Capricorn is an Earth and Cardinal sign. Therefore, it is the gateway to the world of matter on the physical plane. The Goat, the animal that represents the sign, walks the steepest and loneliest roads, but in the end, it usually reaches the top, which for others is inaccessible.

His perseverance and determination lead him to achieve what he sets out to do. He needs to plan everything carefully and is a hard worker. He knows that everything has to come with effort and dedication, although many natives of the sign have serious problems understanding this in the first part of life. Mature-minded, he feels much more confident and better, in every way, at maturity. This is when he is usually the luckiest and happiest.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

capricorn zodiac sign

His philosophy of life leads him to decide and not to lose heart; he plans with precision and takes his time, persevering with stony constancy. In the long run, it is possible that others, seemingly brighter, will be left by the way, while they continue on their way.

Saturn, the god of time, is his ruling planet and his true ally. But in the high peaks, cold solitude always prevails, something that, sooner or later, usually invades Capricorns. Many times, this loneliness or melancholy comes from their distrust of life, their skepticism, or even their rigor.
Capricorn and the characteristics that define it

  • Capricorns are austere, reserved, but have a great sense of humor.
  • Son of Kronos, the Greek god of time, Capricorn knows the dark side of existence like no one else, their sense of duty and responsibility are very important, that is why they also know how to enjoy the pleasures and good things in life.
  • Sensible, tenacious, of few words but strong ambitions and will, Capricorn advances slowly, climbing the pinnacle of success.
  • Rather suspicious in nature, he has only his own resources. He relates with difficulty and maintains a tight grip on his emotions. But once the barriers of mistrust are overcome, his esteem, difficult to earn, is eternal, as are his feelings, proof of great loyalty and dedication.
  • He is very traditional and conventional, he is not interested in attracting attention; He always assumes many responsibilities and will be the support of his family and in many cases, of his friends.

Affinities: He gets along well with the signs of Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces.
Element: Capricorn is an Earth sign.
Its Colors: Dark Gray, Brown, Black, and Chestnut.
Metals and Stones: Lead, Turquoise, Amethyst, and Jet.
To get along: Be cautious on the first contact with a Capricorn. Keep your distance until he allows you to get closer.
Lucky Number: 4.
Conflictive relationships: In general, it does not have good compatibility with the signs of Gemini and Libra.
The planet that governs it: The Capricorn sign is ruled by Saturn.
Day of the Week: Saturday.
Symbol: The goat.
Against: They are pessimistic, shy, and spiteful.
Perfumes: All natural scents.

Personality Traits

  • Pleasant, Intelligent, Irresistible, and extremely funny.
  • A Capricorn is one of the most stable, confident, and calm signs of the zodiac. They are hard-working, responsible and practical, and willing to persist until it is necessary to achieve their goal.
  • They love music.
  • They are usually fair people.
  • When a Capricorn suffers from depression he should seek help. In fact, Capricorn should always try to maintain emotional stability through meditation, breathing, or activities that help them relax and not lose control of their emotions.
  • A Capricorn is more likely to have few good friends (to whom he feels absolute loyalty) than many friends.
  • Fresh, cunning, and Romantic.
  • They are reliable and often have the role of finishing a project started by one of the most pioneering signs.
  • A Capricorn demands a lot from his employees, family, and friends, but only because he demands it from himself as well.
  • They are not among the happiest signs of the zodiac. Rather, they sometimes tend towards melancholy and pessimism.
  • Sometimes it is difficult for Capricorn to feel happy in their personal relationships. They can tend to be reserved with strangers.
  • Sometimes they find it difficult to have relationships with the opposite gender, although once they fall in love they are usually faithful and somewhat jealous.

What to give a Capricorn?

  • Capricorn man logo For the Capricorn man
  • A box of a limited vintage of wine to keep for a few years.
  • Check A GPS or a smart mobile phone.
  • A pen with your name engraved in a very nice tabletop case.
  • A tabletop game from his office, such as miniature golf or miniature bowling.
  • The autobiography of a highly successful businessman such as Bill Gates or Emilio Botín or another professional whom you admire.
  • A brand name tie or reversible belt.
  • Annual subscription to a magazine with economic or investment news or related to a topic that interests you.
  • Ballroom dance classes.
  • Capricorn woman logo For the Capricorn woman
  • A bottle of French champagne
  • A tennis or paddle racket, or if you already have one, a special cover or another accessory
  • A very fine vase for flowers
  • A very exclusive body cream that you know she would never buy for herself
  • A self-help book, type Who took my cheese
  • An eye-catching wall clock
  • Some beautiful and scented candles
  • Tickets to see an opera or a play

Greek Mythology of Capricorn

This month of Capricorn we return to the history behind the constellations of the Zodiac in the universe, what history they have and what relationship they have with the ancient gods and here, the tenth sign is closely linked with Zeus. Each one of the signs has its own constellation in space, all formed by a great variety of stars and behind their significance and astrological position, there are also millenary stories about their origin.

