Weekly Horoscope: October 07 to October 13, 2019

This Week’s Full Horoscope October 07 to October 13, 2019

Venus and Mercury in front of your sign will make you a charming and show your most sensual side, in addition to having a great power of communication that will help you get what you want. On the other hand, you will be in need of your independence and if your partner does not understand that you need your spaces, they could fall into serious discussions. Check Full Aries Horoscope this Week

The Waning Moon will allow you to renew and release what is necessary. This is an ideal week for you to project yourself with new dreams and dare with new ideas. Your creativity will be on the rise and will allow you to show your best with excellent results. On the other hand, you will be holding an attitude of calm and harmony in your relationships and that will allow your partner to feel you closer and more committed. Check Full Taurus Horoscope this Weekzodiac signs weekly horoscope 7th october to 13th october

The waning Moon could affect your mood, especially if you feel pressured by issues that you must solve. It will be important that you close stages at once, release and leave behind what is necessary so that you begin again with enthusiasm and without anything pending. If necessary make decisions, otherwise, it will be the Universe who will take them for you. Check Full Gemini Horoscope this Week

Face your week with harmony and patience, this will allow you to see greater results in the short term that you did not expect and that will bring great satisfaction to your life. In addition, even if your energies are somewhat low, this week analyzes the possibility of launching yourself to new paths or challenges, but calmly and without taking things lightly. Enjoy more of your relationships and the simple things that life offers you. Check Full Cancer Horoscope this Week

This week the Moon is positioned in your sign, which will give you great inner strength that will help you fight for what you want with determination and clearly, you will see how sooner than expected you will see the results of your perseverance. In love, it is time to let yourself go without wanting to have control of the situation. Just enjoy. Check Full Leo Horoscope this Week

The Sun leaves your sign, but there are still traces of this positive energy to carry out your plans. Do not miss these first days of the week. On the other hand, avoid wanting to control everything or you will only get those who love you to want to get away from you because of your desire for perfection. The time has come to think about you and get away from everything that damages or alters your emotions. Check Full Virgo Horoscope this Week

Congratulations Libra, begin your reign just with the beginning of spring in our hemisphere and it is the right time for you to consolidate and fulfill each of your desires. You will see how everything points to a change of orientation in your life and the arrival of new experiences that you must accept and not put up with resistance, since they will allow you to grow in every way, therefore you just have to thank them. Check Full Libra Horoscope this Week

The waning moon of the beginning of the week will lead you to the need to make changes in your life, whether in the professional or personal area. Take advantage of analyzing this to start a new cycle with the arrival of the New Moon on the 28th. You are also likely to have the need to seek peace in your life, so I advise you to guide these changes to the search for your calm and stability. Check Full Scorpio Horoscope this Week

Your head and your heart will each be sending you different signals and it may be difficult for you to make decisions. The best thing will be to ask your loved ones for advice and learn to listen to them to guide you better. Sometimes it is good to hear an objective, independent advice that in the end, it will be you who makes the decisions. Also, if something worries you, you can solve it in a good way at the end of the week. Check Full Sagittarius Horoscope this Week

This is a very positive week for you to take each of the opportunities that come to your way and attention that these can be varied and you should be careful not to miss them. Professionally, you will meet people who will be your allies and help you to complete a project and personally, if you are single, you will meet people that will be worth giving them a chance. Check Full Capricorn Horoscope this Week

Interesting proposals may come that allows you to demonstrate your talent. This week good luck will be turning to your favor, so take advantage of this energy for your well-being. Good time for investments and property purchases. In love, you will see that there will be several situations that will bring you happiness and good times with your partner. Check Full Aquarius Horoscope this Week

If tensions arise, you can solve it in the best way thanks to your character that will be extremely empathetic this week and will help you to keep harmony in your environment. As for personal relationships, if you had been through problems, this week will be ideal to resolve and feel calm and harmony with who you love. Check Full Pisces Horoscope this Week

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