Libra is a cardinal and air sign, it is also among the most refined signs of the zodiac; He has elegance, charm, diplomacy, and good taste, loves beauty, is very curious by nature, and hates conflict. His negatives are sometimes frivolity and a fickle character.

libra zodiac sign

Like their own archetype: the balance, symbol of justice, Libras are people who have a highly developed sense of equanimity and tolerance; They understand the positions of others and at the same time try to resolve differences. In general, they do not like routine, especially in their work; they also have a fine artistic sensibility that they can channel professionally.

Libra, as an air sign that it is, needs to have constant intellectual stimuli, use reasoning and maintain fluid and interesting communication in the relationships it maintains, of whatever kind.

When it comes to love, romanticism is a constant in their union, also the search for beauty (both physical and internal or spiritual) and its tendency to hedonism. Libra has a sublime capacity to seduce: a gesture, a look … these are weapons that are innately available for seduction.

Libra Dates, Traits, and Overview

Dates: September 23 – October 22
Day: Friday
Color: Pink
Element: Air
Most compatible with: Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius

Libra is in seventh place in the Zodiac. Its emblematic balance is a symbol of the ideals of balance, justice, and equity that the natives of the sign pursue. It is one of the three Air signs, along with Gemini and Aquarius, hence its communicative, mental, and idealistic nature.

Venus is recognized as the ruler of this aerial sign. The integrating qualities of the planet are manifested through the taste for harmonious forms, elegance, good words, the beauty of ideas, and the moral conduct of Librans. In such a way that here Venus points to spiritual values. Mars, being the ruler of the opposite sign: Aries, defines the unfamiliarity with fighting and violence, a special susceptibility to minimal aggression, the avoidance of any tense climate.

Libra – The Justice

The Libra native, on the more positive side of him, has the most refined, civilized, and diplomatic personality in the entire Zodiac. He is charming and persuasive. He is a bridge-builder and strategist who, through commonalities, seeks to end differences and reach compromise. He is a dual sign, that is, extremely adaptable, with two different facets of the character.

On the downside, Librans can sink into criticism and intolerance. This makes them people who need the approval of others, extravagant and superficial.

Libra in Mythology

The main myth of Libra revolves around the Greek goddess Astrea, represented by the constellation Virgo. The sign is represented by hair plates of the scales of justice, held by Astrea, goddess of justice, innocence, and purity. Astrea symbolizes harmony and balance in everything and the importance of weighing all situations. Sometimes she is represented blindfolded, a symbol of impartiality due to the magistrates.

The characteristics of the sign

  • Soft, without strident tones, all its manifestations have a dose of moderation. Sometimes these manifestations are neither black nor white, neither cold nor hot, but they are necessary, they level, calm, integrate, with an equidistant attitude, the positions, points of view, and opinions of others.
  • Violence is his worst enemy, he lives to fight it, he neutralizes it with the understanding word, the balanced analysis of the pros and cons, and with the unique condition of contemplating the arguments of others. Libra is the emissary of peace, he arrives with a message of cooperation, goodwill, and brotherhood. One of his highest ideals is the justice of men and he is the bearer of the balance that weighs actions to avoid the error of arbitrariness and intolerance.
  • He is the magician of diplomacy, he can say the most serious things with the sweetest and most beautiful words, always avoiding causing injuries. They also highlight his sweetness, goodness, and good judgment. They have great creativity and innovation, a great aesthetic sense with artistic inclinations and aptitudes.
  • Among the defects of this sign, we find complacency, which is a virtue in its proper measure, but if it becomes exaggerated, it ends up leading them to act with hypocrisy, hiding what they truly feel. It takes out their capacity for confrontation; because in their excessive desire to surround themselves with peace and harmony, they are unable to argue, criticize or say that they do not like something.
  • Their indecision and fear of failure can lead to inertia and inactivity. Constancy and the power of determination must work.
  • Another weak point of the sign can be vanity. Whatever the activity he develops, he always puts his distinguished, refined and beautiful touch on it. He loves above all the shapes of things and the balance that gives the exact tone. He rejects the strident, vulgar, rude and hostile, he needs to live in an environment where balance, kindness, and harmony reign. His sensitivity to capture exaggerations and dissonances is always surprising.
  • Libra likes to stay in his home because he feels relaxed, something he constantly pursues. He is always improving the house, cheering and brightening her with his tasteful touch and optimistic, leveling presence of him.
  • It is the most incapable of being alone since he was born to share, complement each other and find his soul mate. He has the inner urge to share life, to be connected, to interact. He is not a self-centered sign and he often seems to trust others more than himself. His taste for aesthetics and ethics often leads him to seek perfection that he does not find. Hence arises his well-known indecision. He takes into account the opinion of the other, to the point of staying without expressing his own, at least in a direct way. Sometimes he asks for opinions or listens to them because he needs to counteract, but then he will act as he wants because, in essence, he is free as the wind.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Libra