The tenth constellation of the Zodiac corresponds to the sign of Capricorn and, curiously, it is the smallest of all. It has 81 stars, the largest of which is Deneb Algedi. Its most visible point occurs in early August and continuing through September, but the combination of clear skies and its location south of the equator means that this constellation is very little appreciated from mid and high latitudes in the northern hemisphere.

Now, the sign of Capricorn is normally represented as a goat, but the first thing that strikes the constellation’s curiosity is that it is not only this animal, but that it is mixed with a fish. It is a “sea goat”. Here we have the visual representation of this creature, half-goat, half fish, which is related to the mythology behind its creation. There are even several stories that try to explain this peculiar animal behind the stars.

One of the oldest legends about the constellation of Capricorn and this creature could have origins from Babylon, whose god of wisdom, Oanes, was half man, half fish. This strange figure appeared at more or less distant intervals from each other in the Persian Gulf, disguised as a mermaid and instructing humanity in the arts and sciences.

Another story comes from Greek mythology, related to Pan, a demigod of shepherds and flocks and who had the shape of a satyr (half man half goat). He also was the god of male love and fertility and loved to chase nymphs to satisfy his appetites.

According to legend, the titanic Rea, the wife of Cronos, sent the monster Typhon to destroy all the gods of Olympus, including Zeus. Pan, of course, did not want to die, so he wanted to flee by jumping into a river and turning into a fish, but his transformation did not go well and he was “stuck” like half goat half fish. He was left with no choice but to stay on Earth.

Pan noticed that the Typhoon had already dismembered Zeus. To frighten the monster, Pan emitted a high-pitched scream or screech that allowed Hermes (the messenger of the gods) to retrieve Zeus’s torn limbs. Together, Pan and Hermes fixed Zeus, who in gratitude assigned him his place among the constellations.

Another myth about the half-fish-half-goat creature also has to do with Zeus and Rhea, but now with a nymph from Arcadia named Amalthea. Rhea rescued Zeus from being eaten by his father, Cronos, so he hid him on the island of Crete, leaving him in charge of the nymph Amalthea, this mythological creature that had admirable horns that grew and spilled nectars like honey and milk. of goat.

Amalthea took care of Zeus throughout her childhood. But one day one of her big horns broke off, and as a token of love to Zeus, she filled it with flowers and fruits and gave it to him. It is the famous horn of Amalthea, a symbol of abundance and happiness. Legend has it that from that event, Zeus honored her by placing her in one of the constellations in the sky, along with the others in the Zodiac.

Inside the land, the horn of Amalthea continued to exist and is also known as the Cornucopia, a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and affluence. There are even versions where the Milky Way itself originated when Zeus broke the Cornucopia, and in which the drops of spilled milk formed the stars.

As you can see, each constellation gives rise to or are the cause of countless stories about the Cosmos, with a display of legends and mythologies about its birth and that of Capricorn, with its closeness to Zeus, it also turns out to be very interesting, don’t you think?

Personality of Capricorn

Those born between December 22 and January 19 are usually curious and very positive people. This is the personality of Capricorns!

From December 22 to January 19, those born under the sign of Capricorn have a birthday. A sign that is characterized by being disciplined, practical, and hardworking, qualities that go well with his great ambition, his leadership skills, and his professionalism. And it is that the people of this sign will do whatever they are – even sacrifices – to achieve what they want and make their dreams and desires come true. This also means that they sometimes take many risks and are labeled as reckless and irresponsible, even if they are precisely the opposite.

The one that is the tenth sign of the Zodiac is a stable, secure, and calm a priori sign, capable of repressing and hiding its emotions with relative ease. Although at first they are somewhat reserved and distrustful, people of this sign represented by a goat have a great sense of humor and are friendly, in addition to knowing how to analyze others quickly. They have the facility and intelligence to know the intentions and motivations of the people who are related to them, and they can easily decide if they are worth it or not.

