Weekly Horoscope for 1st to 7th November 2021

Weekly Horoscope for 1st to 7th November 2021

Check the 12 signs of the zodiac in our horoscope, where you will be able to know what awaits you in money, in love, in luck, and at work, as well as other important predictions for you.

This week you may have to, with the good Aries that you are, face some challenges with courage. You are undecided and you are trying to buy time. Perhaps you have had two professional proposals that interest you and you have to make a decision now. Or maybe it is a loving choice. But here, it is probably your future wife/husband who must choose. Work or love, you have to decide now because neither will wait for long. Obstacles you’ve been ignoring could reappear on your way. You should be careful with your reactions. You better avoid taking things lightly. The difficulties that you are going through and that are undermining your self-esteem, are not going to disappear, just like that.weeekly horoscope 1st to 8th november 2021

This week could be perfect for reaching agreements or signing contracts of all kinds. So if some Taurus are thinking of partnering with someone in business, now might be a perfect time. You’re good to go, provided you’ve done your research on it. Whatever the subject of the contract, you can’t go wrong. But keep in mind that it can also be a love contract at the highest level and is called a wedding. Your inspiration is going to be unlimited. If you like music, you will want to play an instrument. If it’s singing that attracts you, this is the perfect time for you to sing. Let your emotions lead the dance. Many times you repress your feelings. Instead, try to express them to free yourself from that emotional flow.

This week is going to be an early Valentine for Gemini. Watch your email and under no circumstances lose sight of your mobile because the surprise could be considerable. It may be an old acquaintance whom you have not seen for so long that you will be moved. But it could also be a love letter from someone you’ve recently met. If you are not married or do not have a stable partner, you might think that your woman/man is in no hurry to be married or to formalize a situation, since she will try to avoid looking you directly in the eyes of her. But, you may be in for a big surprise … or not. But if it happens, try to stay calm and collected.

This week you could benefit from the advice of other Cancerians. Usually, you are the one who gives your opinion to the people around you. But the roles will be distributed differently. Above all, do not try to fight against anything or anyone, because the advice they will give you will save you from making bad choices. Or maybe a friend of yours has some advice for you about your love doubts. Either way, don’t forget to open your ears wide. You want to impress your partners with your bright ideas. A new program may have sprung up in your mind. However, your talent could run into some setbacks, reluctant colleagues, a skeptical boss … Don’t be offended, they may just have other things to do right now.

This week is probably not the ideal week for some Leos to openly express the resentments they have built up towards certain people. You are a little tense and you take things a little too personally. For God’s sake, don’t be angry if the other person doesn’t agree to see the truth as it is. Be patient. Let reason guide you and not your feelings. The generous nature of these days will allow you to think clearly about your problems without being disturbed by their emotional side. Better take a brain itinerary to understand what you must do to smooth out the rough edges that make you stumble on the road of life.

Sometimes you are too passive and resigned in your emotional life. Most likely, this is an excessive and dangerous attitude of Virgos, because all beings need to validate their emotions with their loved ones. Even if you hate conflict and so-called serious conversations, you shouldn’t go too far this week. If you do, you should know that you are exposing yourself to even less pleasant retaliation. Don’t panic if you notice your mind racing. You will have plenty of intellectual energy and enough ideas to keep you busy. You should let your life as a couple benefit from your sparks of genius. In the coming weeks, you will have plenty of time to make your projects come true.

This week you will find yourself lost in your thoughts and having a hard time concentrating. As a good Libra, you could be wondering who could be your partner or your ideal woman/man. And, in addition, you dream of winning the first prize of the Primitiva and the Euromillion to buy a convertible and a large villa by the sea. But you should try to get some work done. Economic contingencies can quickly call you to more practical considerations. You will also feel great confidence in yourself, as well as an unexpected surge of anger. Maybe it’s because you’ve finally received good news. After a difficult period, your love life and professional life improve. Take advantage of these moments of satisfaction and rest. You deserve to be happy.

You should spend more time with the people you love because the week lends itself to it for Scorpios. If you are single, have fun with your friends. If you have started a family, take the opportunity to develop motivating projects in which everyone can get involved. Do not do everything alone, share the tasks so that everyone participates and deserves to receive their reward. At this point, you should make way for novelty. The time has come for you to free yourself both physically and mentally. If you are tired of doing the same thing over and over again, feel free to try and jump into a different activity. Your imagination drives you to constantly search to discover an unknown world. Let this wish guide you through these days.

Like all Sagittarians, sometimes you feel able to probe others or explore their deepest emotions only by listening carefully or following your hunches. However, your shyness and fragility also prevent you from being realistic in your social and professional relationships. One piece of advice, pay close attention to yourself. Do not let yourself be guided only by your feelings, give proof of your ability to discern. You may feel a little lonely this week. You are passionate and have a lot of love to give. The mood these days is going to be all sensuality and sweetness. As you continue this move, you should affirm your realism and lay a solid foundation rather than being distracted by your dreams.

This week your mood seems to be a bit unstable both for you and for some Capricorns. This is undoubtedly due to a passing feeling of worthlessness. More than ever you feel that mysterious mixture within you, which, at the same time, is elegant and sensual. But above all, let yourself go. On the other hand, you will feel floating on a cloud of happiness and fulfillment. You will feel a very strong and renewed attraction for your partner and, if you are alone at this moment, you may have a passionate encounter with someone. The great complicity and closeness of your mind and your sensitivity to a being of flesh and blood are undoubtedly what will dominate these days.

This is a good time for Aquarians to make some decisions. You have to choose between two love relationships because the truth is that these two people attract you a lot. One of them has the profile of the ideal companion. Search your heart, as it will dictate what you have to do. You should pay more attention to your loved ones. They may hide the truth from you, or they may not open very easily. Even if they don’t speak to you, be aware of their difficulties and deal with them. If you are single, don’t be discouraged. Rather, you should think of all those people who live as a couple and who feel very lonely and unhappy because they do not receive the slightest attention from the other person.

This week the Pisces will find you particularly serene and with the ability to manage your emotions. In your case and if the opportunity arises, you will have all the interest in the world in directing an ambitious project and using your professional skills. Do not be afraid of failure, you have the best cards to succeed. But the determining factor will be your own will and, above all, your desire to bet on a project with substance. It is up to you to determine what your priorities are. Also, some memories could surface. You will surely wonder what is happening to you. Perhaps you have stored within yourself some emotions that deserve to be expressed. Do not reject them. Now is the time to let them out so that you can keep moving forward in your life.

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