Strengths – The main quality of Libras is their tact, finesse, and their ability to take responsibility. This is a sign that leads us to our final verdict and being in a good place, they feel satisfied and confident. A Libra can be fair and incredibly balanced. They are looking for quality relationships with others the most and will put a lot of energy into ways to improve the lives of those around them.

Weaknesses – The justice Libra feels in their obligation to serve is sometimes colored with judgment and resentment. Each person born under this Sun sign has to understand that this is a challenge to their Ego and they always need to be pressured and fed so that they can feel confident and ready to face any challenge that comes their way with an attitude of “I May l”. In the case of having a not fully formed personality, the opinions of other people will have too much influence in their lives, making their search for satisfaction really difficult.

Libra In relationships

In general, Libra will rarely remain in a superficial relationship. With their tendency to be untrustworthy at times, it is instead a consequence of your endorsement, Venusian attitude, much more than a lack of respect or weakness. These individuals tend to focus on the way things (and other people) look, and can be vain and overly obsessed with physical appearance from time to time. If you feel that your Libra is measuring your place and surroundings, you may need to set deeper boundaries to act separating yourself from their influences.

As couples – When a Libra becomes romantically involved, this will rarely be a meaningless affair. Although many Libras can appear confident, as if impersonating a descendant of Don Juan, they exalt Saturn and love things that have depth, and that last a long time. To enter into a serious relationship, Libra will be careful and attentive to the physical appearance of his partner and the way his bond is formed will be reflected in the external world. This can be very tiresome to free souls who do not want to receive these opinions, judgments, and prejudices from others. Once Libra discovers true inner confidence and stops thinking about the way things seem in the world, they become incredible companions that show how much they value the person they have chosen each day.

As parents – These are people who have incredible patience for their children. Because they often miss their own childhood or feel somewhat restricted in their own childhood. In most cases, they will be very tactful and careful as if they are afraid of doing something wrong that could hurt their children. However, their attitude and disrespect may cause them to tend to play the victim role, or to be too strict or demanding in their approach. If you spend a lot of time and energy teaching your children good manners and stop paying attention to their potentially explosive or defiant personality, they could lose authority and respect.

As children – Libras need someone to give them their full respect and in many cases, they are simply taught what to know and do without much room to make decisions and build a healthy personality. Their lack of decision is sure to drive their parents crazy, and they need time to come to solid and profound conclusions without which they cannot be happy. Libras need time, patience, and freedom, a life without obligations or meaningless orders that have no foundation in the way they see the world. If their personality gets the right treatment, they can become amazing people who will bring true balance to the world.

Libra Love and intimacy

There is something strange about a single Libra. Like a glow of sadness that surrounds them that could generate rejection in potential partners and make them undesirable. Libras truly shine when they are in a happy relationship as if their mission in life is to get married. Of course, this is not the case, but, indeed, they can easily become dependent in their lives on another human being. If they become overly dependent and unable to have activities of their own, this will limit the full scope of their relationships and make them difficult people to share with. Romantic life is very important to Libras, as they are led by Venus and value physical satisfaction much more than the other Air signs in the zodiac. They will be perfectly aware that they have found the perfect match and easily commit to life if they are sure of what they feel.

