Aquarius, the most independent sign of the Zodiac, belongs to the Air element and is ruled by the planet Uranus. Represented by a man who pours the contents of a jug, it is the only sign of the Zodiac that has a human symbolism. As an Air sign, you need intellectual stimulation and are very social. In addition to knowing what the forecasts are for this year that has just begun, he also knows the general characteristics that govern Aquarians.

People of this sign have a strong and free personality that drives them to rebel against all conventional and restrictive attitudes. Idealistic and innovative, they always have an original point of view and contrary to conservative mentalities and they will not hesitate to impose it even if they are judged to be rebellious and risky.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

zodiac sign aquarius

Aquarians have strong renewing values, a tendency towards the new, and a great inclination towards the future, towards everything modern and unconventional. They do not fear change but quite the opposite, they seek it. These characteristics allow them to move forward with conviction without looking back, thus achieving all the goals they set for themselves because they are going towards them and nothing holds them back. Their intelligence and creativity are also highlighted, which allows them to project beyond a limited vision.

Aquarius is the sign of friendship par excellence. Aquarians are interested in all kinds of people, although they find original, intelligent and independent people especially attractive. Having friends is vitally important to them, and their circle of friends is as wide as it is changing. They are very sociable and like to keep busy and involve their friends in their many diversions. Loyal and compassionate, when they give something they do it without expecting anything in return, altruism is one of their greatest virtues.

Aquarius corresponds to the eleventh house of the Zodiac, which is that of affinity, that of the high ideals of brotherhood. Endowed with a great humanitarian sense, they are ready to give absolute surrender, forgetting themselves in favor of the common good. His personality is extremely open to any new option, especially if it does not diminish his need for freedom. Nonconformity, rejection of the traditional, curiosity, and great sensitivity and intelligence are characteristics that stand out in the sign. Their idealism, humanism, and altruism combine in an explosive union that leads them to fight against hunger in the world, to suffer for people in need, and to observe with anger the imbalance of social classes.

Aquarius Features

  • True mavericks, Aquarians aren’t afraid to defy convention. They blindly trust their principles even if they are incompatible with the opinions of others and for this reason, they are often left alone or feel misunderstood. However, that struggle motivates them, as does their urgent need to modify the established order.
  • A great inclination to look to the future without stopping in sentimentality and melancholy leads them to achieve all the goals they set for themselves because they go towards them without anything holding them back.
  • They tend to be successful with careers in the fields of communications, electronics, astrology, and aviation. They hate being stuck in a rut, but it could be for the good of the work community.
  • They are people who shine in any career that offers them the possibility to apply their ideas and use their unusual talents. They need to have a high degree of autonomy in their workday, and the ability to make decisions without having to constantly obey a superior.
  • Aquarians are indeed mental (air sign) and it seems that they do not have feelings, but they do and in quantity. His thing is not to dive and express in contact with emotion like the signs of water, but to become sensitive from above, from a detached place that provides them with more vision and objectivity.

Aquarius Personality

There are two types of Aquarius: one is shy, sensitive, and patient and the other is exuberant and can appear frivolous. But both have a very strong force of conviction. They are very honest people. It is one of the most tolerant and non-judgmental zodiac signs. They are open to the truth and willing to learn from others.
Aquarians are sincere, refined, and idealistic. They are persevering and communicate with reason, moderation, and humor. They are usually intelligent, clear, logical, imaginative, and psychic. They flee the crowds to find a space to meditate and think.

These are the best charms to protect Aquarius;

It is difficult for them to make friends because they do not give up their souls easily. But when they choose a friend or partner they are willing to sacrifice everything and be faithful for life.

They are often emotionally disappointed due to their high personal ideals. In case of deception or infidelity, the Aquarius will not control their fury.

Aquarius in Mythology

Aquarius is the eleventh of the zodiac constellations, also known as the water bearer, and represents the flow of water in the Universe. It is one of the 88 constellations of modern astronomy described by Claudius Ptolemy (who discovered it).

