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Below are the numbers of the day that will bring you more luck. These are your strong numbers.

This helps you increase your chances of winning bingo, lottery, luck, and fortune today. These numbers also help you set the day or the most favorable time for an important date or meeting.

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Universal numbers
Among the lucky numbers according to numerology are the universal numbers. Unlike some numbers that may have different meanings depending on context and location, these numbers are universally recognized as lucky numbers. In the four corners of the world, people appeal to them, hoping to bring them luck and fortune. The most commonly considered lucky figure is probably the 7. The ultimate proof of its peculiarity, this figure is everywhere: seven days of the week, seven continents, seven deadly sins, seventh heaven.

The numbers we come across in our everyday lives are not random. Some of them can even attract us luck and fortune if we understand their value and use them. Here are the lucky numbers according to numerology and what they mean depending on the context.

Societal Numbers
Among the lucky numbers according to numerology are the societal numbers. Unlike numbers 7, these numbers can be considered extremely lucky in one country, whereas they are flushed like the plague in others. If the number 4 has no special significance in the West, the Chinese consider it really bad luck, so much so that the fourth floor in hotels or buildings often goes by the wayside.

Conversely, number 13, criticized in most Western countries, has no negative connotations in Italy. If Friday 13 is considered the most unlucky date in many countries, so much so that a horror film was dedicated to him, it is Friday 17 that Italians particularly dread.

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