Those born under the sign of Leo are self-confident people, who radiate strength, confidence, and joy of living. The Sun, the central star of our planetary system, is the star that governs Leo and gives him energy, light, and authority that spills wherever he passes, granting him his attributes of majesty, power, initiative, nobility, and creativity capacity. The lion that represents him is a symbol of strength, dominance, and virility.

leo zodiac sign dates and personality traits

Leo is a sign of great charisma and dominance. His immense security allows him to be brave and fearless. He is a sign with a tendency to direct others. Imperfection has no place in the life of a Leo.

Those born under the horoscope of Leo are proud, ambitious, and dominant people. They like to be admired and have a lot of self-confidence. They can sometimes have a temperamental and possessive demeanor. His great willpower, his nobility, and his generosity stand out. Passionate and energetic, they like power and great challenges. Seek the admiration of others and feel highlighted at large social events.

Leo Dates, Traits, and Overview

Leo Dates: July 23 – August 22
Affinities: He gets along well with the signs of Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Libra.
Element: Leo is a Fire sign.
Color: Yellow.
Metals and Stones: Gold and diamonds.
To get along: Collaborate with them and try to keep up with the fast pace that characterizes them.
Conflictive relationships: In general, it does not have good compatibility with the signs of Virgo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.
Lucky Number: 1.
The planet that governs it: The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun.
Day of the Week: Sunday.
Symbol: Lion.
Against: They tend to be pushy, immature, and somewhat childish.
Perfume: Pink.

Leo Characteristics

  • Leo belongs to the Fire element and is characterized by his courage, conviction, and leadership ability.
  • Independent and nonconformist, his active mind is always a generator of brilliant and lucrative companies. They are usually very proud for which they do not like to ask for help, they are enough for whatever.
  • Majestic, generous, and warm-hearted, they zealously protect those around them, especially children and the weakest.
  • Creative and passionate, they need to be the center of attention, so they can be very good actors or stage performers. They consider that life is not worth it unless everything has a touch of elegance and distinction, which is why it is one of the most creative signs.
  • Psychologically they seek to impress; This is what fascinates them the most: doing something that they have created and that others value and recognize. They must take care of this tendency, which can lead them not to be masters of themselves and “remain prisoners” of the response of the environment. But an evolved Leo will shine like the Sun and radiate warm energy to his surroundings that will make him, without looking for it, a king.
  • Willpower and the desire to stand out are the most prominent traits. Considered the kings of the Zodiac, their energy acts in the field of will and likes to handle the threads of your life and everything that happens.
  • Noble, dignified, and distinguished, he will always be noticed anywhere. A spirit of leadership, courage, audacity, the desire to excel, and his great creative capacity are the most outstanding characteristics of him. They love the colorful, the dramatic, and the extravagant.
  • They are kind, warm-hearted, and affectionate with a very strong loving nature that makes them ardent and sincere in their affections. The lion hug will never be weak or hesitant, they will squeeze their arms in the other as if it were the last. However, they often err on the side of pride, are intensely individualistic, and stubborn or inflexible.

Leo Personality

  • Great talker.
  • Carefree.
  • With feet on the ground.
  • Leo is the most dominant sign of the zodiac.
  • They are the kings among humans, in the same way that lions are the kings in the animal kingdom.
  • They usually have no doubts about what to do.
  • They are generally good, idealistic, and intelligent.
  • A Leo usually likes luxury and power.
  • They are capable of using tricks and lies to discredit their enemies.
  • In his personal relationships, Leo is open, trusting, and sincere.
  • Leo has a hard time getting people right and often tends to trust too much in people who don’t deserve as much trust.
  • They love and often have many partners during their life. They are sincere with their partner while the love lasts, and they like their home, but they are not the most faithful sign of the zodiac.
  • Attractive and passionate.
  • knows how to have fun.
  • Unpredictable.
  • Loves long passionate relationships.
  • Creative and outgoing.
  • They have ambition, strength, courage, independence, and total security in their abilities.
  • They are uncomplicated leaders – they know where they want to go and they put all their effort, energy, and creativity to achieve their goal. They are not afraid of obstacles – rather they grow up in front of them.
  • They can become stubborn in their beliefs, but always from an absolute faith and sincerity
  • His flaws can be as wide as his virtues and an excessively negative Leo can be an arrogant, proud, and very short-tempered person.
  • They can also adopt certain airs of superiority and arrogance.
  • Says what he thinks, but is always kind.