The constellation of Aquarius is one of the largest in the universe and is the tenth-largest in the sky, occupying 2.3% of the night sky. It includes up to 56 stars visible to the naked eye, although none of them is of considerable magnitude or brightness. Although within the constellation of Aquarius we have a recent interesting fact, since only in 2017, NASA scientists a whole solar system within it, even with the possibility of planets similar to Earth.

The constellation of Aquarius was undoubtedly one of the best known since ancient times, and it is that there are records that civilizations such as the Sumerians gave their name to the constellation in honor of their god An, who pours the water of immortality on the Land. The figure that the stars seem to show corresponds to the image of a man carrying a jug. In addition, if you also take into account the dimmer stars, you can see how the contents of the jug spill out, as if you were about to pour water to someone.

The stars that symbolize the spilled water are of lower intensity and everything flows south just towards the mouth of the southern fish, Pisces Austrinus – another constellation. In Egypt, they referred to the constellation Aquarius as the cup sent by the gods at the time of the floods of the Nile River. This phenomenon caused the river to overflow cyclically after each summer, fertilizing the fields.

But about the mythology behind Aquarius, many tales and legends more commonly relate it for several centuries to the Greek story of Ganymede, and how neither more nor less than Zeus fell in love with him. Ganymede was the son of Laomedon, mighty King of Troy, and was known in legends for being one of the most beautiful and charming young men in the mortal world.

One day, Ganymede was in the mountains tending his father’s herds, when Zeus noticed him and was immediately captivated and captivated. Therefore, he decided to do another of the usual transformation maneuvers of him, turning into an eagle ready to kidnap the prince. Zeus came down and kidnapped the young man, taking him to Olympus, where he turned him into the “divine cupbearer”, whose function was to serve the cups of the gods and fill them with nectar, always under the vigilance of the enamored Zeus – and according to the myth, fury of Hera.

But in order not to anger the king of Troy and “compensate” him that he had taken his precious son, Zeus gave Laomedon several steeds that were not only divine but also immortal, to excuse himself from taking Ganymede against the will of him. In this way, Ganymede remained not only the faithful servant of Zeus and the rest of the Olympian gods, emptying his jug and filling everyone’s cups with wine, but Zeus made up for it with his place in the world. firmament.

That is why Ganymede is usually represented in the arts as a beautiful young man, accompanied by an eagle that symbolizes Zeus about to kidnap him. Here we see a golden statue in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Coincidentally, the largest moon of Jupiter, here in the picture, is also named after Ganymede, the subject of an obsession of the king of the gods.

Despite being one of the largest constellations, Aquarius is very difficult to observe in the night sky. None of its stars are especially bright, so it is a challenge for astronomy lovers to distinguish it at night. According to experts, we are currently in a time that, during the next 2000 years, will be in the transition towards the so-called “Age of Aquarius” because, at each Spring Equinox, the sunrise will be located right in front of the stars of the constellation Aquarius.

Aquarius – The Humanitarian

Aquarius is the revolutionary sign of the Zodiac. The engine for freedom, independence and the awakening of the collective consciousness. Aquarius people need a cause to pursue or they could become rebellious and disinterested, just for the sake of it.

The need to jeopardize everything, to avoid convention all the time, can be exhausting and uncomfortable. This problem is aggravated when they are excessively direct, which can cause a more emotional reaction in more sensitive people.

Positive Energies of the Aquarius Sign

Aquarians, favorably, are charming, supportive, kind, and compassionate. Aquarius is smart, insightful, and logical. As a rule, he does not care about what others think.

They are trusting and trustworthy people. They are exactly what they show themselves to be. Nothing is fake. Excellent listeners, they genuinely care about the problems of others and seek to help with insightful and clear advice. The Aquarian only sees people and considers them all equal. He loves gathering groups of friends (which he has in abundance) and spending long hours talking about ideas and sharing experiences.

He can think outside the box. To think of creative solutions and to see old problems in a new light. His great capacity and intellectual agility lead them to get involved in several activities simultaneously and to develop multiple interests. They are the “glue” of the Zodiac. The element that unites various people and ideas.

