Each beginning of the season represents the entry into a new stage and occurs when the Sun enters a Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). In the Cancer Zodiac Sign, it represents the gateway to the world of feelings, since it is the Cardinal sign of Water, an element related to the world of emotions, feelings, and perceptions. After passing through the sign of Gemini, aerial and thinking, this stage of the Sun transiting Cancer invites us to dive into our emotions, to feel and flow.

Cancer Zodiac Sign has a great tendency to live in the past and this is even more accentuated when they are single although, on the contrary, when they are in a healthy relationship, they tend to focus more on the near future and strive to fulfill all their goals.

cancer zodiac sign dates and personality traits

Those born under this sign are very tender lovers and very sensitive people to whom life’s blows can do a lot of damage. For this reason, it is not uncommon for a Cancer to be always on guard and on the defensive, something very counterproductive that can end up distancing him from the ones he loves most.

Cancer is difficult for people to classify if you look at their character. There are shy and boring, but also bright and famous. In fact, some have a high literary and artistic capacity, thanks to their imaginative capacity. They love to be outgoing, but they also tend to withdraw. The home is the most important thing for them, because of the safety and warmth they find in it.

Cancer Dates, Traits, and Overview

Cancer Dates: June 21 – July 22
Affinities: He gets along well with the signs of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces.
Element: Cancer is a Water sign.
Colors: White, Gray, and Violet.
Metals and Stones: Silver, pearls.
To get along: always show them, try to convey security and confidence. Try to understand their way of thinking.
Lucky Number: 2.
Conflictive relationships: In general, it does not have good compatibility with the signs of Aries and Aquarius.
The planet that governs it: The Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon.
Day of the Week: Monday.
Symbol: Crab.
Against: Very irritable, spiteful, and somewhat lazy.
Perfume: Lily.

Cancer Personality

  • Great appeal in your personality.
  • Totally creative, imaginative, and dreamy.
  • With the mind always in the air and one step beyond.
  • Extremely shy and closed.
  • Someone you would cling to.
  • A Cancer’s home tends to be their personal refuge rather than a showcase to dazzle others.
  • From the outside, they seem determined, resilient, stubborn, tenacious, energetic, wise, and intuitive. However, those who know them from intimacy can see a totally different type of person – someone sensitive especially towards the people they love.
  • They like art, music and literature and, above all, dramatic arts and action
    The cancer sign has many potential defects. They may tend to disorder, an inferiority complex.
  • They are ambitious.
  • In their personal relationships, Cancer is a mixture of hard and soft.
  • In real life and her marriage, her love is intensely loyal. Although they have relationships outside of their partner (which is very possible because Cancer is open to sensual arousal), their first loyalty is with their family because they consider themselves to be their protector.
  • Very romantic.
  • Meditative.
  • Extremely random and changeable (and proud to be that way).
  • Talker of great stories.
  • He is not a fighter at all, but he will surely knock you out if he has to.
  • The character of Cancer is the least clear of all the signs of the zodiac. Cancer can range from shy and boring to brilliant and famous.
  • A Cancer understands that there are times to be sociable and other times to be lonely. This is one of the contradictions in his character.
  • Cancer knows how to identify with the situation of others due to their great imaginative capacity. Sometimes they are too fanciful and they try to build their lives according to a romantic ideal.
  • A Cancer has an excellent memory, especially for personal events and childhood memories that they can recall in detail. Cancer lives conditioned by their memories of the past and their imagination of the future
  • They feel alluded to frequently, and often by imagined causes without real foundation, and they like the compliments of others too much.
  • They can easily change their profession, loyalties, and even their opinion about people.

Cancer Characteristics

Cancer, the fourth sign of the Zodiac, cardinal, and first of the Water element, represents the feminine, the fruitful, and is governed by the emotions of the Moon. It is the sign of the home, of the roots, the mother.

Its natives possess great emotional sensitivity and deep faith. Guided by their powerful intuition, they know when to gamble and when to fold in time in times of risk. Its symbol is the crab and its movement has been interpreted as a source of permanent rebirth.

The sensitive imagination and the predominance of the emotional world are the most characteristic features of the sign, but, depending on how they are channeled, they can be a positive force or a point of weakness and vulnerability.

