With keen attention to detail, Virgo is the zodiac sign most dedicated to serving. It is often soft and delicate, preferring to take a step back and analyze everything before moving on. Virtuous, studious, they have a strong analytical mindset that allows them to excel on many intellectual levels.

virgo zodiac sign dates and personality traits

They are very organized, orderly, and versatile. Their sharp and detailed mentality allows them to dedicate themselves to subjects of great intellectual challenge. Features that will help you face everything that comes this year.

Virgo Dates, Traits, and Overview

  • Dates: August 24th – September 23rd
  • Affinities: He gets along well with the signs of Aries, Virgo, and Aquarius.
  • Element: Virgo is an Earth sign.
  • Color: Dark green.
  • Metals and Stones: Mercury and topaz.
  • To get along: They are very detailed and you should show interest in those little details that go unnoticed.
  • Lucky Number: 4.
  • Conflictive relationships: In general, it does not have good compatibility with the signs of Gemini, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.
  • The planet that rules: The sign Virgo is ruled by Mercury.
  • Day of the Week: Wednesday.
  • Symbol: A virgin or symbol of the wheat harvest.
  • Against: Somewhat stingy and irresponsible.
  • Perfume: Acacia.

Virgo Characteristics

  1. Virgo is elusive and difficult to hold down. Those born under the Virgo sun sign have an open mind and are generally shy, keeping their letters jealously hidden. It is difficult to figure out what Virgo is thinking since his thoughts are sheltered and mysterious.
  2. Virgo is almost always very intelligent and highly imaginative, spending many hours thinking and philosophizing about topics that many others would think about for only a moment.
  3. Most Virgo is extremely organized and down to earth. They prefer simplicity and minimalism and tend to avoid complex situations. They have a psychological vision that allows them to see and feel many things that others miss.
  4. Your extremely perfectionist nature can be a double-edged sword: sometimes leading to projects that are never completed because so much time is spent on small details. Retailer to the extreme, they feel more secure after analyzing all the possibilities that reality presents them. Sometimes so much desire for perfection can work against them.
  5. Virgo seeks perfection in everything he does, he is practical, logical and feels the need for everything to work like clockwork. They do not like to receive favors, they have a vocation for service and they know how to really enjoy their duty. He never steps on a ground that he does not know, he is honest and very intelligent.
  6. Precise and exact, although they can also be minute and irritable. They generally care to be meticulous and clean. Virgo is a good friend who is always ready to help. They are excellent at giving advice and really know how to solve problems, they have a clinical eye to recognize the nitty-gritty of a situation. Loving and devoted to family, Virgo is the first to run when someone needs care.

Personality of Virgo

  • Dominant in relationships.
  • They always want to have the last word.
  • Given to speaking.
  • Virgos are usually observant, and patient.
  • They can seem cold at times, and in fact, have trouble making great friends.
  • They tend to be discreet, kind, and fun with other people and can help solve the problems of others with skill and good sense that they often lack in their own personal relationships.
  • They also like to learn and can analyze the most complicated situations.
  • They are very intuitive and can see all sides of an argument, which makes it difficult for them to reach firm conclusions.
  • They are not very passionate about love, because their need for order and discipline prevents them from giving themselves totally to passion.
  • A Virgo has a hard time trusting people, not because he is naturally distrustful, but because he has little self-confidence and extrapolates this to others.
  • They always have someone who loves them.
  • Cunning.
  • Easy to please.

Virgo, the only sign represented by a woman, is a sign characterized by its precision, its conventionality, its reserved attitude, and its eagerness, sometimes even obsession, with cleanliness.

The fact that many of their relationships with others turn out to be superficial is because Virgos are actually afraid of giving control to their feelings and they lack confidence in their emotions and opinions. They prefer to act with reservations and with a pleasant disposition.

Virgos have charm and dignity to such an extent that sometimes males can appear somewhat effeminate, even though they are not. They are methodical, studious, and like logic.

However, they are sometimes so meticulous that they delay the completion of complicated projects.

Virgos are loving and are good husbands and fathers.

What Virgo men like?