Negative Energies of the Aquarius Sign

The Aquarian has a fairly random personality. This means that he can both be extremely accessible and, later, show a certain disinterest in the person in front of him. In unfavorable mode, they may have a low tolerance for emotions which creates a reputation for being offensive, distant, listless, and unfriendly.

This sign can be one of the most controlling of the Zodiac, more so than Scorpio and Virgo. The Aquarian native can convince himself that he knows what is best for everyone (and sometimes he does). In the meantime, if he decides not to go his way, it is better to step aside.

Aquarius, in an unfavorable way, is cold, distant, and stubborn. Remarkably logical, they relegate emotions to the background. The question and analyze everything. From behaviors to situations. They hate being accountable to anyone and they defend their privacy copiously. This makes people feel like they are invading the Aquarian’s private sphere or being intrusive in some way, which is not comfortable for anyone.

As a rule, Aquarians do not like superficial people. They don’t waste time in meaningless relationships. At worst, they become elitists, convinced that their opinions are more valid than all others. It is typical that they know a lot of people, but have few friends.

The Aquarius Sign in Love

In love, the natives of Aquarius are splendid, exciting, and committed partners, contributing a lot of fun to the relationship. The priority is to be good friends with your colleagues. The natives of this sign constantly seek new and interesting connections with various people, to be considered promiscuous and rebellious.

On its negative side, Aquarius lacks the willpower to set out on conquest and has a certain difficulty in committing. For the natives of this sign, any form of commitment is a hidden plane to corner them and limit their independence.

The Child of the Aquarius Sign

An Aquarius child is pure energy in motion. All of it are ideas, inventions, and discoveries. Stubborn and independent, he soon discovers his passions and starts projects. Time is short for so much happening and the Aquarius child likes to be at the forefront.

There is never a standard rule for Aquarians. This means that he will never know exactly how he will react or what he is preparing to do next. Your child loves uncovering mysteries and getting involved in many things at the same time. The energy never seems to run out and, as long as he’s upbeat, he’s unstoppable.

Best Professions for Aquarius

The Water Carrier also has to be intellectually involved and stimulated by his work and his work environment. They need to be able to apply the latest technology to their work and be at the forefront of their profession. They are always ten miles ahead of everyone else in their thinking, therefore Aquarians need space that allows them to think independently and encourages innovation. Oddly enough, a happy Aquarius worker will typically be so engrossed in his work that he won’t even notice if the thermostat isn’t working and his office is on the verge of freezing!

Read on to see which careers are best suited for Aquarius:

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Aquarius is the most suitable for solving objective problems. They work tirelessly on behalf of others, going after the bad guys and putting things in order. Their natural goodness gives them the internal motivation to see things and get results. They will use their great brainpower to try to get to the heart of the matter, and thus convince companies and individuals to deliver on their promises.

Weather Commentator
Aquarius loves to use his intellect to help others. What better way than predicting the weather? Thus they come to use all kinds of technology, satellite images, databases, and historical data to do their work. They don’t care if they hit it or not. What they like is that they get paid to analyze data and “play God”, while giving people hope. The coldest places on Earth would be of your particular fascination.

Political Activist
Aquarius always has to have a cause. A natural career choice would be to create chaos and unrest and subsequently make things better as a political activist. They are excellent at walking a tightrope and socializing through demonstration. His entire life is spent circulating petitions, writing political manuals, and putting pressure on the government. This usually doesn’t pay very well, so they often supplement their income by working in customer service centers or as a waiter. For Aquarius, any worthy situation can become a political issue.

Rocket scientist
The natives of Aquarius have the intellectual capacity to succeed in this difficult field. Only the greatest geniuses can apply. They are drawn to heavy use of computers, technology, the opportunity to draw rocket sketches, and maybe even wear a pocket protector. Aquarians dream of formulas and codes, but find it difficult to fit into the social realm. Many are so consumed by their work that they never marry. If they do, their partner would have to be very patient and overlook their flaws, such as letting their personal life consume their work.

