Weekly Horoscope: March 2nd to 8th, 2020

Weekly Horoscope: March 2nd to 8th, 2020

What do the stars hold for a week? Check the forecast of the 12 signs of the zodiac in our weekly horoscope, where you can know what awaits you in money, in love, in luck and at work, as well as other important predictions for you.

The moon grows in its sign this week after the moon in the sign of Pisces. The planet Mars ruler of Aries, in Taurus, loosens tensions and anxieties. Uranus entering Taurus and leaving his sign releases his nervous system and gives them more peace and stability. These are times to review what mobilizes them, what motivates them and if doing more is what they want. Perhaps it is not time to consume all your energy, but to have strategies to delegate and release control and have more personal spaces and times to enjoy and give entity to the body and rest. Mercury retrograde in Pisces makes you come into deep contact with yourself and your emotions. To submerge! Do not be afraid to lose a little control and get carried away. Read Full Aries Money and Luck Horoscope this Week of March 2020weekly horoscope: march 2nd to 8th, 2020

The moon passes through Taurus this week and Uranus enters its sign as well and will remain there for many years. A strong phase of change begins for you, and being a fixed sign, they don’t like that concept very much. Change is something that frightens them because it forces them to leave the areas they know, even if they no longer fill them out, and even if they are exhausted, they feel that this surely gives them stability. There are years of breaking strong paradigms, especially in the field of food, finance, and economics. The moon will bring a lot of emotionality and connection with the internal compass, and Mercury retrograde asks them to reflect deeply before acting. Venus, their ruler, in Aquarius, gives them more connection with freedom and with the desire to love in less possessive ways. Mars, in its sign, empowers them. They are very mobilized, bullfighting, take advantage! Read Full Taurus Money and Luck Horoscope this Week of March 2020

Regent, Mercury, begins his retrogradation phase in Pisces the same day of the new moon. Moment of deep reflection and connect more holistically with thoughts integrating emotions. If everything goes through a mental plane, emotions can be excluded, and in doing so, we run the risk that emotions are expressed through some symptoms, as long as they are heard. March starts asking for decisions, and the decisions are taken from deep emotion and an open heart will be the ones that work out. This new moon in Pisces and the entry of Uranus in Taurus are conducive to open new financial channels by the hand of spirituality, and with voice and writing as banners. Read Full Gemini Money and Luck Horoscope this Week of March 2020

New moon week in Pisces. As the moon is its natural ruler, it confers a lot of energy. In this case, they are good times to work spirituality, the connection with your Higher Self and with your deepest unconscious. They are times to heal deeply and above all to review inherited patterns where they always sacrifice for others. The attitude of total surrender to the other leads them to neglect and forget their desires, and it is time to prioritize a little more. On the other hand, Uranus entering Taurus pushes them to changes in food and financial management, it is time to give more value to their work. Read Full Cancer Money and Luck Horoscope this Week of March 2020

The Sun, its ruler, will be in exact conjunction with Neptune this week while the moon is also armed. This conjunction gives you a lot of intuition and a lot of connection with aspects of yourself that you have been forgetting. Many times the impatience and anxiety they suffer disconnects them from the reasons they act and this conjunction makes them stop, silence and explore motives. You may realize that many of the things you continue to do are meaningless, lacking in depth or simply, they no longer resonate with you today. Deep times and changes. Uranus in Taurus, on the fixed axis to which they belong, will force changes and will leave places that no longer have anything to offer them. Read Full Leo Money and Luck Horoscope this Week of March 2020

Its ruler, Mercury, begins its retrogradation phase in its opposite sign, Pisces, while the moon is also armed. A lot of intuitive energy that favors them awaits in the sky since they tend to over-analyze everything (rationally) and this will compensate them. The entrance of Uranus in Taurus, a related sign of land, gives them a push to go out to offer their knowledge and to undertake, giving value to what they do, increasing material resources and why not, freeing themselves financially from little too rigid and prison jobs. They are very wise, but sometimes they do not give themselves enough courage, it is time to restore their self-esteem and raise it. Read Full Virgo Money and Luck Horoscope this Week of March 2020

Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in an affine air sign, Aquarius. Relationships change, and there are more desires for personal spaces and more desire to circulate, to move, to connect with friends, long talks and trips, even short breaks, to renew the air and energy. The new moon in Pisces makes them want to be near the sea or spaces with water, to purify and detoxify. The entrance of Uranus in Taurus injects them with energy and more clarity. The doubts that usually appear may be clarified and there will be less analysis and returns. Read Full Libra Money and Luck Horoscope this Week of March 2020

The new moon in a related sign of water, Pisces, gives them more depth and clarity and is a good time to sow change intentions. Energy is also conducive to letting go of old resentments and embedded or fixed feelings towards people of the past. Dismissing, growing, moving forward, releasing and sending light will be very evolutionary and healing. The entrance of Uranus in Taurus, its opposite sign, brings them unexpected situations of change or changes of plans. Embracing unforeseen events will be of great growth, since, as annoying as they may be, they will open new paths to follow. Mars, also in its opposite, Taurus, gives them strength and dynamic and decisive character. Read Full Scorpio Money and Luck Horoscope this Week of March 2020

The new moon in Pisces, which reconnects them with spirituality in a new way. You may feel the call to take a Bioenergetic course, or to take Reiki sessions or even a regression to past lives. Anything that connects them with the subtle and etheric can be a great help in self-knowledge. Mercury retrograde in Pisces will slow down the mental activity and connect them with other planes and sensations, and the entrance of Uranus in Taurus will help them to reconnect with the body and its needs. Read Full Sagittarius Money and Luck Horoscope this Week of March 2020

A week with many cosmic moves. The novice in Pisces softens them, gives them more connection with their spirituality and their intuition. It softens the mandate, responsibility, and desire to exercise control over everything that surrounds them. Mercury retrograde in Pisces also connects them with other more artistic mental processes. Suddenly they want to paint, or sing, or sign up for a course in Tarot or photography. The entrance of Uranus in Taurus, a related sign of land, for several years, will connect them with enjoyment and change the way they earn or manage money and finances. Embrace the changes! Read Full Capricorn Money and Luck Horoscope this Week of March 2020

His regent, Uranus, enters Taurus, where he will remain for many years. Taurus is a land sign of the fixed axis, to which they belong, and will allow them to return to the body. You make a lot of identity in the mind, in ideas, in mental analysis and production, and many times you forget to slow down and connect with the day to day and the present moment. This income will help you return to yourself from the physical and financial. On the other hand, the moon gives them more connection with their emotions and with their more subtle part, revelations and decisions may arise that are not so rational but more connected with the heart. Read Full Aquarius Money and Luck Horoscope this Week of March 2020

The new moon in its sign this week, while Neptune, its ruler, touches the Sun in exact conjunction. On the other hand, Mercury, in its sign, begins its retrogradation phase. New channels are awakened and some decisions made with the heart are reinforced. The vocational course of the year is defined and they are willing to make strong decisions and bet on some changes that have been delayed. Uranus entering Taurus makes them more practical and connected with the subject, and gives them more financial and economic wisdom. It is time to give importance to growth and expansion and they need intelligence to handle numbers and empower themselves. Read Full Pisces Money and Luck Horoscope this Week of March 2020