Loyal, emotional, constant, protective, traditional, sensual, intuitive, and with a sweet tooth, this Water sign is associated with the need for security. In the crab that identifies it, that hard shell represents an introverted nature with armor that is difficult to penetrate as they present a need for self-protection.

It is the sign that everyone needs the most secure and will always be waiting for a hug or show of affection, which they do not hesitate to express.

Reflective and spiritual, those born with the Sun in Cancer have a prodigious imagination that they nurture in their lonely moments. They love opening drawers with old photos and reminiscing about nostalgia. Generous and familiar, they tend to adapt to everything and everyone, although the excitement and nervousness that the Moon brings them to make them quite cyclothymic beings.

Arguing with a Cancer makes the debate somewhat predictable, they may explode with nerves if they feel hurt or questioned and after a while, they will ask for forgiveness or try to remedy the situation because they do not tolerate the idea of seeing others and themselves badly.

Emotional and touchy, the crab cannot conceive of living without the company of another. Affection is your soul food and it is difficult for you to feel fulfilled until you find the ideal partner. They love the tranquility of home above all things and that is why they build their future without haste.

Slow and steady work is your thing as you don’t rely on quick and easy results. You can develop your intelligence to unsuspected limits. Noble by nature, their deep spiritual sense is joined by a prophetic intuition that guides them.

What Cancer Man Likes

  • A self-help book or biography of a successful businessman or politician.
  • A family tree. There are sites on the Internet to help you create it. You can also go to their relatives for help.
  • Comfortable slippers, pajamas, or other home wear items.
  • A deli food basket with your favorite foods.
  • A good bottle of wine.
  • A book on how to do massage and essential oil to start with.
  • A painting or a plant to decorate the house.
  • Some homemade cookies are made by you and presented in a nice box with a big bow.
  • A belt.
  • An original agenda for your office.
  • A CD of a singer or music group that you loved when you were younger.

What Cancer Woman Likes

  • A cooking course or, if you already know how to cook, a good cookbook.
  • Furniture or antiques.
  • A family memory.
  • A cookbook or any other article related to recipes or cooking.
  • A photo album is full of photos of your childhood, your children, or your relationship.
  • A romantic dinner.
  • A weekend getaway to a place you know she likes to know.
  • A night in a hotel in a place that brings back good memories.
  • Toiletries – a shower gel or foam, or a moisturizer.
  • A nice tablecloth and napkin set.
  • Some candles.
  • Treatment in a spa center.

The mythology of Cancer Sign

The constellation Cancer is one of the 12 constellations that make up the Zodiac and is considered the least visible since none of its stars exceed magnitude 4. It is located between Gemini to the west and Leo to the east. Cancer comes from the Latin crab and from the ancient Greek Καρκίνος, which literally means crab, hence its nickname and that is why it is commonly represented as one.

The constellation, number 31 in size among all, was also cataloged by the renowned Greek astrologer Ptolemy in the second century. The constellation Cancer is located between the 10th and 30th parallels north, therefore, it is visible during November to April in the northern hemisphere and the austral summer in the southern hemisphere. Cancer does not have bright stars, although on a clear night the constellation contains about 50 stars visible to the naked eye, the truth is that they are very faint.

The fixed stars of Cancer had long marked the position of the Sun on the June solstice. For the Mesopotamians, this key position marked the portal through which souls descended for their incarnation. For the Egyptians, the constellation of Cancer emulated their solar god Jepri, the celestial personification of the scarab, symbol of fertility, life, and rebirth.

However, his most important mythology is still the Greek one, where, like many stories, it has to do with his relationship with the gods of Olympus, and this time it is about the fury of Hera, Zeus’s wife, who wanted to take revenge on the hero Hercules. Hera could not bear to see the fruit of her husband Zeus’s love excesses alive, so she spent years and years charging all her artillery against Hercules, and this is where the constellation’s “little crab” comes into action.

Hercules had to undergo 12 ordeals from Olympus to try to redeem himself after killing his entire family in a fit of rage. The missions that he had to overcome were not easy at all but, being Hercules, he was going to confront them with all his strength and power.

Also, many do not really see the shape of a crab in the constellation, but rather it looks like an inverted Y in the sky.

