Weekly Horoscope May 16th to 22nd, 2022

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Do not trust that boss who is so nice to you, Aries. It is better to keep him at a distance. Suffering for money is over, Taurus, and you will also regain the desire to have fun. It is time to learn to deal with technological innovations, Gemini. They will help you progress.


You are now super energetic, Cancer, and this is good in the workplace and not so much in the sentimental one. Very interesting week, Leo, very positive to start a commercial activity on your own. If work stress puts you in a bad mood, Virgo, don’t take it out on your guy. Lift your spirits, Libra, and you can take advantage of a fantastic opportunity.

Excellent week in love, Scorpio, you will really enjoy this new stage. Do not tolerate anyone teasing you, Sagittarius. Very positive week, Capricorn, your sentimental relationship is the only weak point, do not be controlling. Now you can get that job you wanted, Aquarius, reflect before deciding. Fantastic week in the sentimental field, Pisces, your efforts were worth it.


Take advantage of these days when you have your sensitivity and intuition at their peak. Aries You will be able to see clearly what you have to do at all times. You will see this, especially in the workplace, because you will clearly see the true intentions of someone who is above you and who has always shown you consideration and has been kind to you. It was just a pose. In fact, he envies you and will never really do anything that could favor you professionally.

It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Don’t go against him but don’t beat the shit out of him either because he doesn’t deserve it. If they offer you an investment, rest assured that it will be successful, but the profits may take longer than expected and you are not here to shoot rockets in the economic aspect now. This is precisely the reason why there is a lot of tension in your love relationship. Money is always a source of friction and conflict. Express what you feel and listen to your partner. Improve communication and you can overcome it.


In the labor field, Taurus, this week you will have encouraging news. Now you will know that your way of carrying out the work is valued and that they count on you to participate in a new project that will excite you a lot. It will still take a while to get going, but you will have the satisfaction from today and this will make you go every day with renewed enthusiasm.

Convince yourself that efforts always have their reward. You can also be happy because these days a person from your social environment will give you the guidelines for your economy to come out afloat. No more suffering for the money, now you can optimize your resources thanks to these tips. In love, you can get a good surprise after the difficult times you’ve been through lately.

Your partner may have broken up your relationship and this filled you with sadness and anguish. You thought you could not recover, but now you see that you have recovered and you want to go out and have fun again.


You are finally becoming aware that these outbursts of temper that you have from time to time cause you problems in all areas, Gemini. It is time to control this aspect of your character. You will get it and immediately you will notice the good vibrations around you.

If you have a company, a store or another type of business, you may be a little confused by the amount of technological innovations. You feel that it overwhelms you and you are a little reluctant to make an effort to learn. This week a person will cross your life who will make you see how important this renewal is and who will help you understand those things in which you have difficulties.

You will be amazed at your own ability when you reach this optimum level of understanding. In the love field, you will realize much to your regret, that your relationship has been going through a crisis for some time. You had not wanted to see it but reality has imposed itself. You are still in time to try to redirect the situation.


The energy comes out of all your pores, Cancer, and now you will be able to carry out any task. An excellent week in the workplace awaits you. You have always done your job in pursuit of excellence. You also have an inclusive character, who seeks good relationships with both your superiors and your colleagues. However, these merits had not been recognized until now.

But these days a person of power who has recently arrived at the company will know how to recognize it and reward you. In the field of love, you will live an experience as a result of this energetic moment that makes you believe that you are going to take over the world. If you have been in a relationship for a long time these days someone may appear who completely dazzles you.

You may consider breaking up with everything, risking yourself to try it with this person. Before making a decision, reflect, because there will be no going back and you could regret it a lot. This sudden infatuation could bring you problems of all kinds.


You have a very interesting week ahead of you, Leo, with a lot of work and also some tension. You are striving so that the results of what you have in hand are perfect, but among your colleagues, you arouse certain envy and some even try to boycott your work.

Stay focused on yours and don’t worry. Time will put everyone in their place. In addition, these days, you could have the opportunity to start a project that excites you and on which you have been working for years. It is also an excellent week to start a business on your own. The stars protect you now in the economic field and will provide you with the necessary means. Everything squares.

In love, you are not going through your best moment in your relationship. You realize that all this, both the part of the work that overwhelms you and the good news about your project, you cannot share with your partner because they do not pay you any attention. Ask yourself if it’s worth going ahead with it.


It’s about time, Virgo, for you to let go of those resentments you hold for things that happened a long time ago. Now it is convenient for you to reconcile with family and friends with whom you had stopped having contact. Approach these people because in a short time you will feel happy to have overcome the grudge and to have approached them again.

In the workplace, get ready for a very intense week, although you are more willing than ever to make an effort. A superior will notice your good disposition and will take you into account for a change of category. You will not know right now because this will happen later. But have every confidence that it will.