What Leo man likes

  1. Tickets to see the premiere of a play in Buenos Aires.
  2. Participation in a dramatic art course.
  3. Gold cufflinks with your initials engraved.
  4. A black leather briefcase.
  5. A silk tie.
  6. Some wine tasting classes at his house, with a professional sommelier and some of your friends.
  7. A pen.
  8. A bottle of good white wine.
  9. Some handkerchiefs with your name embroidered.
  10. A digital camera.

What Leo man likes

  1. Any eye-catching jewelry, but especially necklaces, earrings, and rings.
  2. Jewelry – Leo women also like jewelry, especially if it is elegant and eye-catching.
  3. A large glass vase with an exotic flower arrangement.
  4. Tickets for the opera.
  5. Articles of clothing in very strong colors – red, lilac, gold.
  6. A fine china tea set.
  7. Some gourmet chocolates.
  8. Very tall candle holders with matching tall candles.
  9. A silk scarf.
  10. A weekend in a spa hotel with treatments included.

Leo – The Confident

Leo is one of the most loving and generous signs in the entire Zodiac. Ruled by the Sun, he has a personality that stands out in the crowd. They are charismatic, funny, and exuberant. The maximum exponent of sunlight.

The unfavorable version of Leo denotes a self-centered and competitive personality. In such a way, he can become aggressive and dramatic. He loses his shine and becomes an annoying and unpleasant person.

Leo in Mythology

According to Greek mythology, Leo was a mystical beast known as the Lion of Nemea. He lived in a cave with two entrances from which he came out to spread terror in the neighboring villages. Heracles, son of Zeus, to redeem himself from his crimes and become immortal, submitted to the will of Eurystheus and agreed to do twelve jobs. one of them was to kill the Lion of Nemea, a fact considered impossible for a common mortal.

The cunning Heracles, knowing that the Lion was immune to weapons, managed to kill him with his bare hands, strangling him. Upon perceiving the protective powers of Lion’s skin, the hero removed the skin, making a cloak and a helmet to place on the head. After his defeat, Lion’s spirit was placed in the sky as the constellation Leo, honoring his mythical power and his magical strength.

Positive Energies of the Leo Sign

Leo is one of the funniest signs of the Zodiac. When he enters a room, he illuminates it with his good disposition and sympathy. They are great lovers of life and do not waste time with uninteresting affairs and people. They detest intrigues and gossip. Your time is too precious and there are too many good things to go through to waste on minor matters.

Leo on his favorable side is loving and covers his partner, friends, and family with attention. This feeling is in such a genuine and natural way that it “feels” when Leo expresses it.

Leo is also very generous with the time and attention that he devotes to others. His instinct is to give. He likes to see that everyone is happy and he covers the ones he loves the most with little gifts and attention. He does not skimp on care to ensure everyone’s comfort and satisfaction.

The native of Leo has a strong sense of integrity. He is faithful, noble, and with strong personal values (characteristics that he shares with his opposite sign, Aquarius). Always try to live and make decisions according to what you think is right for him without harming the needs or interests of others.

Protector, he fights for the interests of his group of people. Be it his family, friends, or professional colleagues. He has a huge heart and values loyalty, above anything else. He does not tolerate betrayal, sneaky behavior, or the absence of values.

Leo has a “light” and fun personality. Aware of this spiritual side, he uses it to his advantage. When he makes a joke or has a self-centered demeanor, he uses his humor to apologize. This works for him almost always. They love parties, fun, and company. They do not skimp on means or expenses, to offer the best party of all.

Negative Energies of the Leo Sign

Unfavorable Leo is prone to selfish behaviors and, in extreme cases, can become narcissistic. The ego is immeasurable. Everything is centered on him, on his needs, and his vision of his world. This is as true in the family as it is in the professional environment. They care very little about the opinion of others or what they will say. They quickly direct the conversation towards them.

In this version, Leo demands attention and needs to feel adored. He doesn’t shy away from getting everyone’s attention. He is proud and has to be recognized by everyone. If he does someone a favor, he doesn’t rest until everyone knows it. It’s no wonder he has such a hard time keeping friends close. Even in the family, the unfavorable version of Leo has difficulty recognizing that children are autonomous people, with their own personalities, and not a mere extension of himself.

