Weekly Horoscope for 20th to 26th September 2021

Weekly Horoscope for 20th to 26th September 2021

What does the weekly horoscope hold for you? Check the 12 signs of the zodiac in our horoscope, where you will be able to know what awaits you in money, in love, in luck, and at work, as well as other important predictions for you

The planet Venus is very overturned with the loves of Aries in these coming days. Thanks to its influence (and your good bearing, it must be said) you will achieve good clarity in your relationships, even in the most complicated ones.weeky horoscope for 20th to 26th september 2021


Even if there are people who assure you that they are getting rich with digital businesses, it is better not to invest your capital if your ambition is proportional to your ignorance.

Your desire to achieve good health goals will pay off, but you have to continue to take care of yourself. Combine sports practice with adequate rest.

Despite your love of approaching things objectively and whatever the topic is being addressed, there comes a time when you need to take the risk of your involvement. You undoubtedly have a very high level of information and thousands of citations or references for you to use to develop your speech.

But that is not always enough for you to say what you are thinking. On the other hand, this week you should combine love with originality. If you do, the person you are attracted to will be sensitive to putting a little eccentricity in her life and it will change her appreciation of your character and your person.

You notice around you a tendency to lack communication, and also to tension. You can shout to the sky and make everything more convulsive, or on the contrary, double your efforts to fill all your love stories with light.

Try to be attentive this week to those colleagues who you know want you badly. As soon as you make a mistake, they will try to put you on the ropes and will hit your weakest points.

You will also feel very comfortable in the aquatic environment, the feeling of weightlessness of swimming can be attractive to you.

This week, old passions threaten to surface. Your oldest love memories can come back to your memory, stories of when you went to university, first nights of drinking … Maybe you analyze how your love has been in recent times. You will also wonder what happened to the love of your life.

Do not regret what has ended. What you have experienced has enriched you and has helped you to live the present with more intensity. You are a sincere and devoted friend. You are always ready to come to the aid of the underprivileged to bring them love and comfort. But you may get the feeling that someone is trying to take advantage of you, so be careful and keep your eyes peeled.

Venus continues to bring a tone of sweetness to the communication although the dramatic tone may be exaggerated and you may need to moderate your tendency to speak for others so as not to overwhelm your partner.

It will be based on the speed of your mind that you achieve everything that you have committed to achieving. Do not stop in front of the unknown, if you feel fear facing it will give you greater strength.

There is a lot to change in your life Gemini, you have some harmful habits and that may lead to health problems.

This week it will be very difficult to focus on things. Diffuse energy immerses you in loving thoughts. You may find yourself letting your mind wander, while your thoughts turn to a person you have recently met. On the other hand, you may feel overwhelmed by a curious feeling of insecurity.

You are afraid, but you have no idea where that fear comes from. It could be fear of being rejected or losing something very dear to you or also of failing. Take the time you need to analyze this feeling of insecurity and find a way to make it go away.

You try to get no one into your thoughts, you put a big barrier on yourself, but it won’t be enough. You will learn that constantly controlling your emotions causes you to miss beautiful things in life.

Often you do not even know what day you are, or if you are taking the right path or on the contrary, you have deviated. The family conciliation will make life difficult for you at work, but it is a matter of making good schedules and sticking to them rigorously.

Do you usually eat your nails? It is an uncivil gesture that can cause various diseases, and also damages your teeth.

This week love has a date with you, but think that it could come from the place you least expect it. One piece of advice, don’t forget that tenderness is also very necessary for you. Your big heart reminds you of that, but Cupid expects you to be brave and proud when it comes to love.

This will be the signal you receive, as soon as things affect passion, you can move forward with complete confidence. The truth hurts a lot. Your honesty and frankness are your great merits. But you should be careful and not abuse too much, because you could hurt some sensibilities. The ambivalence of your sign makes you hate both hurting and lying.

You will have a spiritual and sensual magnetism that your partner will not be able to resist. A friend or colleague will start to see you with different eyes and will become a secret admirer.

Your intuition and creativity will be enhanced. Projects that you consider boring will transform them into something fun and novel. Wednesday is the best day for negotiations and investments as the profit margin will open. Your vibration will be so high that it is very likely that you will experience some paranormal phenomenon.

You must take special care of your cardiovascular health. Control the intake of foods with bad cholesterol and go for a walk.

It’s surprising that you still don’t know what you want in love. You are an idealist and therefore tend to fantasize about perfect love. You should know that love sometimes rhymes with effort. At this point, you would be willing to give up everything because times are tough.

You feel that the current challenge is to be more tender and clearer when communicating. Do not be afraid when working on this aspect, even if it is a sensitive matter. You wonder lately if your self-love hasn’t suffered enough already. If so, this week you should take steps to repair the situation. Life’s trials make it difficult to have self-confidence.

The presence of the planet Venus in your sky today will favor love projects and will drive away anyone who approaches you with unlawful intentions. Nobody will be able to give you a pig for a hare!

Everything will be quite satisfactory in your business, there will be little room for improvisation and you will be able to clean up your accounts, at least in a good part. The expenses will be quickly offset by the income of money.

This week keep an eye on your limbs, which could give you trouble. And try to radically eliminate alcohol consumption, nothing quenches your thirst like water!

Give your partner the freedom they want, but at the same time make sure you pay enough attention to them. Balance is, of course, difficult to find, but you have the means to achieve it. Throughout the week this is going to be your main concern and, if you are not careful enough, distances could be created in the closest relationships. Approach the situation with great caution and tact.