Libra natives are fickle and quite indecisive beings. But when balanced, they produce a perfect harmony between your rich intellect and your caring, compassionate heart. In love, they are romantic, seductive, and sensual people, and they expect to be treated in the same way. They appreciate the attention, affection, and small gestures of kindness. Negatively, they are materialistic, superficial, and frivolous. They expect their partner to show good looks, and they don’t care if that means futility. Libra natives tend to create exaggerated expectations in relationships, having some difficulty in accepting reality. They hate being alone and can be overly dependent, which can lead to estrangement from the loved ones.

Libra Career

Depending on their self-esteem, Libra representatives can reach incredible heights or lose their position and have trouble moving forward. Their career is usually important and it is something they need to dedicate themselves to, to build the image that they want others to see. Unfortunately, this is not a good reason to keep them satisfied and they really need to find a job they love to be successful. When choosing their careers, they need to have space, although they are indecisive, their decisions must be made alone, without interference or suggestions from their family, colleagues, or other people. If you do what you love every day, your own progress will become irrelevant and all that will matter to you is your creative force and your ability to find joy in your calling.

Positive Libra Traits

Lovely Libras are a likable sign that can be incredibly sensitive to the way others see you. They are very tactful, they dress finely and they love balance, this is someone who seeks love and approval and is often found by their ability to communicate and say the right word at the right time.

Balanced like a sign that tends to balance itself, Libras will never give up their need to find it, they search for it incessantly and find the middle ground in whatever situation comes their way.

Diplomats are people who know exactly how to handle an argument, stay calm, and focus on solutions that bring long-term results. Their comfort zone is in established relationships and they enjoy creating them wherever they go.

Negative Libra Traits

Misunderstood because they are a sign that exalts the Sun. Libras can be too strict in their judgments and lose the capacity for compassion and intimacy with other people.

Indecisive to the point of driving everyone around them crazy. The good thing about this trait is the certainty in which they make decisions once they have arrived at them.

Lazy, and to understand this, we have to understand that it is a sign opposite to Aries. This makes them far from the initiative, the energy to take on challenges, and they are ruled by Venus – just lazy. If they could avoid stress they would do so at all costs.

Positive Energies of the Libra Sign

The native of the Libra sign manages to spend hours arguing and doubting his decisions. All this to seek to be fair and make the right decision. He is a seductive and romantic person who lives surrounded by friends and family. He loves attention to detail and takes everything into account to make an informed decision. In unfavorable mode, this can limit your scope and lead to indecision.

His great need for peace and harmony makes him seek to cement the balance among others. He is a bridge-builder and strategist who, through commonalities, seeks to end differences and reach compromise.

But he doesn’t like the so-called “rotten peace.” For this native, relationships must be clear and frank. Honest As he does not know how to move in hostile and highly competitive environments, he feels unhappy when he has to constantly fight for his position, in a sneaky game of power struggle.

The search for balance is also reflected in his taste for beauty. He delights in an art exhibition, a good movie, a music concert. This strong aesthetic sense is also reflected in the way he takes care of his appearance. Always flawless, from head to toe. He is unable to go outside without being presentable. He has an unerring eye for choosing what looks good on him. He is meticulous about his appearance and spares no effort (or time) to be okay.

Libra is one of the most romantic signs of the Zodiac and does not reject a game of seduction. In his favor, he also has the fact of making the best of each person stand out. His generous spirit makes her want to share his well-being with whoever he is in his life. Calm, thoughtful, and understanding, he is a faithful friend and a dedicated companion.

Pleasant, assertive, loving, attention to detail, peace-loving of the beautiful, cultured, peaceful, civilized, charming, engaged, diplomatic, balanced, graceful, charming, strategist, fancy, elegant, generous, harmonious, fair, loyal, meticulous, moderate, practical, thoughtful, persuasive, seductive, sophisticated, transparent, rigorous, refined, reflected, romantic, conceited.

