sgittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the Zodiac, belongs to the Fire element and is represented by the Centaur, a mythological figure that symbolizes the human being’s search to rise above the instinctive, through his humanity, creating a philosophy of life in pursuit of his evolution. He is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the most benevolent and greatest of the planetary court. This year you will have big changes in your life.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

The Features of Sagittarius
Long voyages, philosophy, law, religion, high ecclesiastical office, prophecy, abstract mind, adventure, foreign trade, intercontinental navigation, outdoor life, physical exercise, racing horse riding, speed, gambling, wise men, higher education, and independence.

  • Fire element
  • Fall season
  • Sincere Character
  • In favor
    Great athletes, very happy and jovial. They are very studious
  • Against:
    They are somewhat reckless, radical, and capricious
  • Day of the week Thursday
  • Color Purple, blue, violet, and love
  • Planet Jupiter
  • Violet, Thyme, Laurel perfumes.
  • Precious stones and metals Tin, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Turquoise, and Amethyst
    Enthusiasm, joviality, and joy stand out; Lovers of fun and with great faith in life and the future, they are optimistic beings and as they tend to have good luck, they tend to believe, sometimes with a certain naivety, that everything will work out despite any difficulties. Among its main weaknesses or negative tendencies are lack of tact and impulsiveness.
  1. Restless and passionate, they are interested in knowing and have such a degree of fascination for life that everything inevitably seduces them.
  2. His character is jovial and his main ideal, justice.
  3. He is sincere, curious, agile, and impulsive, with a constant search for personal improvement. He likes to be in contact with people, to travel, to explore, and to be in constant motion. Among his virtues are his benevolent attitude, generosity, and frankness. Their heart is noble and of good feelings, for which they are excellent friends and traveling companions. His explosive temper can cause more than one scare, but his anger is fleeting.
  4. His worst flaw: the lack of diplomacy and, in the face of adversity, becoming a bit aggressive.
  5. Considered the sign of enthusiasm, he has a great capacity for expression and confrontation, he does not have problems in saying what he feels and thinks, but many times he does it in harsh terms, which can generate discomfort in his relationships.
  6. It is also defined as the sign of philosophy and wanderlust. Fun-loving and friendly, philosophical, intellectual, upright, and expansive in nature, they are a source of inspiration and enthusiasm for others. They are versatile and love adventure and the unknown, taking on new projects and learning new things.
  7. Reliable, honest, good, and sincere, they are willing to fight for good causes at all costs. They often rebel against authority and cannot stand unjust accusations, especially if their integrity is questioned.
  8. People born under the sign of Sagittarius are free souls who like to take risks and enjoy new experiences, they seem to have a positive vision of being in the right place at the right time. They are also adaptable and capable of multitasking.

Greek Mythology of Sagittarius

These were regarded as drinkers, savages, adulterers, deceitful, and untrustworthy by men. However, legend has it that one of them differed from the rest by being docile, sensitive, and with a big heart. His name was Chiron, son of Fílira and Cronos, and he owed his form to the fact that his father had taken the form of a horse to evade his wife Rea from him and thus be with Fílira.

Chiron had been trained by Apollo and his sister Artemis, and he grew up with a great development of diplomacy, adventure, and courage, in addition to the incredible handling of the bow.

It is in all the legends that Chiron is recognized as the figure of the constellation of the Centaurus or Sagittarius. In fact, his bow is said to target Scorpio’s heart, defending Orion from another attack.

As established in Greek mythology, Chiron the Centaur was indomitable and stormy, but very sensitive. For this, he was loved by all the Greek gods.

The gods held him in such esteem that they sent his children to be his disciples.

Chiron was not only an instructor, he was also a philosopher and a great physician. Among his students were Hercules, Achilles, Jason, Castor, Polideuco, and Asclepius, who learned his medicinal gifts from him.

