Weekly Horoscope: November 11th to 17th, 2019

Weekly Horoscope: November 11th to 17th, 2019

What do the stars hold for this week? Check the 12 signs of the zodiac in our horoscope of the week, where you can know what awaits you in money, in love, in luck and at work, as well as other important predictions for you.

Your relationship will be your priority this week. You need that period of reflection to realize what is important to you. It will also be a good time to make decisions about your professional life. If two paths have been opened, you will be clear on which one to go. The work meetings, very numerous this week, and social events will change your eating habits and routines. Take advantage of Saturday and Sunday to eat at home and avoid temptations that will not suit you. Read Aries Full Week Horoscopehoroscope for week 11th to 17th november 2019

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Let a few months go by to make decisions regarding your sentimental life, for now, you are in a limbo that will cost you to leave. You have to think about things before taking false steps. Since autumn began you are more inattentive at work and your performance has declined. However, you have not stopped going to social events and leaving during the week what has caused your tiredness and little night rest. You have the whole week ahead to recover lost energy and reactivate. Read Taurus Full Week Horoscope

A different week awaits you. During the first days, you will drag a series of problems from the previous one, you will have to apply to solve those small potholes. In the second part of the week you can focus on the present and finally the weekend you can enjoy a moment of tranquility. In the workplace, you will come up with very ingenious ideas that you will apply in your work. Those Gemini who suffered a health disorder in the last year, you will notice a considerable improvement from day 15. Do sports to improve your fitness. Read Gemini Full Week Horoscope

You will feel good and thanks to this you will listen more to your partner and understand what he wants to tell you. Working fewer hours a week can be one of the keys to your success. You love doing a thousand things at the same time and that creates a lot of stress. If you are focused on something you do not like, change it or try to have more free time to stay with family and friends who are very careless. On the weekend you will be willing to invest your savings in a beauty treatment or in an intensive session in the gym. It’s time to take care of yourself more. Read Cancer Full Week Horoscope

Love needs the sum of several ingredients to cook the best of delicacies. They are simple but you have to cook them over low heat, with a lot of patience and dedication. It is important that you do not forget it because if you try hard the result will be better than expected. As of Thursday, a period of great fertility begins for Leo on a physical and intellectual level. You will have a lot of inspiration to finish that book you started when you were younger or that work of art that you have to finish off. If you are looking for a child, you will find moments of intimacy with your partner that will be crucial to fulfill your dreams. The car is over everywhere, your legs will be your best means of transport. Read Leo Full Week Horoscope

Moments of anguish since you might feel that you are losing your partner. You will notice that whatever you do, that person escapes your life without giving explanations. The work will help you escape and will be a perfect refuge where you can spend about eight hours a day and even more. You will use it to forget about the problems but on the weekend you will have to face them. You will find a way to increase your income, however, you will be forced to refuse it for lack of time. Be prudent and avoid excesses. Read Virgo Full Week Horoscope

Will come to your company someone related to a person who was united with you sentimentally, could be the sister of an ex, or a friend of your best friend’s ex. However, he will pretend he does not know you, so you can choose to do the same … If you are single, you will maintain that condition until at least the end of the year. A New Year’s Eve party will be the ideal setting to meet the person of your dreams. The good news in the field of health. Your ailments will disappear as if by magic. Read Libra Full Week Horoscope

Being with you is not an easy task; You live in a world of constant contradictions and drive your partner crazy with your changes of opinion. Your friends will help you get out of that emotional bump you are going through and will be your fun companions. You will relax with the arrival of the weekend and you will be glad of the professional decisions you will make during the week. That health problem could get worse if you don’t consult your doctor and follow proper treatment. Do not take it lightly. Read Scorpio Full Week Horoscope

You will have many professional obligations and little time for love especially at the end of the week. Take the opportunity to leave on Monday or Tuesday to charge batteries that await you a few days of constant hustle and bustle. Over the weekend, an original plan will emerge outside your city that will allow you to meet someone very interesting. Fines and pending taxes will leave your bank accounts somewhat resentful, control unnecessary expenses and purchases. Good health, you can’t complain. Read Sagittarius Full Week Horoscope

If you are single, you will not feel like changing your status; No one lives up to your expectations and needs. Work during this week will be in the background. You care about the money you earn, but you’ll worry more about spending it than getting it; the exits and leisure plans will be countless. At the beginning of the week, you will feel full and full of energy, but on the weekend you could suffer a small setback in your health. It’s your turn to take care of yourself. Read capricorn Full Week Horoscope

When you’re fine with someone it shows and with your partner, you can’t be better; surprises, details, trips, romantic moments and declarations of love will not be missing during the week. At work, do not enter the rag in politics or criticism of your bosses. Be careful with your bad forms. On the weekend it will be good for you to walk in the morning or practice exercises to release tension. Remember that Christmas holidays are just around the corner and you need them as May water to relax. Read Aquarius Full Week Horoscope

Spend the little free time your obligations leave at home to your family and closest friends. It will be a difficult week at work, starring inefficiency. You will not be able to get things to stay as you would like. Your mind and your hands will move in different planes. If you have been working on a project individually, accept the result and do not be so perfectionist. At last, you will realize that you must improve your diet to improve your quality of life. Leave bad habits, those that don’t take you anywhere. Read Pisces Full Week Horoscope

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