How to conquer them? Those born under the Capricorn sign love decisive and initiative people, as well as being in love with music and creative work. Capricorn men and women also believe that life is an opportunity not to be wasted, and that is why they are active and love to make plans and occupy their time with various useful tasks, even if they involve work.

Capricorns are compatible with the other two earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, and at best, they will get along very well with other Capricorns who perfectly understand their emotions and feelings. What other traits define the personality of this zodiac sign? Do you want to discover all the characteristics that define one of them? If you know a person who is of this sign – or if you are yourself, without going any further – all these personality traits that we have compiled are sure to sound familiar … Do you agree with them?

For all this, Capricorns are also very hardworking. They hate wasting time and take their careers very seriously.

On the negative side, Capricorns are prone to being pessimistic and overthinking everything that happens around them.

Capricorns have a knack for analyzing people, and also for judging people. Do not lie to them, they will know to see what kind of person you are quick.

As they are somewhat reserved and ambitious, Capricorns are often labeled as cold. And sometimes they indeed hide their emotions.

Capricorns are faithful and loyal: they would never betray their loved ones.

Big heads
Capricorns can be somewhat stubborn and able to see the other person’s point of view.

Capricorns are tremendously practical. As a general rule, after weighing all the pros and cons, they always make the right decision.

Being ambitious, disciplined, and hardworking, Capricorns are inevitably dominant as well and tend to lead others, whether by hook or by crook.

Capricorn – The Boss

The native of the Capricorn sign is unable to openly show that he is satisfied with someone or with a certain situation. He imposes a high sense of duty and responsibility and expects the same commitment from others.

Respect is, for the native of this sign, as essential as the oxygen they breathe. Intelligent, practical, serene, insightful, and meticulous, the native of this sign is the best companion at work and in love. Capricorns have enormous strength of spirit and energy to fight for their goals and fight against adversity.

On their unfavorable side, the natives of this sign have difficulty accepting their emotions and understanding those of others. This makes them appear cold and arrogant. They can even be cut off by expressions of affection. They tend to take life too seriously.

In Greek mythology, Capricorn is associated with the story of Egypt, the goat with the tail of a fish, a mythological being, with the head and body of a goat and the tail of a fish. He lived near the sea and was recognized as an honest and intelligent creature. Raised by Cronos, the god of time, Egypt had the same ability to manipulate time.

Beginning with his marine kingdom, Egypt sadly watched his children drift further and further away from the sea as they swam toward the shore and remained on the mainland. Over time, his children lost their tails, their intelligence, the ability to speak and to live in the sea. They were transforming into normal goats. To prevent this from happening, Egypt invested time and warned his children of the fate that awaited them on Earth, but his efforts were in vain. His children continued to swim to Earth and left the sea.

Desolate, Egypt asked Cronos to end his immortality. Instead, he was placed in the sky as the constellation Capricorn. From there, he could continue to see his children, even when playing on the highest peak of the mountains. Capricorn reminds us of parental love and the importance of letting go.

Positive Energies of the Capricorn Sign

Capricorn has an exceptionally determined personality and never loses his cool (at least in public). He rarely indulges in complaints. Instead, he analyzes the problem, thinks and weighs his options, rolls up his sleeves, and gets in the way. This makes him an exceptional leader, who faces periods of crisis and gives the necessary confidence to those who follow him.

Ambitious, Capricorn has enormous strength of spirit and energy to fight for his goals. When he gets involved in something, his goal is always to conquer the top. He doesn’t trust luck, but hard work and the strength of persistence.

He is dedicated to the people, the projects he is involved in and the causes he believes in. He has an unmatched persistence in fighting adversity. He never gives up on anything or anyone, unless they disrespect him or, clearly, it is not worth the effort.

The likeness of the opposite sign, Cancer, places great importance on the family. He also unconditionally supports those he loves and goes out of his way to ensure a stable and safe environment for his offspring.

If he seeks someone’s help, his Capricorn friend may be the best option. Practical, he manages to think rationally about problems and find the best solution. On the other hand, he will not abandon you. He will remain faithful, by his side, regardless of what this implies.

Capricorn is reserved in everything he does. He prefers quality to quantity and, indeed, manages to live happily with very little. He has no problem making commitments, in his personal and professional life, but he copes badly with failure. But, when he perceives that he needs to make a radical decision to stay on top, he is not afraid to take risks and take objective and concrete measures.

He is seriously committed to his work and knows how to value himself. Excellent negotiator, he does not sell his skills to just anyone. Committed to the projects to which he is dedicated, committed to achieving the objectives that he proposes, and with the intellectual capacity necessary to develop an excellent job. And he makes himself pay for it.

