Weekly Horoscope Libra From February 27 to March 5, 2017

Horoscope Libra weekly From February 27 to March 5, 2017

Work: With the labor obligations will be a bit lazy and distracted. Try not to get away from your job or neglect serious business. Practice getting rid of the negative thinking that leads you to consider others less and to try to make everyone think like you, is not a good way, is not progressive or naturally correct.

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If you have enough self-confidence you do not need others to be like you, because you know that you will be loved as it is. If he manages to be sincere and authentic, and to love himself for what he is, he will finally accept himself and be able to love others as they are. If you have a trade-related activity you will have some drawbacks. Try to protect yourself and do not sign anything.

Love: Singles will bow to friendships rather than love. In already ingrained couples will be presented good communication and a very good sex, despite this there will be a small tension that distressed them. It will strengthen the bonds of love for the young, so you must put aside your fears to get close to the person you like. The Moon is protecting these natives, so they should not fear rejection. Discussions on married couples will become constant and couples will form quite rare. Anyway this new way of relating will be different but it will not be negative.

Health: You will continue to suffer emotional ups and downs and you will go through rather unstable moods, being careful that this can badly affect your digestion and cause you very upsetting disorders, all due to the nerves. It will initiate important movements to solve inconveniences of own health or others, that are born in the past, it will be necessary to open its heart and to leave aside old fears that will not take it anywhere. Advance your projects to recover the health for yourself and your relatives. A timely check-up will save you more than one headache and you will be able to overcome the difficulties as much information as you have.

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