Weekly Horoscope: February 17th to 23rd, 2020

Weekly Horoscope: February 17th to 23rd, 2020

Your horoscope for the third week of this month will be considerably different from the second week of February.

Because from February 17th, the arrival of Mercury to Pisces will be responsible for giving you all kinds of news, with the possibility that during the following days, certain relationships are born, while others will be renewed.weekly horoscope february 17th to 23rd, 2020

This week you should start to pay close attention to everything that is moving around you so that you discover everything that is said behind your back. And I don’t just mean rumors about yourself, but about all work, personal and family situations, in which there is some kind of hidden information that can bring up conflicts or frictions that you had no idea about.

From the beginning of the week (and the whole month), you will be discovering secrets, receiving answers that come from the past to give you clarity and peace of mind, but also so that you can finally give some history closure and move on With a calm heart.

Although you will be receiving a lot of information, I do not suggest you make final decisions because later, the first retrograde Mercury of the year will continue to give you more news. So this week listen but don’t act.

These days Venus enters your sign and with it begins an ideal month for you to beautify yourself inside and out, so that you make that change of look, go shopping and fall in love with yourself with great force.

The month arrives with a very different agenda from January and of course, we are changing the conversation and the narrative. This is a month in which your main focus will be your social life, you will be completely devoted to socializing, planning activities with your friends and having fun as you deserve.

There is a lot of information moving in your social world, your friends, your coworkers, your networking, all these groups are buzzing news, projects, invitations, and even rumors and some other intrigue. My advice is to listen, observe and wait for ‘Mercury retro’ (coming later in the month) to show you what is true and what is not.

Use this period to have fun, to open up to meet new people, to reconnect with friendships that you have stopped seeing or that have a lot that cut off communication. Many job and personal opportunities will reach your world through your contacts.

On the weekend, Venus enters your karma zone: secrets, the past and what you hide from the world. February can bring you the visit of an ex, an encounter with someone from the past, and the need to solve a story that you left pending, but that you need to solve before feeling full on an emotional level.

Mercury (your regent), has a month planned for you full of information, meetings, negotiations, and meetings. Something that you love because you are the sign of communication and ideas in motion.

The long-term achievements, important goals and all those personal and professional projects you have in mind, go hand in hand with the work you will have to do to obtain them. We are not talking about ‘that’ that you post on your social networks but work seriously because it is something that starts from the inside. The time has come to renew you: just try to do it with caution.

You may feel a little more sociable than usual at the end of this week; This is because Venus will be with you for the next few days. You will wake up with the intention of seeing your friends, calling some schoolmates for no apparent reason (or maybe yes). It is time to meet with them and social groups that you frequent little to share your ideas. If you are single, this is a period in which love comes through your group of friends.

February has already begun; From this week you will feel a change of energy that will modify the whole panorama a lot. These days you will start receiving news, information and meetings with people who come to wake up your adventurous vein, explorer.

A new idea or proposal arrives for you to consider the option of taking a trip, going abroad for a season, opening your mind to a new philosophy, learning languages, looking for an opportunity in a new territory that until today, for you is an unexplored topic.

This same energy may be to blame for you starting to consider going back to school, taking a course or workshop, going to a spiritual retreat or specializing in a new subject. It is a month in which your mind and your heart are hungry for new experiences, adventures and taking a risk that transforms all the monotony you feel around you.

Over the weekend, Venus puts ‘more fire’ on those intentions to transform your life. A new dream, goal or ambition is presented in the form of a brilliant proposal, one that you don’t want to let go because you know it is the opportunity that you were waiting. If you are single, February can bring you an affair with a man older than you, or with a certain hierarchy; one that will seem very successful and interesting.

This week begins by bringing a lot of information that you have to pay attention to; The beginning of this transit seems to be subtle and perhaps the first thing you hear or read, it seems unimportant, but better keep that message because later you will discover that subtle, had nothing.

I tell you this because February is a month in which your mind is going to be a true detective, the energies around you will allow you to discover any mystery, inquire into the hidden side of any situation, you will even be able to understand the true ones. intentions of everyone involved in any topic that worries you.

So more than ever, trust your intuition: your sixth sense will guide you to follow the clues and give the truth of everything. This same transit will ask you to put order and assume your responsibility, that you need with your partner or partner so that the resources they share (time, money, resources, efforts) are balanced and can have a fair relationship.

The arrival of Venus in Aries will favor you for everything that has to do with the foreigner in your life, from planning a trip that you will enjoy in a big way, to returning to or starting a loving relationship with someone who is at a distance or who is It was for a while.

I think you will like to know that February is a month that will be devoted very strongly to review, heal and progress in your love life, in your love story. Starting from this week, the conversations, news, and talks revolve around what you are living in your love story.

If you are in a relationship, your boyfriend or husband is going to tell you something important: maybe some news in your environment surprises you and becomes the catalyst that drives them to build a new moment together or a new commitment.

If you are single or in a relationship that does not finish defining itself, this month will show you the reality that you have in front of you (even if it is one that you refuse to see); In mid-March, you will be making the final decision on this.