Negative Energies of the Capricorn Sign

The unfavorable Capricorn can be completely insensitive, moving up in life without pain or pity for whoever crosses his path. Cold, materialistic, and ambitious, he will do whatever it takes to conquer his portion of power.

The native of this sign tends to take life too seriously, which can be disadvantageous in certain situations. His inflexibility may cause you to reject some more creative avenues. His mode of action crystallizes after deciding the path. This means that it does not adapt easily to unforeseen and changes.

In the unfavorable version, Capricorn has a tendency to materialism and status, which he exhibits. He is stubborn for personal and professional recognition and success. This makes him extremely demanding with himself and with those with whom he relates. In a leadership position, he is rigid, inflexible, authoritarian, and critical.

The Capricorn Sign in Love

Capricorn natives approach relationships seriously and sincerely. They are generally reliable, dedicated, and committed people. In love, Capricorn is cautious: he fears the one who approaches but longs for someone faithful and constant because he does not want to lose what he has conquered.

Negatively, Capricorn feels so uncomfortable with emotions that he fails to support his partner emotionally, which often makes him unsuccessful in relationships. He has a hard time admitting his own mistakes, leading him to blame others for his estrangement.

Of all the Zodiac Signs, Capricorn is probably the most stable and reliable employee. Capricorns are well suited for any profession where organizational skills, patience, and consistency are important.

Top 10 professions for Capricorn

The earthy Sea Goat is not temperamentally suited to the type of life of the starving artist or unemployed actor. They tend to choose professions that provide a steady source of income and that have a long and useful life. Being one of the more ambitious signs, Capricorns are slow to achieve success, but once they reach the top of the mountain, they do it with substance. Small and persistent steps lead them to realize their ambitions.

Capricorn needs to have a detailed career plan, concrete goals, and the guarantee of a decent salary. They are unable to move forward without having made a plan in advance. This is the sign to which one should be alert as he becomes more confident and experienced and progressively achieves his goals.

Read on to see which professions are best suited for Capricorn;

1. Accountant
If you need your tax return done, a financial statement prepared, or a treasurer for your organization, this is the person to call. Being accountants by nature, Capricorns are compulsive in making sure that everything that needs to be done is to perfection. They will not let you cheat or falsify funds due to their strict sense of duty.

2. Management Consultant
If someone shows up at your office wearing a dark suit, carrying a briefcase, and conducting “interviews” with staff, you may be dealing with a Capricorn. They will easily recognize what is dysfunctional and what changes should be recommended. Slackers should be careful when a Capricorn is looking for holes in the system. To make matters worse, the staff might not even notice that Capricorn is on the prowl. “Time is worth gold” is their motto.

3. Professional Organizer
Capricorn loves to show his organizing power by finding a place for everything and being a role model for others in removing obstacles. When they run out of things to rearrange and tidy up in their own homes, they feel an obligation to help family and close friends alike. Even though they are told not to meddle in the affairs of others, they are on a mission to use their talents and get paid for them, then a new profession is born.

4. Financial Advisor
Capricorn is a sign obsessed with wealth creation and retirement plans. They grow up learning about compound interest and asset management. After they have figured out how to retire at 40, they spend the next several years helping other people retire at 60. While these poor souls did not start saving enough early on and continue to live the same old lifestyle of always, Capricorn retires and begins a new professional career.

5. Real Estate Agent
This profession is perfect for Capricorn because it allows him to put his heart and soul into a project and receive a large benefit in return in a very short time. Getting rich independently is not going to happen overnight, but in the long run, they will climb the ladder of success until they have the best view of the city. You won’t find them putting high-end materials in a basic condo. They are too practical for that. They will intelligently find good materials at a bargain price that will make your home appear to be more valuable than it is.

6. Antique Dealer
Capricorn has a love for history and the origin of things, as well as a keen sense for business. They become obsessed with old-fashioned items and try to collect just about anything. This makes them especially suited for the world of buying and selling antiques. They would love to start a little shop on top of a hill in the country. It could even be in a barn built during the turn of the century, or in an old building in the center of a town. At this time it could even be a virtual store, without having to spend on rent or employees.

7. Cashier
At any point of sale, movie theater, fast food restaurant, or casino, there is likely a high percentage of Capricorns receiving and counting the cash. When they get home, their mind hesitates before washing the smell of money from their hands. They love to stack the bills with their faces facing towards them, arranged by denomination. Telling customers about the change back brings them joy and satisfaction, and the best part of the day is balancing change out of the box.