  1. Check An agenda.
  2. A waterproof watch.
  3. A leather wallet to carry your work papers or to carry your laptop.
  4. Subscription to a gym.
  5. A domestic animal – a puppy or a kitten (if you do not live with your Virgo, it is better to ask before, or offer to take care of him too).
  6. An exercise bike.
  7. A photography course.
  8. A set of sheets.
  9. A solar-powered tabletop calculator.

What Virgo woman likes

  1. A wall calendar.
  2. Check a PDA.
  3. A few shares of a well-known company so that you can follow its progress on the stock market.
  4. Some roller skates.
  5. An exercise tape.
  6. A weekend at an open-air spa.
  7. A special shower gel.
  8. A new purse.
  9. A wooden and patterned fabric sewing box, with tray and drawers.
  10. A Ring, A Necklace, Some Earrings.

Virgo in Mythology

The constellations give rise to or are the cause of countless stories about the Cosmos, with a display of legends and mythologies about its birth. Through the imaginary figures they form, we observe new stars, planets, galaxies, and nebulae.

In the Zodiac, each of the signs has its own constellation in space, all made up of a great variety of stars and behind their astrological significance and position, there are also millennial stories about their origin.

We begin in the month of Virgo with the ‘virgin’ of the Zodiac, formed by one of the largest constellations in space and also the most visible in the sky. It has about 169 stars, of which three are actually the brightest.

The brightest star in Virgo is Espiga, or Spica, while the second is Porrima. With all its stars, Virgo is considered the second-largest constellation in the Universe, among the 88 catalogs to this day, only surpassed by Hydra.

The Virgo figure is usually represented as a woman – the virgin – who carries with her two sheaves of wheat. The first of them is indicated precisely by its largest star, Spike, which refers to the traditional spike of the farmers who lived in old civilizations such as the Middle Ages, and that with it is used as a larger reference to locate the exact position of Virgo in the sky.

The Virgo constellation has always been considered feminine and has been especially associated with the tension between fertility and purity across various cultures.

For example, in Greek mythology, Virgo is the representation of Astraea, or also Dice, daughter of Zeus with Themis, the goddess of justice for humanity. She was born mortal and was sent to Earth to help administer justice and order, as her mother taught him.

One of the myths about Ishtar tells that this goddess went down to hell to retrieve her late lover, the god of crops Tammuz. But the goddess was imprisoned in the underworld and her desolation brought misfortune to Earth. This myth has its counterpart in Greece with the story of Persephone, kidnapped by Hades, who took her with him to hell.

Virgo – The Perfectionist

The Virgo native was born to keep everything impeccable and to clarify matters by examining every detail. He has a favorable, faithful, frank, and kind temperament. He has the ability to make others feel special and wanted. They are the most logical and analytical sign of the Zodiac. Usually, they get straight to the point and manage to think rationally, even in difficult and demanding situations.

On their unfavorable side, Virgo can become controlling and critical people. His enormous capacity for logical reasoning, coupled with high standards of integrity and honesty, set the bar too high for some people.

Positive Energies of the Virgo Sign

Calm and thoughtful in temperament, they do what they have to do without many screams. Rational, logical, and discreet, they stick to the facts and do not like to draw attention to themselves.

The native of Virgo is the healing agent of the Zodiac. His heart is pure and sometimes a little innocent. No other sign has the same ability to make people feel good. They know exactly what to say in each situation and how to highlight the positive points of others. They know, like no one else, how to make others feel comfortable and value. Virgo’s favorable care protects and creates a safe environment for his friends to recover from losses and sadness at their own pace. He knows how to be patient, sincere in his opinion, helpful, and affectionate.

Virgo is generally very generous, with time and money. He can easily see them doing community service or doing charity work. In the personal sphere, they are attentive to the needs of those who live with them and with the family. They are available, dedicated people, and always ready to help.

Virgo hates flattery, lies, and running away from responsibility. They get straight to the point and manage to think rationally, even in complicated and demanding situations. You have great difficulty moving forward without the strategy and objectives being clear.

They also do not know how to deal with the unforeseen. For them, analysis and planning are fundamental stages. Only then do they feel in control of the situation and with the ability to focus on what is essential for the fulfillment of tasks. They easily distance themselves from emotions and are good at making decisions that no one else wants to make.

