Pisces is a mutable and water sign, it is also the last sign of the zodiac, precisely for that reason, it is the richest and most complex of all. Sensitive to the suffering of others, respond with goodwill and a desire to help. He does not like to feel imprisoned and does not respect the conventions, well, for the good, although he does not tend to fight against the established, he simply runs on the other side.

pisces zodiac sign

Pisces tend to live emotionally rather than rationally, instinctively, and intuitively rather than logically. It is very difficult for them to transmit what they perceive, they do not know how to express it with words but with actions … A key for Pisces is how they contact their sensitivity.

In addition, although it is often said of Pisces that it is the sign of naivety when it is its response to the world of sensations that it contemplates and perceives that makes it naive or skeptical, two ends of the same rope.

In love, they are faithful, adaptable people who tirelessly seek a union with the mind and spirit of their partner rather than a pure union. They need to dream together with their other half and feel to give a pure love and a very special romance.

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Those born under this sign are endowed with deep compassion, a vocation for service, and artistic inspiration. Extremely receptive and emotional, the Piscean personality is one of the most complex and difficult to define. Influential and perceptive, they absorb all kinds of impressions with the danger of falling into confusion and disorganization. With great spiritual values, it is the sign most detached from the earthly and most related to the transcendental.

They are characterized by having a powerful imagination, to the point that they become disconnected from reality. A Piscean will be able to make every effort to maintain their attention during a conversation but if you see how their eyes stare imperturbably on a point, be patient, they will eventually return to this reality and will strive to recover the information that they could not absorb. They were daydreaming.

Characteristics of the Pisces sign

  • Pisces is friendly with the people around him. However, in his apparent tranquility hide intense passions and strange desires that sometimes produce quick and even violent reactions, in those moments he does not care what he does.
  • Its way of being is complex and contradictory, on the one hand, it is inspired by noble acts and ideas and on the other, it is full of fears and fear of being wrong.
  • He has a strong sensitivity and a vocation for service, he feels that he is in the world to help those who suffer. His character is sympathetic and adapts easily to circumstances. Tolerant of the comments of others, he never seeks prominence because he does not need it.
  • With an inclination towards sadness and melancholy, in the face of a conflict he often prefers to withdraw and avoid confrontation, although when he does, he can become aggressive and not measure the consequences of what he provokes with this attitude.
    His life is conditioned on expectations of reward and forgiveness, for the good and the bad that he does.
  • If a friend is suffering and needs to unload the sorrows with a call at dawn, Pisces will light the nightstand and will try with all his might to slip a phrase that embraces his loved one from a distance.

Prices in Mythology

Pisces is one of the largest constellations in space, already detailed since the 2nd century by the Greek astrologer Ptolemy. To the east is the constellation of Aries and to the west, that of Aquarius. Many mythologies accompany this set of stars, which with much imagination, form two fish in the universe. As you know, Pisces is represented by two coiled fish that bite each other’s tails, although later it seems more as if they were joined by their tails.

There are mainly two Greek myths that speak of the origins of Pisces: the version of the astronomer Eratosthenes and that of Higinio, both related to the Greek gods on Olympus and with Aphrodite as a common factor. Let’s look at the interesting stories. According to the Greek Eratosthenes, it has to do with the Assyrian goddess Derceto, considered the daughter of Aphrodite and who was known to be half woman half fish. Legend has it that one night when the goddess was walking around a lagoon because she did not look closely at her path, she fell into the water.

Although she had the body of a mermaid, the Assyrian goddess could not get out of the water, so a giant fish that was swimming there came to rescue her, giving rise to the symbol of Pisces, represented by the union of the two bodies at the time of the salvation of the goddess. However, the version of the writer Higino is more worthy of surprise. In mythology, the Olympian gods had defeated the Titans and for that reason, Gaia, Mother Earth, was not at all happy. In revenge, she decides to meet with Tartarus, the guardian of the Underworld where Zeus had taken the Titans prisoner.

In her thirst for revenge, Gaia, Mother Earth, and the creator of the giants decided to create her last son, the most terrifying and destructive giant who would exact her revenge before the arrogant gods of Olympus. Thus, the terrible Typhoon was born, which was so immense that standing on Earth reached up to the stars. The typhoon was the monster par excellence: in addition to being miles tall, his legs were snakes and instead of ahead, he had 100 dragon heads. Each of these with deep red eyes, and threw dirt and lava.

