Taurus zodiac sign is very realistic, however, he secretly prefers to believe that everything is forever since the idea of change destabilizes him and makes him insecure.

taurus zodiac sign dates and personality traits

Taurus is 2nd of the zodiac signs, hard on the outside and sensitive on the inside, his ruling planet is Venus, so they are people who love beauty and have a natural aesthetic sense. They are also creative and extremely methodical, they need to take all the time in the world to carry out their tasks and, above all, to make decisions. Like the animal that represents him, he needs time to “digest” and “metabolize” everything.

Taurus Traits and Overview

Taurus Dates: April 20-May 21
Element: Taurus is an Earth sign.
Color: Green and Blue.
Metal: Copper.
To get along: Do not oppose their ideas. Invite them to eat frequently and they will be great allies.
Lucky Numbers: 2 and 6.
Affinities: He gets along well with the signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, and Capricorn.
The planet that governs it: The sign Taurus is ruled by Venus.
Day of the Week: Friday.
Symbol: The bull.
Against: Very stubborn and grumpy, somewhat greedy and spiteful.
Perfume: Violets.

Taurus Personality

  • Aggressive
  • They like to give a good fight for what they want.
  • Extremely outgoing.
  • They like to help people in need.
  • Good personality.
    One of a kind.
  • The most attractive people on earth!
  • Taurus is stable and conservative people, and will loyally follow a leader whom they trust.
  • They respect material values and avoid debts.
  • They are more practical than intellectual, and since they like continuity and routine, they tend to have fixed ideas.
  • Sometimes Taurus can be overly rigid, argumentative, self-centered, and stubborn.
    Taurus like beautiful things and are often fond of art and music.
  • They love the pleasures of life, luxury, and good food and drink. In fact, Taurus must make an effort not to be carried away by the temptation to excessively satisfy these tastes.
  • They have a great capacity to be affectionate although they rarely make friends with people outside their social environment.
  • However, if they lose their temper they are capable of having such a furious temper that it surprises everyone.
  • Love long relationships.
  • Extremely outgoing.
  • Strong headed.
  • A Taurus is usually practical, determined, and has great willpower.
  • They love peace and are very respectful of laws and rules.
  • They are a bit reluctant to change.
  • Taurus is cautious, stable, and has a great sense of justice. They do not usually sink in the face of difficulties, but instead move on until they get out.
  • Taurus like beautiful things and are often fond of art and music.
  • Some Taurus has a very strong and unconventional religious faith.
  • Taurus are faithful and generous friends.
  • They avoid conflicts and upsets and prefer good humor and stability.
  • Taurus is sensual but practical, and in this sense, they are faithful and considerate partners.
  • They have a lot of self-esteem and tend to be possessive but if their partner tries to make amends and understand them, they make an effort to forget their anger.
  • They are good parents and do not demand too much of their partner or their children.

Taurus Mythology and Symbolism

Taurus is another constellation of the Zodiac. This bull is in the sky between Aries in the west and Gemini in the east; Perseus and Auriga are to the north, Orion to the southwest, and Eridano and Cetus to the southeast. As is often the case, the best-known myth about the constellation is usually the Greek one, although there are several tales also in other cultures, such as the Romans, Egyptians, Persians, and even the Chinese.

Since ancient times the bull was considered a symbol of strength and fertility. Some Egyptians, after venerating them throughout their lives, came to mummify some of these animals. After being turned into mummies, they were placed in stone coffins, which can still be seen today in the city of Memphis.

For the Greeks, the bull was a very noble, majestic animal, without ceasing to be mysterious and aggressive. It also represented male passion and the desire to possess material goods. That is perhaps why it was another of the creatures of nature chosen by Zeus to transform itself and ‘do their own thing’.

As we all know, Zeus was a good ‘happy eye’ and loved to seek other conquests (and have children with various mortal women). On this occasion, he fell in love with the beauty of Europe, daughter of Agenor, the king of Canaan (and who was the son of Poseidon). The father of all gods was obsessed with the girl, so he devised her nefarious plan to make her his.

The Romans associated the bull with Bacchus, the god of wine. During the bacchanalia, a bull covered in flowers was paraded, escorted by a group of dancers representing the Pleiades and the Hyades, the two-star clusters inside the constellation.