Virgo people are whole and honest in all areas of their life. Their high capacity for materialization makes them one of the most successful signs. He is highly skilled at analyzing problems, identifying what needs to be done, creating the ideal conditions, and then going through the motions until the project is complete. His work is perfect and the sense of opportunity always precise.

Negative Energies of the Virgo Sign

Virgo can become controlling and critical. His enormous capacity for logical reasoning, coupled with high standards of integrity and honesty, set the bar too high for some people.

The native of this sign does not handle changes or disorder well. Your excessive need for control is a strategy to avoid chaos and disorder. Detailing everything is a way to dominate events and thus reduce uncertainty and risk. Some signs can be seen in this behavior control and the need for personal control. Despite this, Virgo behaves in this way, because they are afraid of being vulnerable. They are suspicious of being deceived or failing because they were not attentive and cautious enough.

Despite being its analytical ability, one of its virtues, it can become a headache. When the Virgo fails to decide because he needs to confirm and reconfirm, he can lead his team to exhaustion. Having a negative outlook on life does not ease the position of Virgo in its unfavorable way. The need for control is accentuated and he lives in a permanent state of anxiety due to the suspicion of what could, eventually, go wrong.

How to manage negative energies

  • Try to let go and be more spontaneous in your life.
  • Try to abandon the need to control people and situations.
  • Recognize your tendency to be critical and take steps to counteract it.
  • Admit your vulnerability and imperfection. Be more gentle and tolerant of yourself.
  • Learn to manage your expectations. Don’t be stubborn about perfection.
  • Don’t pay attention to limits. Risk more. Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Be content when you feel that urge to criticize someone. As you know, when you take that path, you can get quite cruel.
  • Practice gratitude to ward off excessive anxiety and worry.

Dealing with a native Virgo

  • Understand that your Virgo friend’s excessive need for control does not mean that he does not trust you or your abilities. Instead, this behavior results from your stubbornness for perfection and fear of insecurity.
  • Avoid being offended by the objectivity of Virgo’s incisive criticism. The native of this sign attacks out of fear. Fear of losing control. Oftentimes, his comments on the style or life choices of his friends have more to do with his own insecurity than with real value judgments. The suspicion of not being able to control the events of his life is quickly projected into his analysis of the circumstances of others.
  • Ignore negative reviews. React with a sense of humor.
    Try to be patient when you meet a Virgo with the need to analyze everything thoroughly. Help him to perceive that there are situations that we cannot fully anticipate. Appeal to logic.
  • If you work with a Virgo person, learn to put expectations to good use.

The Virgo Sign in Love

Virgo natives stand out as lonely beings. It is not easy to make them relax enough to appreciate a social gathering. They are, generally, earthy and quite focused people, being one of the hardest and most vigorous signs of the Zodiac.

In the sphere of romance, Virgo natives are undoubtedly sincere and trustworthy. In relationships, they are quite demanding and thorough. Even when in love, they have little patience for indolence and very few illusions about life and people. Down-to-earth and focused, romance never blinds you to any failure of your loved one.

Virgo natives are not very affectionate, granting their love serenely and firmly with few displays. They willingly dedicate their time and energy to relationships, but they don’t go beyond what is reasonable.

The Child of the Virgo Sign

Your Virgo baby is lively and fast, but typically calmer and calmer than other sign babies. They love giving and receiving pampering. They are affectionate and will quickly snuggle into your arms when you open them.

Demanding when it comes to feeding, you may notice that your baby has a peculiar gastronomic taste. Beyond this topic, your Virgo child will not give him a lot of work. Without conflicts or tantrums, organized and responsible, you will not have to worry or insist on fixing the room or the toys.

What are the stones of the Virgo sign?

The main stones of the Virgo sign are aventurine and topaz. They are the two minerals that best represent and fit this sixth sign of the zodiac.

Regarding aventurine, the one in the image below, it is considered that it has the ability to absorb negative energies from the environment of this zodiac sign and provide a balance between the physical and the spiritual. Aventurine is given properties that bring happiness, protect against health problems, especially those related to the mouth.

The topaz, on the other hand, is a gem or precious stone that helps stimulate Virgo’s intelligence and intuition, which is why it provides him with these tools with which to protect himself by stimulating these capacities.