Cancer – The Protector

Cancer is the kindest, most sensitive, and available zodiac signs. He is gifted with creativity and intuition. Under the influence of the Moon, they are people closely linked to emotions. His and others. It is a sensitive sign, genuinely concerned with the welfare of others. Sometimes they are too generous and forget their own needs for the benefit of others.

Cancer’s unfavorable side can manifest itself as excessive insecurity and sensitivity. They can be easily influenced and so they need to learn to master their inner insecurities and balance the weight between their emotions and those of others.

Positive Energies of the Cancer Sign

The Cancer native is guided primarily by the heart, not by the head. He is extremely sensitive to emotions, good-humored and daring, easily winning the affection of others. He is totally dedicated to family and children.

Cancerian’s emotional intelligence is second to none and this means that he is extremely empathetic. Together with keen intuition, they are the best guardians in the entire Zodiac. The benefits of emotional intelligence are essential for more balanced and rewarding social and love relationships. They are, therefore, caregivers par excellence. They are always attentive and available to attend to the needs of others, even if that means putting themselves in second place.

It is also a home sign, which finds in your home the peace and harmony it needs to stay emotionally balanced and healthy. For this native, often associated with motherhood, his house is a sanctuary. Family (and friends, which he regards as an extension of the family) are the pillars of his life. His well-being is always in front of everything and he serves as a guide for all the decisions that he must make.

He loves having friends at home, but not as a surprise. The Cancerian likes to be prepared for guests. Creative, stimulating, warm, and generous (sometimes overly generous), he welcomes people and is easy on strangers. His pantry is always stocked with everything he needs (even if he thinks something is always missing). But, for Cancer, prevention is better than remedy. Today may not be necessary, but tomorrow, it is not known. Many people can come home without them and there should be nothing missing to attend to all of them.

Another characteristic of Cancer is his great fondness for collecting. Since he was a child, he keeps everything. Any object has an emotional meaning and is kept in the trunk of memories. he hardly separates himself from that stone that he collected on vacations near the sea many years ago.

Negative Energies of the Cancer Sign

Two characteristics that stand out negatively in the Cancer personality are heightened sensitivity and personal insecurity. Ruled by the Moon, the states of mind of this sign are fickle.

Cancer is the mirror of the Zodiac. He absorbs and reflects everything that others feel and what he himself feels. Since the blends what he feels with the feelings of others, he must avoid being around negative people. Otherwise, he suffers too much and sinks into a state of emotional anguish from which it is difficult for him to get out.

Cancer natives protect each other, this is due to their need for security. They can be strong and resilient, overcoming all the obstacles that life throws at them. All this without consequences for your inner stability. Despite this, outwardly, they behave like rocks. Strong, firm, and always available, to protect, defend, provide support, and help.

Cancer is an ambitious sign that works excessively. This ambition (unlike Capricorn), is not motivated by social and economic status but by the need for security. Ambition is driven by the fear of not having enough to ensure the satisfaction of your own needs and those of your family. For this reason, they are conservative in the decisions they make and weigh the risks very well.

Loyal and protective, he demands the same in return. When he feels betrayed or unprotected, he withdraws and develops spiteful feelings that he hardly leaves behind. In extreme situations, he closes himself off and avoids approaching others.

How to manage negative energies

Learn to control your emotions. Try to mix your feelings with some logic to avoid rushing when you speak or act.
Pause to think before you act.
Avoid toxic and pessimistic people, who pollute your emotions.
Know yourself and protect yourself from opportunists. Learn to define and create limits. Protect your personal space.
Don’t be afraid to impose yourself and do what you think is right, without depending on the approval of others.
Fight your feelings of anger and resentment. Solve what you owe and forget the situation, whatever your decision.
When they hurt or disappoint you, say so instead of pulling away.
Life is not always perfect, but don’t be afraid to live it and be happy.

The Cancer Sign in Love

Considered one of the most sentimental signs of the Zodiac, the natives of Cancer are eternal lovers and have an almost maternal instinct to take care of those who are next to them. Meanwhile, Cancer’s emotions never let him feel safe enough to fully relax and live love. The possibility of rejection scares you, which prevents you from giving yourself completely into deep relationships.

As lovers, they tend to be sensual and docile companions, generous and eager to please. Cancer in love is used to being faithful and as long as he is reciprocated with love, he will not abandon the relationship. When something is not going well, he tends to hold a grudge and not let go of past feelings.