Overly competitive, he has no shame in attracting to himself all the merits: the best ideas and decisions are him, the extra work was done by him, the knowledge is essentially his (even when dealing with specialists). The domain is yours. Of course, these types of attitudes make the environment around them not really one of collaboration and goodwill.

Unfavorable Leo plays dramas for everything and nothing. Small adversity is transformed into a giant drama, to the center of which he drags everyone. This dramatization stems from the constant need for his validation and approval. It is not easy to live in an environment so polluted by an inflamed ego and not at all modest.

How Leo overcome negative energies?

  • The tendency to compete excessively and the difficulty of attributing the credits to whom they really correspond works.
  • Focus your self-love towards positive actions and not destroy the potential of others.
    Remember that others also have a life, with good and bad moments.
  • Do not make a drama for everything and nothing (that you also tire others, who will end up moving away).
  • Don’t read the behavior of others as a provocation. Sometimes people may not notice your presence.
  • Learn to strengthen your tolerance for negative emotions, such as sadness, disapproval, irritation, or frustration.
  • Learn to contain your energy.
  • Try to curb your consumer desire and attachment to status symbols.

Dealing with a native Leo

  • Don’t challenge him in front of other people. This will trigger a furious reaction, and you don’t want to be around to see the consequences.
  • Use a sense of humor when you can, to lighten the mood and sympathetically appeal to reason.
  • Refuse to be part of dramas that don’t exist. It will not be a good idea to try to minimize it (This will hurt Leo’s pride on the unfavorable side of him). Just ignore the drama.
    Encourage him to find a hobby where he can direct all that extra energy he uses to see things where they don’t exist.
  • Help him relax.

The Leo Sign in Love

Lovers of parties and fun, the natives of this sign hate boredom. When it comes to relationships, Lions like to experience something intense that really moves them. They love new adventures and challenges, which makes it difficult to catch someone from Leo. When they truly fall in love, the natives of Leo do everything to surprise and please the person they love.

It is in the sphere of romance that this native feels best, continually living in the throes of passion. We will hardly find a Leo without a partner. Despite this, his pride can cause many relationships to fall apart. Even so, forgiveness and empathy are two characteristics of this sign, having reconciliations so frequently in their emotional life, as breakups.

The Child of the Leo Sign

There is one idea you can never forget when it comes to your Leo child: he is the king of the house. He will notice how easily he gets angry if he is not the center of the family’s attention.

The Leo child is bright, cheerful, playful, and fun. When he does what he wants… Otherwise, he can easily throw a tantrum. He is not upset by enthusiasm and animosity, but he knows how to set limits.

It is very easy for your Leo child to get angry when he is treated with indifference. He never reprimands or punishes you in public. For him, there is no greater humiliation. And this feeling leaves marks on the personality of the Leo child for many years.

What is the stone of the sign of Leo?

Fire is desire, and so is Leo. When they have a goal, they go for it to the end, although they change registers very quickly.

Citrine is the Gem of desire, abundance, and prosperity. Associated with the power of the Sun, it is a star stone for Leos, which directs them to the right path in their goals, remembering that it is precisely when we open ourselves to love in our works and our thinking, without becoming too obsessed with a result, When the real magic happens

The Sun Stone is presented as the Gem of light and personal power. A “very Leo” stone, without a doubt, that connects them with this star.

This Gem enhances the qualities of Leo. It ignites passion, strengthening his self-confidence and optimism and “lighting” his path.

What happens when Leo truly falls in love?

Finding love can be one of the best things that can happen to you in life, however, you should know that each of the zodiac signs reflects that state of happiness in a different way, that is why here you will be able to know what happens when Leo really falls in love.

Here you will get out of doubt and you will discover the most passionate, loving, and tender side of Leo when he really feels that he is in love.

Leo, when he falls in love, it is not that he loses consciousness, but his little head does not stop thinking about his loved one.

Despite all the stereotypes out there about Leo.

When the lion of the horoscope opens his heart to the person he loves, his attitude and even his way of being change completely.

A Leo in love is tender, sensitive, very delicate, and especially caring.

Do you want to know what Leo is like as a couple? Discover it here

Indeed, Leo is not much about expressing his feelings, or rather, he prefers to show everything he feels for his partner intimately and privately.