These are the main stones of protection for Virgo, but there are many more that favor this sign. For example, the lucky stones for Virgo are topaz, rutile, amber, and amethyst, but there are more that will provide you with great benefits. Pay attention to the following sections and get to know them.

1- Amethyst

This stone gives Virgo mental and emotional balance, as well as an ability to be objective, have mental clarity, and be more humble. With this help, those born under this sign can achieve more capacity to be able not to get frustrated if things do not go as expected, as well as to get them to go well more times by having more calm and objectivity to work on it.

2- Amber

The amber stone benefits those born under this sign by sharpening their senses and clarity, increasing their creativity, and helping them to open their minds. Therefore, it is advisable to have her around when you need to have ideas and be creative, as well as when you need to try to open your mind more and leave closed-minded ideas behind.


We also recommend Virgo to get a sodalite stone and have it close by when they want to be uninhibited, be more cheerful and animated, free themselves of prejudices and rediscover their love. In this way, it helps people to be more relaxed and allow themselves to do what they most want to have fun, without worrying excessively, living in the present.


Fluorite is a very suitable stone for Virgo who needs to work on intellect and spontaneity, as it makes these aspects work perfectly together in these people. Therefore, the logic and the facility to be resourceful and spontaneous that Virgos can have will be enhanced.


This stone is less known than the previous ones but it has great properties for Virgo. Mainly, it helps you overcome problems and fears, even those that may be more hidden. Rutile is a stone that will help Virgo feel stronger and push themselves to overcome their limits, get out of their comfort zone and, in this way, overcome their fears.

6-Pink quartz

Finally, rose quartz is another stone that cannot be missing in the environment of someone Virgo. Also, this is one of the best stones for Taurus.

The main effect of this mineral in these people is to help them release repressed emotions and feelings. This will allow them to overcome problems of various kinds, especially in the love sphere, being a very effective amulet to help overcome breakups, feel better about oneself and, thus, be able to increase self-esteem and be able to love someone again.

What happens when Virgo truly falls in love?

When Virgo truly falls in love, we discover someone very different, very rare from what this sign is used to.

And if Virgo really falls in love, she can lose her mind completely, she can do things that she could not even imagine before.

A Virgo in love can become a very shy person, always expectant of everything that his partner shows him, attentive to all the details, to all the circumstances, and if he is kind …

When Virgo falls in love, this virtue increases by a thousand.

We all know that Virgo is very demanding, and in love, it could not be less, but do not get confused …

Virgo is demanding with others, but he is, even more, demanding with himself, and this many times, more than a virtue is a defect, because …

For anything or circumstance, Virgo begins to turn his head and begins to question everything.

And it is that this self-demand has the explanation of him.

Virgo is a very perfectionist, detailed person and the simple fact of knowing that the person who has stolen his heart is leaving because of him causes him real dread.

And that is something that Virgo cannot afford.

What is Virgo’s favorite color?

In the sign of the virgin, we can see the planet of Mercury as the main ruler, this planet is usually associated with the darkest shades of red, it is for this reason that browns are under the rulership of this sign of the zodiac. Other colors that can be associated with this sign of Virgo are Beige, this color that is close to mustard and that is associated with yellow is another color that plays a fundamental role in this house of the zodiac. Finally, that multicolored color is also another that is clinging to this sign of the zodiac.

In synthesis we can see from the colors already mentioned that Virgo is a summary of all the others in terms of colors, we can then see the other colors under the rule of this sign. It is seen that brown represents responsibility in its maximum meaning, it is related to great scientific knowledge and great innovation towards the experimental plane. Surely where the brown color appears we can see a wise person, this color does not contain the same wisdom that we saw in other signs with the gray color, gray is related more to the theoretical plane, brown as in the trunks of the trees is the color that represents practical experience, those individuals with this color will represent the most extreme experiences.

The most common brown is the one that shows prolonged stability, this color is usually closely related to male activities, it is the color of these qualities present in men. When brown achieves a much redder hue we can see a clear meaning of the end of a period, a clear representation can be seen in the fall of the leaves as well as it can be seen in the harvests, it is a color that marks learning, the end of a cycle and therefore the beginning of a new one.