Social Worker
This profession is perfect for Aquarius, as they can put their universal love into practice without becoming too intimately involved. Your need to rescue people in need can be formally recognized and compensated. They care about others and want to help, but they also want to maintain a degree of secrecy. This allows them to do a good job while remaining independent. The Water Bearer usually does not let things get too emotionally over him, which works very well for him in this field.

Concept Artist
For the Aquarius who likes to wear black and live only on wine and cheese, this is an avenue to explore. Concept art involves being able to abundantly rationalize the visualization of irrational things. Aquarius is the perfect person to talk about this type of work impressively. With this type of art, it is important to be able to speak a lot, use big words, and occasionally cast contemptuous glances. Here it is only necessary not to have much attachment to unemployment benefits.

Environmental Planner
With this profession, Aquarius can fulfill your need to plan while giving importance by attending many public meetings and open houses. In this way, he can use maps, large-scale aerial photos, and decide the future of entire towns and cities. With this, they not only help humanity but also satisfy their need to help others.

Social worker
For the wealthy and independent Aquarius who have a lot of time on their hands, this could be an interesting area. More will have to be good in times of crisis, have an interest in the fate of their fellow men, and be able to act with great speed. Teamwork is important, and it will also require a lot of ideals. Aquarius is quite happy with the change and variety that this profession offers.

Believe it or not, the perfect profession for Aquarius is that of an astrologer! This is so “rare” that no one knows for sure how to refer to this profession. They can be called Astrologer, Astronomer, or Existentialist, depending on who is describing them. It is about the perfect union of intelligence and intuition. People of this sign can understand someone at a very deep level, and without having to get involved with them in a sentimental way. This profession bridges the gap between space and humanity, a very worthy concept for Aquarius.

Aquarius is drawn to the everyday nature of engineering work. Such arrive to work in the most remote places in the dead of winter, to climb to the top of skyscrapers in strong winds, or an oil rig in the middle of the ocean during a thunderstorm. The beauty of this job, however, is that they get all the planning and scheduling done, but they don’t have to get their hands dirty unless they want to. It helps to have a superior and know-it-all attitude to make yourself stand out in this profession.

Aquarius is an enigmatic sign, they are idealistic people, they live in the future and the mind, they are very creative humanists and inventors. They hate routine and are always looking for new adventures.

Aquarius is looking for an intelligent and intuitive partner who has the firm intention of growing and improving as a human being and who can share with them the creation of a better world in which to live and, for them, physical appearance is not so important.

They love social gatherings as they love their freedom. For them, romance is more mental than physical, in bed they love to try new, different, and even eccentric things that could surely surprise you.

What is the best match for Aquarius?

Here we tell you the most compatible signs with Aquarius are:

This can be a passionate, eccentric, and highly original relationship. In bed they are both looking for novelties, so they will use their creativity and ingenuity to surprise each other.

Both of you will share your dreams and it will be a challenge to meet your expectations, that will keep you interested! If Aries can understand that Aquarius, things will go very well.

Aries and Aquarius: Compatibility in Romance, Love, and Friendship

They are also very compatible signs, both are of air. Both will want to discover new things about the other, they like novelties. In bed they are eccentric and creative, sometimes they go to excess but they both enjoy it. The relationship can be very enjoyable.

They are air signs they share dreams and interests. They both like animals, children, traveling to distant countries, studying, talking about philosophy, religion, or art. In bed, their minds are always open to discovering new ways or techniques, anything that can make their lives more interesting!

The relationship can work if it starts from a strong friendship between the two, in general, Aquarius will impose its rules, but for Sagittarius, it will not be very difficult to adapt because they have common tastes. They both enjoy being in bed even though Sagittarius is the most passionate.

Two people of this same sign understand each other perfectly. It will be a relationship in which they complement each other, seek change and creativity in their lives, in bed they will be very open and with broad criteria. The relationship will last as long as they can continue to be friends.