Negative Energies of the Libra Sign

On the downside, Librans can sink into criticism and intolerance. That makes them people dependent on the approval of others, extravagant, judgmental, and superficial. The negative exponent is revealed in the unsympathetic evaluation of appearance and the issuance of disparaging value judgments.

On the negative side, Libra evaluates everything by appearance. Physical appearance, lifestyle, profession. Everything is done to attract the attention of others. This fact can lead the native of this sign to fall into superficiality. Everything becomes banal and meaningless. Friends and lovers quickly disappear when the things that attracted them disappear. Relationships are frugal, with no room to flourish and to become meaningful.

Some Libra natives can’t stand being alone either. They prefer to surround themselves with false friends or uncertain lovers than to go through the sadness of living without company. This makes them attract that they have nothing to do with them and are not good for them.

The need to weigh everything can cause them to fall into indecision. Excessive comparison of pros and cons of a situation and postponing a decision leads to lost opportunities and causes confusion in other people. On the other hand, the need to live in harmony can result in avoiding confrontations, becoming too passive. Over time, this attitude makes him even more unhappy, because he will always find someone who takes him to the limit.

Libra | How to improve?

  • Avoid rash judgments. Don’t refuse to give a second chance.
  • Think before you speak or make a less pleasant comment.
  • Accept the differences.
  • Avoid prejudice and less appropriate comments, which you may regret later.
  • Don’t judge others by appearance. Sometimes the outer layer that certain people wear does not reveal the richness that protects their interior.
  • Do not value the opinion of others so much. Do more for yourself and less for someone else’s need for recognition.
  • Believe in your worth and ability to accomplish.
  • Learn to listen to your inner voice. Talk to you.
  • Learn the pleasure of being alone.
  • Don’t be intimidated. Make a decision and defend your position.
  • Don’t sacrifice yourself for the acceptance of others. No one manages to please everyone.

Dealing with a native Libra

  1. Help your Libran friend set realistic goals.
  2. It seeks to help you see beyond the superficiality of relationships.
  3. Don’t give in to manipulations.
  4. If the conversation falls into easy criticism, try changing the subject.
  5. In case of personal or professional insecurity, try to show how your friend’s vision is skewed by the need for approval from others.
  6. Don’t attract attention in public.
  7. Remind your friend that what we do to others we receive is duplicate.

Libra birthstones

Birthstones and meanings for those born between September 22 to October 22

When you look at the list of Libra birthstones, you will discover the birthstones attributed to the sign of Libra. Learn about Libra and learn about special crystals for your sign.

Each of these stones applies to any of these astrological signs. You can explore the meanings of each of the stones, as they are designed to help the Libra person.

There are quite a few healing crystals that you can choose from if this is your sign. When you check the meanings, you may feel that some attract you more than others.

You will be happy to know that by using your favorite stone you may also be able to solve a particular health problem.

There is a range of metaphysical properties and healing properties for each stone in your zodiac sign, to help you decide which one is for you.

A Guide to Choosing the Libra Birthstone

The best way to make your choice is to review the list of birthstones and read the information provided on each stone. This may encourage you to decide on the particular Libra birthstone for you.

Start by looking at what stones you already own, since it is very likely that you can have one of these in your current jewelry.

If you already have a specific stone, you can learn more details about its specific qualities and the reasons why you may choose to wear it.

Some of the stones on the list are highlighted with a link, and as you view them, keep in mind that you may find more information about that specific stone. Use the link, as its presence there means that there is more detailed information about that crystal on another page.

So if the summary of stone interests you, you can go to the page of that stone and learn about what other attributes it has that can help you. It is an advantage to have quite a few birthstones to choose from for each sign.

Most of the stones on the list have the ability to help a variety of different problems, and their healing properties can be quite impressive.

Libra birth jewelry made from the stones on the list can be very attractive. These stones are often very aesthetically pleasing, as well as being very positive to use to benefit your overall health and well-being.

You will likely be able to purchase these stones as beautiful birthstone jewelry. Since they are also good for your health, you can benefit from their vibration by keeping them on your body during the day.

