rupture of the relationship. Beware of overly ambitious job proposals, analyze your options well. You will be having an excellent time, looking for a way to have fun with your partner. In intimacy, love games will stand out, and you will look for all ways to explore new paths of pleasure. You will live very intense moments on a sexual level, where the meetings will be fiery, unforgettable and loaded with a great eroticism. Some problems will arise because of some nonsense expenses that the natives will not be able to tolerate. You will have to express your feelings more freely, live without blame and without taboos.

Health: Take care of your joints, play a sport or invite your partner to go for a walk every day. Take time for romance … daily, not just on vacation. Good day in general, watch out for the fire. No one can force you to be more loving, but you can try to be and achieve an atmosphere of calm or happiness around you that will be pleasant … and grateful for all. In self-confidence lies the secret, since you must learn to love yourself and then you will easily love others, understanding them and trying to get improvements for everyone and thus, without realizing it, the improvements will come to your life.

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