Positive Energies of the Taurus Sign

Taurus equals talent. Talent at solving problems and fixing things. Putting the mind to work and looking for creative solutions is one of his favorite activities. The native of this sign also has a special taste for guiding and helping others. He is an excellent mentor, a person who knows how to support and develop individual potential.

A practical spirit, patience, and quick reasoning make friends, family and work colleagues seek his advice in the less happy moments. That’s right. Taurus always has an encouraging word and a positive outlook on life. In him, everything is strength and conviction. There is no room for fatalities and unsolvable problems. In this regard, he can count on his bullfighting friend to be patiently listened to for hours without limits and to help him dismantle the problem to find a practical solution.

But bullfighters are also practical people. If they don’t see the utility in a certain action or idea, they rarely get involved. However, when they commit, they are present to the end. They perform their tasks on time, slowly. But always very focused. They think long and hard about everything they do and the consequences of each move for the bottom line. At times, his Taurus friend may seem lost in his own mental wanderings, but when he finds out, he’ll be back on what he should do.

They never leave a promise unfulfilled. Clever and energetic, the day seems to be much longer than 24 hours. They happily jump from task to task, from engagement to engagement. Being with other people, living together, making friends, and spending time with them are some of his favorite hobbies. They never tire of social life and infecting others with their uplifting energy.

Negative Energies of the Taurus Sign

The Taurus native appreciates only the best in life. In itself, this preference is not negative. Only when it becomes a source of greed does it bring difficulties to share and a high dose of selfishness. However, the most serious is when Taurus begins to evaluate people and is interested in relationships because of the material aspect. This reduces your potential to develop your true nature (which is generous and sharing), to meet interesting people, and to network in a larger social cycle. By becoming a selfish and envious person.

The taste for beauty, comfort, and pleasure, so associated with Taurus, leads, on its negative side, to superficiality. When you can’t see past appearance, the outer layer, this results in poor relationships and low self-esteem. The need to have everything and show what you have to others creates a spiral of attachment to materialism and permanent dissatisfaction. Having more does not mean being happier.

Another unfavorable aspect of Taurus is resentment and inflexibility. The native of this sign may find it difficult to take her share of responsibility for his own failure. This causes you to judge too quickly and point the finger at others, rather than assuming that it may also be your fault. More than just pushing people away, these negative feelings compromise personal happiness and the ability to evolve.

How to manage negative energies?

  • Try to win back your love for nature and the simple things in life.
  • Leave the cell phone in the drawer more times.
  • Control your desire to consume.
  • Learn to control your desires to make room for more meaningful experiences.
    Appreciate the little moments and the simple things in life.
  • Try more often to put yourself in the shoes of others.
  • Don’t feed feelings of resentment, resentment, and envy. Analyze the situation rationally (as is your prerogative) and move on.
  • Value what you have instead of seeking pleasure in the next acquisition.
  • Learn to accept responsibility for your mistakes.
  • Transform stubbornness into tenacity.
  • Dedicate yourself to an activity that allows you to create something from scratch, such as gardening, cooking, writing.

How to deal with a native of Taurus

Act patiently in the face of bouts of envy and possessive desires.
Help the bull to recognize the situation as a problem and encourage him to find the solution (the native of Taurus loves to solve problems and puzzles).
Respect their limits, but explain that helping others is good and useful for everyone, whether in a personal or professional sphere.
Make him understand that negative feelings not only affect the quality of the relationship with other people but also the relationship we develop with ourselves.
When dealing with a bullfighter in his negative mode, remember that he is not like that. This is only one side of the coin.

The Taurus Sign in Love

Typical Taurus is a reliable, loyal, generous, and dedicated companion. When you promise you really mean to deliver. It is a sign that you value long-term relationships and do everything you can to maintain them. Taurus are great lovers, very tactile, and appreciate sensuality. But in the physical act itself, Taurus seeks seduction, intimacy, and mutual satisfaction.

When they are disappointed, the natives of this sign resent and are very hurt. They can become possessive and extremely jealous, which can cause great wear and tear in the relationship and very complicated and aggressive situations as a couple. Respect, trust, and seduction. These are the ingredients that make Taurus happy in their love life.