In one of the Sagittarius myths, Hercules, after a long journey, stops at a tavern for a glass of wine. According to this legend, the wine that was served to him was first class, as it belonged to the centaurs. These, smelling the aroma of the open bottle, went into a rage and galloped to meet him. Hercules, angry, begins to fight against the centaurs and after defeating several, he scares the others with poisoned arrows. Chiron, who had not participated in the fight, had remained at a distance observing the whole situation. However, Hercules, absorbed in all the action and not being able to distinguish the teacher from him in the distance, struck him with an arrow.

Although this wound was fatal, Chiron could not die as the son of Cronos. But that did not stop him from the pain and agony that the poison of the Hydra of Lerna caused him.

There was no meditation or medical practice to alleviate him, so Chiron used his condition to free another who also suffered.

Prometheus was a titan, son of Iapetus and oceanic Asia (or Clymene), who had angered Zeus by stealing the fire from Olympus and giving it to the humans who had it forbidden.

That was why Zeus sent Pandora to open the box where all the evils were to punish humanity, and Prometheus punished him by chaining him to a giant rock and sending an eagle to devour his liver every day, because being this immortal, the organ grew every night.

According to one version of the story, Chiron offers his immortality to replace Prometheus in his punishment, and in this way, men could have the fire and the titan, his freedom.

Zeus, who had witnessed everything that happened, knew of the anguish felt by his son Hercules for having hurt his teacher.

He then decides to give Chiron a resting place in the sky as the constellation Sagittarius, the archer, in recognition of his benevolence.

According to Babylonian mythology, the constellation Sagittarius is believed to refer to Enkidu (Enki’s creation), a man of great fierceness raised by beasts. This was a close friend and companion of the adventures of Gilgamesh of Uruk (who is believed to personify Orion) and a representation of wildlife.

Personality of Sagittarius

  • Spontaneous.
  • They don’t mince words if they have to recriminate a friend for something, but they know how to forgive when necessary.
  • They have a lot of love to give.
  • His love is unique.
  • They are versatile and love adventure and the unknown.
  • They are reliable, honest, good and sincere, and willing to fight for good causes at all costs.
  • They love to tackle new projects and learn about new things.
  • A Sagittarius usually likes luxury and power.
  • They are capable of using tricks and lies to discredit their enemies.
  • If their relationship is stable, they are excellent husbands and parents, although they rarely succeed in suppressing all their adventurous spirit.
  • They need to feel free and sometimes put their professional interests ahead of the interests of their partner. They are friends of friends, reliable and loyal.
  • They are also impatient when others are not keeping up with them.
  • Great appeal.
  • Loves long relationships.
  • Someone You Shouldn’t Mess With. Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone.

Sagittarius is one of the most positive signs of the zodiac.

They are open-minded to new ideas and experiences and remain optimistic even when things get tough.

Sagittarians tend to believe in ethics and like to follow the rites of religion, a political party, or an organization. This can lead to superstitious tendencies at times.

They are intuitive and good organizers and, although they are generous, they are also very careful, which makes them good managers of situations and projects.

They are capable of sacrificing themselves to accomplish an objective. This makes them sometimes too demanding of others.

Sagittarians are basically sincere and controlled in their relationships, although if they are betrayed they can lose their roles.

Positive Energies of the Sagittarius Sign

Sagittarius is a dual sign, that is, extremely adaptable, with two different facets of the character. Being a sign of the Fire element, they possess enormous energy and joie de vivre. They are optimistic and intellectual. It is a lucky sign and you do not mind sharing your good luck.

He has an open and jovial spirit. He is the type of person to whom interesting things happen. He always has a story to tell about anything. His insightful intelligence makes him develop a deep interest in various topics. He highly values his time, his own, and that of others. Therefore, he dedicates his attention only to people who he considers stimulating and with whom he can learn something.

They are honest people. When dealing with a Sagittarius favorably, their motivations are clear. He does not indulge in games and is honest and sincere with you and your feelings. It is truly inspiring and makes others feel on top of the world. They help and advise generously.

