aries dates and personality traits

According to Astrology, Aries is a person full of energy and enthusiasm. Pioneer and adventurer, he loves challenges, freedom, and new ideas. Aries like to lead and prefer to give instructions to receive them. They are independent and concerned with their own ambition and goals.

Aries Traits and Overview

Aries Dates: March 21 – April 19
Element: Aries is a Fire sign.
Color: Red.
Metal: Iron.
Key Phrase: I am.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, and 9.
Conflictive relationships: In general, it does not have good compatibility with the signs of Leo and Virgo.
The planet that governs it: The sign Aries is ruled by Mars.
Day of the Week: Tuesday.
Symbol: Ram.
Keyword: Action.

Aries personality

  • Outgoing, spontaneous, loud, and fun.
  • He loves relationships.
  • Pioneer and adventurer, he loves challenges, freedom, and new ideas.
  • They are independent and concerned with their own ambition and goals.
  • It’s easy to offend Aries, and when they are offended, it’s hard to come to terms with them.
  • If Aries begins to believe in a good cause, he will fight tirelessly to promote it.
    Aries tend to have a high libido and love with great passion. So much so that, sometimes, they make mistakes in their first relationships and have a hard time being faithful or finding the love of their life.
  • Someone you do not want to deal with.
  • Aries is a person full of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Aries prefer to give instructions.
  • They have enviable energy that sometimes leads them to be aggressive, restless, argumentative, stubborn.
  • Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and in this sense, your role is to start something and lead.
  • He is usually honest and direct in his personal relationships and is very good friends with his friends, although sometimes they can be irritable and hurt the sensibilities of others.
  • They are dedicated and dedicated parents, willing to do everything for the well-being of their children. There is no father or mother more protective of their children in the entire zodiac.

Aries in Mythology

In Greek mythology, the most appropriate symbolism for the archetypal meaning of Aries is the story of the Golden Fleece and the Expedition of the Argonauts. The myth recounts the adventures of the brave hero Frixo, who well defines the fighting spirit and determination of the Aries native. Frixo and Hele, children of King Atamante, were mistreated by his stepmother, who plotted to assassinate them.

To help the brothers, the gods sent a ram with special gifts and whose body was covered with golden wool (also called fleece, or fleece). The brothers climbed on its back and the animal rose into the air. Hele, the sister, fell asleep and fell into the sea. Phrixus continued the journey and reached the kingdom of Colchis.

The ram was sacrificed in honor of Zeus and its golden skin was offered to King Aeetes. Mythology associates the ram with daring and courage, as well as the protective powers of its legendary golden fleece.

Aries – The Pioneer

At its peak, Aries is the most dynamic and exciting of all the signs. Aries energy exhausts most people. They are always ready to break new ground and fight for the fulfillment of their dreams and desires. They are the pioneers of the Zodiac. Intense and committed, they fall in love with causes and put all their constructive energy at their service.

Finding inner peace is one of the life lessons of Aries, as is Libra, its opposite sign. Impatience, fast pace, and the desire to have everything right away mean that you can’t always channel all your energy to what really matters. This prevents you from living in harmony with yourself and knowing how to wait for the natural time to achieve your goals.

Positive Energies of the Aries Sign

The positive side of Aries is passionate, dynamic, engaged, motivating, and inspiring. When you are truly motivated by someone or something, no one can stop you from moving forward. Dynamic and effective, they work quickly and efficiently on everything. They may have less patience for small tasks and details. But when they reach their maximum concentration and decide to pay attention to detail, everything flows and the work is never done.

Generally enterprising, Aries natives really enjoy starting a project or being part of an innovative idea. Seeing an idea or project grow and reach stratospheric levels is one of the greatest rewards this native can experience. Their leadership skills make them capable of assembling highly motivated teams aligned with their vision.

Brave and aggressive, he defends everyone around him. It does not matter if they are friends, colleagues, or colleagues. Nobody messes with their tribe and escapes unscathed. Because they are comfortable with risk and handle provocation well, they never feel intimidated or give up in a battle. Sometimes their tenacity may not be so positive when they have no means to emerge victoriously and they simply wear out and lose vital energy.

Negative Energies of the Aries Sign

The downside to Aries is that it has a reputation for being angry and destructive. When he cannot reach his potential, the native of this sign becomes hasty, reactive, and argumentative. When you feel helpless or frustrated, you attack. In these cases, it may be useful to leave a waiting time. Remove yourself from the difficult person or situation and return to the subject when it is calmer. Learn to take a deep breath before you speak and wait for the anger to dissipate. It requires training, but it is possible.