Children having Taurus Zodiac Sign

Very early you will notice that your Taurus child does not like to be pressured. If he doesn’t like what he asks of him, he just won’t do it. This applies to eating the porridges that you dislike or to wear that outfit that you like so much, but that doesn’t matter to him. The Taurus child is both stubborn and creative. Sometimes embarrassed and shy, Taurus children are easily irritated or upset.

Sweet and calm, the Taurus child loves skin-to-skin contact, tight hugs, and tender kisses. If he trusts his friends, he treats them with the same affection as his parents. Girls and boys are strong, healthy, and athletic. The girls are very feminine and attentive to their appearance. Boys are little terrors, very happy and robust.

Taurus in 5th House

People who have Taurus in the 5th house, in a romantic relationship, have a high degree of romanticism, as well as sensitivity.

They are characterized by a high degree of altruism about their loved ones, for their relatives are prepared for almost everything. High level of aspirations for the beautiful. Visiting theaters, museums, exhibitions, live music concerts provides these people with incomparable and indescribable pleasure.

There is a pronounced need to develop in-person and creative opportunities. And all of this is done in a consistent and balanced way. In a romantic relationship, people who have a house in Taurus have a high level of stability, they are always faithful to their partner.

These people have enough time to delve into any specific role, but this is done in a very qualitative way. Consequently, despite the time costs, the results are worthy, in most cases, only the most flattering comments. Entering a certain image or role, such as a person, is very difficult to get out of it. This is due to the high level of survival.

The behavior often enough can be direct, perhaps a crude attitude toward values that are not accepted by a particular person. However, external factors can often impose on a person non-inherent behavior or values that are alien to them.

The best professions for an Aries

1. Biologist
If the world of science sparks your interest, a major in biology may be a rewarding career option for you. The exciting research and development of molecular biology, cell biology, and embryology continue to be true 21st century discoveries that can help humanity. The attributes of Taurus are perfect for a lasting profession in the science of life.

2. Banker
As a good money manager, Taurus is comfortable and astute when it comes to financing. Whether it’s working as a charity trustee or treasurer, or perhaps starting your own financial services in the growing lending community, you can take satisfaction in knowing that help low- and moderate-income individuals succeed in the business world. helps to create a healthy economy.

3. Interior Designer
Both the artist and the builder within you can feel satisfied with this specialized vocation. Your imaginative and creative concepts can improve people’s quality of life, be it commercial, industrial or residential. The development of technical engineering will help you create the necessary balance between the practical and the aesthetic. Taurus can harmoniously communicate design idea solutions with the wishes of its clients and follow through on them to the end.

4. Cosmetologist
Certainly, the world of beauty and cosmetics belongs to the star Venus, the ruler of Taurus. Venus exudes the glow of her in Taurus by taking a critical look at form, texture, lightness, balance, and artistry. Although it is a competitive field, the world of cosmetics and cosmetology, to which Taurus adapts very well, allows you to help other people – and yourself or yourself too – to love the skin that they wear on the outside.

5. Musician or Singer
Your innate melodic gifts can be leaders in a music career. You show tenacity in your long hours of study and use the best voice trainers available. For those born with Venus in Taurus in their Birth Charts, a beautiful and memorable voice almost guarantees success in their chosen field. Allow your mouse to reveal your glorious talents to you.

6. Organic Gardener
Earthy and organized, you love to dip your hands into the rich soil of Mother Earth. Perfectly patient with tilling, sowing, cultivating, and reaping, you delight with joy in the fruits of your labors. Kind and attentive to the needs of the planet, you choose natural pesticides instead of any destructive toxic, and harmful practices. Ecology is a natural choice for you.

7. Chef
Taurus has the much-needed delicacy and patience to reap great culinary talents. Your inspired palate has a taste for the best of the best, and you can very well create five-star dishes and design meals that rival your main competitors in the business. Your dedication to working long hours and determination to succeed keep critics singing your praises in their renowned columns. Take care of your waistline because these delicious and high-calorie foods will attract you to more than just tasting your creations.

8. Architect
The design and construction of structures can satisfy the need for a methodical and structured mindset of Taurus. Staying in power with all aspects, from the original design, structural modifications, function, safety considerations, and interpersonal communications with clients, would be a favorable calling for your immeasurable patience and talent. Protect your stressor against long hours at work with enjoyable activities.