Typically, the Sagittarius has a great sense of humor and refuses to totally lose his childlike innocence. His agility and open-mindedness make his thirst for knowledge see no boundaries. He engages in wisdom-filled debates and spirited stories.

They are daring adventurers and have the soul of travelers. They love to know new cultures. The trips can be short or long, but they take advantage of them to discover a little more about the people, culture, and curiosities of the locals, which they eagerly collect in their passports.

Negative Energies of the Sagittarius Sign

Or Sagittarius is so truth-driven that he forgets that the world is not all black and white. On the unfavorable side, Sagittarius has an emotional intelligence deficit. This makes it insensitive to the opinions and feelings of others.

He manages to be very critical, offensive, impatient and brusque. Use the “truth,” that is, your truth, as a shield against aggressive behavior. Many times they forget that this negative attitude has very unpleasant consequences, not only for the person attacked but also for themselves. He can even become rude and cruel, when he feels threatened, his will is not fulfilled or in the face of some setback. The other party can give in to emotional exhaustion and cause their physical or emotional withdrawal, ending up devastating their family, friendship, and professional relationships.

On the unfavorable side, Sagittarius can develop a tendency to lead a life above their poses. If you travel, it has to be first class. More than enjoying the comfort, it is about showing that you are successful.

How to improve?

  • Work on your ability to empathize. If you don’t, you will likely end up alone or surrounded by insensitive people.
  • Reflect on your intentions and words before speaking to blame someone. Try to see the other side of the truth and what moves others.
  • Understand that you can’t always find understanding people on the other side who are willing to handle your attacks. You can finish alone.
  • Remember that there are many truths. And it’s not always yours that counts.
    Try not to argue or express opinions just because you think something is so. Sometimes the facts overlap and you can lose your mind, which you would hate.

Dealing with a native Sagittarius

  • Dealing with a Sagittarius in an unfavorable mood is likely to make you tired of being criticized and judged. In that case, try to ignore the negative arguments and walk away from the discussion.
  • See your reason instead of emotion when dealing with an angry Sagittarius. If he is arrogant, call him to reason, but gently. In the end, Sagittarius values that you are direct and frank.
  • Sagittarius is not used to acting evil. If you really appreciate that person, keep this in mind when they reveal themselves more negatively.
  • Help him question his own motives. Which leads him to act in a certain way and to attack others so forcefully. Make him understand that he is not always the owner of reason and that people are much more complex than the opinion he may have of them or their behavior.
  • If you have to deal with rude or unfair behavior, don’t feel the conversation. Ignore and walk away.

The Sagittarius Sign in Love

Sagittarius is completely devoid of malice, and everything he does is honest. Pretending or acting untruthfully terrifies you. Beneath the cloaks in which it hides, you will find an extremely intelligent mind of high standards.

Sagittarius is drawn to danger – in sports, at work, and in relationships. An element of risk excites and challenges the natives of this sign. He is frank: what is in the mind and heart of this native is almost instantly on his lips.

In love, they are fickle and hardly make commitments. They plunge into a romance with careless abandon and fall in love so hastily, as they end a relationship without the slightest regret.

They are generally cheerful and fun people, and they do everything to make others feel special. The natives of this sign are open-minded, generous, and very romantic lovers. They cultivate independence in relationships and appreciate a partner who is also autonomous. They do not like possessive or jealous partners and will not stick with them if they are forced to deal with them regularly. The natives of Sagittarius unions that provide them freedom. They adore spontaneous adventures and romantic gestures.

On the more negative side, they can be a dominating presence. They do not like negative or dependent people, doing everything to keep them away. They tend to get bored quickly and in the worst case, they can be unfaithful. But if given enough support and freedom, they become sensible, honest, and dedicated partners. The key is to keep them interested.

