WhatsApp cheats that can save your time and internet package

Cheats for WhatsApp with which you will stop wasting time

From time to time there is an article in the press or video on the television news program where in a somewhat alarming way is alerted to the use we make of the mobile phone and especially applications such as WhatsApp.

It is true that instant messaging, along with social networks, are the services most used in smartphones both employee time and space that occupy in our device.

It’s more. The popularity of WhatsApp is such that it is used as a primary communication channel between parents, teachers, gym mates, your amateur soccer team, friends and even the boss and other office mates.

Although there are alternatives to WhatsApp, it is not always possible to stop having this communication tool, so you will not go wrong the following WhatsApp tricks that will serve to better organize your conversations and groups and thus take advantage of the time you spend, Instead of being WhatsApp who steals your sleep.

Go to the search function of WhatsApp

When a conversation contains more than twenty messages it is inevitable to do a diagonal reading in search of something useful. But there is a more practical way to look for keywords in the conversations.

WhatsApp has a search function from the Chats tab to display messages according to what you think is important.

For example, in the parent group you can pull “homework”, “excursion”, “party”, “schedule”, “exam”, etc.

Mark the important messages

It is possible that only one in ten messages is really important. And of these, few are really relevant. But to avoid losing information that will be useful, it is advisable to mark messages as favorites.

From any conversation, clicking on a message can perform certain actions, such as replying, forwarding or bookmarking (star icon).

You will see the message in Settings> Messaging and you will find it easier to find important information instead of diving directly through the conversation.

If you have many highlighted messages, you can also find them from Contact or Group Information by clicking on the name of a group or conversation.

Check out the attachments

In WhatsApp it is possible to share everything: videos, songs, photographs, links, documents … And in the most recent versions of this messenger client it is possible to see that content organized by categories.

From Contact or group information, when clicking on the name of a group or conversation, you will see Multimedia, links and documents.

When you enter you can see a list of contents that you can recover, very practical to remember that joke that sent you, that practical web page whose address you forgot or that document that you need to finish by Monday.

Delete unfortunate messages

The latest versions of WhatsApp allow you to delete one or more messages that you have already sent in a group or conversation.

Just select the message by clicking on it and choose Delete. With several messages, select them and click the trash container icon.

If those who received the message have already read it, the damage is already done. But from now on, they will not see it anymore.

Become invisible

In WhatsApp there are two details that give you: the last connection and the confirmation of reading.

The last connection tells your contacts when it was the last time WhatsApp connected to the Internet to synchronize conversations. In practice, this tells your contacts that you’ve been watching the conversation.

On the other hand, the read acknowledgment, better known as double blue check, indicates that you have opened a conversation and read a message you have received.

If you want to avoid diplomatic problems with certain contacts or friends, you can configure WhatsApp so that no one sees the last connection or only your contacts see it. You can do this from Settings> Privacy> Last connection.

To disable double blue check, simply uncheck Confirm Read in Settings> Privacy.

Free some space or memory

In the list of applications that occupy more space in the memory of your smartphone surely have the gallery of images and WhatsApp, both fighting for the first place.

It is inevitable that WhatsApp will be filled with documents, images and videos, which usually take up a lot of space.

To avoid this in the future, you should uncheck Save Incoming Files in Settings> Chats.

You can also do this from Settings> Storage Usage. You can configure Images, Audio, Videos and Documents separately. The options available are to never download (only when you do it in the conversation), to download when you connect via WiFi, or via WiFi and mobile data.

Another possibility is to delete the files and contents of the conversations but without abandoning those chats or the groups of which you are part. From Settings> Chats> Empty all chats you will get it.

In WhatsApp you have the possibility to save your conversations in several ways. On the one hand, you can use your iCloud (on iPhone) and Google Drive (on Android) space to store your WhatsApp data in the cloud and retrieve them in case you lose your smartphone or delete WhatsApp unintentionally.

The process is usually turned on by default, but to make sure you go to Settings> Chats> Backup. There you will see the date of the last copy and a button to enable manual copying in the cloud.

Secondly, you have the option to export conversations one by one to have them handy in the form of a file. The fastest way is to enter a conversation or group, and in the information tab select the Export chat by mail option. WhatsApp allows you to also attach the files, or not.

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