8. Property Evaluator
This career suits the demanding Capricorn because he can delight in having a lot of contact with a great abundance of material goods and properties. Whether they are evaluating gemstones or real estate, they will enjoy the process of finding out the value of a certain item. Because it is the most materialistic sign in the Zodiac, it is best suited for determining value and keeping track of market trends.

9. Worker
Capricorns have an enthusiastic work ethic and will do anything for money. They rarely give up on getting a formal education, but when they do, they can take advantage of it. The clever Capricorn will find a way to get paid big bucks for emptying garbage cans, working on assembly lines, or gutting fish if he has to. This is a sign that you have discovered the golden formula for making money – like joining a union or working for the government as a form of monetary security.

10. Scheduler
Many people would shudder at the thought of spending 12 hours a day working with a ton of code. Just bring up the words Java or Linux and some Capricorns’ eyes would light up like candles. They are tenacious, dedicated, and possess a great deal of patience to find a hidden bug or the reason why the script is not working. Although if someone asks them to choose some colors for a web page, they will adopt the look of a caged animal and bring up an important appointment that they have to go to.

What are the most compatible signs with Capricorn?

Today we give you the keys and we decipher the type of couple that a Capricorn forms with each of the other signs of the zodiac.

Capricorn and Aries
Capricorn, you have every good intention of building your mate, but it’s not that easy. Impatient, Aries must learn to manage their impulses, and you must learn to take risks. But the fascination you feel for each other motivates you to have a lasting relationship. Pros: You always want to cooperate.

Are Aries and Capricorn Compatible In A Relationship?

Capricorn and Taurus
You both have the same vision as a couple: that it is long-term, that you are always present when the other requires it, respect, and loyalty. Taurus calms his jealousy with you while you discover sensuality in his arms. Point in favor: you understand each other wonderfully on a day-to-day basis.

Capricorn and Gemini
A relationship that seems impossible because you are the opposite. You are both too realistic. However, in the end, love usually works out. Point in favor: you complete each other perfectly.

Capricorn and Cancer
According to the zodiac, you are opposites: Capricorn, your rigor faces the sensitivity of cancer. However, you can easily grow together. You both need security and you both have the ability to reassure the other. Point in favor: your passion for family.

Capricorn and Leo
At first glance, to Capricorn sometimes, it seems that he is not up to Leo. However, you will likely manage to make him fall in love thanks to your determination. Point in favor: socially, you are a brilliant couple.

Capricorn and Virgo
You are both shy, so neither will take the first step towards seduction. And it’s a shame because once the ice breaks, you will understand each other wonderfully. You have the same desire for affection, lasting love, to enjoy fidelity. Point in favor: a couple without serious conflicts.

Capricorn and Libra
It is difficult to meet the love demands of Libra. He loves fiery declarations and proofs of love, but you don’t know how to do it. However, both of you dream of having a loyal and committed partner. If you can reassure her and make her see that you are faithful, your union can work wonderfully well. Point in favor: you experience a mutual fascination for the other member of the couple.

Capricorn and Scorpio
You are both quite hot. So, if Scorpio manages to awaken the volcano in you, the encounter is going to turn out to be something really intense. To achieve this, you must relax a bit, manage to connect and you must put your mistrust aside. Pros: You have a deep relationship.

Capricorn and Sagittarius
Initially, you are joined by social or professional issues. When you go further, the relationship becomes somewhat turbulent. Sagittarius often has problems with your reserved attitude. However, both of you can create something beautiful because you share many values. Point in favor: Your mutual respect.

Capricorn and Capricorn
You have many things in common (it is logical), but your relationship is not that easy. What attracts you the most are your opposite tastes and that is what will make your relationship work. Once the relationship begins, you get engaged quite easily, driven by the same desire to live a strong and lasting story. Pros: you enjoy living a stable and calm life.

Capricorn and Aquarius
You admire their originality and their independence. With your way of being so trustworthy, you reassure the Aquarius. Neither needs great displays of affection, nor does it cause you any major problem if the couple does not have strong feelings, but your success depends on accepting things as they are. Point in favor: you are on the same intellectual and emotional wavelength.

Capricorn and Pisces
Pisces appreciates when you help them to touch down, to face the setbacks of everyday life. Together, Pisces prompts you to dream a little more, to get out of your limited vision. You have a lot to learn from each other. Pros: The connection between you is very strong.