It is a week that begins to ask you to review your side of the scale, that where you put the weight of your self-esteem, your ideas about romance and the couple, the ideal you have of a relationship, as well as the type of man you attract.

On the weekend, Venus enters the area that, among other things, governs your sex life and your most passionate and wild side; This is another component that raises the temperature of your love life.

The week begins to ask you to leave behind the history of January, and you focus on that of February, which among other things, brings the beginning of a new labor stage for you, one full of opportunities for you to take your project or your career to the next level

From today, you can schedule meetings, an appointment to discuss your salary, a space for key negotiation, but also, it is up to you to move the energies and send those emails, make calls, knock on doors and let your CV or brief of your project, circulate.

While you are doing your part, also pay close attention to what is being said in your workspace, to that rumor that is already making a lot of noise, to the information that is slowly beginning to arrive, because this news will charge more and more strength throughout the month. An important decision that you are going to make in March begins to take shape this week.

Aries, is the sign that governs your life as a couple, is your complement sign. It is important to tell you that Venus enters Aries this weekend. So the whole month is for you to focus on beautifying your relationship and your love life. If you are single, then you should know that many opportunities come to meet someone who resonates with what you vibrate from your self-esteem.

You are a passionate woman: your sign lives and understands the world from its passions and is not afraid to come into contact with them, even with the lowest, dark or ‘forbidden’. If I start this horoscope talking about your passions, it is because as of this week, the astrological stage will start to move with force.

February is a month that comes to give you the motivation you need to reconnect with everything that makes you vibrate, which turns your heart on and that unleashes your creativity. News, information and even a message can become that spark that invites you to resume a project, a hobby and even a relationship that you love.

On the weekend, Venus enters your work zone, professional life, and job growth. This planet is love, but also money and treasures, so connect with your inner businesswoman and become the CEO with whom your parents wanted you to marry.

The whole month will require you to listen to your family and all those situations at home that gradually begin to make more and more noise. Starting this week, a time of moving, changes in family dynamics and much important news that you need to discuss with the people you live begins.

Your roomies, your partner, your children or your parents, all of them are part of your family world: your talks with them will be gaining strength throughout the month. This can lead you to make important decisions, especially if any of them need you nearby …

It is an ideal period to renovate your home, decorate your spaces, feel homely and embrace everything that gives you roots, it is a season in which you connect with the Martha Stewart who lives in you.

The arrival of Venus in Aries puts a lot of fire in your heart and allows you to use your creative talent to generate beauty, harmony and even money, so take advantage of these weeks. The same if you are single and looking for a new relationship: February is the month of love for your sign.

From this same week, February already begins to work all its plans with you, starting by opening the communication channels in your world. This will help you reflect on more important issues that will be announced during the following weeks. It is time to think about what you say and how you articulate it.

These days you will begin to open the doors you want through calls, messages, meetings, talks, etc. It is time that you join your ideas to those of someone who understands and values them because you can take everything you are visualizing in your mind to the next level – although sometimes it is hard for you to believe it.

It is time to market your projects, to share the world with the vision that characterizes you and makes you unique. So talk, express yourself and also listen to what they tell you, because throughout this week (and throughout the month), your ability to read between the lines will be much more developed.

Your family life becomes a reason for harmony and beauty. You can discover with many intentions to spend time at home enjoying the company of your partner, your family or your friends. You may want to organize a dinner, re-decorate a space or move to a place that makes you happier … the options are endless.

You start the month with the door open for all your efforts to focus on your work, financial or professional project. This week you can start to feel that everything around you is aligned so that you can take firm and well-directed steps to grow your heritage.

Maybe you are from the Aquarius who is starting a business, or maybe you are one of those who are looking for professional growth, applying for a vacancy that excites you or negotiating a raise. Whatever your scenario, the whole month will help you perfect the strategy and achieve the best success for you.

Be the patient daughter of Uranus, do not be anxious, especially since later Mercury is going to “retrograde” in this same area of your letter (and the plans will slow down). The moment of the final decision comes until March, so keep your head cool: focus on the long-term strategy.

The arrival of Venus to Aries this week gives you an excellent season for you to make winning negotiations and to enchant whoever you need with your words. Either on a professional or personal level; It is a season in which you are captivating, so take advantage of it to conquer who you need.

What a month you have in front! Starting this week, the full astrological energies start shouting at you to focus, to focus on you and to connect strongly with your self-esteem, your image, your plans, and projects.

This week, Mercury enters Pisces and brings a full agenda for your sign. The first thing he will do is bring you news and information that have to do with you, with what is said about you, but it will also show you the reflection of the energy you use as a mask in front of the world. The image that you have built is going to show you results and you will know everything you should celebrate, but also, what you need to continue working.

Your projects, your lifestyle, the whole world wants to talk about you so you can focus on the woman you are, but above all, on which you want to be from here. The whole month you have the reflector on top, so take advantage of this transit in your favor, rather than acting, open to listen and plan. The time to move your chips will be after your birthday.

This weekend, Venus enters your area of money, finance, and heritage. So this is the month you need to take advantage of to put a few zeros in your savings account, negotiate an increase, make an important purchase or invest in something.

I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.