The Child of the Cancer Sign

Your Cancer baby will change his mood as often as you change his diapers. The child of this sign keeps many memories, and very soon it is already seen that the feelings and emotions are always on the surface. He admires the world, adores everything that is color and movement.

Your baby’s busy mind is always registering everything he hears and sees. His little eyes vibrate with everything that happens in front of him. He loves them talking and interacting with him. He hates being alone or feeling forgotten. Being very sensitive, she can easily move on to crying and then give a smile full of joy and tenderness.

Dealing with a native of Cancer

  • Don’t react immediately to dramatic behavior. Let the moment pass and then talk rationally about what happened.
  • At work, being emotionally reactive can be a problem. Help your coworker to better manage her emotions.
  • Don’t take Cancer’s brusque and defensive behavior as a bad thing. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that dealing with someone suspicious who lives on the defensive is very exhausting.
  • Keep in mind that, for Cancer, safety is everything.

What is the stone of the Cancer sign?

The Cancer sign represents those born between June 22 and July 22. People who are under this zodiac sign are assiduous to have emotional ups and downs, in addition to always hiding under a shell against possible emotional damage. For this sign, the family environment is of great importance and they have the ability to have a great imagination.

The gems that are in tune with Cancer are Calcite, Carniola, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Moonstone, Aventurine, and Rhodonite.

What happens when Cancer truly falls in love?

When Cancer truly falls in love, the world stops, passion, sweetness, and happiness are visible on his face for miles.

That tickling and those butterflies in his stomach make him feel in an idyllic world, a world that he had always wanted.

If Cancer is in love, he shows it, he begins to feel something inexplicable, something that Cancer cannot describe in words, but that makes him overflow with happiness where he steps.

A Cancer in love is affection and generosity in its purest form, it is true devotion to the person who has conquered his heart.

Cancer is aware that he must protect that person as if there is no tomorrow, and so he will.

What is Cancer’s favorite color?

Let us know today the colors of Cancer, a water sign related to the Moon, the traditional, the feelings, and the home where they live and fully enjoy with their family.

This color is a symbol of purity, virginity, and cleanliness. Thus, the female figure of the moon, which is the ruler of Cancer, is associated with this color because of the sacredness of motherhood, which allows giving life and contributing to the fertility of the land where the life of Cancer takes place. . It is also a color that is related to peace and neatness, that is why in wars, raising a white flag means “ceasefire.” It is the color of the clothing of priests, doctors, and nurses, to generate confidence and security and it is what it transmits to the natives of this sign.

Light blue
The three aquatic signs are related to the entire range of colors, whose root is blue. Cancer is touched by the celestial, evoking the calm water, the sky, and the light of one o’clock. In general, blues are related to intellect, tranquility, and royalty. For this reason, kings and princes are said to have blue blood. The light of the moon is also related to this shade of blue, providing a mystical and captivating air. The mystery of the moon is romantic and full of emotions.

This color is closely related to the fecundity of nature, life in nature, and ecology. On this side, also relative to the moon, which is the source of life and the feminine side of giving life, in most cultures. Also green in its dark hue is identified as a symbol of material abundance, money, and business. Green is also related to creativity, the power of imagination, and the birth of new ideas.

The best professions for a Cancer

Here are the top ten career fields for Cancer sign.

1- Antique dealer
Cancerians love to reminisce about the days of yore and also enjoy collecting things. By combining your fabulous gift for business with your love for collectibles, you can easily start your own store. This type of business could satisfy both your emotional needs and a special clientele who would appreciate the same as you value. Value for value, you provide by receiving successful earnings.

2- Real estate agent
For Cancer, home is where the heart is, and nothing can give you more pleasure than helping families find a comfortable nest of their own. Your keen perception and listening skills help people find the right places and prices. Being a competent and dedicated person, you work tirelessly to advance your own safety and wealth by making others happy in the process.

3- Historian
Returning to the past through the stories and texts of those who have come before you could become more than a hobby for your sign. Cancer’s passion and undying interest could land you a viable career in a bookstore, university, or archives center. Because you love to learn, you like to encourage others to research, analyze, or write articles and books on historical events, places, and people.