9. Executive
Observing and monitoring corporate purposes for industry giants and superiors favor you among the gods of the company. Your respect for authority and hard work keep you on projects that require managerial common sense, earthly progress, and completion. They know that they can depend on you Taurus. And you know you have earned that generous bonus at the end of the trade.

10. Political
Honorable and intuitive, Taurus can measure the field of public opinion and help small or large communities achieve common goals. Constructive and practical, you work tirelessly to help balance budgets and give much-needed support to education, arts, and culture. You have an attitude of confidence and the ability to be a good team player that evokes the respect and support of your constituents.

Taurus compatibility with the other signs

Taurus is patient and persistent. They like security, fidelity, and affection. They tend to be jealous and possessive and also stubborn. They are also somewhat capricious.

Taurus and Scorpio. Earth + Water
The compatibility between Scorpio and Taurus is higher than it might seem. Taurus and Scorpio are opposite zodiac signs and that is why, sometimes, they attract each other without remedy. Their first meeting could be simply incredible and Taurus could be surprised by the passion that his presence arouses. Given the connection between Mars and Venus, there is a good chance that a strong magnetic attraction will arise between the two signs Taurus and Scorpio.

Since both Taurus and Scorpios find it difficult to express themselves fully, their discharge of emotions can frustrate them. They need to learn to open up, at least to their partner. Although there may be mistrust on both sides, it will never be a real problem as they are both extremely faithful and loyal. As long as they manage to make room for each other, the relationship can work perfectly.

Scorpio needs to express her love, while Taurus may need more affection because he is more sensitive. Scorpio will help Taurus explore the part of himself where love and sensuality reach their peak, while Taurus may be able to persuade Scorpio to turn to the more forgiving side of him and learn to leave him. to live.
Most Scorpios are compatible with this relationship, but those born between October 24 and November 2 are especially ideal; The most compatible Taurus are those born between April 20 and 29.

Taurus and Capricorn. Earth + Earth
The compatibility between Capricorn and Taurus is very high and you can expect to be very happy together. The practicality of Capricorn goes well with the down-to-earth attitude of Taurus. His initial connection with Capricorn will be good and Taurus will find many similarities with his partner.

They will have to work hard since Capricorn can be a bit serious and withdrawn, while Taurus has very marked romantic needs. However, because they trust each other so much, it shouldn’t be a problem and Capricorn will eventually be able to enter a new phase of pleasure.

In general, this is a very compatible relationship and especially, in the case of Capricorns born between January 2 and 10, who, because they are ruled by Venus (the ruling star of Taurus), show their feelings more. The most compatible Taurus are those born between May 11 and 21.

Taurus and Taurus. Earth + Earth
The compatibility between Taurus and Taurus is very high. Taurus is the sign of the earth and this forms a very solid foundation for the relationship. There is something simple and straightforward about Taurus. They are practical and do not get too complicated, so they are very compatible in a relationship.

They have high love compatibility. Taurus are very romantic, they like to show their love, love, and feel loved. Both will have the same criteria and expectations and their relationship will be full of romance, love, care, attention, and loyalty.

The most compatible combination is between Taurus born between April 20 and 29, although it is a generally compatible relationship for all Taurus.

Taurus and Leo. Earth + Fire
The compatibility between Leo and Taurus is high, as long as the two signs accept their differences and manage them intelligently, and avoiding their usual stubbornness.

Taurus and Leo offer an unusual combination of energies. Its ruling stars, the Sun and Venus, are quite different. However, there is an immediate and obvious natural attraction between the two; a natural magnetism, with a lot of passion between both signs.

The two show great compatibility also in terms of passion and romance. In the physical aspect, Leo unleashes the desire of Taurus, but at times, this may prevail and Taurus may feel that his emotional needs are not being sufficiently attended to. The most compatible Leos for this combination are those born between July 23 and August 4 and between August 15 and 22; The most compatible Taurus are those born between April 30 and May 10.

Taurus and Aquarius. Earth + Air
The compatibility between Aquarius and Taurus is not very high due to the incompatibilities, which exist between them. But it does have many possibilities as long as both of you are willing to work hard to make it work.