In case of conflict between your intuition and your logic, bet on the former. You should know that it will be difficult for you to make the right decision. If you only listen to your feelings, you could end up sacrificing your job, going broke, and throwing the problems of the whole city on your back. Follow your heart, but be realistic.

These last days of September Libra, you will have to avoid by all means arguing with your partner. It would be a shame if an argument spoiled the good time you are going through.

At work, it will be a week of hard work and effort where the results will be expected. However, there will also be opportunities to increase your income if you know how to hunt them.

Taking care of your being becomes the primary objective at this time, so find a way to balance your spirits and find a suitable path for yourself.

You could certainly feel that this week the problems that affect love and tenderness are out of place. A great surge of tension could be threatening to arise from nowhere. Something is preventing you from finding the right balance. Remember, life doesn’t always go the way you want it to. The competition that starts will make you that much stronger in the future.

You will also be a little nervous. If you have a bad feeling or if you are not entirely sure about the decision you are going to make in a certain situation, you should go calmly and not draw too hasty conclusions. Think calmly about where the origin of this apprehension may be. You should also take the time to think things over because running doesn’t make any sense.

Changes come from the good and the bad and if you are a scorpion you know well that everything is learned and evolves, just like the phoenix you will be renewed this season by the astral energy.

Money will be the center of your mind this week, but it will be in a different way, with optimism and creativity that can lead you to a time of unmatched progress.

Exercising daily can help you clear your mind of so many thoughts that do not serve your integrity at all.

This week could be full of good results. If last month you had the feeling that you were moving forward and that few things were resisting you, it is not impossible that now you are reaping the last fruits of your actions, both professionally and emotionally. After that, you will surely have to prepare to take a little break, because the atmosphere is going to change.

In addition, the environment that you are going to breathe should be more than good in everything that has to do with your love life. But behind this apparent serenity, something could be hidden … Therefore, you should have a serious conversation with your partner. Without a doubt, there is a matter that it would be best if you spoke immediately.

This week will be very favorable for the single natives of the sign. If you follow your intuition, you will make the most of the good fortune the Astros bring you. They are likely to be part of several love affairs.

In the professional field, you will be focused on achieving your goals, especially those related to greater economic benefits. You will count for it with the help of the favorable planets on your sign.

In health, if we combine physical and mental well-being, it could be said that it will be a very lucky week in both aspects.

This week is going to be full of doubts, questions, and confrontation. If you are adept at meditation, feel free to prolong it as long as you can. Look around you, you will surely see amazing examples of variations of humor, of joys that precede disappointments and vice versa; in short, an excellent palette of human behavior.

On the side of your love life, it seems that not everything is going the best of ways. If you are involved in a story that is beginning, you may be waiting for your new love to overflow in displays of affection and to make you the most intimate confidences. So you should assume that this person expects the same from you.

You will not easily forget this week, perhaps one of the best of the year. The Moon in your sign from Thursday will balance the energy that Mars emits from the sign of Aries and will propose a simpler and calmer astral climate to approach love relationships.

The natives who are looking for a new job have charitable energies on Friday. Many will receive news of inheritances, bequests, and gifts.

Staying attentive to your needs will give a guarantee of well-being. Moments of silence and contact with your feelings will add a dose of health.

There are times when you have to learn to put things in perspective. Perhaps throughout this week, you will have to face the difficulty of earning the recognition and appreciation of someone very important to you. There is no need to dramatize, that would only lead to a melancholy state. It may simply be an opportunity to think of an activity that would regenerate the fire of your inner emotions.

Some events have caused things not to combine as you expected and your idea of the ideal relationship is not fulfilled in practice. Don’t forget that compromises are sometimes necessary because people always need to adjust their hopes and limits.

This week there will be two types of Aquarius, those who are on the verge of a love breakup and those who go headlong into romantic encounters. Only you know which one you identify with.

Professionally, you can expect great things, novelties are imposed, new ways of advertising your business arrive, you consider making changes in your workplace.

On the other hand, the emotional field is where you go to work the most. Whether you want it or not, you will begin to become aware of everything that is in your mind, conscious or unconscious.

It would be useless for you to try to rationalize the atmosphere this week. Rather, you should let yourself be carried away by it, to better feel from the inside the deep and powerful emotional currents, which probably come from the past. It is not necessary to control them because you run the risk of somatizing everything.

The love chapter does not seem to be going very well. Your propensity to calculate everything and plan everything could well be put to the test by absolutely unforeseen elements. So stop turning everything into a catastrophe when you hadn’t foreseen anything. Instead, you should view the unforeseen as opportunities. Take advantage of what you have at the moment you have it and accept that your ideas can change.

You will want to spend time in the privacy of your home, enjoying the love and affection of your partner and family. A single person can find love if he can open up and leave past hurts behind.

Being critical and objective with your decisions will help you to be a better professional. You will look for solutions to work the right hours but to be able to pay off your debts.

You will need to connect with your essence and for this, the best thing is meditation. You will be exposed to a stomach virus. To prevent this, we recommend eating foods such as natural yogurt or kefir.

It is said about you that it is a pleasure to be with you and listen to you since you have a lot of talent to please the people around you. But these days you are not going to want to please anyone, not even talk. The same is that there is a secret locked inside you that no longer wants to play hide and seek. You will feel some discomfort with something related to your life as a couple.

Throughout this week, you might wonder if the person you share your life with also shares your aspirations. Of course, you don’t say amen to everything you do and that’s good because it shows you have character. Their criticisms are often constructive. But you wonder if he looks in the same direction as you.