We have already seen many meanings of the color yellow, in synthesis, we can say that it is a noble color and that the greater the intensity of it, the greater the possibility of finding stability and strength, the paler the yellow, the more possibilities of finding negative things, so it is clearly recommended to use yellow colors of great intensity.

The best professions for a Virgo

Virgo individuals are not temperamentally suited to a job where there is constant chaos and shifting priorities is a daily reality. They prefer a profession that allows them to have complete control over their work and their environment. Virgo tends to have a good reputation for quality and unblemished record.

Virgo needs to have both direction and clear expectations. This sign will easily get stressed if the instructions it receives are vague or there are last-minute changes. He or she will be motivated to work within established standards and to follow company policy.

For Virgo, the best professions are:

1- Tax auditor
Virgos are known everywhere for their keen eye for detail, critical nature, and head for numbers. In this profession, they enjoy having an incredible ability to deal with financial matters. Taking on this challenge is not going to win you a popularity contest. Yet they can derive great satisfaction from getting to the bottom of the matter and feeling superior. The job of the tax auditor is to find errors and fraud.

2- Nutritionist
A deep interest in health and nutrition may lead some Virgos to pursue this path as a profession. One way to help make the world a better place is to teach people how to take care of themselves with good eating habits. Virgos practice what they preach and can speak from their own experience. However, Virgo may tend to recommend too austere a program. Not everyone has such a virtuous attitude towards food.

3- Naturopath
Virgo’s natural interest in health and healing can become a satisfying avenue to explore. They are always experimenting with herbs, vitamins, and healthy foods; some of them may choose to study science in depth. This option could be lucrative and would appeal to Virgo due to their need for security. Virgos always strive for perfection, in themselves and others. This way they can suggest lifestyle changes in a professional way and without people thinking they are control freaks.

4- Professional Household Cleaner
Homelife for Virgo is an endless whirlwind of housework, laundry, and constant accommodation. Why not get paid to enjoy this clean and tidy feeling by becoming a professional cleaner? Virgo’s sense of perfection will be very helpful whenever certain standards are required. Virgo will do the job according to instructions and then make sure everything is completely clean and shiny. There will be no trace of dust, fingerprints, or grime to escape the gaze of the demanding Virgo.

5- Executive assistant
This sign is very organized, efficient, and has great attention to detail. These are ideal traits for organizing someone else’s time and things – especially if that someone is very busy or important. Virgo cleverly organizes functions, schedules, meetings, and trips; and he or she will not complain if the boss delegates secondary tasks to him, such as taking care of the house, personal shopping, writing mail, and running various errands. Since this is actually two jobs in one, taking care of your own schedule and that of your boss, Virgo assistants must be very good at multitasking.

6- Statesman
This is a great profession for the obsessive Virgo mind. Collecting and analyzing statistics for either government, business and financial industry could be a dream. Percentages and numbers collected in massive databases are the tools of the trade. Virgo would love to be involved in determining the divorce rate or the chances of winning the lottery.

7- Archivist
Another profession that gives Virgo the luxury of classifying and categorizing is an archivist. Many Virgos have a lot of practice in this since as children they created inventories and compilations of comic books and comics. Volumes are assigned and manuscripts are sent to be digitally scanned by Virgo’s shaking hands. They do not enter this profession for the money, but for the love of order. Unfortunately, working with old and dusty papers means that allergies are a common threat to staying in this profession.

8- Systems analyst
When there is a problem with the flow or information systems, Virgo is the person to turn to. Virgo will fix and clean both databases and systems. No one else in the Universe would have the patience to find and remove all duplicate entries and outdated information. With persistence and dedication, Virgo will step in and make computer systems run smoothly and technical pains will go away.

9- Technical
Whether in the field or the laboratory, Virgo is the person who wants to collect the data and information, record the results, and create the reports. His legendary meticulousness and attention to detail create rock-solid results. They can drive their coworkers crazy with the time it takes or the occasional need to review the material, but the work is done correctly. But don’t send them to pick up their lunch orders as they’ll want to do a top-notch spreadsheet and won’t be back until 3 pm.