Astrological birthstones for Libra are listed below.

This list will tell you what your birthstones are, then, following the list, you will find information about each of the stones on the list so that you can determine which of them you think will be the best choice to use.

Although the list covers an excellent range of stones that are known to be beneficial to anyone born within this zodiac sign, it is possible that more was added to the list and may not appear here.

You will find that some stones are on a few pages, as they are known to help more than one sign. They can be ancient or traditional zodiac birthstones, which have been used for a long time.

If this interests you, or to see what they are, please check out the full list on the zodiac birthstone list.

Libra birthstone list

Ametrine, Bloodstone, Bustamite, Chiastolite, Chrysoprase, Citrine Crystal, Dream Quartz, Eucriptite, Hypersthene, Lepidolite, Mahogany Obsidian, Morganite, Pink Tourmaline, Prehnite, Rainbow Moonstone, Serpentine Stichtite, Sunstone, Tanzanite, Turmilated Quartz, Tunellite

The best professions for a Libra

Get the perfect balance with the help of your Sun Sign traits to find job success.

Libras are cooperative and diplomatic. Because they are so loved and popular, they can become somewhat distant. For them, a calm and familiar environment is important, and they will strive to create harmony. They are not temperamentally suited for a job that is fraught with risks, dangers, or complicated. Libra prefers a profession that offers them the opportunity to create and balance opposites. This sign is characterized by its elegance, its refinement, and its diplomacy in the workplace.

Libra requires a quiet environment, in which he can play music, and no one disturbs his daily work environment. This sign does not like conflict or domineering coworkers. Some of your motivations may be money or good manners. Libra is generally capable of bringing everyone together and works well as a team. People of this sign should not be forced to work alone too often.

Libra will gravitate towards the following professions:

1. Counselor
Libra will shine in playing this role. In it, she uses his wonderful ability with people, his great ability to consider all options, and explores his different talents and abilities. His talent for interviewing and analyzing information makes him a very good person to identify the best options for the individual under focus. However, it is good that as a counselor you do not have to be the one to make the decisions.

2. Art Dealer
Libra’s affinity for art and culture makes this an excellent choice for someone with good taste and a business sense. Libra recognizes quality and beauty when it sees it and can understand what buyers want. Her innate sense of trends and style also helps her have a propensity for this profession. However, likely, Libra does not like to represent crude or too avant-garde artists. They prefer to deal with the type of art that is fashionable, aesthetically pleasing and have sophisticated clients.

3. Cosmetologist or Stylist
Libras of both genders are obsessed with image and beauty-related aspects, such as makeup, hair, and style. A natural transition into the world of aesthetics, hair coloring, spa treatments, or makeup consulting. Libra will do a great job of both researching and experimenting, passing its vast knowledge onto its clients. His own appearance shows that he can lead by example because of his great elegance and good taste.

4. Graphic Designer
Libra has the ability to create a design piece that is well proportioned and full of blank spaces. Designers find great pleasure in creating harmony through color or in communicating a feeling or message with images. Libra designers will live it and breathe it in all areas of their life. Those who are proficient in Photoshop are responsible for many of the visual jokes that circulate in the email chains.

5. Interior Decorator
Libra individuals are always rearranging and decorating their own homes, making this a natural career choice. Creating style and harmony is something they strive for in many areas of their life. The only downside is that with the many paint, fabric, and furniture options, you have to force yourself to be decisive and create restrictions. After taking down the initial distress, they can create a fabulous look.

6. Human Resources
Libra natives have highly developed social skills and are very good at problem-solving. Libras have the unique ability to fire someone while making him feel like she just got a bonus. In this profession, much of the time is spent interviewing candidates, negotiating salaries, and solving problems with staff. His natural empathy for others and his ability to achieve cooperation and job satisfaction are second to none.