The Child of the Sagittarius Sign

The Sagittarius child never grows up. He will always be like this, a childlike spirit throughout life. Eager for attention, never leave your child unanswered. He reciprocates with equal enthusiasm for his displays of affection.

Your Sagittarius child hates being alone. You may think that he is calmer in his room, with the lights off and the atmosphere calm. The right place for naps. But this is not the case. Your baby prefers to be in the middle of a room full of people talking and with a lot of confusion. There, yes, she will find the security that she seeks to sleep and rest.

Defiant and self-confident, the Sagittarius child needs rules, if not, also to understand what motivates them. If you do not calmly explain why he expects certain behavior from him, you will not get results, no matter how angry you are, or invent punishments.

Top 10 professions for Sagittarius

How to get the most out of your Sun Sign traits for financial and work success.

Sagittarius is well suited to any profession where communication skills, knowledge, and inspiration are important. This is an employee who will be versatile, adventurous, and avant-garde. They tend to be tolerant, good-natured, and able to easily adapt to change.

The Archer enjoys a workplace that is upbeat and stimulating. These individuals are not temperamentally suited for a job that is boring or does not provide opportunities for growth and learning. Sagittarius prefers a profession that allows them to broaden their horizons, travel, and explore.

The following professions are ideal for eager Sagittarius:

1. Editor
Sagittarius has a love for books and knowledge, and this profession aligns with the goals of this sign. Whether through books, magazines, or the Internet, the Archer can reach many people and enjoys spreading ideas, stories, and controversial issues that start a discussion. Whether this information turns out to be meaningful is up to the individual.

2. Walker or Dog Sitter
This job is left to Sagittarius because of his love for animals. It allows you great freedom, good company, and the opportunity to get some exercise outside. Sagittarius will not only ensure that your beloved pet gets enough food, water, and exercise but will also take time to interact with her. Sometimes natives of this sign prefer the company of pets over people anyway.

3. Cleric
The life of a religious person is perfect for Sagittarius. There would be many possibilities here, from a life of cloister and austerity to leading a congregation or being a lay minister. All of these aspects attract Sagittarius to a certain level, but each of them must choose the right path. Focusing on spiritual matters such as exploration, counseling, facilitation, and learning are ways the Archer can live authentically and help others.

4. Missionary
With this life path, Sagittarius will be able to have a religious vocation, but in a foreign country. The combination of these two elements will undoubtedly compensate for the lack of a good income, or in some cases, drinking water. Sagittarius is usually very dedicated to his cause and can really make a difference when committed.

5. Animal Trainer
Sagittarius understands animals on a very deep level and can communicate naturally with them. This makes them the perfect option for working with all kinds of creatures. Instructors are hired to improve the behavior of the animals, as well as teach them to perform certain jobs. Guide dogs and racehorses have probably had their fair share of Sagittarius Sign trainers. The Archer is capable of bringing out the best in his students.

6. Importer
The native of Sagittarius has often traveled extensively or lived in a foreign country. They can easily make contacts that allow them to obtain imported products. In some cases, it can be a way to link your travels with business, which is an attractive concept for Sagittarius. This sign will be able to negotiate, conclude contracts, and identify legal aspects.

7. Interpreter
Due to his love for the foreigner, the culture, and the language, this profession would be ideal. Sagittarius can work either in another country or in their own. This profession requires an agile mind, a knack for languages, good communication skills, and the ability to express concepts with ease. This trade would be full of variety, new experiences, and mental stimulation. And it may require the ability to quickly edit the content to make it suitable.

8. University professor
Sagittarius is always in search of knowledge and can be an inspiring teacher. They love to keep their students interested with adventure stories and encouragement to motivate them. The native of this sign adapts perfectly to life in an academic environment, in front of a room full of restless minds. As long as they stay interested and stimulated by a topic, they are capable of being great teachers. If they don’t, sabbaticals become more frequent over time.