Both should share a deep and very spatial intimacy, as the utopian Aquarius will help Taurus discover a deeper side of his nature and get more satisfaction.

The most compatible Aquarians for this combination are those born between January 31 and February 8; and the most compatible Taurus are those born between April 20 and 29, due to the influence of Venus.

Cancer and Taurus. Water + Earth
This Cancer – Taurus combination is one of the most compatible for both Cancer and Taurus. The great advantage is that these two signs enjoy showing their affection towards their partner, and when both are in a good mood, it is an irresistible combination.

In bed, Cancer and Taurus enjoy emotional warmth, which is especially important for the Cancer sign. Taurus will react well to Cancer’s displays of love, and overall compatibility will be high.

The most compatible Taurus with Cancer is those born between May 11 and 21, because they know how to better calm the fluctuating emotional states of many Cancer and are capable of offering financial and domestic security for the future, two fundamental elements in life. Cancer. The most compatible Cancer with Taurus is those born between June 22 and July 3.

Taurus and Sagittarius. Earth + Fire
The compatibility between Sagittarius and Taurus is quite low because they are very different signs. Taurus is practical and cares about what he can touch and feel (the world of real things).

In the love, things are more favorable since, since both signs are ruled by Venus and Jupiter, they are very compatible. Through intimate relationships, and since they are patient, Taurus will discover the deepest and most compassionate side of Sagittarius and connect with it. That is what Taurus will actually connect with.

The most compatible Sagittarians for this relationship are those born between December 2 and 21 and the most compatible Taurus are those born between April 30 and May 10.

Aries and Taurus. Fire + Earth
The compatibility between Aries and Taurus is very good. Taurus is an Earth sign, while Aries is a Fire sign, so the relationships between these two signs are usually focused on the financial and materialistic aspects of life.

Thanks to the influence of Mars and Venus in these two signs, this combination usually has very passionate love. There is a natural attraction between the two, something that will probably become apparent as soon as they meet. The impulsiveness and passion of Aries combine very well with the sensuality and desire for love and warmth of Taurus.

The most compatible Taurus for this combination are those born between April 20 and 30 and the most compatible Aries are those who were born between March 30 and April 10 due to the influence that Leo exerts on them.

Taurus and Gemini. Earth + Air
The compatibility between Gemini and Taurus is not very high because although the planets Venus and Mercury, which rule over Taurus and Gemini, respectively, get along, there are some important differences in the basic motivations and personality of both signs.

Taurus can be slower than Gemini. If you are an attentive Gemini aware of his own nature, you may put his mental abilities to good use and take time to stimulate Taurus.

The most compatible Gemini for this combination is those born between June 2 and 12, because Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, also has a strong influence on them. The most compatible Taurus for this combination is those born between April 30 and May 10, because their birthday is under the strong influence of Mercury, ruler of Gemini.

Taurus and Pisces. Earth + Water
The compatibility between Pisces and Taurus is very good, although especially from the point of view of companionship and social activity. If a Taurus-Pisces couple decides to separate, they will most likely be able to maintain an excellent friendship that may even make future partners uncomfortable.

Their relationship could be very interesting, as the spirituality of Pisces meets the rational and sensual Taurus. Taurus will also feel comfortable with the sensitivity and candor of Pisces. The two of you will complement each other wonderfully and your relationship will be like wine, improving over time.

The most compatible Pisces for this relationship are those born between February 19 and 28 and March 11 and 20, and the most compatible Taurus are those born between April 20 and May 10.

Virgo and Taurus. Earth + Earth
In a combination with very high compatibility, in reality, Taurus and Virgo have all possibilities, to have a happy and stable relationship for many years. Taurus and Virgo can enjoy a very harmonious life. Neither of them likes quirks or inconsistencies. Dedication and loyalty will not be lacking in your relationship.

Virgo has a strong connection to Taurus in romantic matters, so there will definitely be a good physical connection between the two of you. Both of you will share a lot of pleasure, something that can compensate for other weaknesses in the relationship, being enormously satisfying for both signs.

Compatibility is good for all Virgo-Taurus combinations, but it could be especially good with Taurus born between April 20 and 29 and Virgos born between August 24 and September 2