His individualistic nature (Aries thinks he doesn’t need anyone) and his strong leadership skills make it difficult for him to manage relationships (in the romantic field or at work) when he feels in an inferior position. When this happens, the most unfavorable traits of his personality can be revealed in episodes of total rage. It may not be frontal, but internally, it creates a war that fuels for a long time.

How to manage negative energies?

  • Learn to recognize what triggers your anger. Keep a log and take action when you feel like you are about to lose control of your emotions.
  • Think before you talk.
  • Do not rush. Learn to listen to your inner voice.
  • Count to 100 or take a deep breath before reacting to a provocative situation.
  • In a confrontational situation, walk away. Save time. Get back together.
  • Get regular exercise to expend extra energy and relieve stress.
  • Create a relaxation routine (Meditation, Yoga) and have the patience to continue and wait for the results.
  • Avoid useless battles. We cannot always win the wars we engage in. Persisting only produces wear and tear and fuels your anger.
  • Make an effort to listen and pay attention to the problems of others.
  • Focus on finishing tasks. You will feel more fulfilled and with a sense of purpose.
  • Find your passion and dedicate all your entrepreneurial energy to it.
  • Slow down and learn to enjoy life’s little pleasures.
  • Learn to move forward in life to live fully with your inner self.

The Aries Sign in Love

Passionate Aries is wonderful. Exciting, romantic, and dedicated to his passion, she gives herself body and soul to the adventure of love. He is generous and likes to fill his soulmate with affection and gifts. Aries loves the feeling of accomplishment. The smell of new. As long as he is in love, he remains faithful and dedicated.

The downside to him is that Aries can quickly tire of his new love by not giving in to trying to change things. So that this does not happen, he demands constant demonstrations of interest. The relationship has to stay hot and not fall into a rut. The initial attraction is worth everything for Aries. He can quickly lose interest when the flame of passion fades and he sets about searching for a new romance.

The Child of the Aries Sign

The Aries child demands to be the center of all attention and makes himself heard vigorously since he arrives in the world. Girls will be as direct in their actions as boys, despite their sweet and sensitive looks. The Aries child is an inexhaustible source of energy that is difficult to control. All this physical activity makes you susceptible to accidents. Tough and strong like iron, your Aries baby will go through the developmental stages gracefully.

Aries children are affectionate, imaginative, idealistic, sentimental, and enthusiastic. They make friends quite easily despite leading all the games. Who does not want to follow its rules, does not participate. He may end up playing alone.

He may also notice that his little treasure does not like to be upset and explodes in moments of utter anger. But it sure gets over it very quickly. Aries does not have time to be angry and imprisoned for a long time. Most likely, while you are still thinking about how to deal with the situation, your child has already forgotten and is immersed in another war.

How to deal with native Aries

  • Maintain confidence in your opinions, but do not get into a confrontation.
  • Try to appeal to the rational side of Aries, clearly stating your motivations.
  • Stay calm and kind. Do not pay with the same currency.
  • Use humor to appeal to reason.
  • Don’t resort to recrimination strategies. They can aggravate the conflict.
  • Tell him how you feel when your feelings and opinions are not taken into account.
  • Be assertive. If you appreciate Aries in front of you, help him improve.

Aries energies for all signs

  • Mars rules the head, which is why Arians hardly escape injury to it or to the face, where they almost always carry a particular mark of this energy. The Aries nose is generally distinctive and even occasionally large or prominent.
  • Leadership, drive, courage, command, ambition, and the desire to conquer are some of the characteristics of the natives of this sign.
  • It is not surprising to find among its representative athletes, lovers of speed, risk, and martial arts, as well as doctors, surgeons, blacksmiths, and the military.
  • Plain, direct, of immediate action, and always ready to go out into the ring at the slightest stimulus, he has the courage and disposition for everything.
  • When Aries has a harmonic Natal Chart, some of his virtues can be fighting spirit, decision, initiative, leadership, generosity, courage, courage, speed, and self-confidence.
  • On the other hand, if the Natal Chart as a whole is inharmonious, some of its characteristics may be recklessness, haste, lack of control of their emotions, aggressiveness, recklessness, violence, cruelty, arrogance, despotism, impatience, and carelessness.

The best professions for an Aries

An Aries will have no problems when choosing a job, and they are simply great at many things. The dilemma will be what to do among so many interesting options that they will have, as you can see below. When Aries is focused on his goal or mission, he will not stop. It is one of the most focused, dynamic, adventurous signs and nothing will get in its way – which, of course, has its advantages and disadvantages.

They have so much energy, capacity, and determination and usually carry so much strength, positivity, and clarity of mind that they will know very well the direction to take. They are basically born leaders. All this adds to the fact that they are excellent workers, in the field in which they decide to dedicate themselves. They have an impressive ability to learn, as they are autonomous, independent, curious, and little by little they will challenge themselves to climb positions and be the best in their rank.