It was so hideous that Zeus and the rest of the gods were immediately shocked. Pan was the first to see the Typhoon and to alert the gods. He then transformed into a half-fish, half-ram creature and jumped into the Euphrates River to escape the monster, and hence he is represented by the constellation Capricorn, for example. Seeing Pan transform into a fish gave the same idea to the goddess of love, Venus / Aphrodite, who decided to escape with her beloved son Eros / Cupid (depending on the mythology you read, change the name, as you know).

As she knew that she could not fight against such a creature, Venus also chose to flee through the water, and together with Cupid, they reached the Nile River, where they transformed into fish and thus, mingled with the others and escaped from Typhoon. However, since the water was so cloudy, they tied themselves with a rope so as not to get lost. Another complementary version of this legend tells that they did not transform into these fish, but that the nymphs of the river sent them two of these animals on which the gods rode until they left the monster behind.

The story of Typhoon did not end there, as Diana / Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, criticized her father Zeus as a coward because they did not all face the monstrous giant, so finally, Zeus had to confront Typhon, starting a spectacular fight. aboard his chariot, from where he threw rays at him. The battle between Zeus and Typhon reached Sicily, where finally the father of the gods managed to wound the giant, throwing him neither more nor less than Mount Etna. Only the monster did not die, and he was buried there under the rubble.

For this reason, to date, Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes, and its fumarole and activity is the product of the giant Typhoon, fighting to escape and return to fight the gods of Olympus. Pisces, then, is the mixture of Venus and Cupid fleeing from Typhoon, represented by the two fishes united and not losing sight of each other. Thus they rose to have their own space between the Universe, occupying their place among the 12 constellations of the Zodiac.

The Babylonians, for their part, knew the constellation Pisces as Kun, which was the tail of a fascinating creature called Nima, a mixture of a swallow and a fish that flew over the waters. It was worshiped and offered offerings and the priests prevented people from eating fish during this season.

Pisces – The Altruist

The natives of Pisces are sensitive people, who can “read” the emotions of others like no other sign of the Zodiac. They are dreamers and truly original people. It is a privilege to have the friendship of Pisces. One of its main characteristics is creativity. They are dreamers, who seek to make their vision come true. It is a dual sign, that is, extremely adaptable with two different facets of the character.

Pisces lives his emotions (and everyone else’s) intensely. If, on the one hand, this leads them to feel all the double (good and bad energies), on the other hand, this ability gives them sensitivity to the needs of others. Excellent listeners and good advisers.

Positive Energies of the Pisces Sign

Pisces shines in environments rich in creativity. Material wealth, social status, power, and leadership mean little or nothing to a typical Piscean. This does not mean that he does not recognize the value of material goods, but does not live according to what he has or does not have. Nor does it classify someone by his social position or by what he appears or does not have. He is as gentle and solicitous for a beggar on the street as he is for a boss. For him, what matters is the respect that the person in front of him deserves.

Pisceans are spiritual and sensitive. They are people who feel a genuine call to help and serve others. They seek to make the world a better place for themselves and others. They are people so sensitive to the emotions of others, that they should avoid being around people with negative energy, irritated and conflictive. They seem to absorb everything that happens around them and their moods vary according to the vibrations of others.

The strong empathy of this sign makes Pisces natives know exactly what to say when someone is looking for them. they quickly manage to read between the lines and understand how to help. On the other side of the coin, there is the use that some less well-intentioned people make of this positive Piscean characteristic. Many times, the native of Pisces needs to know how to impose limits to prevent others from running over him.

No other zodiac sign is so good at creating your fantasy world. Their sensitive and creative personality makes them get involved in activities associated with artistic expressions, such as painting, music, dance, or theater. When you focus all your creative ability on the real world, you achieve great things. Their ease of understanding the big picture and their sensitivity in human relationships allows them to acquire enormous respect and loyalty in the business world.

Negative Energies of the Pisces Sign

The native of Pisces is very sensitive and suffers from it. The truth, for him to understand others, he has to experience his emotions. This aspect can be extremely draining on an emotional level. On the downside, this can lead you to play the victim and hold others responsible for what goes wrong.

