Why the Zodiac Signs and the Loneliness is the Secret Ingredient of Love

Why the Zodiac Signs and the Loneliness is the Secret Ingredient of Love

Loneliness is something that we all live. Sometimes because we choose it and we want to be alone. Others because it is imposed on us (we end up being alone because the relationship with other people fails). Or because certain situations lead us to feel very alone internally even if we are surrounded by people.

Would you like to know how solitude focuses the signs of the Zodiac? If they choose it or are abandoned by the rest of the world? If they feel lonely but in reality they are not? If loneliness reinforces or weakens them? Let’s find out.zodiac loneliness

Because of its independent nature, Aries knows loneliness and does not fear it. He is used to it. When it is related, it is very much his own: he wants to maintain his independence and finds it difficult to adapt to others. But if there are deep feelings, for love or friendship, it is delivered with fewer reservations. The feeling of loneliness comes for the Aries when they have problems relating to each other because of their strong character, their intolerance or their impatience.

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They reject what they do not want and they isolate themselves with their anger. And there comes that loneliness that is not the one that Aries likes, the one he chooses when he goes around the world wandering alone.

Leo and Sagittarius will be the ones who best understand you and help you get out of isolation when you sulk. Gemini and Aquarius, for their empathy, will encourage you to understand the situation they have come to be like this. And Libra will be the perfect balance to be by your side if you feel alone or to follow you wherever you want to go out into the world again.

Taurus knows how to be alone and enjoy life from his loneliness. Their calm mood, little given to the changes, leads them to value relationships with others in their proper measure. That is, relationships must exist to satisfy what is strictly necessary. No more no less.

The least is when Taurus receives less affection than he needs. And you need a lot, that’s the problem. It has true dependence. That’s when a feeling of loneliness appears that he does not like so much. Although it is strong to cope, as with so many other things.

Virgo and Capricorn are the ones who can best help you with your loneliness. They are as practical as Taurus and they understand you so much that they will offer you everything you need. With Cancer and Pisces, Taurus will always have high doses of affection.

He will never miss them. And Scorpio will make you recover the illusion and compensate you for any lack of affection through love, desire and passion.

When Gemini arrives at solitude, he has enough resources to face it. Being an independent and free sign leads you to enjoy your company quite well.

But being a sociable and restless sign makes you constantly look for plans and company. And if these do not arrive, the feeling of loneliness appears. Minimum. Gemini always finds where to go and with whom. The real loneliness comes because of their superficial relationships (we already know that Gemini does not go deeply into all his affections).

That make you feel little understood or heard. And our Gemini, it’s isolated.

Libra and Aquarius will be the best people to help Gemini express what he feels. To get rid of that incomprehension and feel judged by the rest of the Universe. Aries and Leo will be your dose of optimism and confidence to overcome any adversity. And Sagittarius will be the one who complements him in the good and the bad. Because he will try not to fail him.

Cancer seeks solitude when its state of mind asks for it. But as he overcomes the moment, he will want to enjoy the company of his people, with whom he is completely happy.

The ideal world for Cancer is full of affections, of deep bonds, and of protecting and giving to be loved and protected. It is in this need to receive the love of others where the Achilles heel of Cancer is.

A true dependence. And when he lacks that love and emotional security, Cancer feels lonely, but only really.
With Scorpio and Pisces a Cancer you will never lack affection and understanding. And they will also help you to contain yourself when you are being very deluded.

Taurus and Virgo represent for Cancer the affection from the strength and the most complete protection that the crab can imagine. And Capricorn, from his silence, will tell you more than any other sign. And Cancer will stay by his side, quiet and happy. Safe and protected.

Leo does not like loneliness, and although he is strong to face it, he does not want it, nor does he seek it. Leo is happy in his relationships, giving everything to others, and receiving in return his gratitude, his compliments and his admiration.

That happiness will be what you look for your life, feeling the total dissatisfaction when you do not get it or when it is incomplete. And what is worse, without being able to accept their share of guilt in order to find the solution. Leo without illusions does not feel well and sinks a little psychologically. And from that sadness to feeling lonely and abandoned in life there will only be one step.

Aries and Sagittarius will help Leo lift his spirits and they will achieve it with his strong personality, something that Leo admires a lot. Libra and Gemini will teach you to ask for what you want instead of waiting for it to be offered without further ado. And Aquarius will be what Leo wants as long as Leo regains his spirits. It will be a lover or friend, and it will be there so that the lion never feels alone.

Virgo is usually alone but not as much for being an independent sign as for its 50% solitary nature. The other 50% is more sociable, and even a tad dependent on relationships with others, who care and help as much as they can. But he likes to do it that way and he does not care about the effort.

It is his perfectionist zeal that can ruin everything. If Virgo does not believe that everything he does is 100% perfect, his dissatisfaction will lead him to be useless, incomplete, lost, ONLY in the world …
Capricorn and Taurus can serve Virgo as support, giving him understanding and restraint in his discouragement and an important reinforcement in terms of encouragement and companionship.

