Your Horoscope in 2019

Your Horoscope in 2019

Horoscope 2019 | Annual Prediction of 2019 for all signs.
The annual prediction will allow you to be prepared for the events, opportunities and changes that may arise and thus, be able to face them better and not miss the good opportunities.

Select your horoscope, to know how it will go in love, work, health, money, family, friendship.horoscope in 2019

12 years of experience, they support us, we offer you predictions for the new year in a reliable and accurate way.

What you will find in each sign
The trends, their evolution and the summary of 2019
How will they go in love
How will they go with their family
How will the work go?

How will they go with the money
How will health be
How will they go socially
How will they go in school
Use this as a guide and a practical tool, as it gives you an advantage over others and over your destiny. Everything will go much better. Good luck for all of you!

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2018 was a year of transition from one world to another, from one worldview to another and if the disturbances caused by a dynamic astral situation had altered certain codes, attitudes and habits, they also forced us to consider life and the future … on the contrary. In 2019, we find ourselves between two slightly antagonistic tendencies! Between a delirious enthusiasm, very optimistic (unrealistic) forecasts, capricious propositions, excesses of all kinds and certain celestial mandates that invite us expressly to follow the path of reason, we will have to choose!

Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune will play a curious role in 2019, and if Jupiter tends to increase the idealistic expression of Neptune, he is still not sure that the zodiac giant is pointing us in the right direction. So let’s be wary of any overestimation of our powers, of any objective disconnected from reality that can lead to chaos or at least … confusion around mid-January (the 13th), mid-June (the 16th) and end of September (the 21)! Denial of responsibility, lucidity at half mast, tendency to cheat, desire to take off without a belt and social unrest? With an additional risk of discovery of abuse (financial, political, ideological, etc.)!

It should be noted, however, that the tension between Jupiter and Neptune will not only have detrimental effects, and this dynamic could exalt certain humanistic, philosophical and spiritual projects that could considerably raise the debates. In fact, everything will be a matter of measure!

Let’s count with the second cosmic actor on the track in 2019 to attenuate our ardor and our big and small illusions, but especially to help us move from smoke-filled dreams to constructive realities and no less meaningless. Saturn will try to bring Neptune (and at the same time) to earth around January 31, June 18 and November 9, when the “great master” of the zodiac will try to correct the excesses of zeal and other uncontrolled flights of Jupiter!

To predict? A struggle between our desire to push the limits of the possible and the art and the way of doing it without exceeding them! An inevitable tension between confused ideals and austere measures to try to anchor what can be solid and stay the course … in the long term! Therefore, it will be for us in 2019 to go from adolescence to middle age, the crazy expectations are reasonable advances, but concerned for the good of all! Routes that we could definitely take from mid-December 2019! Waiting for 2020, when our current choices finally allow us to complete a necessary metamorphosis, whether personal, social or (and) ideological!

My Horoscope of the Day is based by default on the Northern Hemisphere stations. For our readers in the Southern Hemisphere, the stations are reversed but this does not change the meaning of the passage of the planets for each sign and the forecasts we give in the set of our horoscopes. However, we attach personalized advice regarding the climate of each hemisphere, in our monthly, quarterly and annual horoscopes.


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