9. Promoter
There is also a talent for promotion and sales in Sagittarius. They can devise special events and programs, and then take the steps to put it all together and make it work. They are wonderful organizers and are capable of multitasking with ease. This is the sign that loves the art of making a deal and putting all the elements in place. They take big risks and most of the time they are worth it, but sometimes the fall can be spectacular.

10. Tutor
Another profession that allows Sagittarius to break the confines of corporate life is that of a tutor. Sagittarius is an excellent option to help and develop a student who is having trouble with a topic. They can easily work to improve literacy, math, languages, or any subject that involves foreign content. Working with someone else to develop your skills is a dream job.

Sagittarius Compatibility with other signs

Today we give you the keys and decipher the type of couple that Sagittarius forms with each of the other signs of the zodiac.

Sagittarius and Aries
Your love always starts on the right foot. Aries goes crazy when they see your virtues and the commitment you put into everything you do. You admire the boldness and determination of the Aries. Together, you can move mountains, as long as you communicate well. Pros: full Romantic energy.

Sagittarius and Taurus
Taurus is impressed by your strength of conviction. And sometimes it is hard for him to keep up with you. You are not very fond of the little conservative ideas of the Taurus, but you see in him a good dose of tenacity and courage. What brings you closer is your very passion for life. Point in favor: you form a balanced relationship.

Sagittarius and Gemini
You spend hours talking about anything, running the risk of forgetting about seduction. You live your love free from whims and passion, and you love to travel together, which helps you have a very healthy relationship. Point in favor: Curiosity unites you.

Sagittarius and Cancer
You upset the susceptibility and sweetness of cancer but are still drawn like magnets. You love to hug a man with a youthful mind and he doesn’t put up any resistance, as long as you don’t take advantage of this to dominate him. Point in favor: you are on the same wavelength.

Sagittarius and Leo
A brutal fight breaks out between you, but for love to be born and grow, neither of you should be defeated because you need to continue to have that mutual respect, you need to continue seeing each other as heroes. Point in favor: Passion assured.

Sagittarius and Virgo
You may come to believe, by mistake, that you are too reserved / to seduce the Virgo. Relax, you form a complementary couple, one placed in front of the stage, the other from behind directing the success of your joint projects. You admire their perfectionism and restraint. Pros: Great efficiency in professional affairs.

Sagittarius and Libra
Idealists, you unite to defend what is fairest and you also like to enjoy the pleasures of life. You both seek the same emotional balance, you accept that giving in is the only way to reach agreements. Point in favor: you allow each other freedom.

Sagittarius and Scorpio
Like you, Scorpio asks many questions. Together, you fix the world with passion, sometimes you clash with each other, especially when the idealism of one meets the pessimism of the other. Pros: in love, you are both addicted to strong emotions.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius
Socially, you are made for each other. In private, you have any problems separating privacy and public life. Perhaps, your partner grows and flourishes more in the intellectual field than in the emotional one. Since you both like to be right, your relationship can turn into a power struggle, but you know how to avoid arguments. Pros: Your mutual understanding.

Sagittarius and Capricorn
Sagittarius is optimistic, while Capricorn is pessimistic. Sagittarius, is sensually enterprising; while Capricorn is much more reserved. And yet, between you, everything can work out. Your common ambition brings you closer together, and you are also perfect to develop professional projects together. Pros: In tough times, you can really trust each other.

Sagittarius and Aquarius
Of course, you are not the most passionate couple in the zodiac. Little interested in sensuality and pleasures, you find together with your happiness in society, talking and discovering the world around you. That doesn’t frustrate you, it’s your way of making it work. Point in favor: you give yourself the freedom necessary for your relationship to flourish.

Sagittarius and Pisces
Pisces is not a constant person and that bothers you. However, you know that it is useless to talk about it, plus you hate conflict. If you accept it as it is, a kind of order is established, which allows you a great margin of maneuver to love each other without limits, with a pinch of madness. Pros: Your ability to adapt to each other.