The negative side is that this overload of work and responsibilities will make you not in the best mood and this can harm your partner, who begins to tire of your somewhat angry reactions when you disagree with something. You can redirect the subject but make an effort to control your temper.


A few days are coming, Libra, in which you will have to make an effort to overcome discouragement and reluctance. You may feel exhausted and without energy, and this time it is not just a psychological problem. It is likely that the change of season has affected you physically and that you are in need of a vitamin supplement or other extra help.

Consult a professional to recommend a treatment to recover that vitality that seems to have abandoned you. You need to encourage yourself because a challenge awaits you in the workplace. An opportunity may appear to work in a place where you would be more professionally recognized. It is a unique occasion and it comes to you precisely now, when you are not one hundred percent.

Realize how important it is and do your best to get it. In love you are living a reflection of your state of mind, especially if you are alone at the moment. Take advantage of this time of freedom to strengthen your emotional health. Love will return to you.


If you were worried about the somewhat tense relationship with your family, Scorpio, you enter a propitious stage to solve these problems. A person from outside the family environment, perhaps a good friend, will mediate between you and manage to soften the positions.

In the work environment, you will make a discovery that will surprise you. You did not feel valued, or even appreciated, despite the fact that you have always tried to demonstrate both your ability and your preparation. Now you will open your eyes and you will realize that one of your superiors is covering your merits because you would outshine him.

He stops being so naive and takes action. You know how to do it. In the economic field, you are now more animated because you are entering a much better cycle sponsored by the stars. The tightness is over! In love, you will live an excellent week. Perhaps it has cost you a bit to iron out the differences with your partner, but you have managed to achieve total harmony and you will greatly enjoy this new stage that opens before you.


Your “curious” spirit has awakened, Sagittarius, and it is easy that now everything you don’t know catches your attention. You need to know new things and learn a lot. Sign up for a course or workshop that appeals to you. It will make you happy. In the work environment, you may have gone through a delicate situation.

Some colleagues were making your life impossible, and you preferred to keep quiet. This week, however, you can decide to put an end to this. You do well not to take it anymore and to talk to your bosses. The person to whom you refer your experience will help you solve it, and you will take a great weight off your shoulders. For a long time in the love field, you had certain misgivings about your partner.

However, since you realized that it was just a feeling, you decided to tiptoe through the subject. Yet now you realize that there was a basis for you to be restless. He’s behaving like you don’t exist. He has not cheated on you but he completely ignores you. He demands more respect from her.


You can now breathe easily because you are now in a very promising economic moment, Aries, but this stability could be affected if you turn a deaf ear to a very close person who will ask you for a loan. You can do it. You won’t even notice it, and denying it could affect your karma. Unforeseen events will arise in the work environment this week, and you will have to adapt to circumstances quickly.

Try to maintain cordial relations with your colleagues and together you will be able to get ahead efficiently and quickly. The family these days is quite demanding. Fortunately, it will be a positive week for you and you will have the patience to cope with the family issue and redirect it towards harmony. Another weak point of the week is your romantic relationship.

Until now you have been controlling all the movements of that person you are dating for a short time. He now he is starting to get tired and he will tell you to stop pushing him so much. If you are interested in him, listen to him or you will end up ruining this relationship.


Days of very stimulating news are approaching for you, restless Aquarius. You had a dream regarding your work activity. There is a goal that you can now reach. A job that you longed for, surely in a company other than the one you are in, has become vacant.

This week the stars protect changes of this type, so if you want to try, take advantage of this astral situation that benefits you. Take the steps to get an interview. If you do, you are guaranteed success. However, first think about it and value what you leave behind. These days, you will tend to reflect, and that suits you a lot. In love, the week is not going to be a raft of oil. Important differences may arise over economic issues.

Your partner may think you’re overspending, and they’re probably right. Do not feel offended and avoid those impulsive purchases that leave you broke. Certain gossip from envious people can also reach your ears. No case, they have no basis.


These days, you can trust your gut, Pisces, because your intuition is very sharp. You have grown spiritually and have expanded your level of consciousness, although it may still take a while to see how far your new vision of things reaches. If you have your own business, this week will start quite hectic due to some friction and discussions with your partners or collaborators. Strive to achieve harmony because this situation harms you.

On the other hand, if the atmosphere is cordial, you will be able to achieve success and prosperity in a short time. If you work for someone else, on the other hand, days of great satisfaction are approaching because you will be able to start a project that you were excited about and that you had already considered rejected.

It will be very good for your self-esteem to see that you have been valued by your superiors. In the sentimental field, an excellent week awaits you with the person you love. It cost you yours to conquer who is now by your side, but now you will convince yourself that it was worth fighting for this love.