10- Welder
This profession requires a high level of precision, skill, and a steady hand. One wrong move and the structure could develop cracks or the equipment could fail. Virgo makes sure that each weld is of the highest quality and meets all industry standards. Because he never wants to be at fault, he will do everything he can to make the weld perfect. Plus, he’ll be able to wear suits and safety gear, get paid high for making a lot of noise, and will never be sued.

Virgo compatibility with the other signs

Aries with Virgo, relationship with dissimilar personalities
Here we have two dissimilar personalities because Virgo is a perfectionist and always looks for a way to make mistakes noticed, his criticisms Aries cannot bear and in that relationship, there is a kind of constant struggle between one and the other to determine who is right.

Taurus with Virgo, a solid relationship as a couple
Both Taurus and Virgo are earth signs and the relationship is solid, the economic aspects are well understood and although Virgo tends to criticize a lot and be making constant observations, Taurus does not remain silent, responds and sets the limit which makes him have a relationship of mutual respect and understanding for both characters.

Gemini with Virgo, a relationship full of criticism
Although both signs share the same ruler, the planet Mercury, it manifests differently. Virgo looks for detail and sees flaws in everything and you can’t stand that. The situation worsens when Mercury goes retrograde because during those periods the arguments with constant and unless you shut up when they criticize you and your Virgo partner holds his tongue when he does not like something, the relationship becomes complicated and weakened.

Cancer with Virgo, the relationship of affinity of ideas and empathy
They both love home and family and although Virgo has a temperament that is very prone to constant criticism, he knows how to understand Cancer when he exposes his arguments because he trusts his intuition. Virgo helps Cancer to put his feet on the ground in those moments when dreams seem to be superior to reality and it is a good combination. Cancer’s understanding and motherly attitude make up for Virgo’s occasional indiscretion.

Leo with Virgo, a relationship with tensions
There is nothing that drives you more upset than constant criticism and in that sense, Virgo knows how to do it because he is always looking for flaws in everything due to his way of seeing life and the perfection to which he aspires. The overwhelming personality of Leo also annoys Virgo that he is usually more modest and less arrogant. The couple is always subject to personality clashes.

Virgo with Libra, a complicated relationship
Libra is a very sociable sign, loving groups, and activities of all kinds outside the home, but Virgo tends to be more methodical, modest, and less expressive in that sense. The contradictions are evident and soon begin to emerge at the least expected moment.

Virgo with Virgo, a relationship with conflicts of interest and constant criticism
Due to the nature of your sign, you tend to always be looking for details, perfection in everything you do and as your partner also vibrates in that wave, personality clashes are frequent because everyone aspires to be correct, to be right, and not give in to the criticism of the other. It can work, but a lot of patience is required on both sides.

Virgo with Scorpio, an intense, difficult relationship
It might seem that due to the land-water combination this would be a good combination, but it is not. Although compatibility is not impossible, especially if the ascendants are related, the personality clashes are strong. In love, it is intense, of course, but other than that, Scorpio’s possessive attitude, his jealousy, and dominance of him collide with Virgo’s critical and analytical nature creating difficult situations.

Virgo with Sagittarius, a relationship with arguments
Two very dissimilar temperaments. Sagittarius is spontaneous, carefree, open and a lover of expression. Virgo is more reserved, discreet, analytical, and critical. Discussions abound. Sagittarius wants to go out, Virgo wants to stay home. Virgo wants to go out to one side and Sagittarius to another, agreeing is very difficult.

Virgo with Capricorn, a solid relationship
These two signs of the earth element show a lot of affinity and compatibility. Serious, disciplined, industrious, responsible, they identify very well in everything and there is an unspoken communication between them. Romantic encounters are long and quiet.

Virgo with Aquarius, a complicated relationship
There are strong personality clashes. Virgo is earth, Aquarius is air and on top of that, the projection of both is radically different. What seems good, normal, appropriate to you, your partner may find it excessive and even ridiculous. At the same time, the same thing happens to you with Aquarian concerns. A difficult relationship.

Virgo with Pisces, a relationship of opposite signs with attraction
Pisces is your opposite sign and the relationship fulfills that of the opposite poles attract. You find an ideal partner in Pisces because they will stoically bear your criticism and in due course they will know what to say to you, leaving you speechless and surprised by the sharpness of an observation arising from the internal knowledge of your personality.