But this does not mean that Leo does not show affection towards that person who has stolen his heart, at all.

Leo, despite everything that is said about him, has his little heart, a noble heart, and that although he often loses his strength through his mouth.

Deep down you know very well that he will be there for what you need and more.

What is Leo’s favorite color?

The sign of the lion, Leo, has as its main ruler the great solar star, this marks gold as its main color, which is the most mature yellow of all. This color in this sign reaches its full maturity and manages to find an unalterable color state, symbolizes wealth, gold as the main source, this color can rarely be seen in nature.

This color is clearly one that shows wealth and height, it is the color of kings, it is a color that few manage to manifest efficiently. In nature you can see this color in wheat grains, this color of extremely perfect things shows the great importance of this food for humans. This food alone in a comprehensive way can nourish the man without any other seasoning. We see that this splendid golden color can also be seen in the body of bees, and the use of wheat and bees as products sent from the strong power of the planet of Venus has been seen as a legend in various civilizations.

In synthesis, we can say that the golden color is the color of the highest and pleasing perfection. Yellow in other shades can represent excess, this can have a counterproductive and extremely disturbing effect on these individuals of the Leo lion. It can also be seen that yellow is the color that most effectively contrasts with the color black, this color is the first that draws attention when it joins this black color. It is for this main reason that we see that the use of these two colors together mark calls for attention in society, both in traffic signs as well as in other types of messages or calls for attention.

The color yellow also usually represents all the traits that show in a personality the gifts of honor and loyalty, this color was widely used in men knights of previous times. But it seems to be opposed to the times closer to today, today this color can be associated more with cowardice than with courage, but in any case, this color is usually used to provoke good and pleasant sensations in social relationships, this color is cheerful and is very effective when it comes to, for example, his employment with children and leisure in general.

Leo prefers a profession that allows him to look and feel important, and a good salary does not hurt! With a competitive and goal-oriented mind, they are generally well known and loved in their chosen field.

The best professions for a Leo

The following professions are best suited for the social Leo:

1. Actor
Always turning heads, Leo loves to be center stage. Whether it’s public opinion or being the life of the party, the Lion will entertain and capture the attention of everyone around him. Leo Sign people can easily express themselves and take on other personalities. Dramatic by nature, they tend to grab all the attention, sometimes even to the point of making everyone else practically invisible.

2. Cardiologist
Leos have big hearts, but they also specialize in working with patients who have heart problems. They have a talent for understanding this important vital organ and its supporting equipment made up of arteries and the circulatory system. It is no accident that the operating room is sometimes called the theater and that the heart surgeon becomes the star player. It takes a lot of personal courage and confidence to specialize in this area.

3. Silversmith or Jeweler
Gold is the metal of the Sun, and by extension, Leo has an affinity for working with and owning this precious metal. This art requires a certain understanding of the properties of metal and a talent to bring out its inherent beauty. Sometimes Leo can be conceited and try to impress others, but when he focuses his attention on this art form, he can express the inner truth of himself.

4. Advertiser
No one can roar like the Lion, so this profession makes perfect sense for someone as talkative and social as Leo. Whether he’s sending out press releases or keeping rumors in check, Leo is the person who will make sure the right people are informed. This is a great career because he puts you in the public eye without becoming a celebrity. This works well for shy Leos who prefer to maintain a more private life.

5. Spokesperson
Being a charming and vocal person suits Leo very well. This position could satisfy his own vanity and need for attention. All types of contributions are not only acceptable to Leo but as necessary as air or food. For the best success, he promotes the products and services you believe in the most.

6. Theater Agent
This is the perfect profession for the social Leo. El León has a unique understanding of the acting profession and loves to facilitate and organize. Just being a part of the entertainment industry makes Leo shiver with pleasure. Negotiating with talent agents and interacting with actors would be an exciting prospect for a Leo. This career allows them to use their skills in representing the interests of the artists and identifying which of the people on the list is best suited to audition.

7. Reality Show Personality
This is not a true profession, but if you ask someone who has participated in it, you may receive a different opinion. However, there is the possibility of acquiring contracts and ending up in other types of entertainment programs and businesses. Whether these people really have acting talent depends on the case. The real skill here is the ability to earn 15 minutes of fame and make it last for a year.