Pisceans generally don’t have much willpower. This can make them not meet their objectives or fail to develop their full potential. On the opposite side, when they become aware of this fact, they become controlling and averse to commitment.

Their extreme sensitivity and the need to escape painful feelings can lead them to avoid reality and take refuge in their fantasy world. For children, they are games and cell phones, for adults they are other more harmful habits. For the more self-aware natives, overcoming this problem is a daily effort of inner conversation.

When they are taken to the extreme, the natives of Pisces are enraged. Normally calm, they become completely upset and can cause enormous devastation. It is not easy to make a Piscean lose his mind, but it can happen. In that case, prepare for the worst.

The Pisces Sign in Love

At their best, Pisces natives have dedicated lovers: they do everything they can to make life easier for their partner and are dedicated to making them happy and the relationship moving smoothly. They are typically detached, but depending on who they choose to open their hearts to, this can lead them to feel like they are being abused if the loved one is not dedicated to the relationship.

Having a stable relationship with this sign is not easy. Pisces live intensely during the initial phases of falling in love, but when they fall into the reality and monotony of a lasting relationship, they tend to withdraw. For some natives of this sign, an open and uncompromising relationship is the best solution.

The Child of the Pisces Sign

Your Pisces baby is a dreamer. He lives in his fantasy world, in fairyland. His sweet little eyes melt when someone talks to him lovingly and tenderly. But do not be fooled. Little Pisces is anything but a delicate little thing. He will get it all, but without the screams of Aries or the stubbornness of Taurus. His strategy is seduction, a sweet smile, and captivating ways.

Schedules and routines are the natural enemies of the Pisces child. He can get up two hours early, but he’s late anyway. He is of no use. There are so many things that demand his attention and so little time! Your Pisces child will always need a lot of attention. To share his thoughts, to have someone to listen to him, and to have many friends to play with, since he hates loneliness.

The best professions for Pisces

Pisces often find it difficult to be on time and are generally not well adjusted to life with the typical nine-to-five schedule. They need to choose positions that allow them to express themselves and be true to their creative vision. An organic process will lead them to achieve their goals.

Pisces needs to have a structured environment, creative license, and enough money to pay the bills. They will inspire co-workers and the public when allowed to explore and create.

Read on to see which professions are best suited for Pisces.

Monk / Wet
This extreme career option requires Pisces to renounce all material possessions and to take a vow of chastity. The advantage is that you would not have to worry about paying rent or rent, and the disadvantage would be the need to be a good person all the time. Because Pisces by nature spend a great deal of time daydreaming, sitting down to pray should be a natural progression.

Lighthouse Watcher
The idea of spending a lot of time alone at sea would be fascinating to a Pisces. There wouldn’t be a great deal of distraction or traffic except for the occasional boat passing by. These days, it would be difficult to get hooked on this type of job, but Pisces can be very creative in their job searches. You might have a bit of trouble keeping the lens clean and the foghorn unobstructed, but other than that the fish would be in their element.

The life of a psychic medium is perfect for Pisces. You wouldn’t have to stick to a nine-to-five schedule and can book appointments only when you feel like it. Visions and impressions will be useful in this profession, unlike working as an accountant or a jet pilot, since none of these professionals should see things that do not exist. Other helpful benefits include working from home, not needing a closet full of suits, and having plenty of time to tend your garden.

Depending on whether you want to work under or over the table, illegally or legitimately, Pisces would love to work and dispense medication. This sign has a fascination with the properties and qualities of substances and their effects on the human body. Either way, you will earn good money while using your natural compassion and concern for the welfare of others. The hard part would be the long and rigorous educational path to obtaining a pharmaceutical degree, but it is worth it.

This profession is perfect for Pisces, as long as you stay away from the merchandise, as you have a natural affinity towards the perfect mix of spirits. Pisces natives forget many things, but never how to make a good Martini or a Manhattan. The perfect setting would be a bar with live music and a waterfall or aquarium, or a Tiki bar in the tropics. Failing that, a neighborhood bar or pub would be fine. Knowing exactly what to say to a drunk customer who is causing trouble is a unique talent you have.