This opens up the range of professions to so many things, so you will have quite a few options to choose from, depending on what interests you most on a personal level. Of course, at once we predict that nothing routine or sitting at a desk 10 hours a day will fill you up. Being born leaders and entrepreneurs, they stand out in positions of power, such as managers, directorships, any high command of a team to lead.

Even if they start from the bottom in a company, Aries will do everything possible to get promoted and become coordinators or managers, thanks to their constant effort. Once they do, they can coordinate teams and spread their pursuit of goals and objectives. As Aries has great organizational skills and is focused on their mission, they also make good entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs. Do you want your own business? Do you have plans to put something together on your own? Surely you have everything to do yourself and you will see how you achieve success.

An Aries will never lack enthusiasm, imagination, or creativity to come up with original business ideas and make their vision come true. In this way, you will also build your own team and delegate responsibilities and objectives. In addition to being intelligent, Aries does not waste time analyzing everything and making quick decisions, especially in times of pressure. Surely there will be those who have what it takes to become doctors, nurses, surgeons, pharmacologists, and more in the medical field, always challenging themselves to find solutions to dilemmas and diseases.

As they are lovers of nature and exploring the unknown, like Indiana Jones, they could also be anthropologists, who go on missions looking for vestiges of old cultures, traveling through places, hunting, climbing, and taking risks that excite them. Finally, as they have a natural capacity for organization, leadership, and conviction, they are very good for any activity that involves sales. From their own business, as we had mentioned, but also as real estate agents, in-car agencies, insurance, finance, and others.

Aries compatibility with other signs

Aries and Scorpio. Fire + Water
A combination of Aries and Scorpio offers a very passionate and intense relationship with marked ups and downs and full of fights and fireworks.

Aries and Capricorn. Fire + Earth
It is a very complicated combination and its degree of compatibility is low. Both signs will have to do a lot of their part for the relationship to work, due to the enormous differences between their characters. Its ruling planets, Mars and Saturn, are diametrically opposite forces.

Are Aries & Capricorn Compatible In A Relationship?

Aries and Taurus Fire + Earth
The compatibility between Aries and Taurus is very good. Taurus is an Earth sign, while Aries is a Fire sign, so the relationships between these two signs are usually focused on the financial and materialistic aspects of life.

Aries and Leo. Fire + Fire
The immediate attraction between these two signs is very strong and both Aries and Leo will grow up in the company of each other and will want to get to know their partner better on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Therefore, the compatibility between Aries and Leo is very high.

Aries and Aquarius. Fire + Air
Aries and Aquarius have a lot in common and a very high degree of compatibility. Both signs are independent, caring, optimistic, and enthusiastic. They like strong emotions, the courage and progressive character of Aquarians tend to attract Aries a lot.

Are Aries and Aquarius Compatible

Aries and Cancer. Fire + Air
The compatibility between Aries and Cancer is regular. When Cancer begins a relationship with Aries, an immediate connection is usually established between them on an emotional level. The sign of Cancer will be very attracted to the passionate, confident, and enthusiastic air of Aries, who in turn, felt

Aries and Sagittarius. Fire + Fire
Both Aries and Sagittarius are Fire signs, so this combination will not lack any variety and emotion and can be explosive at times. The relationship will take off right from the start. Its degree of compatibility is very high.

Aries and Aries. Fire + Fire
Aries are very passionate, demanding, and competitive, so it is likely that in this relationship ego shocks predominate. The Aires are also usually convinced, that they are right, so the discussions between the two can be long and complicated. Therefore, their level of compatibility is regular. They will spend the day measuring themselves and a constant relationship of forces can be established.

Aries and Libra. Fire + Air
Aries and Libra are opposite signs, which can be good, at least, at the beginning of the relationship because of the attraction of opposites. However, as time passes the novelty wears off, and there may be too many differences for the relationship to work in the long term unless there is a very strong foundation of love and goodwill on the part of both signs to adapt their relationship. strong personality to that of your partner.

Aries and Pisces. Fire + Water
An Aries and Pisces couple is a difficult combination with quite a few challenges because, despite a strong initial attraction, there are important differences between these two signs, which will have to be overcome for a relationship to work in the long term. If they manage to form a stable relationship, it is likely to be an unusual relationship.

Aries and Pisces Compatibility in Love, Life and issues

Aries and Virgo. Fire + Earth
The compatibility between Aries and Virgo is regular. Virgos tend to be quite cold, practical, and sometimes critical, which is a contrast for Aries who are quick, impetuous, and impulsive.