8. Stylist
Leo people have a strange fascination with hair. They may be overly concerned with their own manes, but they also love working with others’ manes. Leo stylists actually win many hair contests, with the most dramatic hairstyle being the ultimate winner. Leos do well in this business because they can cultivate the look in a person who attracts attention. They keep their clients entertained and flattered, as well as beautifully groomed.

9. Sales Consultant
Leo loves change and variety, as well as the opportunity to work with the public. This makes you an excellent salesperson, whether it’s behind the counter, doing business, or on the street offering a product line. Leo maximizes his commissions by charming his clients with his great personality. Using a unique combination of body language and quick speech, they can make even the most conservative shoppers say “yes”.

10. Motivational Speaker
If someone needs inspiration or a kick in the butt for motivation, Leo is like a gift from heaven. They have a natural talent for exciting people and for getting them to take action. Your attitude may be seen by some as bossy and domineering, but not in this context. Channeling that effusive energy into something positive is the roaring Lion’s dream job. Leo has no problem getting on stage and telling people what to do and what path to take to achieve success.

Leo compatibility with the other signs

Today we give you the keys and we decipher the type of couple that a Leo forms with each of the other signs of the zodiac.

Leo and Aries
Between you, love, at first sight, does exist, and it is based on mutual admiration. Very quickly, the fusion begins. Same intensity, same energy … Too much passion between these two people. Pros: together, you manage to dominate your egocentric nature.

Leo and Taurus
Between you, the attraction is super powerful. But who will be in command and who will be the leader? Without a doubt, Taurus has the advantage of having clarity and self-confidence. Also, his tenacity makes him win this battle in the long run. Pros: your relationship is very powerful and sensual.

Leo and Gemini
Together you form a couple of the brightest. When your humor and your intelligence are united with your charisma, love is assured. You understand each other almost perfectly. The only downside, Leo’s jealousy is sometimes put to the test with those beautiful little escapes that the Gemini usually makes. Point in favor: you have great admiration for each other.

Leo and Cancer
Cancer accepts Leo’s individualism without protest, and always manages to reassure him/her in his small crisis of confidence. But it is something that also happens to Cancer. And since you both need to be reassured, you understand each other perfectly. Pros: You achieve a very beautiful emotional union.

Leo and Leo
This is a meeting of two people with a lot of egos. And although it seems difficult, the result is almost always magical. You both try to lie to each other to avoid problems and in the end, it all turns to admiration. As long as the relationship remains on an equal footing, your union is a great success. Point in favor: you both play on the same side.

Leo and Virgo
At first, Virgo lacks arguments to seduce Leo. He is a very discreet being if we compare them. However, in the end, this perfectionist manages to captivate him and ends up venerating him, and even manages to convince him to relax a bit, for his own well-being and that of others. Point in favor: You manage to carry out all the projects that you propose.

Leo and Libra
Leo will be speechless in the face of the elegance and refinement of the Libra. On his part, it’s easy to fall in love with Leo’s aesthetic perfection. Finally endowed with the same demands, both of you complement each other perfectly. Point in favor: you are the perfect couple.

Leo and Scorpio
You are very attracted to each other and you live love with the same intensity. In the intimacy, your union is equally ardent. But when you are in public, your egos collide. Pros: A very passionate atmosphere.

Leo and Sagittarius
They are almost the perfect couple. You both have the same desires, you go through life with true dynamism. You are very close, which helps you face the problems of everyday life. But Sagittarius’ needs for freedom can make Leo hesitate and roar (and not necessarily with pleasure). Point in favor: together you know how to have fun like nobody else.

Leo and Capricorn
Capricorn is down to earth, while Leo is more intuitive. However, once you are together, you are an indestructible team. Especially if Capricorn manages to be a little less cold and Leo manages to control his eccentricities. Point in favor: you have the same desire for success.

Leo and Aquarius
Leo’s individualism manages to upset the Aquarius a lot even though he secretly admires it. Leo loves to give orders and Aquarius hates this. However, if you both manage to respect each other’s independence, your union will be solid forever. Point in favor: the force that unites you.

Leo and Pisces
A difficult couple to describe since your worlds are so different that it could even be said that they are opposites. Pisces is very sensitive and Leo is a brute. However, creativity unites you. Creativity that will take you to a much more colorful world full of surprises. If Pisces can bear Leo’s urge to dominate, you could find a balance. Point in favor: the romanticism that guides you.