4- Nutritionist
A natural choice for this sign could be in the area of health, such as improving people’s quality of life through their diet. Interestingly, the Crab rules the stomach area. More than mere food whims, your teachings can help educate others about the kind of food they are feeding their bodies and what preventive habits they can adopt to avoid developing health risks. Gyms, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and institutions require nutritionists.

5- Director of Domestic Personnel
If you ever had the desire to open your own domestic staff agency, you would be well on your way to a profession that would allow you to express many of the great characteristics necessary for such an endeavor. The trustworthy and competent Cancer will work diligently to meet the particular needs and expectations of homes and families with carefully chosen homemakers, babysitters, cooks, gardeners, and personal assistants. You could feel a lot of reward with this specialized career.

6- Oceanographer
As a Water Sign, Cancer feels at home immersed in water. The scientist within you wants to know about the plants, animals, and microorganisms that make up the dynamics of the world of the sea. The study of the biosphere, climate change, and its impact on the oceans and all living things means continuous and exciting scientific exploration. With so many specialized facets in marine research, this field is like an open shell in which you could find your niche.

7- Baker
What better way to comfort and care for family, friends, and customers than with delicious baked goods? With a growing public demand for specific baked goods such as whole grain, gluten-free, and dairy-free bread, you can earn more money by selling fabulous cakes, brownies, and cookies. In the food business, you always know that people will be hungry again tomorrow.

8- Online Merchant
Being a born marketer, Cancer could make the perfect career decision through utilizing the growing commerce within the web. Your sign understands the need for quality and value when making purchasing decisions, something that you pass on to your customers in the products you represent. With your strategic and organizational skills focused on business, you can design an online catalog or sell your items on auction sites. There is no end to marketing and catering to your customers.

9- Gardener
Ruled by the Moon and its cycles, Cancer natives would do well with Mother Earth when working for a nursery, a family-operated orchard, or a landscaping business. Perhaps you would be happier fulfilling a leadership role as a gardener for a large estate, public park, or botanical shelter. Growing plants, fresh herbs, and vegetables is a career option that comes naturally to the Sign of the Crab.

10- Food Supply Company
Because Cancer natives are so good at management and organization, as well as cooking, pursuing a career in the foodservice world is a viable option for you. With an astonishing precision in understanding what your customers want and a talent for developing menus that satisfy and nurture them, it would be easy for you to gain word-of-mouth fame. Your hard work

Cancer compatibility with the other signs

Because they are opposites, these two signs complement each other, forming a happy couple. Each will find what is lacking in the other.

Cancer and Aquarius
They are very different signs. Cancer will need to be prepared to explore and drop some of his preconceptions so that he can share some of Aquarius’ exhilarating spontaneity. Aquarius, in turn, must allow Cancer to have the opportunity to reach inside.

Cancer and Pisces
They belong to the same element. They are sensitive, spiritual, and understand each other well. In privacy, they reach a great harmony. Ideal pair.

Cancer and Aries
Although they are two elements that are not very compatible, they attract each other and the emotional connection between them will be immediate. Cancer will feel content and Aries will find peace in his company.

Cancer and Taurus
This couple can form a very solid home, have a large family, and live surrounded by security and harmony.

Cancer and Gemini
Difficult relationship since interests are very different. Gemini finds it difficult to be emotionally involved, Cancer needs to connect with the heart of their partner. It can work if one learns from the other, with love and openness.

Cancer and Cancer
They will form a very close couple with great feelings and emotions that they will enjoy in the same way. In privacy, there will be a lot of chemistry.

Cancer and Leo
There may be attraction and passion, but over time problems could appear. Leo’s commanding fire is very strong for the emotional crab.

Cancer and Virgo
This couple can be very enduring. Cancer will provide passion, emotions, and affection. While Virgo will grant practicality and stability. Together they will form a family with success and prosperity.

Cancer and Libra
They can be attracted at first sight, but very soon both of you will understand that their lives have different meanings.

Cancer and Scorpio
It is one of the best combinations for Cancer. The bond that is established between the two will be deep and real with feelings of intensity and devotion. They will have to overcome communication problems.

Cancer and Sagittarius
The elements of water and fire are not compatible. It will not be easy to consolidate this relationship, although they may feel comfortable in the privacy