7. Lawyer
Another profession that allows Libra to work with people is the law. An added benefit is working in the justice system or fighting for what is fair. Libra lawyers are not as aggressive as some of their counterparts. Rather, they can win their cases through careful manipulation and the use of their charm. Libra will disarm his opponent in such a specific way that he won’t even know what hit him. Libra is drawn to this profession due to his great analytical skills, fair play, and great persuasion.

8. Referee
Libra is an excellent option to intervene and decide what is fair. The natives of this sign may have to learn to be decisive, but when there are clear rules, they can do the right thing. Being peacemakers by nature, they may even have to break up a couple of fights and disagreements. This job puts them in the center of the action without having to really get their hands dirty. They love being at the center of a dispute and being able to calmly resolve whatever the problem is. And if the uniform is cute, it’s a bonus.

9. Mediator
Professional mediators must examine all issues and facts and help people reach an agreement. This is what Libra does within his family, group of friends, and at work. Why not officially do it for a living? This is an excellent setting to dissect problems into all of their components and then come to an informed decision and mutual commitment. Libra loves to argue, analyze, and is an excellent mediator by using his diplomatic skills.

10. Architect
Architecture involves the use of analysis as well as aesthetic skill. Architects must have a good understanding of proportion, scale, and be able to turn creative ideas into reality. Libra is an excellent candidate due to its visual ability and brainpower. They conceptualize, plan and consider all angles. This profession is a good mix of technical skills, visual sense, and interaction with clients, contractors, and suppliers.

Libra compatibility with the other signs

Libra and Aries. They are opposites by nature. They can attract or dislike each other immediately. They are appreciated and admired, but over time there can be too many differences unless they can really fit your personality.

Libra and Taurus. Both are attracted, but the constant changes of decisions of Libra cause a lack of control in Taurus. Although the compatibility is not very high, the relationship can work as they both like challenges.

Libra and Gemini. The compatibility between these signs is high, due to the influence of their ruling planets Venus and Mercury. They tend to bond very well and you have a good chance of maintaining a happy relationship. One downside is that both of you find it difficult to make important decisions in your life.

With Cancer. They are signs with a special sense of humor, with a good disposition to dialogue and understanding, but it is not a very related combination, since Libra is thoughtful and impersonal and Cancer is sentimental and nostalgic.

Libra and Leo. L is air and Leo fire, which is a fascinating combination of strength and dynamism. However, Libra is indecisive and Leo, the king of the jungle, will try to dominate and command; aspects that make this relationship not very successful.

With Virgo. You both have different temperaments, but you can find affinity by arming yourself with great patience to achieve a lasting relationship. Virgo tends to be very critical and can accuse L of all kinds of flaws, while Libra needs harmony and weigh everything on her emotional scale.

Libra and Libra. There is an immediate click. They will feel identified by what they will enjoy a lot. They know how to recognize the nobility of their intentions and if there is an argument they will most likely reach a draw. There is a lot of affinities and when they make decisions they are immovable.

With Scorpio. Of different personalities and temperaments, between these two signs, there is an irresistible magnetism. They are signs that dialogue unites them and they know how to reason well. However, Scorpio’s thoughts are clear, with no room for ambiguity, and Libra is full of doubt and little clarity.

Libra and Sagittarius. There is great understanding and they can make a good team. Sagittarius is adventurous and independent, and Libra is drawn to that desire for adventure. The relationship can work as long as her Libra gives her the space she needs, but she can feel fulfilled living alongside someone as unpredictable as Sagittarius.

With Capricorn. L is an air sign that needs to have freedom and Capricorn has a very different view of life than Libra. What can mean a great challenge for Libra, that although difficult to enter into a relationship, it can be lasting and passionate.

Libra and Aquarius. The compatibility between these air signs is very good, as their ideas and understanding of life fit together very well. They are balanced and stable signs, and when they have started a relationship it will be difficult for them to separate. Both enjoy an active social life, as they are signs of great vitality.

With Pisces. They are an unusual combination, although they are very different, there can be a very strong attraction. However, much of this coupling depends on how Pisces behaves, which tends to pretend appearances and, on the other hand, this sign is usually quite demanding with her partner, something that Pisces cannot bear.