Cancer and Scorpio will be the balm to reassure Virgo from affection and tenderness. Pisces will be your soul mate to understand, encourage and accompany you wherever you go and be as is

Libra knows how to be alone when it is what he touches. Just as it is perfect relating, something that touches many times more than being alone. Having people and feeling accompanied and guided is the best thing that can happen to Libra.

The problem comes when you depend on all those people and without it you are not as well. It will be in this constant search for relationships that make you feel good where Libra can get lost. And waste time and good spirits. And end up feeling alone (and weaker and with less personality than you really have).

Gemini and Aquarius will be your best companions to jump into the world and interact with everyone. And from there they can tell you the tricks they have so they do not depend on anything or anyone. Leo and Sagittarius will be the true trust and safety injectors for when Libra is low on spirits. And Aries will gather everything that others offer in himself, all for his beloved Libra and appreciated without limits.

Scorpio lives among his relationships with others, where he is nourished at the level of deep feelings and sensual pleasures. And between his moments of solitude, where he enjoys connecting with his interior, an unlimited world to dive to death.

It is in his relationships that he can be frustrated when he does not find what he wants: that intensity in the feeling he always seeks and that when he appears above it seems small. And when Scorpio does not have what he wants, he fights with ghosts that leave him exhausted or implacable with the Universe that does not give him what he wants and forces him to be alone. And Scorpio does not want to be alone.

Pisces and Cancer understand the sensitivity of Scorpio because they have a very similar one. They will be the best companions for your discouragement. Virgo and Capricorn will represent the stable force to welcome the Scorpio that wants to flee. And they will take care of him. And Taurus will offer you everything you need in a deep way, so that Scorpio does not doubt for a second that there is someone who watches over him.

In the day to day, there is no sign with better optimism to face it all. In addition to strength and ability to relate to everyone without problem. And some dissatisfaction when these relationships do not work well.

All controlled. The loneliness of Sagittarius will be sought by him alone. And it will be for a vital anguish and a sadness without motive that will take you to serious existential proposals. The lack of answers or that others do not understand will make you feel bad, and you will isolate yourself. As if only in that solitude could he find the answers he needs.

Aries and Leo have the strength to encourage Sagittarius and above all, to help him fight with what does not satisfy him. Libra and Aquarius will reinforce their idealism and will want to exchange common experiences and interests. Gemini, with your conversation and company, will make you feel better, offer you answers and give you the necessary understanding to make life safer.

Capricorn lives in solitude, because he likes it. He was born to be alone and he has assumed it. I do not want to change it either. Capricorn perfectly controls relationships and does not depend so much on the affects that are derived from them. That makes him more free to enjoy solitude if that is what he touches.

But Capri also feels and suffers, like everyone else. How then is that loneliness of yours not so accepted and that it hurts more? The one that is forced to suffer because he no longer knows how to get out of it. As if being so alone Capricorn developed a certain social phobia. Like a fish that bites its tail.

And to isolate a lot, there is more shyness, and shyness, less and less social contact, and every less contact, a loneliness that is not good.

Taurus and Virgo will be great support for Capricorn. They will be there whenever Capricorn needs someone. And they will protect you. Scorpio and Pisces will touch your sensitive fiber to soften you and feel that you can give much to others. Cancer will teach you that affection is necessary and that lack of it is not good. And that is in so many places that it is impossible to say no.

Aquarius is sociable, has no problems with people and is open to everything. His solitude is chosen by nature and because his individuality leads him not to follow the mass. He prefers to be alone.

When it is related, it will be when Aquarius becomes more aware that it does not need anyone but that you do see it, because there are people who contribute to it. He will realize that to want him he has to give more.

That there are times that one has to give in to impose their criteria and their eccentricities. It will cost them to give in because it does not work out. Nor open, because he has no habit. And these handicaps will lead you to feel the bitterness of loneliness. And it will look more lonely than ever.
Gemini and Libra will be those friends who understand you best.

But if it had to be delivered in another way, it could also be for Aquarius the perfect couples to love him to death. Aries and Sagittarius will provide a point of joy to cope better with existential crises. And with Leo, Aquarius could feel the protection. The ideal talisman to face whatever is needed in life.

Pisces can be alone without problems. His introverted nature makes him isolate himself; It does not need to be always accompanied. But Pisces knows that the company also brings him what he wants most in this world: affection and care.

He dies to be loved (although that intensity in feeling tries to control it whenever he can). All this complexity and double personality lead him not to feel understood, feeling that he perceives with such intensity and sensitivity, which leads to self-abandonment and loneliness. It is difficult to understand someone with such a special heart.

Cancer and Scorpio will help Pisces to contain their emotions so they do not expose themselves too much. They have experience and know that prevention is better than cure. Capricorn and Taurus can offer you energy and strength but wrapped in a lot of understanding. And Virgo goes directly to the service of Pisces to help him in whatever is necessary, and in what is not necessary, too.