Religious teacher
Pisces is perfectly adapted to religious life, especially when it seeks perfection. Pisces is far from perfect, but it rises to the top with reckless debauchery. Very few reach this level of success, but when they do, they happily join divinity. In this position, they can share wisdom with others, achieve nirvana, and live a life of simplicity. However, recently, being a religious leader also means owning multiple houses and cars – added benefits!

Pisces excels at everything that involves having a very vivid imagination. In a movie, he can create another world that is very real, but not necessarily capable of existing. Organizing can be a real challenge, but when working on a project of this nature, Pisces can invoke internal resources to create something spectacular. Think about the work of Spielberg or Lucas to understand what this sign is capable of.

As a profession, this is ideal for Pisces. His unique vision can be brought to life by the lens of the camera. Modern technology has made life even more interesting for photographers as they can now digitally alter their images. Pisces can artistically enhance their work and reuse it for other uses. Also, other mundane effects can be added to ordinary images. They are probably responsible for a large percentage of the funny prank photos that appear in your email.

Animators are very strange creatures indeed. Most likely, this field is made up of a large number of Pisces individuals. This profession demands a high level of visual imagination, concentration, and technical knowledge. Focusing for long hours can be a real challenge, but when creating an animation, Pisces is capable of getting lost in the project. Health and balance can become secondary in your quest for perfection. Plus this sign you need to make sure your diet does not consist of coffee, cigarettes, and fast food when your calendar is full.

Addiction Counselor
Many Pisces love to help others. But first, they have to help themselves. If they can face and overcome their demons, they will have a desire to work with others to help them overcome their addictions. This path requires a commitment to sobriety or change, compassion, understanding, and the ability to read people. Ideally, they should be able to help the other person get the help they need without cheating or manipulating them (an occupational hazard). Pisces individuals are natural therapists and excellent listeners.

Pisces compatibility with other signs

Pisces and Aries
They will understand each other very well between the sheets if they are very much in love or have a great passion for each other. The sensual Aries will be enchanted by the unconditional love of Pisces.

Aries and Pisces Compatibility in Love, Life and issues

Pisces and Leo
It is not an easy relationship, as Leo is used to being the center of attention and not showing his love constantly. They will have to commit much more than usual and find a common cause to focus on it. For it to be a lasting relationship, your moons must be compatible.

Pisces and Sagittarius
They will enjoy a lot of eroticism in their relationship, with passion and total dedication, but problems could arise, because the flirtatious Pisces due to his need for romantic demonstrations and need for variety could destabilize Sagittarius, who could forgive his indiscretions.

Pisces and Taurus
The spirituality of Pisces is perfectly understood with the sensuality of Taurus, as they complement each other. They will enjoy a sensitive, warm relationship and with time it will improve.

Pisces and Virgo
Pisces romanticism could clash with Virgo’s difficulty in expressing her emotions and feelings. The advantage is the empathy of the fish who will know how to embrace Virgo’s passion and give that romantic touch in the relationship because he has plenty of it.

Pisces and Capricorn
They tend to work very well, it will only fail when there are major conflicts between your astral charts.

Pisces and Gemini
Gemini loves to play and experiment in bed, while Pisces seeks a soul connection with their partner to feel completely satisfied, if they succeed, their relationship could work wonderfully, the risk is that Geminis lose interest and patience sooner.

Pisces and Libra
They will have to make an effort to understand the other. Libra must contact her emotions and Pisces must respect logic.

Pisces and Aquarius
The more time you spend together, the more benefits you have in being in a long-term relationship. Being the last zodiacal signs they represent the accumulated experience of all.

Pisces and Cancer
Cancer has a very variable mood and becomes spiteful that will be aggravated when Pisces suffers from the same mood swings, but he will be able to forget and forgive the crab. Clearing up misunderstandings will lead to a more positive relationship.

Pisces and Scorpio
The imagination and spark of Pisces will catch Scorpio who will offer in exchange his sensual eroticism that leads them to a deep spiritual connection. They will be a perfect, intimate, and long-lasting combination, as they will understand each other so well that your relationship will be strong and long-term.

Pisces and Pisces
If both are balanced, thanks to the influence of Jupiter and Neptune, it could be the perfect mix of intuition and spiritual inclusion.