Weekly Horoscope for 11th to 17th October 2021

Weekly Horoscope for 11th to 17th October 2021

This week you are going to take the bull by the horns. If there are communication problems between you and your partner, you will do everything and more to bring them down. You want to bet on the most authentic version of your relationship, even if you have to say painful words.

You will be able to find a job. Thus, the unemployed native will have to be rogue to knock on many doors; The more times you ring the bell, the easier it will be to be invited in. Chronic problems will improve thanks to innovative treatments. If what your doctor tells you doesn’t convince you, he asks for a second opinion.weekly horoscope for 11th to 17th october 2021

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This week, friendships can be confused with love for the native of Taurus, and more, if you are in a single state. You will begin to see someone you have known for a long time with different eyes, or you will see how a cordial relationship naturally evolves into something that cannot yet be labeled.

Things get a little more difficult in your work environment. You want to promote some changes, there are things you could do better. You will have very good willpower, and you will know how to remove from your life those things that reduce your well-being.

Discovering the benefits of your home life will open a new form of dialogue with your loved ones. You will feel that respect for the values of your family of origin brings emotional security to your life.

Those natives who have their job secure this week will be put to the test and will have to show how good it is to have their presence in the company. For this week you will be inspired to take care of all your health care habits.

It is often said that wanting is synonymous with power. And this week, Cancer, you will do great things that you have always wanted, because within you there is a great magnetism, a personal power that makes your wishes come true with ease.

At work, you will have good initiatives, and you will be an ace at detecting opportunities to progress within your sector. Give rest the importance it deserves. Remember that in many cases the best thing just before going to sleep is to do some intense sports activity (although others benefit from a good bath).

The week that begins very romantic, goes into a low love desire and the weekend resurfaces with all its splendor. Avoid making drastic decisions in this area. The bachelor will play at being a gold digger.

The work project in which you are investing your time will not give you the benefits you expected. Your actions regarding money will be impulsive, whether it is purchases or lending money, both are doomed to failure or purchasing loss. Evenly, most of the week it will have a sad halo, but on the weekend you shine again.

You feel much freer to love this week; you have put away some guilt, and you understand that secret romances lead nowhere because the most beautiful thing is to be able to shout from the rooftops that you are in love.

There are important decisions to be made, so think carefully over the next few days as to which box you are going to advance professionally. The mistakes in this life pay dearly or are impossible to correct. Some will face stress or anxiety problems; then you will have to remember that the problems of the world are not solved by filling the stomach.

Love will be on the side of the Libras this week, putting them against the ropes so that they can take that final step that they have so hard to take. If you do, you will have new and very stimulating experiences.

At work, you will be asked to improve your communication skills with others, but at the same time, the time has also come to empower yourself. You must find the right balance between taking command and being a diplomat. Physically, you will feel fine, except for a respiratory problem, which once again will lead you to investigate its emotional origins.

Scorpio, take the hopeful feelings of starting a new path in your relationship with your partner and use this time to evaluate how much your attitude has changed and if it is necessary to make any adjustments that will lead you to a better form of relationship.

The stars incentivize you to continue with your undertakings or tasks even if they seem tedious or repetitive. For this week the health of the children of Pluto will be stable if they allow themselves to recognize their angry thoughts and hidden anger

You will have three slogans: intensity, passion, and fun. Whether it’s to improve the relationship you already have or to find a new one, your creativity and drive are maximized by the Astros.

In the professional field, it will be a very active week, where you will only have to be careful not to fall into excess confidence if you want to achieve success. Drive safely, but always keep your feet on the ground. On a physical level, you will not suffer from any major ailment or disease, and if you go through an uncomfortable moment, you will overcome it quickly.

Venus in the gentle and discreet sign of Virgo lends strength to your desires for love and harmony within the couple. The new moon in your professional success zone will give you great possibilities to start a new path in your work life. It is time to sow the seeds that will lead you to shape your dreams. You should not stop addressing issues that concern you about joint pain or problems that you feel you have been dragging for months.

They will have a unique opportunity to solve problems in relationships. A sense of humor, affection, and physical contact will help you get closer to your partner.

Professionally, what will stand out the most this week will be your inventiveness. Your creativity will be what opens the doors to many new job opportunities, both within your company and in other markets. It will be a generally good week for your physical health. On an emotional level, you will also receive a lot of valuable information through dreams. Your intuition will awaken.

There is a risk of infidelity. It could be that they betray you, or that you are the one who comments on the betrayal. The single person will want to find his ideal partner and will embark on a search for someone perfect.

In the workplace, the pace will slow down due to your mental fatigue (especially if your tasks are routine). If your profession is related to computing this week you will have a lot of work and new clients. The new Moon in Libra begins a 6-month period in which you can transform from your foundations to be who you want to be.